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There are many people out there who want to learn how to build a successful WordPress blog online, and most of them have no clue, no idea how to even start.

I’m going to share with you a Guide on How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online!!

Here is what you will learn….

  • How to Buy & Setup a Domain Name from GoDaddy.com
  • How to Setup a Hostgator.com Hosting Account for your Domain
  • How to Install WordPress Blogging Platform on a Domain Name
  • How to Setup a Brand New WordPress Site
  • How to Install WordPress Theme & Plugins
  • How to Optimize your WP Blog Site for the Search Engines
  • How to Monetize your Blog
  • How to Create Valuable Content for your Blog
  • How to Market/Promote your Content on the Internet
  • How to Build a Social Following Online
  • How to Capture Leads & Build an Email List
  • How to Convert Traffic & Leads into Sales
  • How to Organize Yourself to Build a Successful Blog Online

As you can see, there is a lot of information to learn here, so get comfortable and ready for a very long blog post today. πŸ™‚

This is an epic 8,000+ words guide, to teach you how to build a successful WordPress blog online, step by step!!

This is a very long blog post, here are the steps in this epic guide:

  • Step 1 – Buy Domain Name
  • Step 2 – Buy & Setup Hosting Service
  • Step 3 – Install WordPress Platform
  • Step 4 – WordPress Initial Setup
  • Step 5 – Install WordPress Theme & Plugins
  • Step 6 – Optimize Blog for SEO
  • Step 7 – Monetize your Blog
  • Step 8 – Create Valuable, EPIC Content
  • Step 9 – Build Up Traffic Flow
  • Step 10 – Build an Audience
  • Step 11 – Build a Social Following
  • Step 12 – Build a Subscribers List
  • Step 13 – Organization & Self-Discipline
  • Step 14 – Massive Consistent Action!

The first step would be to buy a domain name, a hosting service, and install the WordPress Platform.

To help you with this entire process, I have recorded simple quick video tutorials to show you how I do it myself from scratch.

How to Build a WordPress Site from Scratch – Video Tutorials

πŸ™‚ …. you should be able to create a good WordPress blog site online with this information!

If you had no idea how to even buy a domain name, a hosting service, and set it all up together – I hope you do now! lol πŸ˜€

The initial process of building your own self-hosted WordPress blog site from scratch is very simple – the challenge will come with the content and the traffic, later on.

I hope you are ready to take massive action once you learn this information.

If you really and truly want to build a successful wordpress blog site online, you will take massive consistent action!

I remember the first time I got online to learn all I could learn on how to make money with my own website.

I didn’t even really know what a Blog was at that time – I was only 22 years old when my curiosity to make money from the internet began.

And, being a high school drop-out, did not stop me from learning and building up my own knowledge on the things I loved to know more about.

School was never really for me, and much less “College”.

I still got my GED, though, and even when I changed my mind and wanted to try to make the right decision to go to College, I could not afford it.

So …

I ended up having a BIG Dream of making money from the internet with my own website.

My dreams are finally coming true.

After long years, my entire life is starting to change, thanks to blogging.

And now I help a lot of people with the knowledge I’ve learned throughout the years. I really care! …. you know .. πŸ™‚

I have failed many times, but I never gave up.

Now, I want to share with you the right process you need to follow, to build a successful WordPress blog online, and so you can change your entire life too! πŸ™‚

Anyways, I’ll stop talking about my story, I’ll tell you more about it later on. Don’t forget to [OptinLink id=3]subscribe for blog updates![/OptinLink] πŸ˜‰

Let’s get down to business and start this epic guide on how to build a successful WordPress blog online!!

I’m going to keep the information for the initial process of buying the domain name and hosting account very simple – because you also have video tutorials you can follow.

What I’m going to focus more here, will be the Traffic Generation process and converting that traffic into leads and sales.

Let’s get started….

How To Start a Successful Blog From Scratch

How To Start a Successful Blog: Step 1

Buy Domain Name

There are many sites you can buy a domain name from, but the one I’m going to use for this tutorial is GoDaddy.com. As you probably saw in the video tutorials – the process of finding and buying a domain name is very simple. If for any reason you would like to check out other sites where you can buy a domain name – here is a list:

I don’t think I need to explain exactly how you buy a domain name because the process is very simple, right. haha πŸ˜€

All you have to do is sign up for an account at GoDaddy.com – and then search for the domain name you like for your new blog.

Try to pick something Short&Sweet.

You don’t want to have a very long domain name.

Also, avoid Hyphens.

The most recommended Domain Name Extension is the .COM, but there are many you can choose from.

Each Domain Name will have a different price, so you can go with the one you can afford at the moment.

Once you have bought your Domain Name – it is time to invest in a Hosting Service.

You can also get a Hosting Service from GoDaddy.com, but the one I personally use and recommend is Hostgator.com.

Of course, you are free to use any Hosting Service that works best for you. This is just what I personally recommend.Β 

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 2

Buy & Setup Hosting Service

Most of the Sites where you buy a Domain Name from, also provides you with a Hosting Service, but the one I’m recommending you for this process is Hostgator.com.

But, feel free to look at other Hosting Services you want to use – below is a list of other recommended Hosting Service Sites you can check out:

Just like the process of buying a Domain Name – getting the Hosting Service is very simple as well.

All you have to do is find the best Hosting Site that works best for you, find the best hosting deal for your site, and just buy the service.

The next thing would be to set up the Hosting Account for your brand new Domain Name.

In this tutorial, I am using a GoDaddy.com Domain Name with a Hostgator.com Hosting Service.



The Hosting Plan I recommend to get started with, is the “Baby-Plan”


How to Setup the Hostgator Hosting Account with the GoDaddy Domain Name

Login to your GoDaddy.com Account & Click on Domains


Find your Domain Name & Click on Launch


Find Name Servers & Click on Manage


You will need to Copy the Name Servers from your Hostgator Hosting Account

Login to your cPanel Account from Hostgator



Scroll all the way down & look for the Hostgator ‘Name Servers’


Now, let’s go back to the GoDaddy Page to Update the Domain Name Servers

Click on Custom & then Click on ‘Add Nameserver’


Go back to your Hostgator cPanel – Copy & Paste the Name Servers


Once the Nameservers have been updated – there is one more step.

You will need to add your new Domain Name to your cPanel Account on Hostgator.com.

On your cPanel Account – go to Addon Domains


Fill out the short form & ‘Add Domain’


All of the changes in the Domain Name and the Hosting Account take a little bit of time to take effect.

