It’s not that hard to make money selling rocks, if you know what needs to be known.

Thankfully reading this article is going to really help you.

It reveals as many as 25 powerfully effective ways and tips to really making money selling rocks, whether as a hobby or business opportunity.



From an early age, many of us began collecting items in our lives.

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Some of those collectibles could have included a doll collection, comic books, baseball cards, stamps, and more.

Often, there is no theme or rhyme or reason to what we collected but certain items became valuable to us and were hidden in a storage area such as an old shoebox of some sort which we hid under our bed, clothes closet, or some other secret place that was only known to us.

Additionally, this collection of items is not restricted to particular ages but can continue to be enjoyment or an obsession for some of us that span the whole gamut of age.

For example, did you know:

  • That a collector of cells is known as a Conchologist
  • A collector of thimbles is known as a Digitabulist
  • A collector of stamps is a Philatelist
  • A collector of dolls is known as a Plangonologist

Some of the items may be valuable or not but to the individual, they reflect memories and sometimes particular events in our lives.

Another collection of items that could have been started when we were younger and as we moved into our older years is the collection of rocks or geology.

Often, individuals who enjoy collecting rocks are affectionately known as rock hounds and can move into the business of lapidary.

Lapidary is the creation of wearables that are formed or devised from rocks and other minerals

Some of the rocks that we have found may have a peculiar design to them, may sparkle, or have a unique streak edge, and other remarkable features.

Although collections may only have value to the collector, some collections can be offered for sale to others who have an interest.

A rock collection is one of those interests and there are ways to make money selling rocks.


Personal Story

My mother was a collector of sorts and one of the featured or showcased pieces of furniture in our home was a glass cabinet.

It was beautifully designed and took on the appearance of a half-circle and the wooden frame contained two pieces of curved glass that formed either side of the cabinet.

It stood roughly 5 feet high on spindled legs with the door itself being made from glass which provided access to the items encased in the cabinet.

The three shelves were also made out of glass and held my mother’s collection of a variety of items.

Being from Canada a number of the items were china comprised of cups and saucers commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, various mementos of her life, the good china, and a spoon collection she started when we vacationed in western states.

Her collection was her pride and joy and was a close second to her children although at times it may have been a tossup as we would often be reminded to be extremely careful when playing around the china cabinet.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money Selling Rocks


1. Appraisal

If you already have a rock collection or are wishing to start making money selling rocks, you need to have an idea of the value of your particular collection or collection of rocks in general.

A good way to start learning about the value would be to receive training and do your research.

This can be accomplished by investing in books such as

  • The Peterson Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals
  • The Audubon Field Guide to North American Rocks and the Roles
  • Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals

You can go online and check these books out as to what you think maybe the most beneficial or possibly go to your local library to see if these books are on the shelves.


2. Join Others

Another great way to learn about selling rocks is to associate with others in organizations that are familiar with rock collections.

One way you can do this is by joining a rock hound club.

You can search various clubs using the Internet or you can go to


3. Group Membership

Another option is to surround yourself with individuals who have an interest in collecting unique rocks and are involved in a message board club or group.

You can search online for such group memberships that may be in your area or you can also access which provides some good information about rock hound groups and locations.


4. Guides

In addition to the above resources are various field guides that may be helpful in your learning and exploration process.

There are two basic types of guides that you may find useful.

One is a regional field guide that will direct you to regions or areas where you can collect rocks and minerals

The other guide is for identification purposes and will help you to identify and categorize the rocks and minerals that you have collected.

A website that might help you with this identification process can be accessed by going to


5. Identify

By using the field guide you can learn the basics of rock identification as well as identifying minerals.

Often, the characteristics of identifying rocks and minerals are based on the rock’s hardness, streak, cleavage, luster, and other notable characteristics.

By using the Minerals Identification Key II you will be able to identify minerals that you may be unfamiliar with.

All that to say is that you need to properly classify and identify the rocks and minerals.


6. Photograph

Another good idea as far as moving towards making money selling rocks is to take quality photographs.

Rather than taking individual photographs of your individualized minerals or rocks, it is best to take a full photograph of your entire collection.

Also, similar to having a garage sale and being offered a certain amount for items that you have for sale by early goers, it is best to take all the offers that you receive and be patient and not take the first ones that you get.


7. Organize  

As with anything, rock collections are no different, it is best to organize your rock collections.

This can be done in a variety of ways.

