It’s indeed possible to make money while having fun!

This article reveals 25 very awesome ways and tips to help you achieve this.


Can You Really Make Money Having Fun?

Of course you can!

If asked what was the best job you ever had or what job you get paid for that you had the most fun there would be a variety of answers.

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Some individuals may indicate that the best job they had and was the most fun was because of what they did.

The job may have entailed working at an amusement park, a kid’s restaurant, a sports park, etc.

Another individual may say that the best job they had with the most fun would have been because of the employees that they worked with.

Or perhaps, the boss made the place of employment an enjoyable experience with lots of opportunities for having fun while still working.

Often, when we think of a job, words such as routine, boring, drudgery, and pulling yourself out of bed to go to work, are phrases and words that might follow your description of where you work and the job that you do.

Many would say that they call it work for a reason.

Although that is true it is also true that one should enjoy what they do and have joy while doing it or it can become all of those words used above to describe our work experience.

An unhappy worker can create an unhappy work atmosphere which can affect morale, and productivity and spill over into customer service.

It is not about giggles and laughs.

It is about the enjoyment of what you do.

With this in mind let us look at jobs that can be pleasurable and fun but mainly has to do with one’s attitude.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money Having Fun


1. Play Video Games

One of the enjoyable pastimes of life is playing games.

In particular, videogames are always a fascination for people as games are loaded on various gaming consoles, and with the allurement of a big screen and virtually being part of the game, you have the opportunity to play a variety of different games ranging anywhere from being at war to playing cards to collecting candy, etc.

With all of this fun available why not get paid to play video games.

To accomplish this you could start your channel on Twitch and accept donations and tips from your followers or you could post-game playing videos to YouTube, etc.

Check out the following articles for games to earn money playing:


2. Take Photographs

A fun and relaxing way of earning money is through the taking of photographs.

The photographs can be taken using the quality cameras now are many smartphones or if you have a more sophisticated camera you can take pictures that way.

The monetization of the photographs is realized through the possibilities of selling your photographs to magazines, entering competitions, or working as a photographer for various special events.

Adobe is one site that may purchase your photographs and a photograph competition site can be found by clicking here.


3. Pet Sitting

An enjoyable way of getting paid and can be a lot of fun is interaction with animals.

You can offer your services as a pet sitter and provide those services independently by reaching out to friends and neighbors.

You can express your love for animals and your willingness to walk dogs, pet sit the members of the family while the owners are away from home, etc.

Also, you can go through the website to look for various pet sitting and pet walking opportunities through this site.


4. Eat

Many of us enjoy eating and also the opportunity to taste different foods and in joy different restaurant experiences.

A great way to combine your love for eating and get paid in the process is by being involved in a company that will pay you to frequent a restaurant and be a mystery diner.

One such website to sign up for this fun project can be found at

Through this site, if you are selected, you are allowed to dine at a restaurant and then write about your experience so that the experience can be evaluated by marketing individuals.

Once you have followed all the steps and completed the dining experience you get reimbursed for your involvement.

One other site, amongst many, that will pay you for your involvement in dining as a mystery diner can be found at Mystery Shoppers America.


5. Teach Music

Another great way to have fun and earn money in the process is by capitalizing on your music skill and talent by teaching others.

You can accomplish this by setting up private tutoring and music lessons for those in your area and teaching music theory, a particular instrument, providing music history lessons, etc.

You could charge your tutoring lessons by the hour and could command anywhere from $35-$50 an hour depending upon what the market will bear.

Also, you can provide your tutoring expertise on various websites.

One of those websites is


6. Travel

Traveling is always a fun adventure for individuals as it provides the opportunity to see new places, enjoy the open road, and possibly create new friendships.

In addition to being fun, traveling can provide the opportunity to de-stress and disconnect from the world and the challenges that are faced.

Additionally, to add to the fun adventure of traveling, one can relive their day by blogging about their daily adventures and sharing with others through your writing and those that follow you.

The monetization could be through the support from your followers, affiliate advertising, or perhaps even gaining a travel sponsor for your blog site.


7. Sleep

As you get older the more fun sleep becomes.

Why not get paid to sleep.

Some of the best websites and jobs that will pay you to sleep on the job include:


8. Blog

A fun way to get paid is by blogging.

This writing option is fun because generally, the things that you blog about are pleasurable or enjoyable for you to share with others.

For example, if you love technology, you can write about the latest technology that is available to individuals to try and you can provide a review on these items.