Wait at least 20 minutes before you try to install the WordPress Platform.

Take a quick break. Go for a walk or go make something to eat real quick.

Step 3

Install the WordPress Blogging Platform

Once your Domain is ready to go and ready to work with – it is time to use a software to install the WordPress Blogging Platform on the Domain Name.

You can do this process manually too, of course, but why do that when you can do it from your Hostgator cPanel Account.

Go to your Hostgator cPanel Account & Click on ‘Quick Install’


Click on ‘Install WordPress’ & then Click on New Installation



Pick your New Domain Name, Fill out the Form & Click on ‘Install WordPress’


You are now done with the WordPress Installation and you are almost ready to start blogging and building a successful WordPress blog site! ..

Once the installation is finished, make sure you bookmark and save the Login Link and login details. It is time to setup your new WordPress Blog Site!

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 4

WordPress Initial Setup

Before you start publishing content on your brand new WordPress Site – you have to change a couple of things.

This is just a general setup for a brand new WordPress Site. Follow the information below to get it done.

Go to the ‘Writing’ Section Under Settings

Here is where you will add more Pinging Sites under the “Update Services” Section.

This will help you get your content indexed in the search engines fast.

To get my personal List of Pinging Sites – Click Here.

Copy & Paste that List Here:


Go to the ‘Permalinks’ Section Under Settings

Here is where you need to change the way your URLs will be created for every blog post you publish.

Of course, it is up to you how you want your URLs to be – but the one I personally use and recommend is the one I show you in the image below.


The next thing you want to do is create the Menus you want to use for your site.

Right now you might not have a lot of Pages to create but you still want to have the 3 basic menus for a website ready; Header Menu, Secondary Menu & Footer Menu.

Go to the ‘Menus’ Section Under Appearance


You want to create a new menu, give it a name, add any page you want, and save it.

You should create 3 basic menus; one for a Main Menu, one for a Secondary Menu, and one for a Footer Menu.

Depending on the WordPress Theme you are using, you will see options to assign each menu you create to a menu on the site. Take a look at the image below, to see what I’m talking about here.


The next thing you want to look at and set up is the Widget Area.

This is where you have control over what goes on the Side of your Blog.

If you have no idea how to organize everything, then simply go to other blogs and see how they have their widgets.

Modeling after other popular blogs online is how you will learn and get your own ideas for your own blog.

Play around with the Widgets and see what works for you.

But, remember to not over-crowd your site with too many unnecessary Widgets. Again, pay attention at how successful blogs organize their sidebars.

Go to the Widgets Section Under Appearance


Also remember; after you install new plugins, you might want to go back to the Widgets Section to see more widgets provided by some of your plugins.

This is basically the initial setup I would do for a brand new WordPress Site.

Feel free to play around with your WP Dashboard and get familiar with everything.

If you still want to learn more on how to use everything in your Dashboard, just look on the internet for more information.

No one taught me how to do everything here.

I had to do my own research and take time to study. Google and Youtube were my best teachers.

But, the best way I’ve learned to use something, was by just playing with it and sometimes making mistakes.

Making mistakes helped me learn even better and faster.

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 5

Install WordPress Theme & Plugins

It is time to look for a good & simple Theme for your new WordPress Blog!

You also need to find & install the necessary plugins to help you create a powerful blog site.

There are thousands of Free Themes you can choose from and thousands of Plugins to play with.

But, I will recommend you what I know and what will help you build a fast loading WP Blog online.

If you install a bad Theme and install too many Plugins, that could really hurt your blog online.

I had many problems with Themes and with Plugins before.

Now, I will share with you the way I build blogs today – so you don’t make the same mistakes I have already made.

It’s time to look for the theme you want to use. The one I use and I recommend is the Swift Basic Theme. They have a Free and Paid Version.

In order to look for Themes – go the Themes Section under Appearance


Next, click on ‘Add New’ & Look for the Swift Basic Theme



Once you have picked a theme you want or the one I recommended, and installed it – take a time to get familiar with the theme’s options and feel free to play around with it.

It will be helpful if you take a little bit of time to learn about your theme and learn how to use it to customize your blog the way you want it.


After you are done setting up the Theme – it is time to install the Plugins you are going to use.

There are thousands of Plugins to choose from and too many to get carried away with.

So be careful! lol πŸ˜€

When I started building my very first blogs online, I went crazy with the plugins and installed ‘too many’.

I would recommend you to not install more than 35 plugins.

And the less the better!

I’m going to recommend you the plugins I use myself.

Some are Free Plugins and some are Paid plugins. Click Here to get my personal List of Plugins.

Go to Plugins & then Click on ‘Add New’


Once you have installed all of the Plugins you want and the ones I recommend – you want to set all of them up.

Oh, by the way, there are some free plugins in my list, that you will not find anywhere – but you are in luck! … I’m going to share them with you. I just ask that you share this epic tutorial with others online, in return. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Just download the zip file and upload it to your WP site.

Once you download these plugins in a .zip file, to your computer, here is how to upload them to your WP site:



Take a time to go through all of your plugins, learn as much as you can about each one of them and then set them up.

It is important to learn about each one of your plugins.

You want to become the master of your WordPress blog site – and the best way to accomplish that, is to learn how everything works.

I highly recommend you to keep the number of plugins you use – as low as possible.

Especially if you are using a Shared Hosting Service, and you most likely are, because that is the most convenient Hosting plan to get started with.

As your traffic grows, your CPU Usage will go up and a Shared Hosting Service will not cut it anymore.

But, more traffic to your site means more money in your pocket, and that means you will be able to invest in your own dedicated server.

It will take a long time before you will need to move to your own dedicated server, so don’t even worry about it right now.

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 6

Optimize WordPress Blog for the Search Engines

Once your site is ready with the Theme and the Plugins – it’s time to make sure the search engines will be crawling your blog.

This is where you need to set up your WP Blog Site for the search engines, very well.

We can use plugins for that, but not too many.

I know most people would use many plugins for this part, but not me.

The reason why I want to use the minimum amount of plugins for this part is because SEO Plugins can really cause problems with your Hosting Service, if things are not set up the right way.

The SEO Plugins I personally recommend are:

These are the simple things your site needs to have – so the search engines learn more about what your blog is about.

Of course, we can talk a lot more in details about this, but I want to keep this information very simple for you.

Sometimes, overlooking and over-complicating things can confuse you more than teach you.

