Yes, you can definitely make money live streaming and there are indeed streaming apps and platforms that help you get paid.

This article reveals the best ways to really get paid to live stream and the best apps and platforms that really help you make money.


Why Get Paid or Make Money Live Streaming?

Over the years, live streaming has never been better nor do streamers make sense of it but, one colossal outcome of the Corona pandemic since last year is the massive advancement in internet traffic which in turn influence the turnaround in live videos.

With people unable to move around with their daily activities, there has been a surge in the internet’s live streaming.

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People get all forms of entertainment and education through video games, conference calls, etc.

Consequently, videos have proven to be the most sought-after cum content sharing on the internet because of their visibility and easy access.


What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is an online streaming media that uses audio and video broadcast in real-time without prior recording.

Live streaming comprises different types ranging from video games, live sports, Facebook live, TV broadcast, content creation, live ads, and social media video calls.


Benefits of Live Streaming for Making Money

Here are the benefits of live streaming:

  • It makes you unique among other social media users.
  • It creates a fantastic audience and gives visibility.
  • It boosts social interaction between you and your audience.
  • It is one way of making incredible money.
  • It creates a sense of urgency for your potential clients.
  • It has zero geographical or physical hindrance as it’s globally accessible.
  • Freedom of different quality contents.
  • It’s pretty easy to navigate through.


How to Make Money and Get Paid for Live Streaming

  1. Payment for exclusive content
  2. Advertisement
  3. Streaming payment from viewers
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Sell your brand
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Compensation from fans
  8. Offer tutorial classes.


1. Receive Payment for Exclusive Content

Of all the money-making ways on the internet today, the creation of exclusive content via live stream where your audience has to pay individually for it is one terrific way to cash out.

How do you go about this?

  • Sign up on a live streaming platform
  • Create a top-notch content
  • Sell the tickets to your audience at your preferred amount
  • Then stream live with any video platform of your choice.


2. Get Paid to Live Stream through Advertisement

The internet is now full of advertisements of different contents categories but, the fact that 90 percent are based on livestreaming makes it one exciting sight to watch.

By advertising for brands, companies, online marketers, you will get paid handsomely without much stress.

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3. Make Money Streaming by Receiving Payment from Viewers

After you must have built a reasonable audience through worthy content on your platform, the next step is the payment per viewer.

Be rest assured that your audience will not think twice before making the payment if you provide valuable content for them.


4. Get Money Live Streaming through Sponsorship

This requires you to have built a reasonable audience size that is consistent with your platform or community.

After which, you have to search for any attractive brands or companies to sponsor you while you will at the same time promote their brand.

A typical example of this is a singer. Do you coach people on how to sing on your platform?

Then you can approach a record label to sponsor you while you promote their brand.

However, the not-so-good part of this is the sponsor’s effect on your content.

They may have to direct or change some aspects of your content and, in the course of this loose audience.

But whichever way, you will still get paid.


5. Promote and Earn from Your Brand

You can always make money by selling your product. But before you can get to this stage, you need to have more than the average audience dedicated to your platform.

Say 1000 plus is good enough. What you need at this stage is to think of a product people will embrace when you push it out.

It can be footwear, customized polo, or anything viable.

However, it may not give immediate results, but with consistency, you will be making your cash, and before you say jack, your brand is one of the most sought after.


6. Earn through Affiliate Marketing

You may be wondering how affiliate marketing got related to live streaming.

Well, there are many affiliate programs across the internet. Almost half the internet benefits from affiliate marketing, of which you’re not excluded.

All you need to do is get an affiliate membership in any of their programs, then a link or coupon code is what you need to place in your stream description, and your commission will be waiting after each sale.

However, you don’t only mention or send the link, but your live stream content also has to align with the affiliate program so you can effortlessly drive your audience in your direction.

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Make Money Live Streaming


7. Receive Compensation from Your Live Stream Fans

One clue to evaluate your live streaming performance is your audience’s reactions.

Consciously or unconsciously, it will lead you to discover either your career is promising or not.

A fan that enjoys your live stream will send you tips as a form of compensation for a job well done.

So should this continue, gradually you will realize you have more than enough cash.

However, gratitude is everything hence the need to shout out to your fans to appreciate their love.


8. Make Money Live Streaming by Offering Tutorial Classes

You can get paid from teaching others through live streaming as much as you are experienced in the field.

This is even easier once you have interested students.

It may either be a group or a private class. Whichever way, you will get your cash after each class via live stream.

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14 Best Paying Live Streaming Platforms & Apps to Make Money 

One reason these programs pay you are due to your creative content, which thereof attracts the audience.

This, in turn, boosts their platform’s visibility.

The following are some of the best platforms that really pay.

