Yes, if you love chess, you can really get paid to play chess!

Talk about getting paid to do what you love, right? It’s definitely the best of both words.

This article reveals the many ways you can get paid playing chess and some of the best companies that pay or help you get paid to play chess!


Why Make Money Playing Chess?

For some, and maybe most, the game of chess has always been an intimidating board game.

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This is due to the reality that in order to win at the game you have to think about how your opponent is thinking and then strategize a significant number of moves ahead in keeping with your opponent’s potential moves that they may make.

Ultimately, the game of 16 chess pieces per player is a battle of the mind and requires deep concentration and analytical thinking.

One cannot help but draw the similarities between playing chess and life. In order to be successful, we need to be thinking ahead and have moves and counter moves planned.

Additionally, as it relates to our financial life, there are significant similarities.

We must always be thinking ahead, making the right moves that are not capricious or spontaneous but are informed. Ultimately by thinking ahead we are able to say checkmate over our worldly financial opponent who wants to reign over our financial situation.

Ultimately, in the game of chess, the greatest opponent is one’s self and their ability to maintain their focus, draw upon their experience, and make the right moves.

Speaking of chess, let us explore ways that this game can be monetized and possibly help the individual to realize some additional revenue.


10 Ways to Earn Money Playing Chess


1. Get Paid to Play Chess Tournaments

The best way to play chess and earn money at the same time is to be involved with tournament play.

There are various amounts of money that can be earned by participating in tournaments and it is dependent upon the competition level as well as the monetary level of sponsors who are providing any prize money.


2. Get Paid to Play Chess Online

The opportunity to play for money online can be found on a variety of websites.

One of those websites is

On this website, you simply register as a player and if you are challenged to a match you can accept or decline the offer.

There are no downloads or membership fees associated with this website.

You do play for money and the only cost would be a percentage of that money if you win.

Also, the site boasts the fact that chess robocops monitor every move to detect any unfairness of play.

Additionally, the site indicates that it is legal to play in 43 states within the United States.


3. Hustle

Another way to earn income on the side while playing chess is simply to get out and hustle another individual.

This means that you pack up your board and start looking for an area where chess players have gathered.

The plan of action is to play a game of chess against an opponent and to make it interesting to place a side bet with the winner capturing the money as well as the opponent’s king.


4. Get Paid to Blog about Chess

If you are an avid fan of playing chess and have a flair for writing. Then a good way of possibly earning money on the side is by starting a blog.

The blog would be about chess playing and you could develop your blog in a number of ways.

Some of those ways could include your journey on mastering this game, the history of the game, certain games that you played that were fascinating and replete with unique moves, etc.

Eventually, your masterful chess playing and writing would start to resonate with the chess-playing audience and you would gain followers.

Revenue could be earned by getting support from these followers, having affiliate advertising embedded in your blog, and, eventually, with a great number of followers, being very appealing to certain sponsors.


5. Make Money Writing Chess Articles

There are a variety of magazines devoted to an equal amount of different topics and subjects.

For the avid chess player, one of those magazines is known as Chess Connections.

To write for this magazine click here to understand their guidelines and requirements as it relates to submitting written content for publishing.


6. Make Money as a Chess Arbiter

An arbiter is basically a referee.

Arbiters provide oversight to chess competitions that are conducted physically.

Their specific responsibilities include a full understanding of the game of chess, the functionality and use of chess clocks, pairing systems, as well as being able to handle disputes in a professional manner.

Additionally, there are seminars that help to train arbiters, and generally, in order to function as a referee, you would need to attend one of these seminars.

Also, there is an official examination so that the integrity of the arbiter process is maintained. An 80% passing grade is required on the exam.

To learn more about becoming an arbiter click here.


7. Commentator

Like any other exciting event, the world of chess is in need of qualified commentators.

Their commentary would be on the moves that are being made, analysis of the play, any historical perspective, background on the chess players, etc.

Anything that would bring added value to the competition that is being played and heard by the listener.

The most likely scenario of utilizing a chess commentator would be through the online process.


8. Scholarship

A great way to find financial support while playing the game of chess is through scholarships.

There are companies and individuals who will provide scholarship money whose love for the game is exhibited through scholarship dollars.

Listed below in the article are some scholarship opportunities that an individual can access in approaching individuals for their support.


make money playing chess


9. Coaching

If you have made a name for yourself in the chess world, then your coaching and individual teaching of other players will most likely be in great demand.

Not only can this coaching be done on an individual or tutoring basis, but there are opportunities to instruct a group of individuals who may be involved in a chess club.

The chess club can be outside or within the school system.

Also, community colleges are looking for a vast array of electives that their registered students can be involved with.

Perhaps, because of your experience and success as a chess player, you could offer your services to a community college and teach a class to interested and eager individuals wanting to learn the dynamics of playing chess.


10. Sponsorships

Companies are always looking for unique ways to maximize their marketing dollars.

Therefore, a possible segment of the consumer population could be those individuals who utilize their intellect and analytical thinking to excel in their field of endeavor.

By approaching various companies, a proposal can be written up and extended to these companies talking about the value of their product as it relates to playing the game of chess.

While playing the game, you could be an ambassador of their product by wearing a T-shirt with their logo on it.

For example, if you were able to get an energy drink on board to sponsor you, your tagline could be something to the effect that “My thinking is energized by blank” with blank being the name of the energy product.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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10 Best Companies & Ways That Pay or Help You Get Paid to Play Chess


1. Tournament Organising Companies

The best way to find out what tournaments are being conducted is by going online and doing a word search on chess tournaments near me.