Just learn enough about the Search Engines and your Site – and focus more on taking massive action with the productive work.

One important tool you need to use is the Google Analytic Tool.

Here is how to set it up for your site.

There are two ways to do it.

One way, is with the help of a Plugin, and the other way is Manually through the Swift Basic Theme I recommended.

I personally like to use the minimum amount of plugins, so I don’t use the Google Analytic Plugin for this.

First, you will need to create a Google Account to use the Google Analytics Tool.

Click Here to visit the Google Analytics Page. (if you already have a @gmail email account – that is all you need to use this tool)


Once you have access to the Google Analytics Tool – it is time to connect your new WP Blog to it.

I’m going to show you the two ways to do it.

One with a Plugin and one manually through the Swift Basic Theme.

You can use a Plugin

Add New Plugin > Search for “Google Analytic” > Install the Google Analytics Plugin


Once Installed and activated, you will need to get your Web Property/Tracking ID from you Google Analytics Account.

First, you will need to Add your new website to your Google Analytics Account.

Go to the Admin Page

Click on the Account Dropdown Menu, and click on ‘Create new account’.


Next …

Click on the Property Dropdown Menu, and click on ‘Create new property’.


Fill out the form to get the tracking ID


Once you have set up your new website with Google Analytics – it is time to get the Tracking ID – Copy & Paste the ID to your WordPress Google Analytics Plugin.


Paste the Tracking ID in your Google Analytics Plugin Dashboard


This is pretty much it! Now, if you want to do this through the Swift Basic Theme, here is how;

Get the Tracking Code

You can find it in the ‘Admin’ Section on the Google Analytics Page – Find your website under Property and then click on Property Settings > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

Select the Code & Copy it


Next, go to your WordPress Site Dashboard & Go to Swift Options

Copy the Tracking Code in the Header Scripts Section. Save & Done!


Google Webmasters Tool

The next step would be to setup your site with the Google Webmasters Tool.

Here is how to do that: First, go to the Google Webmasters Tool Page. Click on ‘Add A Property’


Enter your website URL.


The final step would be to Verify your website. Since you have set up your site with the Google Analytics Tool, you can verify it that way.

Just click on ‘Alternate methods’ and choose the Google Analytics verification method.


Once your website is verified, you need to submit your website’s XML sitemap.

Usually, your SEO plugin should generate this sitemap page for you.

It should look like this; http://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml – or like this; http://yoursite.com/sitemap_index.xml

The one SEO plugin I recommend you to use is the WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Once you install it, go through all of the settings. And find your XML Sitemap to submit to the Google Webmasters Tool.


Copy your XML Sitemap URL and submit it to the Google Webmasters Tool.


Now your site is ready to go!

The Google Analytics Tool will track all of the incoming traffic to your blog and it will tell you very detailed information about everything that goes on your website.

You need to learn how to use this Data to keep improving your site.

Once this Tracking Tool is set up and ready – the next step will be to Submit your site to the Search Engines.

You can use a Free Service Online to Submit your Brand New Website to the Search Engines.

Submit your Website to Search Engines

Use the Free Search Engine Submission Service below to Submit your brand new Website to some Search Engines Online.

This Free Search Engine Submission Service will help your brand new site get indexed in the most popular search engines.

Another good tip to alert the search engines about your new website is by Tweeting the URL. Remember to also have a Twitter Account just for your new website and always tweet your new posts and pages.

You should also Ping your brand new site and do it every time you have new content. Just to help your content get indexed a bit faster.

You can use any of these free pinging tools:

Doing all of the above should alert the search engines about your brand new site and the next step would be to feed the search engines with very valuable information that will solve their user’s problems.

Your brand new site should be ready to go now, and ready to get free search engine organic traffic from the content you publish.

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 7

Monetize your Blog

This is where you need to design your blog in the best way possible, to help you earn money from the traffic you it gets.

You want to learn how to monetize your blog without going overboard with the advertisement on your blogs design.

You need to respect the visitors of your website, and keep a clean and well-organized way of making money from the website. You get what I mean jelly bean? πŸ˜‰

Keep the advertisement relevant and make sure what you are promoting is of High Quality, and are Valuable Products in the marketplace.

It is important to be careful with what you promote on your site.

You don’t want to be known as someone who promotes a bad product with bad reputation.

Become a good affiliate marketer by learning how to select the best products to promote.

Here are the different ways to make money from your blog:

  • Capture Targeted Leads & Build an Email List
  • Become an Affiliate of Valuable Products, Tools and Services – Review them & Recommend them
  • Sign up for Google Adsense or other Services like it
  • Sell Advertisement Space
  • Sell your Own Products
  • Sell a Membership with Premium Content
  • Sell Reviews for other Bloggers and Marketers

These are some ways to make money from your blog, that I can think of right now.

Feel free to get very creative in the way you monetize your blog!!

Making money from your blog will be the simple part – building enough daily targeted traffic to start earning the money, is what might challenge you a bit.

But, you still need to learn a little bit more on how you are going to make money from your blog.

Always work on your Blog’s Conversions!

This is where you can get creative and do your own testing, and do a lot of research to come up with your own unique and profitable ways of making money from your blog’s traffic.

The one thing that you should do, no matter what, is build an email list.

Build an Audience and turn them into subscribers!

Learn all about building an audience and start capturing leads right away.

The bigger your list, and the better you treat it, the more money you can make from it, for a long time.

Let me give you the same advice I got, to monetize my blogs the best way possible ….

For a better example of how you should monetize your blog, look at other blogs online and model after them.

Take a closer look at my Blog Site for example; and see how I have monetized the design.

You can do the same things I’m doing, if you want.

And since you are brand new and you have a brand new website that gets no traffic yet – you should just throw some banners around your site and just one capture form on your sidebar, to start building your list.

Do not spend too much time here.

You want to work on your Traffic a lot more than anything at the beginning.

Once you have a good amount of traffic flowing to your site, you can then spend more time testing Banners and Capture Forms on your Blog’s Design. Got it?! πŸ˜€

With a good amount of traffic coming in – you can see what works and what doesn’t on your site, a lot better.

You can test different Banner Placements and different Call-to-Actions to see what gets the most clicks, leads, and sales.

You can’t really work on your conversion rates, if you have little to no traffic coming to your site.

Work on your daily traffic flow, first, and while the traffic builds up, learn about Conversions and improve the numbers as your traffic-flow grows.