For example, Raspberry Pi recently released its latest single-board computer and it would be fun to purchase that technology and conduct a review for others on your blog site so they can get an idea of what it entails.

Financial support may come through your followers as they support you for your writing and technology reviews as well as potential affiliate advertising and the possibility of gaining a sponsor for your blog site.


9. Shop

One of the best apps and websites that will pay you to shop is Bestmark.

Often, these sites employ individuals to shop at various retailers and report on their experiences.

The report of the experiences intends to determine whether the retailer provided good customer service, take into account the appearance of the store, the friendliness of the staff, etc.

Often, companies will employ these marketing firms to ensure that their brand is in keeping with the standards that they expect and to ensure that the customer’s experience is more than satisfactory.

The individual selected be a mystery shopper has the opportunity of accepting the shopping assignment and goes into the retail store and shops.

Once the shopping has been completed then a report is required and Bestmark will then pay the mystery shopper.


10. Arts and Crafts

A fun job that you can do and get paid in the process is by taking up a new hobby or continuing with the arts and craft hobby that you already are involved with.

Once the items have been created, you can list them on such websites as

The process of selling your arts and crafts on Etsy involves being a registered user and this website will create a virtual store for you.

Uploaded pictures of your items will be part of your virtual retail store that is open for your business and for customers to browse.

There are fees associated with using this website which can include:

  • Membership fee if you desire a premium package
  • Percentage of sales
  • Listing fees
  • Transaction fees
  • And more


11. Event Planner

An event planner is an organized individual that takes upon themselves the role and responsibilities of an event and plans it out from start to finish.

Some of those events could include quinceañeras, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The fun aspect of being an event planner is being part of planning a party and the excitement of all that it entails.


12. Online Surveys

Many online surveys will pay you to participate in a variety of activities.

Some of those activities include paying you to watch videos or even playing games.

Two of those websites include and

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13. Swimming Classes

Swimming is a fun pastime and nothing quite matches the refreshment that one experiences on a hot summer’s day than in taking to the pool and cooling-off.

A way to have fun and get paid as it relates to swimming is to be paid to conduct swimming lessons or even be a lifeguard.

To participate in either one of these employment roles as it relates to swimming would require certification.

Often, you can receive certification through an organization such as

This not-for-profit charity provides instruction for individuals to become swimming instructors as well as lifeguards.


14. Amusement Park

Working at an amusement park is the perfect blend of having fun and getting paid at the same time.

You could work at a major amusement park or you could work in your local area with the amusement park being an arcade, miniature golf area, etc.

The fun would come into play as you watch the families get together and enjoy their outing, or watch the kids squeal with delight while playing games, etc.


15. Baking

There is nothing like having fun in the kitchen through the process of baking or cooking a new recipe.

We all love to eat and most of us have a sweet tooth therefore the fun would come into play by preparing something unique and wonderful that would be so satisfying.

Also, you can take pride in your recipe and have fun with it by offering it to other individuals to sample and even earn money selling the recipe or prepared food item, or the sweets that have been baked.


16. Sell on eBay

If you have several items or are involved with a hobby, a good way to sell those items by utilizing the expansiveness of the Internet is through

It would be fun to post the items on the site, discover new ways of merchandising and marketing your items, involvement in the bidding process as individuals try to outbid each other for the unique items that you posted, etc.

Your payment would be realized through the items that you sell.


17. Golf Course

If you enjoy the outdoors and are a sports enthusiast then a fun job to be involved with and get paid in the process is by working at a golf course.

You could caddie, be a groundskeeper, work in the pro shop, etc.

It would be a fun job in watching people play the game of golf, get frustrated at their swings, and watching all of the fun antics between golfers as they play against each other and kid each other in a good-natured way.


18. DJ

If you enjoy music and have a personality where you can engage the crowd and keep the party going, then a fun way of earning money is by being a disc jockey.

You may need to rent sound equipment and obtain music but it certainly would be a fun way to earn money and not only be part of a party but be the party.


19. Babysitting

If you enjoy being around toddlers and babies as well as young people, a fun way to earn money would be to babysit these family members.

By babysitting them it would be more than just sitting there watching TV and raiding the fridge.

The fun component with babysitting would be interaction with the kids, playing games, and all the while getting paid a good hourly rate.

To enhance your babysitting skills and increase your value, you could take a babysitting course offered by many not-for-profits.

One of those not-for-profits is the American Red Cross which not only teaches about first aid but also how to conduct CPR for infants if ever the needed emergency presented itself.

