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Importance of Left Hand Itching Superstition

If you believe in luck, your keys may be attached to a rabbit’s foot keychain.

Or if you believe in bad luck, you better be careful the next 7 years if you broke a mirror.

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Or if while cooking your evening meal you wasted salt, you better throw some salt over your left shoulder to avoid sorrow.

Or is it the right shoulder?

These are a few of the superstitious or real activities in life that may or may not impact an individual.

Another interesting occurrence that can happen in an individual’s life is when the palm of their left-hand begins to itch.

In different cultures, this itching of the hand has a variety of meanings and significance.

In some cultures, it is associated with money.

Therefore, if an itching hand does or does not represent the possibility of unexpected money it would be interesting to know how this sort of thinking came to be and what are the possible implications of a left-hand that develops an itch.


Personal Story

As children, we are very impressionable.

Subsequently, when we hear things, especially coming from a person of influence, like our parents, we tend to believe what we hear.

To this day, I can always hear my mother’s voice proclaiming a little rhyme revolving around an individual having an itchy palm.

The little rhyme reflected the meaning of experiencing an itching palm.

It meant that you were going to be receiving money.

Therefore, you were to proclaim, “Rub it on my knee so it is sure to come to me.”

Interesting how these quips and sayings stay with us even into the late years of our adulthood.


5 Left Hand Itching Meanings


1. Hindu Religion Meaning of Left-Hand Itching

It would appear that several cultures believe different things about which hand is the luckiest.

According to Indian mythology, the right hand is the lucky hand as demonstrated in the statues and pictures of this goddess of fortune.

The name of this mythological goddess of good fortune or luck is Lakshmi.

This Hindu goddess’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word which translated means goal or aim.

Not only is she the goddess of wealth and prosperity but this prosperity is her domain both spiritually and in material things.

Needless to say, this goddess is a favorite amongst women. She is worshiped and celebrated particularly in October.

Additionally, she is the wife of Vishnu.

Describing her one would talk about her 4 arms and hands which represent the 4 ends of human life.

She is also draped in a red saree and sits upon a lotus and her clothing is embroidered in gold.

A statue or image of this wealth goddess is frequently found in homes and businesses.

All, that is to say, is that she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity in the Hindu belief system and is adorned accordingly.

The belief in most societies is that the hand of wealth to receive and give money is the right hand.

The belief is that money is always exchanged through the right hand and that the right hand signifies good luck and good fortune.

The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity has gold coins in her right hand and lines up with other culture’s thinking about the right hand and money.

These gold coins suggest that whoever worships her will also be wealthy.


2. Female Itching Left-hand Meaning

In some cultures and corresponding belief systems, when it comes to itching palms, it means different things based on one’s gender.

For example, if a man has an itchy right palm that means that money is coming to him.

This belief system, it appears, is different in the Hindu religion. The left-hand itching means money is coming and the right hand itching means money is departing.

Specifically, if a woman’s left palm itches it means good luck and that she will be receiving money or will experience financial fortunes.

On the other hand, in the Indian culture, if the right hand or palm of the woman itches, that means that money will be leaving her along with good fortune and wealth.


3. Male Itching Left-hand Meaning

If you are a man and your left-hand itches, it has an entirely different meeting according to some belief systems.

In the Hindu religion and other cultural beliefs, if you are a man and your left palm itches this means that you are going to lose some money.

Also See: Bible Verses About Money Management.


4. Friendship

Having an itching left-hand, whether you are male or female, can have another implication or event that may be happening in your life.

Specifically, if an individual has itching on the left-hand it means that one might be making a new friend.

It could be argued that this could be an enriching experience as well as the possibility of receiving money due to the itching of one’s left-hand.


5. Other Possibilities

In addition, to possibly being enriched with a new friend or by newfound wealth, an itching left-hand may represent something else as well.

This something else could be the possibility, according to the belief system, that you might be receiving a gift.

Additionally, another positive occurrence that may happen as a result of your left-hand itching, is that you may be receiving some good news.

Consequently, whether it’s money, friendship, good news, or a gift, it is all good and positive if your left-hand itches.

Of course, unless you are a male, in which case the left-hand itching can denote loss of money.

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Your Reaction to Left Hand Itching Money Superstition


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Your Actions Should Depend  on Your Belief

If you believe these unfounded and ungrounded possibilities, what is it that you need to do to enhance the itching of the left-hand?

Well one thing that an individual could do, of course strictly up to the individual, is to possibly buy a lottery ticket.

The other action that an individual could do with an itchy left palm is to clench their fist and thrust their hand in their pocket.