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 8

Create Valuable, EPIC Content

The way you are going to build a good audience, and the organic traffic to your new blog site, is with the amazing and epic content you are going to publish regularly!

The Quality of your Content will play a big part in the success of your blog online.

It will also play a very important part in the authority the search engines give your blog.

You want to take your time creating Epic Blog posts.

Blog posts that over deliver in value and solve many problems for people in your niche, are the type of epic blog posts you want to be publishing very often.

Take a look at one Epic Blog Post I published on my blog here.

The more Valuable & Unique your Content is, the better results you will get with it and from it.

Creating very valuable content will really give you an advantage in the search engines.

The more people read your content and find it useful and valuable, the more they will share it online.

When there is a good amount of Social Interaction on your blog posts, because of your valuable content – the search engines look at that and start getting very interested in your content.

When search engines see that your blog posts are being shared a lot, and a lot of people are leaving comments and talking about your content, they will rank them higher in their search results.

Having a lot of social interaction on your site is as important as having a lot of backlinks.

Both, will help you get free organic traffic from the search engines. Both, will help you rank very well in the search engines as well.

The only way around dealing with the constant Search Engines algorithm changes and updates, is by keeping it real.

Share very valuable & unique content on your blog, do the right marketing for it, and let the people decide if your content is valuable or not!

Just think about this for a second ……

What would Google’s MAIN priority be? … …

THEIR Users!!

So, if you want Google to favor your blog post, and rank it better, then it must OVER DELIVER to the USER. Got it?

If you focus all of your energy on delivering the BEST content to the search engine user, why would the search engine not send you organic traffic?

You make their user happy, and they will make you happy!! πŸ˜‰

That is just how it works!

Also, by having very popular content online, the backlinks will come in naturally.

You are most likely to link back to a valuable tutorial or article – if you really found it valuable, right!?

You always bookmark, share and even recommend a blog post that you find very valuable, and it is helping you solve a problem, right?!

Those are the type of blog posts YOU need to be publishing online!

If you want people to link back to your blog post, and even recommend it to others, isn’t it obvious that your content has to be very EPIC??!!

How To Start a Successful Blog Step 9

Build Up Traffic Flow

This is the tricky part for most people online.

This is what most people tend to struggle with the most.

The traffic flow of a website will be one of the key factors to the success of the website.

Getting traffic to any website will be a challenge, and if you are not up for the challenge, then you might find yourself in trouble.

You have to come in with the right mentality, if you want to get the right results.

This means you must understand that you will need to do whatever it takes to build the necessary traffic flow to your website.

Enough traffic to where you are profiting from it daily and/or weekly.

When I say ‘whatever it takes’ – I mean learn it all and do it all!

Learn as much Internet Marketing as possible.

Invest in your education and learn as much as you can.

And as soon as you learn, take massive action right away.

The key to becoming successful with any internet marketing strategy, will be consistency.

Let’s not forget taking massive action, of course, but, consistency will be what will take you to success.

You need to understand one thing very well, before you start working on the traffic flow of your website ….. anyone can make it happen, but not everyone will.

And there reasons why someone would not make it happen, are very clear!!

If you do not accomplish your goals online – it would be because you did not do whatever it takes to make it happen.

As simple as that!

There are many ways to get traffic to a website.

There are free methods and paid methods. You can start from nothing, with nothing, and build a successful website online from scratch.

All it takes is an idea, and a burning desire to get the right resources to build your own blog, and take it to success online.

Understand that it has been done by many, and that only means that you can do it too.

Here are a few of the internet marketing methods you can use to drive traffic to your blog for free:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Attraction Marketing

Remember to take as much massive consistent action as possible with what you learn here.

Here is a list of blog posts where you can learn how to drive traffic online:

Take the time to learn internet marketing strategies to drive traffic, and put in the necessary work!!

How To Start a Successful Blog – Step 10

Build an Audience

Always keep in mind your blog’s readers.

It is important that you understand your readers very well, what they want, and what can you do to solve their problems.

When it comes to making money blogging online, it is all about solving very specific problems and know how to put it in front of a huge amount of people who are looking for those solutions.

It is important to target your audience!

One way I target my audience is by using simple SEO techniques in my content, so the right people find my content.

I would say search engines are the best traffic source for targeted traffic!

It is all about delivering the best solution, with the right keywords and optimization, to tell the search engines what your content is about.

Another great way to target the audience of your blog, is by blogging about the type of people you want to attract.

You also need to think about what is it that you want your blog’s audience to do when they land on your blog posts.

Let me give you an example; let’s say I want to get people, coming to my internet marketing blog, into my affiliate programs – and I’ve found out that the best people to get into another affiliate program is an affiliate marketer.

Because, someone who is already in an affiliate program, is more likely to check out another affiliate program to work with, right?

So, I would have to publish a lot of content on affiliate marketing and things related to it, if I want to attract someone who is into affiliate marketing.

If you want to get people to buy a weight loss product from your blog, for an instance, then you need to blog about the type of information that someone who is ready to buy a weight loss product online is searching for.

You get what I mean?! πŸ˜‰

You can use keywords like; “I want to lose weight this month best pills to buy”, “cheap and best weight loss programs” – for example.

Try using keywords with words that tell you the user is ready to make a purchase.

They just need to find the right product and they are sold fast when they come across it.

You want buyers coming to your niche blog, not just anyone.

Learn more about SEO and getting search engine traffic.

Here are a few blog posts to help you learn more about SEO:

Learn this information, and take a lot of consistent action with everything!

How To Start a Successful Blog – Step 11

Build a Social Following

While you are building your blog and you are blogging weekly, you should also be growing your Social Network following.

Especially on Facebook.

You can get a massive amount of traffic to your blog online from Facebook alone.

You just have to learn how to do it. Read this blog post, where I teach you how I get traffic to my blog by implementing a simple Facebook Marketing Strategy.

The key to success in building a massive Facebook Following, just like with everything else, will be TAKING MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION.

The more you do the Facebook Marketing Strategies you learn, the bigger following you will be able to get.

You just have to be very Social.

If you are not, then no good Facebook marketing strategy can save you from not getting the results you want.

You have to be willing to talk to a lot of people daily, and meet new people from all over the world, daily.

Just make it a habit in your life to network with people on the social networks every day, every week.

Blogging weekly, and sharing your blog posts on your Facebook Wall, Facebook Fan Pages, and many Facebook Groups, will definitely help you gain some new readers to your blog.

