Yes, there are some low maintenance businesses out there that you can do to make money from, without as much stress as others.

This article reveals as many as 15 of such low maintenance businesses and tips to help you with starting and running one.


Why Start a Low Maintenance Business?

To be a successful business generally takes a considerable commitment of time, energy, and resources.

Generally, the more the individual is committed, the greater the potential profits.

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However, it is important to note that some businesses do not require the same level of energy and time as other businesses.

These businesses are known as low-maintenance businesses and can be done in conjunction with one’s employment or working as a business owner.

Often this type of business requires minimal overhead, less devoted time and energy, and generally no inventory to be concerned about.

I enjoy part-time writing and have been involved in taking on writing freelance opportunities.

It is fairly low maintenance with the only cost being the occasional expense of purchasing credits to apply to job writing opportunities, electricity, a few printing costs, etc.

I would say that the total yearly cost averages $30 a year with revenue into the thousands.

My only limitation is time, due to personal reasons, to devote to this joy.

By no means am I burning up a path to the bank, but the reward is extra dollars, some time committed, and the enjoyment of exercising my writing skills.


15 Best Low Maintenance Businesses to Start and Make Money With


1. Laundromat

One of the more popular self-sufficient and low maintenance businesses is the owning and operating of a laundromat.

This is because the services provided utilize machinery. Machinery that is designed to run effectively and consistently.

The Laundromat customer needs to put in the proper coinage, their detergent, and do their laundry.

Even the detergent and money or change to operate the dryer and washer can be accomplished through an automated machine process.

Although, low maintenance, the owner may choose to have an employee on-site to manage any potential emergencies that arise or just simply for safety reasons.


2. Carwash

Operating a carwash is another low-maintenance business in that it is automated and doesn’t require the presence of an individual to provide oversight.

A self-operating car wash simply is a structure in which the customer can drive their car under, put in coins or currency, and be able to spray wash their car.

A variation of this process could include more of an automated carwash where the individual would stay within their vehicle.

An automated system would slowly move the car through the washing system and eventually have the car air-dried.

There are various franchises that an individual can look into in order to pursue these business opportunities or build their car wash.

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3. Vending Machines

Vending machines have been a low-maintenance opportunity for a considerable amount of time.

Vending machines will sell or “vend” a variety of products ranging anywhere from gumballs, snacks, food, sandwiches, etc.

The optimum place to locate or place a vending machine is in areas that have a lot of foot traffic.

Some of the prime locations to put this low-maintenance business opportunity are restaurants, hotels, retail stores, office spaces, etc.

Part of the deal in placing these running machines may include a rental agreement of the machine in the various business locations.

These are perfect low-maintenance opportunities because it doesn’t involve a significant time from individuals.

The individual owner just simply needs to make sure that the items are restocked and do any maintenance that is required.

To learn more about a vending opportunity check this out:


4. Self-storage

Storage is big business and requires minimum or little oversight on the owner’s part.

Additionally, there are a variety of available self-storage options.

These options can range anywhere from providing portable storage pods, to actual physical locations that are sectioned off in various sizes for the customers to store their items.

The overhead employer costs associated with self-storage are generally an employee on-site over the 24 hours.

The beauty of this low management business is fairly low business overhead and customers who pay monthly for the service of storing their items.

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5. Rentals

Another low-maintenance business that an individual can invest in is in the area of rentals.

Many individuals have a broad range of tools to perform a variety of do-it-yourself projects around the house.

These tools could be hand tools or power tools.

Individuals, rather than invest in a specific tool that they just need to temporarily look to rent those specific tools.

Therefore, if an individual has an extensive collection of tools, they can go into the tool rental business and rent out those tools.


6. Cell Phone Towers

If an individual has landed a very low management opportunity is to allow a cellular service to put a cell phone tower on their land.

According to recent statistics, the average cell phone tower lease can generate up to $45,000 a year for the landowner.

Of course one would need to have land and the land would need to be a prime location to locate a cell phone tower.

Further information can be gathered by visiting


7. Trash Pickup

Many private residences and businesses often need someone to pick up trash and take it to the local landfill.

To have the waste management company perform the service generally costs a significant amount of money.

Therefore, if the individual has a pickup truck or similar type of vehicle, they can work with individuals and businesses in their community to pick up the trash and manage the trash for their customers.

Although it may seem like it would require some significant involvement of the individual, the provider of this service could outsource the process to someone else.

They would just simply need to build into their pricing, the cost of that outsoaring expense.

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8. Print on Demand

A print-on-demand business is fairly inexpensive to get up and running. This is because no money is required for inventory purposes.

Print on demand is printing technology in which copies of books are not printed until an order is received by a company.

The print-on-demand system simply requires the individual to create or design the products and then market their services.

Also, if the individual does not wish to create the designs themselves, this particular aspect of the business could be outsourced.

As part of this print-on-demand system is the option of writing and selling e-books.

