If you want to know the best low stress jobs to do after retirement, then this is the perfect article to read.

It not only reveals some insider tips and secrets to getting really low stress but good paying jobs after retirement but actually shows you some of the best ones to consider.

So yes, it has been often shared and taught that the best rule of thumb when it comes to retirement income is to try to achieve a goal of 80% of your employment monthly income level.

Many individuals are successfully working towards achieving this goal and are on track in their retirement years to enjoy their “golden years.”

Whether an individual needs to work after retirement or just to occupy themselves with some sort of employment, certain jobs should be considered over others.

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This is because during one’s retirement years retirees don’t need any added stress on their life which may cause less enjoyment of retirement or add health issues caused by stress-related post-retirement stress.


Importance of Stress-Free Retirement Employment

Unchecked stress on an individual can have severe health consequences.

Specifically, stress can cause inflammation to the body’s system and if left unmanaged can create health issues associated with the body’s circulatory system.

In Particular, inflammation caused by stress can promote the dangers of strokes, heart attacks, and other life-threatening health issues.

Also, it is important for the individual wishing to enjoy their retirement years to remember that they don’t need added stress to their lives.

Added stress in their lives can detract from the enjoyment of their well-earned retirement. It is important to remember not to get back on that crazy treadmill of life.

Therefore, if a retiree wants to work or needs to work upon retirement, they should choose an employment position that will not create more stress in their life.

Perhaps, then, a discussion about some of the best low-stress jobs after retirement is indicated.


Personal Experience of a Family Member

On a personal note, the past six years into retirement of a close family member have brought about many “curveballs” and the related stress caused a blockage of one of his coronary arteries.

This is simply shared and underscores the devastating negative impact of stress on our lives.

However, undaunted, he has continued to maintain his one post-retirement employment freelance opportunity of providing creative writing to individuals who require a writer.

His enjoyment of writing has been a positive distraction for him given our ongoing medical issues being experienced in our household.

And so, my encouragement to you is to find something that you love to do, does not cause stress levels to increase, and also provides a modest income to supplement the retirement years.


How Low Can You Go

Generally, at any workplace, there are different employees and an equally different number of job descriptions.

As a rule, the greater responsibility role that one has within the company usually pays higher but there are associated higher levels of stress with that position.

More often than not, the “higher up” one is within the company, equates to more responsibility and the management oversight of several employees or responsibility for the company’s success.

One manager kiddingly said that this would be a great place to work if he didn’t have to deal with people.

Humorous, yes, but probably more truth than one cares to consider or realize since greater responsibility for people and the operations of the company causes greater stress.

Therefore, if wishing to work or needing to work in the retirement years. It is important to find an employment position that is something that one likes to do, is enjoyable, and does not add stress to the individual’s life.


Best Low-Stress Jobs to Do After Retirement

The following jobs may be just waiting to be filled by you.


1. Driving

As the average age of Americans increases and as a large segment of the population, known as baby boomers, start reaching their retirement years and beyond, the need for service drivers increases.

Specifically, some not-for-profit agencies deliver meals to individuals, who for whatever reason, like or need to have their meals delivered.

This particular need for drivers is usually satisfied by people who volunteer or who are employees.

In either case, to do this, the volunteer or potential employee simply needs to have a clean driving record, usually take a driving test, and then they can be put behind the wheel of a service delivery vehicle and transport lunches to the clients.

This is often a low-stress job and in fact, interacting with senior citizens is generally a pleasurable activity.

In addition, the individual driver feels good that they’re providing a significant service to those in need.


2. Doing Online Surveys

A low-stress job for pay that can be done over the Internet and in the comfort of one’s home is the taking of online surveys. One such website is Swagbucks.com.

By registering at this website, the member can perform many surveys through this portal.

Such activities include simply searching the web and making money, watching videos and getting paid, or completing surveys for either a reward or cash.

Although a significant amount of money is not generally earned, the average Swagbucks contributor can earn anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars over the calendar year.

Of course, depending upon the time available, the registered user can earn more money.

Additionally, if wishing to choose this course of action to earn additional income at a low-stress job, it is important to research and compare several available sites.

Answers to questions such as how will you be paid, what is the turnaround time for payment, is there a membership fee, and what are the reviews posted regarding the use of that particular online survey company?

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Low-Stress Jobs after Retirement


3. Taking a Walk

Another low-stress job that is uncomplicated and does not require consistent interaction with people and their demands is to care for other people’s pets.