The social networks will also help you BRAND yourself and your blog.

You need to start using social networks to brand yourself and your blog!

You just have to be very consistent with everything you do in the Social Networks.

Nothing will happen overnight and you have to work for the results you want to get.

Learn how to become a better networker online.

Don’t just be someone who messages people on social networks.

You want to become the best at the things you do for your online business.

And one of those things in this industry, would be people’s skills.

I guess we can also call it “Social Skills”. πŸ˜‰

You need to be a good networker and not just someone who is only interested in making a quick sale off someone you just met.

You want to build Rapport with every one you meet on Social Networks.

Talk about the real you and also ask people about them.

Then you can talk a little bit more about your blog and what you do.

Build some good trust fast, and become good friends online.

Lead with value and always come off as a good leader to follow online.

Truly care about people, and that alone will show!

Once you have a good relationship with the people in your networks, they will be more likely to pay attention at the things you recommend and the things that are working for you.

Celebrate every single success you have online!

When you get some results online, it doesn’t just gives you more energy to keep you going, but when you keep on promoting those results to people, they will cheer you up and sometimes join you on your journey to success, and maybe even buy what you recommend!

Watching someone you know, succeeding and making it happen online, while you are struggling, will just make you think about asking them to help you out and you might end up working with them and buying what they recommend you, isn’t that right?!

There is a power in leading with value and success.

No matter how small the result you get is, you should still make a Facebook Status about it and promote it as much as possible.

Keep showing your progress in the Social Networks, and as you grow your network, more people will like you and want to work with you.

You just got to work as much as possible, to start getting some results online, when you are newbie. Especially if you are starting from the bottom.

Here is some powerful knowledge on Facebook Marketing that you should take the time to learn and implement:

Remember; take massive action with everything you learn here!!

How To Start a Successful Blog – Step 12

Build a Subscribers List

The money is in the QUALITY of your list.

If you are not building an email list right now and you have not been doing it, then you can’t say that you are doing everything you can to make it happen online. Can you?!

Learn about email marketing and just implement it right away.

Just take action!!

I’m always going to tell you that, so get used to it. πŸ˜€

Start building your email list right now! Invest in an Auto-Responder, here are a few to choose from:

Learn how to get the most leads out of your blog and the traffic that you get online.

Monetize your blog to capture leads for you, and then just focus all of your energy in building up the daily traffic flow to your pages!

If you asked me; “how many leads a day does it take to make 1 to 2 sales online?..”

The answer will depend on the traffic, the quality of your funnels, your products, and the conversion rates.

But, with a good sales page, and a very valuable product, with the right targeted traffic – I would say 40 to 60 leads can generate you 1 to 2 sales per day.

You just have to make sure you are offering something REALLY GOOD.

Don’t just sell any product and ruin your reputation online.

Work on your Capture Page’s/Squeeze Page’s Conversion Rates.

It is important that you learn how to split-test and track clicks and links, in order to find out what works best.

Don’t just promote a Capture Page – learn if it is getting good conversion rates or not!

You want to test many different capture pages with different ad copy, colors, and even backgrounds.

Get creative with your capture pages, and learn the best way to make people trade their email for something they are really interested in.

Learn the art of capturing leads online.

It really takes testing and experience to become good at it. To help your blog grow faster with email marketing, what you can do is keep sending people back to your most valuable posts on your blog.

Try to provide more value than sales pitches in your emails.

Send people back to valuable blog posts which are monetized with affiliate links and offers. Get it?! πŸ˜‰

People will buy what you recommend, when they really see that you truly care and that what you recommend really works.

If you are not building your email list right now, what are you waiting for??

The leads will add up over time, so get to it right now!

How To Start a Successful Blog – Step 13

Organization & Self-Discipline

Being very organized when you are working online will make a huge difference in the amount of productivity you put online.

If you are not very well-organized, you might get frustrated a lot easier when you find yourself clueless on what to do next.

You always need a plan, a blue-print, to follow daily.

Come up with a Blue-Print to Success you can follow daily!

Get very organized with all of the links you use online.

There is a way to create folders on your internet browser, if you are working on a computer.

What I personally do, is organize all of the links I need when I work online, in different categorized folders.


As you can see, I have everything ready to go on my Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser.

You should do the same and make it a lot easier for you to have access to everything you need, to take your blog one step closer to success every single day.

Make sure you also have a strong Self-Discipline!

If you lack a strong self-discipline to force yourself to work even when you don’t feel like it, then you might struggle online and that might be the reason why you are not getting any results online right now.

You are lacking strong self-discipline to make yourself do the things you need to be doing to move towards your own success.

Building a successful blog online is not hard, but it can be challenging for most, just because they lack a strong self-discipline.

You need to be the best BOSS you can be to yourself.

You are also your own employee, so you need to act like one when you need to get the job done.

As a good Boss, come up with a working schedule you can follow every weekly, and a daily action plan as well.

Write out a nice schedule on a paper or just print it out.

Then put it somewhere in your home office where you will be able to see it daily.

Treat Blogging just as a “real Job”.

Treating it like that will give you the boost to do the necessary work on a daily basis and follow your own schedule.

You should also print out a Daily Tasks List.

Place it next to your work-at-home schedule.

This alone will help you stay organized and in a better mood to put in some productive work for your blog online.

Become the best Boss and Employee you can be of your own online business! πŸ˜€

Here are a few blog posts that will teach you what it takes to build a successful business online:

How To Start a Successful Blog – Step 14

Massive Action!

I had to make this one, a step.

The last step.


Anything that you apply online, when done with little, weenie actions, will bring you very small results and sometimes no results.

And then you are going to blame everything and what I teach (except yourself), just because you are too lazy to do all of the necessary work. Am I right?!

Don’t get offended by what I’m going to say; but you need to take 100% responsibility for the results you get online. Every single thing that happens online for you and to you, it is because of you!!

You are the only one who is 100% responsible for the actions you take, the decisions you take, the knowledge you learn, and the results you get.

No one else but YOU can change the outcomes you have been getting online, so far.

Let me leave you with this…..

Let me ask you….

If YOU blame the companies and other things outside yourself, for the results you are getting online….

What do you think you have to change?

You will try to change the things you are blaming, for your results online.

In this case, you would look to change the companies you are working with and the things you are doing (it could be blogging). Right?!!

Doing this, blaming things outside yourself, will only keep you going in circles.

Realize that!

This means, you will jump from one thing to another, from one strategy to another, from one company to another, for a very long time.


