Yes, there are indeed lifestyle business ideas to make money with.

This article throws the light on 25 of the best ones to consider!


Why Lifestyle Business Ideas?

Why not, right?

First things first…

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Have you ever noticed how time just seems to drag when you’re involved with something that is not particularly pleasing?

Examples could include involvement in a boring lecture, being at a so-so party, being with someone who just does not resonate with you, etc.

Each time you check your smartwatch, it seems like only or at best minutes have passed by and it seems that time has stopped.

You might even check your wristwatch to see if it is functioning properly.

It has been correctly stated that if you do something that you love you will never work a day in your life.

One of the best ways to be engaged in a job or potential company that you wish to start is to ensure that the opportunity resonates with you and that you would do that job even if there was no pay.

Often those types of jobs are working with people, being a difference in their life, and seeing the light bulb come on, through your service, and you stimulate change and make a difference.

Therefore, the best businesses are those services that can be defined as lifestyle businesses in which positive interaction can be involved, differences can be made, and lives can be touched.

Let’s take a look at some of those opportunities.


25 Best Money Making Lifestyle Business Ideas


1. Resell Clothing 

One of the best ways to conserve the earth’s natural resources is by recycling.

We recycle glass, aluminum, components found within our technology devices, etc.

Therefore, it stands to reason that part of the recycling effort should be the clothes that we wear.

A good business then is the reselling of usable clothes that can be sold through such websites as or even opening a consignment shop where recycled clothes can be sold and put into good use.

This would be a lifestyle business in that it changes an individual’s perspective as it relates to clothes and getting the most out of our garments.

In the process, the business can turn a profit and we are making a difference.


2. Organization Business

A lifestyle business that can be of considerable value to others is to live in a home that is decluttered.

Specifically, you could start an organization business in which you provide the service of going into the home and helping the individual declutter their home and organize those items that they wish to keep.


3. Etsy 

A lifestyle business that can also be profitable is to turn the hobby that you have a skill and talent for into cash.

Often, we indulge in hobbies to help reduce stress in our lives.

A double benefit of selling your hobby is not only to reduce your stress but to earn money in the process.

One such website where you can list and sell your hobbies is

After you register you can open a virtual store where you can list your items for sale and people, if interested, will buy those items,


4. Side Hustles 

Another lifestyle business idea is to take advantage of many side hustle that you can be involved with.

For example, many delivery services utilize your good driving record and your vehicle, and, through this self-employment opportunity, you can transport people and food.

This is a great lifestyle business because you are providing a great service to individuals who, for the most part, have a heavy reliance on others to shop for their food and other needed items essential in their life.

A food delivery service is


5. Airbnb 

If you have a spare bedroom or two, you can register with as a host and offer your spare bedrooms as a temporary home for people to live in while they are visiting your area, on business trips, etc.

The beauty of this lifestyle business is you interact with other individuals and provide a great service at a reduced cost.


6. Dog Walker 

A business that will not only benefit the pet owner and the pet needed to be walked but you as well.

By offering pet walking services, you can interact with nature, which will produce a calming effect, and also receive exercise that will benefit you health-wise both physically and mentally.


7. Baby Sit 

A great service to offer to families is to provide quality care for the children in the household when the parents are away.

It is always a healthy interaction to be involved with young people to be associated with their exuberance for life, their curiosity, etc.

Therefore, by being a babysitter, you will benefit both the family, the children, and yourself.

You can advertise your business through social media platforms, and also add a quality dimension to your service by being trained in children’s first aid and CPR.


8. Housekeeping 

Another service business that is needed today is to help individuals maintain the cleanliness of their homes.

As our population ages, especially the Baby Boomers, the need for individuals to help with the housekeeping chores is a great opportunity to be of service.

You can advertise your housekeeping services through social media platforms, word of mouth, posting the service at a senior citizen center, etc.

Also, you could register with a website such as Angie’s list.


9. Tutoring

There is nothing quite like the level of service and interaction that a tutor or teacher can bring.

You could offer tutoring lessons to young impressionable minds as it relates to those who may be challenged by some of their studies.

You could tutor on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.

This would be a great lifestyle change for you and the student you are involved with encouraging them to achieve and not be discouraged.

You can start your own business and obtain potential clients and customers through social media platforms, through your established website, word-of-mouth, etc.

