LinkedIn – 3 Big Myths About How To Use It


Is Linkedin part of your social media strategy?

LinkedIn truly turned into the B2B prospecting powerhouse that it is today at around the turn of 2011, when the platform’s user base crossed the 100 million mark. Today, its network is composed of 433 million users and counting, and one out of every three professionals on earth has a profile, with these accruing some 25 million personal profile views every day.


There are, however, many misconceptions about LinkedIn’s potential as a B2B prospecting platform. It’s time to debunk a few of the more common LinkedIn myths.

Here they are, so read on and chech how you can improve your LinkedIn strategy.



  1. I must confess I was also guilty of these myth, particularly that Linkedin is just for Unemployed People and Headhunters, but this post cleared some of those myths.

    Also, the biggest reason to take Linkedin seriously now is Microsoft recent acquisition of Linkedin for staggering $26.2 billion.

    It’s Microsoft’s largest acquisition in its history, even bigger than their purchase of Nokia handset business. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

    Those who haven’t been taking it seriously will now take it seriously.

    And as this article said, those who are skeptical about the usefulness of Linkedin for actually doing business should look at the data.

  2. Another myth (or truth?) might be that Linkedin is not for young people who are not looking for jobs, like other social networks are.

    I don’t know many teenagers who have Linkedin accounts, unless they are looking for jobs.

    I even researched this while typing this comment and found others saying the same, such as:

    “LinkedIn is usually of little benefit to teenagers; consequently, they don’t engage in it very much beyond filling out a profile with employment/education/extracurricular activities because it seems like a responsible, intelligent, and pseudo-necessary thing to do”

    Myth or actually true?

  3. These are indeed myths and not true at all.

    The first myth saying no real networking happens on Linkedin is laughable. It’s the exact opposite.

    I have heard of people getting very big connections on Linkedin more than other social networks.

    I didn’t know that 40% of the network’s user base checks in on a daily basis, participating in Group discussions, reading and publishing long-form content and making new connections.

    Thanks for sharing this, Erik.

  4. Hi Erik,

    LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networking sites. Its purely professional and suitable for those who wants to stick with business like solutions.

    The busted myths about LinkedIn as shared in this post are correct. I know of people who think that LinkedIn is just for the unemployed but I have been able to prove to them that businesses and bloggers can generate leads and convert traffic through this medium.

    Making the most of LinkedIn involves creating value and promoting same with healthful relationship!
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  5. I personally don’t use LinkedIn frequently, but some of these myth busters helped to clarify what the social network is really all about.

    Networking is a big part of success professionally and LinkedIn is a great place to help broaden one’s horizon.

    I never knew about LinkedIn’s premium account, but I am sure a lot of people can benefit from it if used properly.

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  6. The use of LinkedIn should not be undermine – of course, except for the unlearned.
    This social platform, I have come know as professionally inclined.

    It is a misnomer to think that LinkedIn doesn’t aid any real networking.

    I beg to disagree and thankfully this post has expressly debunked it.

    These myths are big but they are not true about this platform which B2Bs can leverage for content promotion, social interaction and lead generation.

  7. Hi Erik,

    Thank you for sharing this article. I have to admit I was pretty clueless about LinkedIn. I think I put up a profile when looking for a job and never did much with it.

    I kept on hearing what an important social media platform it was for entrepreneurs but I didn’t know why. Your article definitely opened up my eyes on the benefits of LinkedIn and gave me some ideas on how to successfully start a LinkedIn campaign.

    I especially think the groups will be helpful for me and I never even knew they existed. That show how little I knew about LinkedIn until I read your article.

    I think I will continue researching how to use LinkedIn but you article definitely showed me “why” it is important.

    Take care my friend and thank you,