When you start blaming yourself for the results you get online, then you will have to change yourself!!!

And changing yourself is the key to your success in anything.

Not the other way around.

Don’t fall on that trap of blaming other things but yourself.

Just remember, that it is not the strategy that doesn’t work, it is YOU who does not work!

Final words

This is enough information for a newbie to learn how to build a successful WordPress blog online, and make money with it.

Once your WordPress blog is up and running, and you understand how everything works, go through more valuable training on this site and TAKE MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION with everything you learn.

Don’t stop applying a strategy until you get results with it. Period.

You need to approach ALL of this with the right Mindset.

If you don’t have the right mindset, you can get frustrated easily, and get discouraged thinking this does not work, when it really does!

Leave your comments below and let me know how your WordPress blog is doing so far – I would love to hear from you! πŸ˜€

This has been a very long blog post, and I did it for you, because I care about you and your success.

I believe you can make it happen, no matter what, and no matter how long it takes you.

Make yourself proud (and make me proud), and just make it happen!

Don’t forget to share this epic guide on ‘how to build a successful WordPress blog online’!!

Your support is very much appreciate it!! πŸ˜€

Happy Blogging!

Lastly, as said in the beginning, it takes time to start making money from a blog, so if you want something else that will be making you money and making you profit each month, while building your blog, Kingged.com’s “Done-For-You” Monthly Profits 30 Days To Making Money Online programΒ is the best for you.

They give you daily and weekly activities to perform but whether you do them all or not, you make a profit each month. Click here to check out this Kingged.com’s “Done-For-You” Monthly Profits 30 Days To Making Money Online program.




  1. Hi, Freddy,

    WOW!! I originally had a much different comment, basically saying that I thought it was a mistake to lock an entire blog post, etc., etc.

    But I see you’ve changed your mind, and I am very glad to see that, my friend.

    I think the BEST point you made over all and the greatest takeaway as to do with mindset – not blaming others for our lack of success. This is GOLD, and oh so wonderful advice.

    Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. Spreading the word…
    Carol Amato recently posted…How To Transform Yourself From A Virtual Nobody To A Well Known BloggerMy Profile

    • Hey Carol!!

      Well, it was working fine for me. But, I’m also a bit of an SEO geek lol …. and there are some good keywords that I optimized this entire epic guide for. So, I had to rethink my entire strategy with this “locked content strategy”.

      Now, I see this guide is still converting the same with the PDF optin feature. In the end, everything is turning out very well. This epic guide will get a lot of organic traffic and still convert leads! … everything does happen for a reason online, and in life! πŸ™‚ haha ..

      I’m glad you found this very valuable. I did my best to explain everything in the best way possible. I really want people to learn the real knowledge on how to build a successful WordPress blog online!

      Taking 100% response-ability for the results I was getting online, was the breakthrough I needed to find my success. It is all about digging within, to find the right answers to why you are not where you want to be online (and in your life).

      Mindset is so important in this entire process. 80% of the recipe for success, is mindset. If you read self-development books, and wealth books, that is what they all talk about. Success comes from the Mind.

      One of the books that taught me this, was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I highly recommend people to read that one book!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, Carol! … and thank you very much for the support!

      I really appreciate that!

      Keep up the great work yourself!

      Have a fantastic week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  2. Hey Freddy,
    This is very impressive. For anyone that wants to learn about how to build a successful WordPress blog, this step-by-step guide will be highly invaluable.

    It is one thing to read this guide and its quite another to make it work. This is why ‘taking massive action’ is very important.

    Staying organized and disciplined in implementing all of the necessary tips here can lead to easy success with WordPress blog.

    Thanks for this elaborate, instructive and educational guide. Both newbies and experts can make the most of it!
    Sunday William recently posted…Google Search Console Comment Spam Page UpdatedMy Profile

    • Hey Sunday!

      That is why I put in the time to create this cool step by step guide! …. to help others! πŸ˜‰

      I know it will be helpful to a lot of new bloggers around the net!

      Taking massive CONSISTENT action should definitely follow this valuable guide!… that is for sure!

      And yeah, staying organized and building a strong self-discipline to keep moving forward, no matter what, is very important as well. You have to organize yourself so you don’t be all over the place and lack productivity.

      A strong self-discipline is also a must. You need to do a lot of work, at the beginning, and it has to be very consistently.

      I’m glad you like it man!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

    • Hi Katrin!

      Yes I have! .. it took me some hours, but it is well worth it and it will help a lot of new bloggers online! πŸ™‚

      I have already made this an ebook (you can download it on the original post page). I have also uploaded the ebook in slideshare.net – feel free to go check it out there as well.

      It’s about 42 pages long!

      Definitely a great guide to have around when you are still new to the blogging world.

      I’m glad you found this awesome post valuable!

      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  3. Hi Freddy,

    What an EPIC post ! Great job.

    I went on to listen to one of your podcasts and a video. You obviously know your stuff and no doubt you will be teaching lots of people all that good stuff.

    I loved the comment “Remember; take massive action with everything you learn here!!”

    I took that on board from Willie Crawford some time back and its as true today as it was then.

    Your readers might also be interested in a video I found the other day from Tyler Moore

    How To Make a WordPress Website – 2015

    It complements what you have shown so it may be overkill but its good to share πŸ™‚

    Greetings from your home country πŸ™‚
    Ed Kirwan recently posted…100 Dollar Days With VideoMy Profile

  4. Hey Freddy,

    Ok, I have to bow down to you and call you the Tzar of Blogging!

    This was a really impressive post you put out here. I’ve only skimmed through it looking at the major points, but you have done your due justice.

    This would be great for beginners who don’t have a clue on how to set up a blog post, use SEO, how to build traffic, and how to build an audience!

    I can see how you put your sweat and tears in this, and what’s even better is that you curated your content such as your videos for examples giving newbies a great sequential way to set things up.

    I tip my hat off to you Freddy for this one! Many will appreciate this post!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Your Blog Traffic Generation Strategies SuckMy Profile

  5. Hello Freddy, (I notice everyone call you by this name),

    OMG so long and comprehensive guide. The Best Post for the newbie bloggers indeed. I wish I had read this guide when I created my WordPress blog. You were utter right when you wrote ‘If you don’t have the right mindset, you can get frustrated easily, and get discouraged thinking this does not work’.

