If you have lost money gambling and need ideas to help you, this article is very important to read.

It reveals very powerfully effective tips to help you or anyone else who has lost money gambling.


Lost Money Gambling? It’s Not Over for You!

There are many simple things in life that give us pleasure.

All of us have to eat but sometimes, our eating can be destructive such as bulimia or anorexia.

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Intimate relationships are a gift from our Creator but can turn destructive when especially women are seen as mere objects and sometimes both men and women take the healthy aspects of intimacy and indulge in pornography.

Also, overindulgence and dependence on alcohol can also create addiction and can ruin relationships and lives.

All of these pleasures in life and more can be harmless and in fact healthy.

However, if obsessiveness, compulsion, or overindulgence enter into these activities, they can be termed as addictive.

Subsequently, if pursued and become addictive they can literally destroy lives.

Another compulsion that can wreak havoc in an individual’s life and spill over into their workplace, family, marital relationships, etc. is gambling.

It is estimated that 2,000,000 people in the United States are addicted to gambling. Click here for more information.


Personal Story

My wife has Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed about 7 years ago.

For my own personal well-being I bring in a caregiver once a week and on that particular day I get out and do things that help me to get my mind off of our personal situation.

One day I decided to go to the local casino and sat down and placed a small wager at the blackjack table.

Next to me was a player who seemed a little bit more aggressive and involved in the game.

He was playing two hands and as I sat there and watched he lost both hands.

Then, he pulled out a wad of $100 bills and proceeded to purchase four $500 chips.

He placed one of the pink chips in one of the player’s spots and then placed another pink chip in the one spot next to it.

The hands were dealt and he lost both hands. To my amazement, he then repeated this action and lost again.

I literally felt nauseated that this man had lost $2,000 in a matter of 2 minutes. He got up from the table and walked away.

I got up from the table and walked away.


20 Tips to Help When You Have Lost Money Gambling


1. Honest Evaluation 

If an individual is losing significant money at the casino or through online gambling websites, it is time for an honest evaluation.

The honest evaluation should be an assessment of his or her ability to walk away from gambling.

The question that needs to be asked honestly is does gambling control the individual or does the individual control the gambling?


2. Looking at Your Finances

As part of the evaluation, one of the key reflections of a potential gambling problem is one’s finances.

Are there significant dollars that are going out of one’s bank account or even from any retirement investments?

Are you struggling to pay bills or wonder if you are going to be able to meet your financial obligations?

As it relates to finances, are you losing sleep by being worried about credit card debt, being overdrawn, paying bills, etc.?

One’s financial condition is a key indicator of the potential of a possible problem and certainly an eye-opening tip as to where one may be in relation to losing money gambling.


3. Relationships 

Another tip to help when losing at gambling is to evaluate how it may be affecting the relationships of those that are closest to you.

Is it causing undue stress or anxiety to your spouse?

Are there any related issues at your workplace as it relates to gambling?

Do you find yourself gambling at work on company time?

These are all important questions that need to be answered as it relates to losing money gambling.


4. Circumstances 

Another reflection of any gambling issues may be circumstances that occur when you are gambling.

If you go to a casino, do you find that you stay out after hours in order to gamble or possibly extend your stay to recoup any losses?

When you drive tired, due to staying out late, are you a road hazard to yourself and others?


5. Keep a Journal

Another tip to help when losing money gambling is to keep a journal.

When you lose money by gambling online or at a casino, be bold and brave and record what you are feeling and what you are experiencing.

You may feel guilt, remorse, or have an attitude that you are not going to do that anymore.

Then, with that journal in hand, keep rereading those entries so that you don’t forget the pain and failure of the moment.


6. Understanding the Challenge 

Often, when it comes to losing money gambling, the gambler will convince themselves that their losses can be recouped.

They also think that if they had only done it a different way or had gone a different time or had done this that or the other thing that their fortunes may have changed.

Consequently, a gambler, similar to all other individuals who are experiencing a challenge in their life, will try to justify their actions.

Therefore, a quality tip is to read the stories of others with who you may be able to relate. Perhaps there will be a chord struck with what you are experiencing.

Sharing their experiences may help, or not, for you to realize that there may be an issue.

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7. Education 

Another tip to incorporate when losing money while gambling is to educate yourself.

There are a number of books that are available about gamblers and their confession of being addicted to this destructive habit.

Read their story.

Also, there are books written by professionals regarding addictive behaviors.

Perhaps, you may or may not find yourself answering yes to a number of the tell-tale signals.


8. Hearing Other Stories 

Also, there are a number of videos that can be viewed online.

This is a powerful tip because it will help to speak to your mind and heart about what is occurring in your life and to learn more from others who may have experienced what you can relate to in your own life.


9. Support Group 

Similar to alcoholics anonymous, there is a gambler’s anonymous support group that an individual can check out.

Normally these groups are hosted in the building of a not-for-profit agency, and it is the gathering together of men and women who realize that they have a gambling problem and meet together to support each other.

Similar to AA, they each tell their stories and where they are at in their journey.

By attending these types of meetings, the individual can find support and realize that they are not alone in this fight and can receive help from others.


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10. Professional Help

It is important to realize and understand that there may be potential unresolved issues in an individual’s life and why they seek out the thrill and rush of gambling.

