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It reveals as many as 25 powerfully helpful ways and tips for really earning money in Star Citizen.



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One of the exciting activities individuals can participate in today is video games even taking this a step further, they are called massively multiplayer online games.

These games are an opportunity for individuals to participate in simulated games where everything seems incredibly real and where competition against other players is part of the fun, competition, and excitement.

One of those games is Star Citizen which is a popular MMO game that simulates activities that are conducted in space.

An added dimension to this game is an opportunity to make money so let us, therefore, buckle up, climb into our spacecraft and see what is all involved.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money in Star Citizen


1. Know all about Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a simulation game that is designed to be played by a single or multiple players.

The First Edition is classified as an in-development space adventure that can utilize a single or multi-playing and incorporates trading and combat simulation.

In Star Citizen, you can take on whatever role you wish.

Some of those roles include the mining of ore, bounty hunting, hauling cargo, becoming a mercenary, or taking up a life of crime.


2. Know about the Purpose

The goal or the purpose of playing the simulated game of Star Citizen is to create a vast universe that you can navigate.

The game is designed to provide a variety of options and a combination of various actions to perform to the point where the possibilities are as vast as the space that you are creating.


3. Know the Requirements

The game Star Citizen requires that the player purchase ships with real money or an in-game currency known as aUEC.

Ships that are purchased are called pledges and are permanently affiliated with your account.

There is a total of 89 ships and vehicles within the game and of those 11 are ground vehicles or classified as hoverbikes.


4. Know What You Can Do

Through this universe you can go anywhere you want, drive and fly with your simulated character in a variety of spaceships and other craft.


5. Cost

The cost of the program is $45 per month and either includes the single-player or the multiplayer option but not both.

To take advantage of both options an additional $20 per month is required.


6. Skimmer Missions

One of the easiest ways to earn credits in Star Citizen is to take on skimmer destruction missions.

These missions are fairly easy to accomplish and will pay on average 6000 to 10,000 credits per mission.

You could accomplish anywhere from 6 to 10 missions in an hour which could end up providing 36,000 to 60,000 credits per one hour of play.


7. Delivery Missions

Another option that will earn you 30,000 to 40,000 credits per hour is the taking on of delivery missions.

A delivery mission does not involve combat and it is just a matter of transporting packages throughout the universe from one destination to another.

The best way to maximize your time involvement and earn as many credits as possible is to determine where the deliveries are being transported to and maximize your mission by delivering as many packages as possible without traveling great distances.


8. Bounty Hunting

Taking on bounty missions is a little bit more intense and involved.

Although it can be done with the basic of ships (starter ship) it is easily maximized when using the craft known as the avenger type.

You could rent the avenger type for a day by utilizing some of your points or credits.

By taking on bounty hunting missions you can earn anywhere from 60000 to 100,000 credits per hour.


9. Cargo Hauling (mid-tier)

Cargo hauling is another way that you can earn credits in this game of Star Citizen.

The possibility of earning 100,000+ credits per hour is a possibility and it is best to use a calculator to determine which trade routes are most beneficial to maximize profits.

A calculator can be found by conducting an Internet search using the words Star Citizen cargo calculator.

A caveat with hauling cargo is that you can haul legal or illegal cargo.

The recommendation to haul legal cargo is always the best option.


10. Cargo Hauling (high-tier)

Another hauling cargo option designated as high-tier will earn you anywhere from 300,000 credits or more per hour.

The only obstruction in realizing this kind of credit per hour would be if the trade route is congested.


11. Mining

The game of Star Citizen can be broken down into three particular segments.

Those three segments are:

  • Scanning
  • Fracturing
  • Extraction

Once you are in the mining mode you can begin the process and eventually, your ship’s cargo will have a mining material on board.

You then can travel to any hub or port to sell your cargo.


12. Hand Mining

Hand mining can also be accomplished as part of the simulated game.

Rather than using equipment aboard the ship for in-depth mining, hand mining is accomplished through portable devices.

Once the minerals have been acquired by hand the minded minerals can be sold at a trading and shipping console in any city or space station.


13. Box Delivery Missions

A good source of earning money or cash is through the process known as box delivery missions.

This easy way of making money in Star Citizen requires that the player accept missions and travel to different locations to pick up a variety of items from beacons to cargo and deliver these items.


14. Escorting Missions

An escorting mission in Star Citizen may be combat-oriented but just beginning the game may not be a dangerous mission to be involved with.

Typically, these tasks require that you escort NPC to a certain point to obtain the results.

With an escort mission, you are likely to encounter space pirates.


15. Bounty Hunting Missions

These missions, although rewarding can be the most pressurized.