    We really need to have a mind set before we start blogging. It really takes a lot of efforts and hardwork to establish a blog and lead it to the success. Thumbs up to the hardwork you have put in the post. Thanks for the Epic share! πŸ™‚
    Sonam Asrani recently posted…9 Definite Reasons Why You Should BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Sonam!!

      I’m very glad you found this epic guide valuable! πŸ™‚ … that makes me a happy blogger! haha

      I always do my best, to become the best, and deliver the best! …

      And I invite others to get on this journey with me. Let’s all do our best, to become the best, and deliver the best!

      yeah you are very right, Sonam. Mindset is very important for success anywhere. If your mind is not right, then your results in life will not be right!

      That is just how things are in life.

      Life and success starts within. It starts in the mind and heart. This is why you must work on yourself, your beliefs, your mind and heart. Success will start within. There is no doubt about that!

      It was my pleasure to put this together to help out the new bloggers out there. I know this guide is going to help a lot of people online!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Keep up the great work as well!

      Have an awesome week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  6. Hi Freddy,

    What an EPIC blog post here. I was amazed at you, Freddy. I see that your life story is quite interesting (it’s somewhat similar to mine) and I believe, you will be influential in the future. πŸ™‚

    College gives me nothing. But, I aspire to create a seminar at my college someday. I continue to learn and hold tightly my dreams. πŸ˜€

    Well, when I started blogging, I was also swept away as much as possible to install plugins on my blog, and finally, my blog was having problems on the server..hahaha πŸ˜†

    I agree with you about consistency. Neil Patel is often said that to be successful in blogging, then you should learn about the blog consistently.

    I have many things to say to you. I hope you can share your life story more. I think you are a depiction of me in the future. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this. Enjoy your weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Take This Quiz: Are You A Micromanager?My Profile

    • Hi Nanda!

      I’m here to inspire, motivate, teach, and awaken the mind, my friend! πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad you can relate to me and that you are learning!

      I didn’t even get to college man! … so you already have a big advantage over me!

      You will make it happen, and you will accomplish all of your goals and dreams in life. I don’t just think it, I know it, and I believe it. I believe in you already dude!

      I’m happy to contribute to your online journey. That is very motivating to me! πŸ™‚

      And yeah, you need to be careful, and smart with your WordPress plugins. That is for sure! haha :p

      Neil Patel is one of my big role models! ..

      We both love Taco Bell food! lol ..

      I have learned so much from him, and I still do. The learning curve never ends. And that is what keeps us growing and moving forward in life.

      Consistency is one of the most important keys to success in life!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment man!

      Keep up the great work yourself!

      Have a fantastic week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  7. Hi Freddy,

    What an awesome guide you put together for people who want to set up their own WordPress Blog.

    I liked what you said about failure Online as we all have had our failures but never give up. I get what you mean jelly bean LOL.

    We must be consistent and always take massive action. Time management is very important as you said and the importance of our mindset being in the right place.

    Yes Freddy, we should celebrate every single success no matter where we are in our journey of blogging and no matter how big or small it is.

    You have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media?My Profile

    • Hi Linda!

      I’m glad you find this valuable! .. I appreciate the feedback!

      Failures are lessons. If we truly understand, that is! πŸ˜‰

      Failures become true failures if we never learn from them! … no doubt about that!

      ALL of these simple things, that I have explained in the guide, must be put together very well, in order to accomplish as much as possible, as fast as possible!

      This is why I tried to give tips on all of the ingredients in this recipe to a successful WordPress blog online! haha πŸ˜€

      And heck yeah!! ….. celebrating all of your small accomplishments will keep you motivated to keep going and keep working on everything that you need to do. Plus, other people will celebrate with you and start getting curious about what exactly you are doing – and this will lea them to follow you and maybe buy what you recommend! πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment, Linda!

      Have a fantastic week!!
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  8. This is a very good guide, not just a post. I have bookmarked this for sure, it’s not something to read and forget about, it’s worth reading over and over again. This is very valuable guide that can even be sold as an ebook and no one who buys would ask for refund because it contains a lot. I like the step by step of the guide, meaning anyone can follow through with ease, and advanced bloggers can skip and go straight to any step they want to know more about. As Sherman said in his comment, this guide shows you are a Tzar of Blogging! Thanks for writing this.

  9. Like wow! Epic, super detailed and super well-written. What else? Hmmn… Impressive!

    Wow, thanks! So far, this is the most epic and most helpful step-by-step guide on how to build a WordPress blog I’ve ever read my entire life.

    Patience and endeavor are two of the things I’ve learned here in your blog post. The patience on how many hours, days, weeks and months to wait for the result. Endeavor used to make things happen, all the time spent in installing plugins, write high quality blog posts, picking the best domain name, following the necessary things in Google and so much more.

    Patience, effort plus passion in blogging will help one persist in building a successful WP blog.
    Metz recently posted…Let Kingged.com Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

    • Hi Metz!

      I’m glad you think so and that you liked the guide!

      This took me a long time to put together – but it was really worth putting it together. A lot of people are already telling me how helpful it is!

      That makes me happy.

      I know teaching things step-by-step is a great way to teach. People like to follow instructions, so, I thought this was going to be a great approach to teach how to build a successful WP blog online. πŸ˜‰

      Patience is a must when building a blog online, that is for sure!

      It takes a lot of effort and time to make things happen – and if you don’t have the right and enough patience, then you might just struggle and consider quitting.

      Thanks for your comment, Metz!

      Have a great rest of the week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…How to Build a Successful WordPress Blog Online – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  10. Hi Freddy

    If am asked to describe this post in one word I wont think twice before I spit out AWESOME.

    You did justice to wordpress blog setup and I must say you over killed it.

    This is a must get for every one trying to start a wordpress blog. With this guide any newbie can be great at blogging in just a matter of weeks with massive action taken.

    I have nothing more to add as this is just the “TNT” of blogging and it got me blown away.

    AWESOME post Freddy.
    Adegoke Ajayi recently posted…9 Keys To Blog Business SuccessMy Profile

  11. Hi Freddy,
    What an EPIC post, it is!
    Yes, as someone already quoted as saying that you are the Tzar of Blogging!
    Yes, I fully agree with him!
    This is indeed an Epic post! Especially for the one who is struggling to start one.
    Yes, This is indeed a great guide to me and I am bookmarking it for my further reference.

    Though i have read a good number of posts on this subject This is the only post I come across speaking in and out of WP blogging!. Yes, As the title says, and you very aptly put it:
    “ULTIMATE Guide To Building a Successful WordPress Blog” Yes, this is indeed an “Ultimate Guide”. I am going to share it on all my social sites. Surely it will be a great benefit to the newbies in this field.