Having this teaching could increase your asking price as a babysitter.


20. Teaching Sports

If you are athletic and are proficient in a sport or several sports, a way to have fun and earn money would be to teach others by drawing on your particular skills.

For example, if you are good at baseball, you could conduct a clinic and charge the young people on how to hit the ball, the fundamentals of baseball, etc.


21. Yard Sales

A fun way to earn money, especially on the weekends, is by attending a variety of yard or garage sales.

It’s always fun to look at other people’s accumulated items to not only see what they have for sale but to get an idea of their lifestyle through the things that they have purchased.

The fun part of this is the shopping and the exploration and the money can come into play as you can resell these items either through your garage sale or selling through a consignment shop or even utilizing a website such as eBay.

Also See: Best Fun Jobs to do that Really Pay Very Well.


22. Driving

A fun and interesting way of earning money would be to drive for an app-based service that provides transportation for others in the community.

One of those app-based services is known as Uber.

The fun would be the opportunity to drive around town in your vehicle as a self-employed individual and the interesting aspect would be the different personalities that you provide this service.

To be an Uber driver requires you to be registered and provide the needed documentation as it relates to your driving in the use of your vehicle, insurance, and registration.

Also with Uber, there is no pressure to drive if you don’t want to as you are self-employed and can pick and choose which transportation opportunities you would like to take.


23. Delivery

Another fun way to earn money by utilizing your vehicle is through the delivery of food to individuals requesting grocery items from the supermarket.

Through such a website as Instacart, you can register with the site and provide the needed documentation for the use of your car.

You are paid for deliveries and with Instacart, you take the customer’s order, go into the store, do the shopping, and then take the collected items to the customer.

Payment is made by Instacart for delivery and any tips that you receive from the customer are yours in total.

This would be a fun way to earn money as it involves riding in your vehicle around town, as well as the fun of knowing that you are serving others by meeting this particular need.


24. Writing

Writing is an enjoyable way to get in touch with your creative side.

Your writing for pay could include the penning of a creative novel or short story, writing a grant, doing tech writing, blogging, etc.

The enjoyment or fun comes into play as your ideas begin to be expressed through words and the words into sentences, etc.

Knowing that your writing will bring enjoyment or be a service to others is also satisfying.

One website on which you can research writing job opportunities is


25. Sports Event

Working at a sporting venue can be a fun job.

Various jobs could include selling food items at the concession stand, going amongst the crowd with the various food items, selling programs, or even being the mascot would be exciting.

The fun would be realized in seeing the way that the fans dress, getting wrapped up in the excitement of the crowd, rooting for the home team, etc.


Personal Story

One of the best jobs that I ever had and was the most fun was a seasonal job when I was 19 years old.

The company was a specialty food company that put together holiday baskets for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

My job entailed keeping the workers on the line supplied with the needed items to put together the baskets which included the boxes, promotional items, the specialty foods, etc.

Also, the job entailed unloading huge semis loaded with perishable items and transporting them by forklift into the refrigerator and freezer areas.

It was hard work but it was extremely fun.

The fun or enjoyment came through my interaction with fellow workers that were more seasoned than I in work as well as in life.

I enjoyed their stories, their interactions, their lighthearted look at life, their jokes, etc.

Work was so enjoyable that I always looked forward to the next day to start the process all over again.


How to Earn Money Doing Fun Activities FAQs


What is the Importance of Having a Fun at the Workplace?

Having fun at the workplace is important for several reasons.

Some of those reasons include:

  • The health of the employees
  • Foster creativity
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces absenteeism


What is Some Ways to Have Fun at Work?

Possibilities of having fun at the workplace include:

  • Game area
  • Wear unique clothing on certain days
  • Have meals together – potluck
  • Brighten up workspaces
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Celebrate successes at work


You Can Do It

Of course, it is important to be serious at work.

You are getting paid to do a job and that is the number one focus for the employee in the workplace.

However, there is no law against enjoying your job and having fun in the process as long as the job requirements are met, business is being conducted, services or merchandise rendered and the customers are happy.



As human beings, we can be defined as very complex individuals.

We all have our various moods, and different personalities and bring to the workplace and our sphere of influence a variety of experiences and different dynamics.

There is a time and place for everything.

This also means that having fun at the workplace is also needed so that employees can look forward to going to work every day and not have to worry about boredom or their work being drudgery.

Having fun is good medicine for the health of the employees, company, and customers.

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