If you can write and/or have design skills, you can start making money online from just creating and selling greeting cards.

This article shows exactly how you can become a greeting cards writer or designer and actually get paid by companies that hire freelancers.

It also shows you some of the genuine greeting card companies that really pay.

And even more importantly, it shows you exactly those paying companies that accept submissions. One even pays people like you as much as $300 for poems accepted and published.

Because what’s the point if they are not accepting submissions, right?

This article contains a lot to help you get started or get ahead even if you already know a thing or two about making money as a greeting cards writer or designer.

And the list of companies that we include here are really genuine, to save you the stress involved in wasting your time with fake or scammy companies.

One of the companies you will find about here pays up to $300 for poems accepted and published in greeting cards and $50 for poems published in magazines.

Another company listed here pays as much as $75 for each approved submission. You will find out how to submit your poetry to some or even all the companies that really pay.


Who is a Greeting Cards Writer or Designer?

A greetings card is a card sent to express personal feelings. It expresses the emotional thoughts of the sender. There are many types of such cards, such as:

  • Birthdays Cards
  • Get Well Soon Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Happy Anniversary Cards
  • Happy Valentine Cards
  • I am Sorry Cards
  • Merry Christmas Cards
  • Happy New Year Cards
  • ETC

A greeting cards writer has the skills to create words that are printed on a greeting cards.

The words could be poetic or prosaic.

The words could be rhymed or non-rhymed.

If you have the writing skills to create sentimental and appealing verses, quotes, poems or paragraphs that are suitable for greeting cards then you definitely fit the bill and can start making money online from your skills.

It’s certainly not as easy as those who get paid to watch Netflix or those who earn money online playing quiz, but it can be easy for those with the skills.

As a greeting cards designer, it’s more about your designing skills than your writing skills.

greeting cards designer

If you have the skills to put together appealing and interesting images, arts, or designs that can appear very well in greeting cards, you definitely fit the bill as a greeting cards designer.

If you are that someone with the designing skills or passion, it will just be like getting easy free cash, for doing what you already love!


How To Make Money Online And Get Paid As A Greeting Cards Writer or Designer

You can go all out on your own to start a greeting cards writing and designing business online by creating and selling greeting cards directly.

Thankfully there are many online marketplaces now that allow talented people to sell stuff, including greeting cards.

With some of the online marketplaces, you set things all up on your own, upload your materials, set your price, and take orders.

Of course it’s usually easier said than done, that’s why many prefer to just sell their content or designs to card companies and get paid – allowing them more time to spend on the actual creative process of creating, rather than selling.

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Designing or Writing Greeting Cards from Home

Writing Greeting Cards from Home

With the Internet and the fact that you can reach anyone to sell to online, designers and writers can do this right from home.

Even if you don’t want to go all out starting a greeting cards business, you can simply look for existing greeting card businesses or companies that need talented writers and designers to create quality cards for them.

You can work as a freelancer directly from home, if you want, and still get paid.

This is even one of the fun jobs for 16 year olds who love designing greeting cards!


Greeting Card Jobs From Home

Greeting Card Jobs From Home

You can get such greet card jobs from home on your own or through the many card companies out there.

Greeting cards companies don’t actually state what they pay individuals on their website. However, reviews have shown that you can earn between $25 and $300 with the right greeting cards company for your writings or designs.

Don’t worry, these are genuine opportunities unlike scams like stuffing envelopes at home for pay!


List Of 20 Paying Greeting Card Companies Accepting Submissions

To save you the stress of finding the right greeting card companies, especially those that really pay and are accepting submissions, I have done the work for you and present the list of 20 right here.

With these 20 companies you can get paid to write or design greeting cards words, photos and artwork.

So, yes, you are not only limited to writing.

Even if you don’t have writing skills, you can still make money as a designer or even photographer as some of these companies pay for more than just content.

Greeting Cards Writer

And if you desperately want money now but don’t want to do weird things like sell pics of your feet for money, you can get started with any of these companies right away.