Some ideas for organizing your collection could be through the use of:

  • Index cards
  • Mineral labels
  • Organized box compartments
  • Computer files
  • Or other ways that can best display the organization of your collection


8. Label

It is also important to remember that if you have received a collection that you have either purchased or inherited, and the labeling has been accomplished, it is best to keep these labels intact.

This can add value to the collection if the original labels that were created are available.


9. Catalog

Cataloging is another important component in organizing and inventorying your rock collection.

A good way to do this is to take photos and label the photos with a corresponding number or letter and label the taken digital photograph with the same label.

For example, if you have a serpentine mineral then your data should reflect a listing of the number one as a serpentine item and then a JPEG photo labeled as number one which also indicates serpentine.

As part of your categorizing, you could indicate where the rock was found or how it obtained its size, and any pertinent notes.


10. Sell to Dealer

If you have decided to sell to a rock and gem dealer it is important to remember that most offers will be provided at the low end of the range.

It is important to be informed and know what the average sale price would be for the rocks that you have available as it relates to the same size, color, and other information.


11. Individual Pieces

When it comes to deciding whether you wish to sell individual pieces of your collection or the entire collection it is important to take into consideration several factors.

First of all, if a dealer has viewed your collection, they most likely will try to pick and choose what rocks or minerals they are interested in and leave the remainder of the collection to be sold by you to other individuals.

You can certainly do this, but it is important to remember that when the rocks and minerals have been picked over and the best have been selected then that which is left is going to be difficult to sell.

Therefore, the strongest suggestion when selling to dealers is to sell the entire collection.


12. Craft Fairs

Another powerful local selling opportunity, and beyond, is by displaying your collection to individuals who attend the popular craft fairs.

At these craft fairs, you will find like-minded vendors as well as potential customers who have an affinity for the natural resources of earth and appreciation of their beauty.


13. eBay

A good place to sell your rock and mineral collection is to take it to the online site eBay.

You can register with this site, by creating your account, setting up your banking information, and then taking pictures of your collection and posting the pictures.

The pictures should be in the best light possible to capture the beauty and uniqueness of your collection.

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Also, there are two options provided through eBay.

You can go through a bidding process or you can set a certain amount for the items to be sold.


14. Shopify

Another way that you can list your collection or individual rocks that you have is through

With this online site you register by creating your account, utilizing various templates that are provided for you to set up your virtual store, and when accomplished you can upload pictures of the rocks and minerals that you wish to sell.

Shopify will handle all of the processes including the shipping of the item and fulfillment of the entire purchase.


15. Rock Shop

According to most experts in the rock selling business, the best way to sell your rock collection is to sell to a rock shop.

Of course, not every community is going to have a local rocket dealership in which you can sell your collection.

However, if you have this opportunity this would not only be a great place to sell your items but get acquainted with the local dealer as well as other potential customers in the area.

Although it is true that through the online process you will get the most money through a local dealer you will establish a better relationship and not have to worry about all that is involved with posting and selling online.

An obvious way of locating a potential shop in your community or the surrounding area is to conduct a web search for rock to yours. Stop listening


16. Know Competition

An important component of selling your rock collection is to know the competition.

Knowing your competition will help you to sell your items effectively and at the right price as well as knowing what inventory of rocks and minerals are available.


17. Flea Markets

Another great way to sell your collection or individual items that you have is by attending various flea markets in your community.

This is a good way in that the items will be on display and individuals can take in their full beauty and uniqueness and offer a purchase price.

Generally, with a flea market, you would need to put down a certain amount of money to have a presence at the market.

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18. Home Business

If city ordinances permit, you can set up your rock-making money business in your own home.

The boundaries need to be set as far as hours of operation and would require that the individual be well organized and capable of running a business with the added caveat of running this business from their home.


19. Presentation

As with anything, presentation is important to maximize the way the rocks look and the best angles to capture to bring out the uniqueness and beauty of the rocks and minerals.

The rocks and minerals should be set in an impressive display and if anything is reflected in the rock or mineral that the lights utilized capture and reflect those rocks in their natural beauty.

Also, unique or one-of-a-kind rocks or minerals should have their display case which will add to the presentation of their availability.

Also, many individuals look to unique crystals and rocks due to the thinking that they bring holistic benefits as it relates to vibrations or qualities with the stone bring out healing.

You can also encourage the sale by suggesting to the customers that the rocks can be displayed in various ways.