  1. Uplive Streaming App
  2. Bigo live
  3. Twitch gaming app
  4. Facecast
  5. MeMe app
  6. Periscope
  7. My Song List
  8. Stage it
  9. YouTube
  10. Facebook
  11. Fundi
  12. Panopto
  13. Mixcloud
  14. Twitch


1. Uplive Streaming App

Uplive is a global live-streaming app for content creators, models, and general live streaming.

This app has risen to be among the best live streaming app that commands a broad audience with great host resources.

To start getting paid for live stream on Uplive is as simple as ABC. All you need do is download and sign up as a live streamer, and the platform is yours.

Click the link to check out


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2. Bigo Live

Bigo live streaming app was developed in Singapore to provide live streamers with quality content.

All it takes to have a dedicated audience while also making money is easy.

You get to push out your content, grow your audience, and get paid in the process.

The juicy part of it is that, Bigo pays per view which means, the larger your viewers, the bigger your cash out.

Here’s the link to Bigo live app


3. Twitch Gaming App

Twitch is a gaming app that pays for live game streaming. An excellent way to earn from your favorite live games while having fun.

However, it would be best if you create a more extensive audience because it’s only then, Twitch can pay you which means, your audience comes first, then payment follows.

Here’s the link to


4. Facecast

Facecast is a live stream app for party lovers.

Do you want your party to go live? You want to showcase that creativity, styles, and all. Then Facecast is what you need for an all-around live stream.

Additionally, you will get paid when your audience likes and comments on your streams.

They can also gifts you tips to compensate for your efforts.

Click here to check out


5. MeMe App

MeMe is an app that gives you the best host-to-audience interaction.

You can live stream virtually anything from life discussions, trending styles, food delicacies, talk shows, even as you take a walk.

The only policy here is your activeness for at least one to two hours per day, so your audience can grow.

As your viewers grow, your beans also accumulate, and you can cash out anytime you feel like it.

Here’s the link to


6. Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming app from Twitter. It’s pretty easy to operate directly from your Androids.

To go live on Periscope, you only need to sign up with your Facebook or Google account, and boom! You’re part of the world.


7. My Song List

This is a live stream app specifically for musicians to perform live. It gives you access to get performance requests from your fans and get compensated.

Another unique feature of this app is the access to stream on Facebook at the same time. Your fans can also request a piece of music from your playlist.

Here’s the link to


8. Stage it

Stage it, just like my song list, is another live streaming app for singers who love to go live.

With Stage it app, you get to make your money right from the beginning. What you need is the right audience to sell a ticket to if you want to hold a live show.

For you to have a top-notch musical performance, you must have prepared beforehand to avoid a flop.

This app also gives you access to inviting people from other social media apps to watch your performance.

Click here to check out


9. YouTube

Gone are the days when you could only make a pre-recorded streaming on the YouTube app.

Everything has changed now because you can make a live stream and get paid.

YouTube being the heaven of original video content explains why it can only be the best to monetize your business.

Here’s the link to


10. Facebook Live

There is no doubt that Facebook is the most used social media app globally due to its flexibility.

So why can’t you make money from it?

The moment you know your ways around it, go live and monetize your skills.

You only need to operate with Facebook in-stream-ad in as much as you comply with their partner monetization policies and other terms and conditions.

Click here to check out


11. Fundi

Fundi is another live-streaming app that gives content creators the best resources to enjoy.

One feature which distinguishes fundi from others is the ability of real-time payment through a designed sticker while streaming live.

In place of this, an audience only needs to click the sticker to make payment while streaming simultaneously.

Other ways of making money doing fun and/or unusual activities:


12. Panopto

Panopto is specifically designed for business and academic institutes. It makes live conferences and business meetings go live effortlessly.

One unique aspect of the panopto app is its capacity to save recorded videos while on stream, which can be watched later.

This app is perfect for tutors who can replay a recorded video after each live stream.

Click here to check out


13. Mixcloud

Are you a podcaster or disk jockey who’s afraid of a copyright issue? Then, Mixcloud is the right place for you.

Your payment on this app comes from the music being played while streaming live. How possible is that?

For each music you play, while streaming live, the app will pay you for it.

Additionally, your audience can also support you through a subscription to the platform.

Click here to check out


14. Twitch

This is another popular and legit platforms that you can make money live streaming on.

Click here for a more detailed explanation on how to really make money on Twitch.



On a final note, to say content creation through live streaming hasn’t been making waves on the internet would be an understatement, but the truth is, people’s minds didn’t open to it because many feel it can’t pay their bills.

However, for obvious reasons, a multitude has woken from their slumber to realizing the magic live streamers are performing.

So, there you have it, the thirteen best programs/app that pays you as a live streamer and how to get paid. You only have to pick anyone that appeals to you, and boom, your money grows like grass.

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