By the way, don’t forget that it’s a good idea to use Google Drive or many of the Google Drive alternatives for Cloud storage out there or Dropbox Alternatives, when working on your cards, to avoid losing your work if something goes wrong.


1. American Greetings

popular greeting cards companyAmerican Greetings is a popular greeting cards company that not only pays but are currently accepting submissions.

You can submit your writings and get paid if you are accepted.

American Greetings reviews solicited submissions once in a month.

You need to be prepared for a very formal assessment procedure before getting approval.

Click here to check out American Greetings


2. Blue Mountain Arts

greeting cards business

Blue Mountain Arts is company that has long history in the greeting cards business. It also pays very well.

If you can create powerful and emotional prose and poetry that would be used in greeting cards then this company is the right place to make money with your skills.

Blue Mountain Arts pays up to $300 for poems published in greeting cards and $50 for poems published in magazines.

I love the fact that they pay cash like many others listed here, unlike getting gift cards that seem more like free gift card generators.

With this company $300 or even the $50 can add up if you get more submissions in that are accepted.

This means it’s really easy to make cash of 200 dollars in one day if your submissions get accepted.

Make sure to read their guidelines though, before you send in your submissions to help you get the best from them.

For example, from their guidelines you will learn that they don’t accept one-liners, religious verses, rhymes or humor pieces. You only need to submit unique pieces laced with sincere sentiments.

Click here to check out Blue Mountain Arts


3. Ephemera  

find a Greeting Card Companies

Ephemera is one of the very genuine card companies that really pays writers.

They accept and pay for witty sayings, interesting quotes or slogans.

You can get paid up to $50 if your slogan, witty saying, or idea is accepted for its stickers or cards.

It will interest you to know that Ephemera can as well accept sayings that are controversial or offensive.

So, it’s really up to how creative you can be with this company. The more creative your material is, the more likely you can earn from them.

Click here to check out Ephemera

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4. Madison Park Publishing  

This is a company where you can get paid to submit your artwork.

Designers of images and artworks for greeting cards will find this company handy to get paid with ease.

If your images or arts are accepted they can be used in Madison Park Publishing’s greeting cards and other products.

Click here to check out Madison Park Publishing


5. Avanti Press

List of Greeting Card Companies

Avanti Press accepts both writings and images for their greeting cards. This makes it a perfect place for writers and designers of greeting cards looking to get paid.

You get to submit your writing or design samples to the editors. If your sample meets the needs of this company then you are accepted.

It is important you read the guidelines and take note of the writing and design styles of this company before making your submissions.

Click here to check out Avanti Press


6. PS Greetings

online greeting cards designer

PS Greetings is one of the companies that really pays writers for their card content.

Note though that they will only accept samples sent through mails.

When sending in your submissions, make sure to it in a self-addressed envelope.

You are paid if your writings get approved and published in their greeting cards.

Ensure you check the guidelines for details on how to get creative with this company.

Click here to check out PS Greetings


7. The Greeting Card Shop

Top Greeting Card Companies

The Greeting Card Shop is a company where you can design and sell your own greeting cards.

You get to register as an artist and upload your own designs.

If the greeting card with your design is sold, you 12% of the sales price.

With this there’s no limit to how much you can sell. The more you design and upload, the more money you can earn when they get sold.

Click here to check out The Greeting Card Shop


8. Shoebox Cards

get paid for fun

Shoebox Cards allows you to submit and get paid for fun and humorous writings on greeting cards.

You are not to submit more than 8 submissions at once.

This company is now an affiliate of Hallmark Cards.

Click here to check out Shoebox Cards


9. Gallant Greetings

write greetings cards and get paid

Gallant Greetings is another company where you can send in your writings for greeting cards and get paid when accepted.

Click here to check out Gallant Greetings

greetings card designer


10. Amber Lotus Publishing

publishing company that pays writers

Amber Lotus Publishing is another publishing company that pays writers and designers for their materials.