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Before venturing out on these bounty hunting missions you must enter into a contract and sign the contract before the commencement of the mission.


16. Personal Missions

Personal missions are in a category of their own.

This translates into a bigger payout and more involvement.

As it relates to the difficulty of the task these are the highest payout of rewards and are even riskier than the actual bounty hunting missions.


17. Mercenary

A combative way to earn credits is by taking on the role of a mercenary.

An individual who wishes to be successful at being a mercenary should have combat training and experience in escort and security work.

Being a mercenary generally deals with individuals who are criminals and have a slant to violence.

To perform mercenary work requires the elimination of individuals or targets that may be declared illegal by the local government but the pay is good for performing these actions.


18. Shared Missions

A way to earn points is by sharing missions with other individuals.

Through your contract manager on the screen go to the button that indicates accepted

If you wish to share, the share button can be clicked to share the selected mission.

All involved will be asked to either accept or deny the mission and if they accept it will appear in their contract manager.

Each of those involved in the shared mission will receive an equal share of the mission rewards when the mission is completed.


19. Personal Tab

By pressing F1 on your screen you will be able to open mobiglass.

Once accomplished you will see various options which include general, personal, and accepted.

Under the personal tab, these are tasks that are sent directly to you and you can receive additional rewards after their completion.

The two colors reflecting the tasks are usually gray or black.

Within these tasks may be some illegal activities and it is your choice whether you wish to participate.

On the accepted tab, you can check for accepted missions, and if other players have finished the mission before you those will disappear.


20. Asking Others

Although not perhaps the noblest of actions to take when wishing to earn money on Star Citizen but the opportunity to ask others for help is always a possibility.

Individuals who have significant amounts of credits may offer to give you some of their earnings.

The in-game chat option can be utilized to ask for support.


21. Added Missions

Occasionally, Star Citizen will offer you various missions that you can accept or reject.

Two of those missions could be a missing person’s task or a bunker mission.

These missions call for you to clear out various bunkers or space stations of individuals who have taken up their presence there and may be unsavory characters.

If taking on these missions it’s always best to join up with others so that they will have your back if necessary.


22. E-book

There is a significant amount of information about how to play the Star Citizen game but it is scattered all over the Internet.

Perhaps, as a moneymaking venture, you could create an e-book and write about your experience with this game and capture the basics, moving on up to different levels of play and ultimately incorporating the more skilled aspects of the game.

This book could be self-published and listed on a variety of websites and online retailers for sales.

To learn more about self-publishing you can go to


23. Podcast

To earn money through your involvement with Star Citizen you could also start a series of podcasts.

You could talk about the games, the basics, the various ways to earn credits, the purchasing of spacecraft, etc.

Also, your podcast could be interviews with individuals who have become significantly skilled at playing Star Citizen which would make for an interesting conversation or other interested individuals in this intergalactic game.

You could work with Spotify in utilizing their platform to host your podcasts.

Monetary support may be realized from your listening audience.


24. Blogging

Another way that you can earn money through Star Citizen is by creating a blog about everything regarding this game.

Each of your blog entries could talk about a specific part of the game and you could include screenshots within your blog to help with the visualization process.

The potential support financially could come from your followers, through affiliate advertising, gaining a sponsor, etc.


25. YouTube

Currently, there are a variety of YouTube presentations that deal with the Star Citizen simulated game.

You could join the action and create your own Star Citizen platform on YouTube by demonstrating how certain functions of the game are played and techniques and tips on how to maximize your involvement.

Also, you could provide a visual tutorial on the finer points of the game and talk about a particular aspect of your play that you have become significantly proficient at.

Potential earnings off of your YouTube platform could come from followers, providing advanced material offered through a subscription, affiliate advertising, or gaining sponsorship for your channel.

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Making Money on Star Citizen Game FAQs


How Many Subscribers Play Star Citizen?

Star Citizen, as of this writing, has 720,000 total backers and 34,000 subscribers.


Is Star Citizen a One-time Purchase or is It a Subscription Activity?

Star Citizen can be played and accessed by paying a monthly recurring payment or on an annual basis.


You Can Do It

Star Citizen is multiplayer, in-development, space training, and combat simulation game.

Its popularity is evidenced as it was ranked 64th on the popular twitch streaming platform with an accumulation of hours by 2 million individuals watching others play the game.

Like so many other things that are popularized, the playing of Star Citizen can be monetized in a variety of ways and as an individual who enjoys playing this game, those possibilities can be a reality.



There are a variety of reasons why we as individuals do the things that we do.

For those who enjoy Star Citizen, some of the reasons can include the competition against others, the personal challenge, the simulation of being in space, etc.

One other possible reason for being involved in Star Citizen is the opportunity to earn money.

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