Some of those ways could include the filling of an aquarium, displaying them in a vase, or as bookends or bases for plants.


20. Lapidary

As part of the rock and mineral and gemstone business, there is an added dimension to selling these items through the lapidary process.

Lapidary is the methodology of creating gemstones and crystals into items that can be worn as bracelets, rings, or other types of jewelry.

By being involved in lapidary, you can add this creative dimension to your collection of rocks and minerals and make them into sellable products that can be sold in a variety of online retail shops.


21. Buying

To make money selling rocks you obviously will need inventory.

This inventory may be represented by the rock collection that you already have or you may need to purchase a product to have it available for your customers.

How much you can buy will greatly depend upon how much you are willing to invest and how much capital you have available.

Also, as part of the appeal to customers, you must have a few signature rocks or minerals available that are classified as “specialty” items.

You can leverage these unique rocks or minerals as a marketing appeal to customers, so they understand that your store is credible as well as providing more than just run-of-the-mill items.


22. Time Commitment

A decision that you need to make at some point in time when trying to make money selling rocks is your time commitment.

The three options would be to do this on a full-time basis which will require your entire commitment of not only time but looking for rocks and selling rocks.

The other option is to do this on a part-time basis with a set schedule and set aside certain times of the week or a day for this process.

The third option would be to do this as a hobby and any money that is made would simply just be a bonus to the enjoyment of being a rock hound.


23. Capital

Choosing to commit significant several hours and resources to make money selling rocks, you will also need to have some investment money to begin the entrepreneur process of this business.

You will have to locate or buy rocks and minerals and if operating bricks and mortar store, you will need the appropriate amount of money for overhead costs.

A good timeframe as it relates to the business and realizing a profit would be to have enough financial resources available to cover the first five years of operation without realizing any significant profit.


24. Personality

Although you enjoy collecting and categorizing and selling and handling the rocks and minerals, another important aspect of the business is your personality.

It is important to be candid and assess your strengths and areas that may be challenging and especially as they relate to your temperament.

To be a safe successful seller of rocks requires an outgoing personality where you enjoy meeting people and being able to be outgoing to engage individuals and treat them as potential customers.


25. Advertising And Marketing

A critical component of a successful business is ensuring that you have an advertising plan of action or a strategy as it relates to marketing.

As part of that strategy, you should involve yourself in various rock shows that are held in your immediate or geographical area.

This would be an opportunity to display some of your wares, some of your creations, and some of the unique categorized rocks and minerals that you have available.

Also, you can work with your local newspaper and submit stories that hopefully they will pick up that talk about minerals and rocks and how this is an interesting field.

An added interesting dimension to the story could be the potential spiritual and healing component that minerals and rocks are sometimes thought to bring.

You can list your business or talk about your activities through social media platforms, have an established website, conduct YouTube presentations, etc.

It is important that the strategy is consistent and not be a hit-and-miss type of process.

Is important as part of the strategy to determine who you wish to reach and what goods or services you wish to offer.

Also, it is important to attend as many craft fairs and flea markets as possible to be a consistent seller of your product at these events.


Earning Money Selling Rocks FAQs


How Do I Know if My Rock is Worth Money?

The value of rock directly corresponds to its hardness.

In other words, the harder a mineral is the more likely it is to be valuable.

If you can scratch the mineral with your fingernail, it would be rated as having a hardness of 2.5 Mohs which is defined as being very soft

If you can scratch it with a penny its hardness would be 3 Mohs and if it takes a piece of glass to scratch its hardness the item will be rated at 5.5 Mohs.


What is a Valuable Rock?

A valuable rock would be one in which there is a bright color to the appearance rather than dull dark stones.

Gold and emeralds are an example of bright-colored stones that are valuable.

You can read this detailed article for more ways of knowing if a rock is valuable or not.


You Can Do It

You have a fondness for rocks and minerals.

Although perhaps not be a geologist by education, you have a deep appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of rocks.

This appreciation will serve you well as it relates to making money selling rocks.



As individuals, part of our uniqueness and appreciation is that many of us have had or continue to have an appreciation for a variety of collections.

The collections could be as simple as a marble collection a baseball collection to a collection of items that can have great value such as art or exotic sports cars.

To others, our collections may not be much to look at or in their estimation have no value.

But to us, they are part of our memory and not only bring us great pleasure but enrich our lives as well.

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