Therefore, a therapist or counselor can be utilized in order for them to help understand what is going on in their life and perhaps help to reach a resolution over the situation.



11. Avoid Temptation 

The allurement of the casino can be pretty enticing.

If one is in proximity to your home a quality tip is to make sure that one does their best not to travel near these gambling facilities.

Also, if you enjoy wagering on sporting events and feel compelled to do so whenever you watch baseball football, soccer, etc., then it may be time to avoid watching the sports and consequently avoid temptation.


12. Diversions 

Diversion is always a good technique in order to stay away from something that you want to have no part of.

A good diversion would be to take up a hobby to occupy your mind and strengthen your willpower.

Another diversion would be to schedule your time and stay committed to spending that time with your family, accountability partner, or other individuals.

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13. End Results 

A wake-up call or a tip to help when losing money by gambling is to not only live in the present moment and all of the feelings that are experienced with losing money but also look to the future.

In other words, what can be the end result if the gambling habit and loss continue time after time?

Could it ultimately lead to the loss of your job, could all of the financial security that you worked for including your home be swept away?

And what about the most precious of all things in one’s life with that being friends, family, and a marriage.


14. Accountability Partner 

In Alcoholics Anonymous, one is given a sponsor.

The role of that sponsor is to be available to the individual and respond as needed if the desire to take a drink presents itself.

A sponsor also sets up a time to meet with the individual that they are sponsoring and basically each individual holds the other accountable for their sobriety.

The same is true of Gamblers Anonymous.

It is important to have an accountability partner whom you can call when that urge presents itself and also to meet with that individual regularly to ensure that you stay true to your commitment of not gambling.


15. Money 

Money is the driving force of gambling. The casinos want your money, and you want the casino’s money.

Therefore, as much as possible eliminate money from the equation.

This can be done by giving your credit cards and debit card to your accountability partner or a trusted friend.

Consequently, without any money, it would be difficult to place a wager at a casino.


16. Identify Triggers 

Additionally, there are a variety of triggers in each of our lives that when pulled or activated create a certain response.

For example, an alcoholic may be driven to drink because of memories of people lost in their lives or their feelings of being a failure, loneliness, etc.

It is important to recognize the triggers and respond accordingly.

When those triggers are presented or those feelings began to well up in a person’s heart, it is important to diffuse the situation and take actions to negate those triggers.


17. No Win 

A tip to remember before you place your next wager is to take in your surroundings if you are seated at a computer and looking at an online betting site or have entered into a casino.

Just simply for a moment stop and look around.

A question that begs to be asked, especially if entering into a casino, is how can they afford all of that opulence, the renovations that are taking place, the beautiful surroundings, etc.

They are getting that money from somewhere and if you look into a mirror you will see one of their investors.

Gambling is an activity in which the individual is leaving with more money than what they entered the facility with is simply winning by luck or chance.

Remember, the odds of winning are always in the house’s favor.


18. Ban Yourself 

If an individual utilizes online gambling websites, there are failsafe measures that can be taken to prevent the individual from accessing those websites.

Some of those locks on the gambling websites can be controlled by another individual or can be self-imposed by the person themselves.

One such website is Bet Blocker. To learn more about this website please click here.

Another website to control an individual’s access to online gambling is Game Sense and can be accessed by clicking here.


19. Meditation 

Another empowering tip in regards to helping when you lose money at gambling is to focus on just you.

This can be accomplished by getting alone just for a few moments and blocking out everything else around you and just concentrating on your breathing and looking within you.

At this point, it’s just important to block out everything and concentrate on yourself, to be at peace, to be in touch with your self and leave the challenges of life outside the doors of your inner sanctuary.


20. Limits

If you want to continue to gamble, that, of course, is your decision and your decision alone.

Therefore, perhaps a powerful tip is to know your limits.

Those limits are not only how much money you can afford to lose, but limits on how often you attend or gamble online and the number of hours that you devote to your gambling.

Therefore, this tip is not so much about encouraging you not to gamble but establishing parameters on your gambling activities.

Remember, by not staying within the parameters or boundaries of your gambling, you are not only hurting those around you, but you are hurting yourself as well.


Losing Money Gambling FAQs


Do Gamblers Want to Lose?

This is not meant to be a mental or medical diagnosis of a gambler.

However, some professionals ascribe to the thinking that a gambler is experiencing an inner conflict.

Therefore, they are looking for a type of euphoria that can be experienced by winning at gambling that in order to help them cope with this inner conflict that is taking place.


Why Do Gamblers Typically Lose?

The answer is mathematics.

All of the games that are played in a casino are a gamble at the very core of the activity.

They are designed in such a way that mathematics favors the house over the player.

Consequently, the odds are in favor of the house and the player will lose more than what the casino will payout.


You Can Do It

If an individual wants to stop losing money through the action of gambling, there is one surefire guaranteed way of doing this.

That guarantee that can accomplish this goal is by not gambling.

There are a variety of support groups, actions, and tips that an individual can implement to either stop gambling or control their gambling actions.



For some gambling is a major destructive and compulsive habit.

Like most addictions, the gambler is not the only one that is adversely affected through games of luck.

The ramifications of gambling include the possibility of losing one’s job, home, financial stability, and the very ones that he loves, or she loves and holds dear.

Why not take a chance on coming to grips with your gambling habit?

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