Also, you can register with a tutoring website such as


10. Career Coach 

A business opportunity that can impact an individual’s future is your decision to create a business as a career coach.

A career coach is an individual who works closely with their client and helps them to think through their career goals, and the path that needs to be taken to achieve those goals.

A career coach business can begin by providing career coaching courses or utilizing a website known as


11. Freelancing 

Being a freelancer can be a great lifestyle business idea that you can experience in that you will be self-employed and will be your boss.

The freedom that you will enjoy and realize is that as a self-employed individual you can take whatever jobs you wish to engage in as it relates to your budget needs as well as your schedule.

Freelance opportunities can run the whole gamut which could include grant writing, creative writing, data entry, graphic design, virtual assistant, etc.


12. Bookkeeping 

Another lifestyle business that you can explore is bookkeeping.

This is a lifestyle business in that you can work virtually from just about any location, as often, the software is cloud-based.

The company that utilizes your freelancing bookkeeping skills can send you the data, the data can be entered, and then the various reports can be submitted to the company or downloaded from the cloud.


13. Food Industry 

It seems that the American population is going through a metamorphosis in that although fast food is still popular, it seems that individuals are more concerned about themselves nutritionally and therefore wish to cook healthy meals.

If you choose this lifestyle business in the food industry, you can be part of creating a whole new dynamic as it relates to having food that is not only tasty but has nutritional value.

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As part of the food industry business, you can help individuals by providing assistance in food planning, food preparation, actually cooking for individuals, etc.


14. Handyman 

A handyman is an individual who has the skill set of doing many minor tasks around the home that are in disrepair.

For example, a handyman can fix a leaky faucet, do patchwork on drywall, touch up painting, etc.

This is a lifestyle business as it relates to helping the customer reduce the costs associated with these minor repairs and avoiding significant fees associated with trades that may overcharge.

Also, as a handyman, you will achieve the satisfaction of helping out homeowners and putting your valuable experience and skill set into practice.


15. Event Planner 

Sometimes, nothing is quite so memorable as the celebration of special events in our lives.

Special events in our lives could include birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, quinceaneras, etc.

So that all members of the family can thoroughly enjoy everything that is going on, they may look to hire an event planner to handle all the details and work out all of the arrangements.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in the lives of strangers as they celebrate fully with others and avoid the stress of the event as it relates to planning and following through.

An event planner should be analytical, logical, thorough, and not be satisfied until the job is completely accomplished.


16. Fitness Instructor 

The business of being a physical fitness trainer is a critical provision of a much-needed service.

Through this business, you will help individuals with their daily exercise regimen, keep them motivated and inspired, and demand their complete best as it relates to achieving their fitness goals.

Also, as part of being a fitness instructor, you can provide accountability and keep the individual on task as it relates to eating nutritious food.


17. Doula 

A doula is an individual who is specially trained to provide comfort, physical support, and emotional encouragement to mothers during the natural childbirth process.

A doula is an advocate for mothers during labor.

As a doula, no formal medical training is required however there is skilled training available and entails anywhere from 7 to 12 hours of childbirth education, 16 hours of specific doula training, and gaining experience by attending 2 to 5 births.


18. Drop Shipping 

The dropshipping process entails a business that sells products to customers but the products are not delivered to the business or through the business at all,

The purchase of the item is shipped directly to the client or customer and bypasses all of the other individuals that typically have been involved in the purchase and shipping process.

This is a great lifestyle business in that you would not need to experience the stresses or involvement of actually maintaining inventory and accounting for all of the items sold as it relates to maintaining an inventory.

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19. Landscaping 

A great way to defuse your life as it relates to stress and anxiety is often to be out in nature.

Therefore, a great business to be involved with would be to be a landscaper or maintain the lawns in your immediate community.

Business can be achieved through word-of-mouth, posting signs around the neighborhood indicating your services, social media platforms, etc.


20. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant does not need to get up every morning and go to work outside of their home as part of their working routine.

A virtual assistant can handle all of the office duties within the comfort of their home.

A virtual assistant’s duties would include answering phones, directing questions, answering questions that are part of your job description, keeping calendars, etc.

In essence, you provide the reception/secretarial duties virtually along with a variety of other possible roles in your job description.