Also, the avid chess player can log onto


2. Universities

Other scholarship opportunities available through state and public universities for qualified chess players can be researched at Louisiana State University, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss.

Also, there is a community foundation in Henderson County of North Carolina that offers six $300 scholarships.


3. Speaking Engagements

If you are open to doing public speaking, you could always promote yourself as a public speaker talking about the finer points of chess.

Of course, it would need to be an engaging communication that would be splashed with humorous anecdotes or behind the chessboard of games that were played.


4. U.S. Chess Federation Scholarships

The U.S. Chess Federation has focused on the development of young chess players. In doing so they offer scholarships, support tournaments, and provide awards.

The average scholarship provided to a qualified candidate ranges around $7,500.

To be eligible for the awarding of a scholarship, the player must have participated in 30 chess matches the previous year of making an application.

Other criteria include age, gender, and the individual’s skill level.

Click here to learn more regarding these opportunities.

Check out the following for more games to play to earn money:


5. Write an eBook

An option for an individual who has considerable knowledge about chess is to pen an e-book.

The book could be about historical chess games that were played that attracted the attention of the world such as the Bobby Fisher match.

Also, as the author, you could talk about the dynamics of playing chess, provide history, and maybe analyze specific chess matches that were played that have become those classic games.

Or it could be just basic informational writing about the ins and outs of chess and how to play the game.

If you do not have a writing flair or the time to compose such a book, you could always hire a ghostwriter who could provide that writing for you so that you could list it on Amazon for sale.


6. Fellowships

Frank P. Samford, Jr. Chess Fellowship is the most influential and richest chess fellowship in the United States.

Its goal is to identify and assist American chess masters who have distinguished themselves as being in the top tier of chess players.

The purpose of this fellowship is to assist these young chess players and improve their skills by providing coaching, access to study materials, and involving them in strong competition.

The fellowship supplies a monthly stipend for these chess masters to cover the cost of living expenses so that the individual may completely devote themselves to their mastery of chess and not have to worry about working to cover their bills.

For more information, access their website at


7. Request of Business Owners

A potential option of gaining sponsorship is through a company that is led by a chess enthusiast.

Some examples of those leaders that are avid chess players and hold leadership positions within their company include:

• Jared Hecht, GroupMe
• Seth Bannon, Amicus
• Danielle Rice, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM’s Healthcare Practice

Perchance, reaching out to these individuals at these companies and trying to resonate with them on the common ground of enjoying chess may be an opportunity to gain sponsorship.


8. Go Fund Me

If an individual excels at playing chess and has significant potential in moving forward on a national stage, then perhaps they can set up a Go Fund Me account to help support their efforts and concentrate solely upon their chess playing and not have to worry about needed money to offset ongoing bills.


9. University of Maryland Baltimore County Chess Scholarships

University of Maryland Baltimore Country is noted as one of the premier schools for chess aficionados.

This indicator of excellence is seen as they have qualified during the last 15 Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess championships by being one of the final four competing teams.

The school, to continue the tradition of being chess masters, is continually recruiting young significant talent to continue on in that championship process.

Therefore, they offer three scholarships and provide various awards to computing freshmen during these chess tournaments. The reward money is equivalent to one year’s full tuition costs.

More about these potential scholarships for you can be seen at


10. Promote a Chess Tournament

If you have the time, you could actually promote, plan and present a chess tournament in your area.

You could advertise the tournament, gain sponsors, and offer the player’s different levels of awards depending upon how they placed in the tournament.

To cover the cost of the tournament you can also charge an entrance fee.


Play Chess and Earn Money FAQs


Who invented the game of chess?

The history of chess dates back almost 1500 years ago. It is widely accepted that the game originated in the northernmost part of India in the sixth century.

Eventually, because of its popularity, it spread to Persia and when the Persian nation was defeated by the Arabs, the Muslim influence spread the popularity of the game around the world.

Eventually, because of the Muslim influence, the game made its debut in Spain and then spread throughout southern Europe.


In recorded chess history, what was the time length of the longest game played?

The longest chess game played in a sanctioned tournament, in terms of moves and not time, was played in 1989.

The game lasted for 20 hours and 15 minutes and when it was all done and said there were 269 moves made.


Personal Story

I am by no means a chess player.

I have dabbled in the game and know some of the basics but I am lacking in mental discipline.

On one occasion, we had gotten a new computer and we purchased a game for the kids and a game for me as well.

The game that I chose was Chess Master. I recall starting out at the intermediary level and getting my ego bruised when the computerized game beat me time after time.

Adding insult to injury every time I lost, in a robotic voice, my opponent would always proclaim that he was the Chess Master. To this day I can still mimic that irritating and insulting voice.

Finally, I chose the beginner level and found out that I did a little bit better.

Undaunted, I moved back up again into the intermediary level, and in one brief moment and one significant game, I was able to beat the Chess Master to which I proclaimed to the computer that I was the Chess Master in that mimicked voice.

Check out the following for more games to play to earn money:


You Can Play Chess and Make Money

You love the game of chess.

You thrill to the challenge of trying to outdo your opponent by thinking moves and countermoves.

You have studied the great games and you’re ready to make your next move by getting paid for your analytical thinking and serious study of the game.

Perhaps checkmate on your opponent in three moves away.



The game of chess is a battle. It is about strategy, thinking ahead, moves, and countermoves. It requires concentration and thinking logically.

It is a battle between two opponents that has many implications and parallels as to what life holds for us.

It’s your move and you have the opportunity to advance your chess pieces towards the goal of getting paid for being involved in something that you love.

Pursue checkmate.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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