With this company, designers or artists can submit and get paid for their artwork or images.

They also accept written submissions.

The best times to submit and increase your chance of acceptance is from April to July.

Your submissions are to be done electronically.

Click here to check out Amber Lotus Publishing


11. Oatmeal Studios

earn well with this greeting cards publication

Oatmeal Studios is a company that can pay you up to $75 for humorous greeting cards or artistic illustration, if accepted.

If you have a knack for writing fun and humor material, then this may be your opportunity to earn well with this greeting cards publication.

Click here to check out Oatmeal Studios


12. Smart Alex

greeting cards company that really pays well

Smart Alex is another greeting cards company that really pays writers and designers.

This company can pay you up to $100 or more for accepted and approved written submissions for its greeting cards.

It is focused only on accepting humor pieces rendered in “funny, edgy & risque” style.

Designers or artists with unique humorous copies, illustrations and images can also make their submissions.

Click here to check out Smart Alex


13. Freedom Greetings

Freedom Greetings is a greeting cards company where you can submit your samples and get paid if they are accepted and approved.

Of course, make sure to read their guidelines to know what is expected and how to create the right type of material for them.

Click here to check out Freedom Greetings


14. R.S.V.P. Sellers

greeting cards and notecards

R.S.V.P. Sellers accepts written and image content from writers and designers.

The content is used for its greeting cards and notecards.

You can submit up to 20 images at once.

Click here to check out R.S.V.P. Sellers


15. DaySpring

earn good money as greeting cards designer

DaySpring is a company that will pay you to submit content for its greeting cards.

If you are a writer with really good skills in creating the right types of content for greeting cards, you can earn good money consistently from this company.

Unlike doing data entry jobs online, or doing paid focus groups discussions online, you certainly need skills to get paid well by this and other companies listed here!

If you have the right skills, you can get paid as much as $75 for each content accepted and approved by this company.

Reviews of your content and editorial responses can take between 30 and 45 days after submission.

Click here to check out DaySpring


16. Palm Press

earn good money as greeting cards writer

With Palm Press Inc. you don’t have to be a writer before you can work with them and get paid.

Palm Press Inc is a greeting card company that accepts images or photographs from designers.

You can submit your photographs of special occasions like birthdays, weddings, Valentines, and others.

Approvals may take up to 2 to 3 weeks after submission.

Click here to check out Palm Press


17. Noble Works Cards

earn money with top greetings card company

Noble Works Cards is a greeting card company that always works with artists.

If you consider yourself a talented designer you can make a tidy sum from this company.

Simply sign up, submit your designs and get paid if approved.

Of course, make sure you go through their terms and guidelines before you submit, to know what is expected and how to do things right with your designs.

Click here to check out Noble Works Cards


18. Great Arrow

make money as a greeting cards writer

Great Arrow is known for its award winning greeting cards. And yes, they really do pay greeting card designers and writers.

You can sign up with this company and submit your design, content or graphics and get paid for if approved.

It may take up to 3 weeks before you are approved, so be patient after submission.

Submission deadline is very important if you must make a mark with Great Arrow.

Click here to check out Great Arrow


19. Fotofolio

make money as a greeting cards designer

Fotofolio is a company that accepts and pays for photographs submitted for their greeting cards, posters, notecards, postcards and T-shirts.

You can submit up to 40 photograph samples at once.

The amount you get paid can add up if they are happy with your submissions.

Click here to check out Fotofolio


20. CardGnome

design and sell your own greeting cards

CardGnome is a company that offers you a platform where you get to design and sell your own greeting cards.

If anyone buys your card through this company, you earn a royalty or percentage of the sale.

If you are skilled in artwork, then this may be the place to start making regular money from your greeting card design skills.

Click here to check out CardGnome



The above are 20 greeting card companies that actually pay writers and designers of greeting cards.

Get paid as greeting cards writer


Most of the sites don’t display what you will earn for written or artistic content, but you can always read their submission guidelines and contact the editors for more details.

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