Of course if not comfortable with writing or not part of your talent, the writing could be outsourced by using a website such as to find a ghostwriter.

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This process and business can be a revenue-generating source of income for the individual and provided with minimal time involvement.

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9. Billboards

If an individual is a landowner an excellent way of generating low-maintenance income is by providing your land for a billboard company to place a sign.

Although this may be an ideal way of generating low-maintenance income, it is important to check with the local ordinances of one’s city and county.

A billboard situated in a prime location can be a significant amount of revenue generated due to its high visibility.


10. ATMs

An ATM is a vending machine of sorts. However, the product is the issuing of cash.

One such site that an individual can cut and paste is located at

ATM owners can realize low-maintenance revenue by charging customers when they use the ATM to draw out cash from their banking institution.

This revenue is generated through the use of surcharges and fees associated with the convenience of utilizing an ATM.

Also, on the screens of the ATM, some ATM owners have utilized the space for advertisers and charge a fee for that service.

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Low Maintenance Businesses


11. Blogging

Another way that an individual can conduct business in a low-maintenance manner is to develop a blog site.

The only maintenance required would be the actual writing of the blogs which could be accomplished in a short period of time.

Frequency would depend upon how often the blog is posted.

Revenue for this activity could be generated through affiliate marketing or having the readers of the blog support the blogger with donations.


12. Battery Charging Stations

Smartphones are very prevalent in today’s technological society.

With their constant use, there is a corresponding drain on their batteries.

Often, cell phone users find themselves scrambling for a cable or battery to recharge their phones.

Subsequently, a low maintenance company that can be that can capitalize on the use of smartphones and draining batteries is to invest in battery charging stations.

Through these stations, a portable battery is simply dispensed to the individual what they swipe their credit card.

The fully charged battery is provided to the individual needing to charge their smartphone.

The battery is constructed to accommodate all types of charging outlets that are available on most smartphones.

The charging station usually charges by the one-half-hour and the individual simply returns the battery to the charging station and the customer’s card is credited with its return.

If it is not returned within 24 hours then the individual’s charge card is charged for the expense of the battery.

To learn more access


13. Bounce House

Another low-maintenance business opportunity would be in the area of providing amusement and entertainment for families.

Specifically, by investing in a bounce house, the individual could simply do this business as a way of generating revenue on the weekends or during the summer months.

The bounce house would be transported to various homes for use at children’s parties and family get-togethers.

This particular business would be extremely low-maintenance as all that is required is an investment in the house itself and the apparatus to ensure that the air flows freely.

Apart from setting it up and taking it down, the only other time-consuming aspect of the bounce house business would be to advertise and clean the equipment as needed.


14. Handyman

If an individual is proficient with the use of tools and doing minor repair work around the home, a great business opportunity would be the development of a handyman business.

Although it could be considered that this is not necessarily a low-maintenance position, it could be argued in the opposite direction.

This is because an individual’s love and experience and appreciation for working with their hands and their tools could be defined as low-maintenance.

It would be easy to advertise this business by simply putting up circulars in his or her neighborhood and surrounding area and advertising by word-of-mouth.

Also, the handyman could put flyers on people’s homes as they went from house to house.


15. Pet Sitting

A perfect low-maintenance job business or opportunity is to care for someone else’s pets.

Making your services known to your neighbors who have cats, dogs, and birds, maybe a particularly rewarding job opportunity.

Rewarding in the sense that maybe the individual has a love for pets and can combine that love with exercising the pets and therefore care for their health as well.

As a pet sitting entrepreneur, the individual can do this on a daily basis and multiple times during the day.

This service can be provided to the pet owner while they are home or away on vacation.

The business could expand into house sitting services as well.

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Best Low Maintenance Business FAQs


What Is the Easiest Business to Maintain?

The easiest business to maintain would be that business that requires minimal involvement of the owner or the individual running of the business.

This type of income derived from a low maintenance business would be known as passive income and the income just generates itself with or without your involvement.

Examples of the easiest business to maintain would include carwashes, Laundromats, operating vending machines, etc.


If Operating a Carwash Is Low Maintenance, How Much Would Be the Revenue Per Year?

According to national statistics, a self-serve carwash generates, during an average month, about $1,500.

Doing the math on this $1,500 a month would equate to $18,000 a year. That may seem fairly significant to someone.

However, remembering the minimal effort of the owner would make this a good return on investment.

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You Can Do It

There are several options for an individual who wishes to start their own business.

Added to that desire to go into business, many businesses could be defined as low maintenance.

Once the business is up and running, minimal time would be needed to keep the operation going.

Therefore, this passive income or low-maintenance income would be a steady stream of revenue.

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With a little bit of effort on the business owner’s part and, most likely, with a minimum amount of investment; a low-maintenance business can be a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.

The advantages of running a low-maintenance business would include, of course, the additional income coming into the household, minimal time spent on developing and keeping the business running, and possibly fulfilling one’s dreams of starting your own business.

Operating a low-maintenance business can bring high returns.

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