This action will assure that the money that is on one’s way will be received and in abundance.



The Brain’s Involvement

Another possibility to consider when the left-hand is itching is to realize that the left-hand, for most people, is considered the least dominant hand.

Therefore, as the non-dominant hand, it is the hand that has the strongest connection to the environment and the world around us.

Individuals suggest that the left-hand itching means that the universe is smiling down upon you and around you.

Also, the left-hand is affiliated with feminine energy and a strong sense of intuition.

Subsequently, the left-hand itching, suggests that the individual is connecting to their intuition.

Therefore, in response to the left-hand itching in the light of these possibilities is that the individual opens themselves up to what the universe is saying to them and the telegraphed messages.


Is Love Waiting Another Left-Hand Itching Meaning?

One other line of thinking or superstition swirling around a left-hand itching is that a new relationship may be in the offering.

Specifically, in some circles, it is believed that the itching of the left-hand indicates that the individual will be finding love soon.

If married, hopefully, the new love will be a renewed love.


Medical Conditions of Left-Hand Itching


Hand Eczema 

Of course, having an itchy left palm may have nothing to do at all with superstition or the possibility of money coming into your life.

Hand itching may be a symptom of a medical condition known as hand eczema.

Hand eczema roughly affects 10% of the population of the United States.

Contributing factors to hand eczema include allergies within the area and that is picked up on surfaces.

Genetics may also play a role.

Interestingly, hand eczema affects individuals who are in certain professions more predominantly than other individuals who work in other professions.

Those vulnerable professions include catering, hairdressing, mechanical work, healthcare jobs, and cleaning jobs.

Hand eczema is not contagious but certainly is an annoying skin condition and creates discomfort due to the itchiness and redness of the skin.



Another medical condition that can cause the itchiness of the palm is diabetes.

Diabetes is a medical condition created when there is too much glucose in the blood system.

Therefore, blood tests show a high level of blood sugar.

This in turn can cause diabetic neuropathy. This diabetic neuropathy can damage the nerves and can cause numbness or tingling in the extremities.

Those extremities of the hands and feet experience this numbness or tingling and can occur in the fingers and toes.

Also, there can be itching of the palm associated with diabetes.


Dry Skin

Of course, a simple explanation for the itching of one’s palms can simply be due to the time of year or the fact that the individual washes their hands quite frequently.

The winter months are notorious for causing the hands or the extremities of the individual to become dry and subsequently itchy.

Particularly, the winter season with its cold blasts and freezing temperatures can be likened to the skin being placed under a moisture vacuum that just draws out all of the moisture in one’s hands.

This in turn leaves the hands dry which in turn causes chapping and cracking and itching.

The best way to counter this lack of moisture in one’s hands is to rehydrate the hands by using a moisturizing lotion.


Allergic Skin Reaction

Another medical condition that can cause itching of the hand, either left or right, is an allergic reaction to certain substances.

This condition is common amongst individuals who are continuously washing their hands due to compulsiveness or because of their career.

A prime example of an individual continually washing their hands would be in the medical profession.

The natural oils from the hands are washed away which creates the hands to become dry and therefore become itchy.


Left Hand Money Superstitions Meaning FAQs


Which Hand Is Lucky for Money?

In most cultures, financial transactions, including the exchange of money are usually conducted with the right hand.

Therefore, it is the right hand that is usually the indicator of being more of the lucky hand than the left-hand as it relates to wealth and money.


What Is a Superstition?

A superstition is a belief or a process of behaving in which one bases their response and thinking on fear of the unknown and putting their faith in believes such as magic or luck.



The left-hand itching can mean different things to different people.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of living in a multi-cultured world, with different beliefs and different explanations for things that occur to us and around us.

Most likely, there is not one individual who has not been told a superstition.

However, how the individual wishes to live out their life is completely up to them; whether it includes believing or rejecting a superstition.

Some say these beliefs are completely false and have no validity to them whatsoever.

While others will claim that there may be an element of truth in them and may cite an incident in which an individual had an itchy palm, rubbed it on their knee, bought a lottery ticket, and won (that happened).

Or there may be those individuals who are completely in agreement with these beliefs and follow these beliefs wholeheartedly.

The bottom line is if you have an itch of the left-hand it could be one of 3 things.

It could simply mean that you have an itch, and it needs to be scratched or ignored.

The second possibility is that it may be a symptom of something that is happening within your body and is a reflection of a medical condition that is manifesting itself through an itchy left-hand.

Or the final possibility is that love, money, or other good fortune is about to present itself into your life and this is the way that the universe is communicating with you.

Got an itch? Your choice of what to do with that itch.

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