21. Life Coach 

Most of us at one time or another, in our lives, need a little direction, a push in the right direction, or a little inspiration.

Such would be the role you would provide as a life-changing business in working with others as a life coach.

A life coach needs to be trained and certified but in most states, there is no particular regulation.

A life coach will work closely with other individuals and help them in all aspects of their life.

Those aspects of their life would include:

  • Improving mental health
  • Work on relationships
  • Help to set definitive goals for one’s life
  • Career goals
  • Self-control
  • Work on one’s spirituality
  • Etc.


22. Social Media 

A powerful influence in the lives of individuals and businesses today is social media platforms.

As an influencing company, you can help individuals with their social media platforms to take advantage of the full engagement of these platforms and for businesses to maximize their outreach to clients and gain additional customers.


23. Blogging 

Another great way to be an influencer and be involved with a lifestyle business is to create a blog.

The blog can be created through a website such as

As a powerful tool, you can utilize your blog to talk about items that you are passionate about and are close to your heart.

Also, you can offer advice, insight, and practical guidance for businesses as it relates to their interaction with customers.


24. SEO 

Search engine optimization is the use of keywords in the written narrative that will direct an individual searching for a particular service back to the company’s website.

As an SEO writer, you will have the ability to write a quality narrative and understand the importance of saturating the writing with those keywords so that when a potential customer searches on their browser for a particular service, your client’s website will be revealed or populated on the computer screen.

For example, if you are working for a drone company, that specializes in taking drone footage of construction sites, you will utilize keywords such as aerial photography at construction sites, use of a drone in construction, and managing inventory through a drone at a construction site, etc.

This narrative then needs to be matched up with the narrative that is on the construction website of your customer so that the connection can be made.


25. YouTuber 

Another powerful social media platform is YouTube.

Your company can create its channel and provide a variety of services through the channel to your clients and customers.

Examples could include talking to individuals, if you are knowledgeable, about cryptocurrency, creating a personal financial budget, etc.


Personal Story

When I moved to Northern California and realized that I had made a mistake in taking on the new employment position, I was given the golden opportunity of utilizing my skills and talents as a consultant.

Before this opportunity, I had been working in the not-for-profit arena for well over 15 years and without fail, during the holiday season, we would give away food baskets and toys during Christmas to needy families.

Although I was involved with this activity, I wasn’t involved as my role was to provide oversight, and not be involved with the handing out of the food baskets, turkeys, and toys.

When I left the previous job to take on this consultant role, it was near Thanksgiving time, and they asked if I would be willing to chip in and present frozen turkeys to families that had signed up for food baskets and were eligible.

In all of my years involved with a not-for-profit and providing this service, this was the first time that I was carrying turkeys to people’s cars and providing this wonderful experience for them but certainly for me as well.

I found that this role of being involved in a different capacity was a life-changing experience as it wasn’t about raising money or talking to donors but rolling up my sleeves and being involved with the recipients of these gifts of love.


Money Earning Lifestyle Business Ideas FAQs


What Are the Key Components of a Lifestyle Business?

The key components of a lifestyle business include:

  • Little or no money to start up
  • Built to last
  • A decent income
  • Allows time to pursue other interests
  • No immediate plans for selling


Which Home Business Can Be Deemed as the Most Profitable?

The home businesses that, based on the effort and involvement with the best returns, would include:

  • Selling of handmade products
  • Purchasing products in bulk and selling online
  • Dropshipping
  • Rental demand
  • Teaching online classes


You Can Do It

The truth of the matter is, money can be earned but at what cost?

Sometimes, in our quest that is driven by dollar signs in our minds, the expense side of the ledger includes the neglect of relationships, our health, etc.

Therefore, a possibility of being in business and earning money is to take on a lifestyle business in which the right amount of money is earned, doing what you enjoy and balancing out completely the income and expense side of the ledger.

That ledger is not only a reflection of money but a reflection of our entire persona.



It has been aptly said that on an individual’s gravestone one would be hard-pressed to find the words inscribed that the individual wished that they had spent more time at the office.

Money is important and is a basic requirement of survival to put a roof over our head, clothes on our back, and food on the table.

However, why not be involved in a business that could be classified as a lifestyle business and one that you enjoy, have a passion for doing, making a difference in people’s lives, and earn a sufficient amount of money to maintain balance in all aspects of your life.

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