Generally, these mild-mannered members of the household are easy to care for.

By simply making yourself available with the owner’s schedule, the dog can be walked or if the family is away can be cared for by feeding and looking after them on a more involved basis.

Another advantage to dog walking gigs like these include caring for someone else’s pet is the walk is not only healthy for the adorable pet but also can provide health benefits to the individual who has taken on this paying position.

That is because walking is not only healthy for pets but is healthy for human beings and maintaining their overall physical well-being.

Also, if you are older, you may be able to gain the insight track on these paying positions.

That is because older people are thought to be more attentive and responsible; a perfect combination of qualities desired by the pet owner.


4. Sitting

As travel restrictions due to the recent pandemic are lifted, many individuals are anxious to return to a sense of normalcy.

One of the normal activities is to go on vacation. Fortunately, people have reduced personal credit card debt, have built up their savings, and are more than ready to set out on a holiday excursion.

The challenge for many is that they do not want to leave their homes vacant or give the appearance that nobody is there.

Therefore, the senior who is looking for a paying job at a low-stress level can take advantage of the moment by offering their services to vacationers by house sitting.

This is a perfect blend and combination of being paid to do something that is very minimally done at a low-stress level.

It simply requires the retired individual to be in the home over a set period, water a few plants, and maybe care for pets left behind.

It simply is a job to care for the home and demonstrate to nefarious individuals that someone is home.


5. Selling Your Hobby

A great normal stress reliever is to indulge in a hobby that one enjoys and makes money from.

For some it might be building model ships, creating woodworking projects, sewing, knitting, etc.

The reality of an enjoyable hobby is that one’s attention diverts to something other than what is going on in life.

Also, the reality of feeling good about seeing something come to life using one’s hands and imagination is a great way to unwind.

Therefore, why not indulge in that same unwinding stress-free hobby that you engaged in while working and continue through the retirement years.

However, rather than just for your enjoyment, why not turn that stress-relieving hobby into cash.

There is a market for individuals who excel at creating handmade projects.

Often, buyers and consumers are looking for that unique gift, and rather than it being made commercially turn to a private individual who has created something rustic or folksy and personally.

By investing in your Hobby throughout the week or over another time, your craft and creation can be taken to the flea market or craft show.

Another option to display and sell your handiwork is through a consignment agreement that can be arranged with a local business.

This business may agree to display your wares, charge a small displaying fee, and the remainder of the sale coming back to you for your efforts.

Also See: How to Get Paid for Junk Removal & Get Paid for Jury Duty.


You Can Do It

Let’s put everything into perspective.

Money is certainly not everything and is just a commodity. Having enough or not having enough does not define you but it can harm you if it creates worry and subsequently stresses in your life.

The story is told of the chef who wanted to teach his young stressed-out child about life.

Taking her to his kitchen he proceeded to prepare three food items. The first was the cooking of a raw potato in water.

The second was uncooked eggs still in their shell. In the third cooking pot, he placed herbal tea bags. The water in each of the three pots was brought to a boil.

After a time, each of the three foods was removed from the boiling water. The raw potatoes were no longer hard, the egg had become hard-boiled and the herbal tea bags had produced a flavorful tea.

The chef/father then shared with his stressed-out teenage daughter that each of the food items had changed when boiled in water. The hard potato became soft and the soft egg became hard.

However, the boiling water had not changed the texture of the tea in the teabag. Indeed the teabag, when heated, had changed the texture of the water into a delicious and soothing beverage.

What is the moral of the story?

Boiling water or stress is, for the most part, very real in our lives. However, rather than allow the stress to change us, let us use the circumstances of boiling water to change the situation.

Let us utilize the stress to release our character, strength, and other beautiful characteristics of our life.



The need for a retiree to boost their income level can be a stress-causing situation in and of itself.

Therefore, if there is a variance in one’s income side of the ledger and the expense side of the ledger action needs to be taken. The senior can either reduce their expenses or increase their income or a combination of both.

Also, this negative situation can cause stress which can be unhealthy and lead to the addition of further expenses due to the possibility of needing stress-related medical treatment.

The answer is to first of all stop what you are doing and breathe. It is important to relax, calm yourself and affirm within your mind that you got this.

Your years of experience coupled with the reality of your successful life has brought you to this point of enjoying life and your ability to meet your need or desire to simply have additional money each month is attainable.

What you don’t need is stress. Your maturity, experience, and talents have and will serve you well!

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