    Keep sharing my dear friend.

    I appreciate your desire to help fellow bloggers with all your heart. Yes, I read that in one of your feedback and elsewhere, a very rare nature seldom found among bloggers, especially among the so called pro bloggers!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback in one my my latest post, I am sorry I am yet to give a reply to many of my friends here as well on my pages, due to some urgent pre-occupation i could not attend to it! Surely will come back soon to check out all…

    Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful guide to your fellow bloggers!

    Keep up the good work my dear friend Freddy!!

    May you have a great and profitable week ahead. πŸ™‚


    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese 'Ariel' recently posted…Color Matters! An Infographic Which Talks About Your Page And Its ColorsMy Profile

    • Hi Philip!!

      haha I really appreciate all the kind compliments here!

      I always do my best, to learn the best, and deliver the best.

      I go and live by that simple quote. πŸ˜‰

      I checked around for other similar guides on this same topic, and I didn’t find too many great guides. So, I though I would create the best one I can create.

      It is already helping a lot of people online – and that makes me very happy, for sure!

      That is my main missions – to teach, help, inspire, and create successful people online.

      Thank you for all of your support, and for sharing this!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, as well!

      Keep up the great work yourself man!

      Have a fantastic week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 4: This is the Best Way to Build a Blog and Accomplish Your Dreams in Life! [Podcast]My Profile

  12. Hi Freddy,

    Creating a body of work like this takes time, energy, a whole lot of patience to edit/audit the work to ensure its spot on and correct.

    Boy! this content is absolutely spot on.

    I loved its logical flow, most of all I loved the contents lucidity.

    I’ve seem E-Books sold on Amazon that contain less information than this post.

    I doff my hat Freddy. This is terrific work.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Inbound Marketing Methodology – Convert Strangers to Customers to Advocates.My Profile

    • Hi Ivan!

      It did take me long hours and a lot of editing and re-reading to finish up this long guide – but it was all very well worth it! πŸ™‚

      I am very happy with the results, and most importantly, it makes me happy to see this knowledge being helpful in the blogging world.

      I knew there was not too many ultimate guides on this topic – so I just went ahead and created the best one I can create at the moment.

      I had a few facebook followers ask me to create such guide on how to build a successful WordPress blog online – I could not let anyone down, right! πŸ˜€

      Thank you for your support and comment, Ivan!

      Keep up the great yourself man!

      Have a fantastic week!
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 4: This is the Best Way to Build a Blog and Accomplish Your Dreams in Life! [Podcast]My Profile

  13. Hi Freddy

    One of the most comprehensive post on building a successful WordPress blog. Earlier I got such post as an ebook and this post actually is a clear message if someone needs to deliver value he can do this with any type of contents.

    The last step is the secret of success. If someone took all the prior steps very correctly but don’t stick to it with consistency it is rare to get the desired results.

    I am sure this post which already has sent ripples in blogosphere would become one of the most recommended post on the topic

    Thanks a lot for such wonderful and valuable post indeed.

    Have a great week ahead.
    Mi Muba recently posted…10 gainful habits of top money bloggers you never read so farMy Profile

    • Hi Mi Muba!!

      That is what I was going for man!!

      I did my best to deliver the best guide for the new bloggers online. I know it is already helping many!

      That is something awesome to accomplish, for sure.

      I know, for a fact, that any new blogger can build a successful WordPress blog online – by following these steps correctly and with a lot of consistent action. There is no doubt about that!

      This is a lot of information, but it is also simple to understand and follow. I know a lot of new bloggers will benefit from this! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your support, for coming by and leaving a comment, Mi Muba!

      Keep up the great work yourself!

      Have a fantastic week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 4: This is the Best Way to Build a Blog and Accomplish Your Dreams in Life! [Podcast]My Profile

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    You left nothing on the topic about how to build a successful WordPress blog, we find information individually on each topic but getting all the information in one article is very impressive, I can imagine how much time you spend on this article.

    I hope most people will find this post informative especially to new bloggers who are planning to come into the blogging career.

    Initially when I was reading the article I thought it is over informative post but when I checked the blog comments you received made me think once again.

    Thank yo for sharing the gold mine as Carol described, see you soon.
    siddaiah recently posted…How To Monetize YouTube Videos Step By Step GuideMy Profile

    • Hey Siddaiah!

      I did my best …. I did my best Siddaiah! πŸ˜‰

      I know this is a lot of information – and it can take a long time to go through it and learn it all – but it is here to stay and teach!

      New bloggers can reference back to this guide as they are building their WordPress Blog. I just wanted to give them a guide to lean on, you know what I mean?!

      I’m very humbled by all of the people who are loving this post and giving it support. I really appreciate the support, and that is what drives me to keep on teaching and inspiring!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment man!

      Keep up the great work yourself!

      Have a fantastic week! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 4: This is the Best Way to Build a Blog and Accomplish Your Dreams in Life! [Podcast]My Profile

  15. Hi Freddy,
    The only reason I visited this article is just I was curious to know what was here, frankly telling I have read lots of these kinds of posts BUT many of them were a piece of shit only.

    If I consider myself then I still remember how difficult it was for me to set up all these things, there were a lot of fake well wishers who misleaded me, I had absolutely no idea about blog, in fact I was not even aware of the word blogging and the worst news is that those fake well wishers asked me to set up a website on Joomla, it was like asking a new born baby to speak and run but wait I won’t call this worst, there was something more worse even, they didn’t told me to set up webmaster tools, can you believe this ? A blog without webmaster tool. Those people took their fees but gave me incomplete info or should I say no info.

    What I wanna say is that I wish I had read a guide like this 1 year and 9 months ago before getting into this field, it would have made my work easier.

    Thanks to you for sharing a step by step handy guide like this which can save someone else.

    Best Regards,
    Karan Bhagat
    Karan Bhagat recently posted…How Fast Is My Internet Connection Web Speed TestMy Profile

    • Hi Karan!!

      Sorry to hear all that and your experience with other services that ended up being crappy. It happens!

      That is just a lesson learned for you.

      I know there is a lot of incomplete guides and even services online. This is why I took the time to create such guide.

      I wanted to make sure I laid out everything step by step – for the newbies and even the experienced blogger. This is a guide you can always refer back to, when you need some guidance on building a WordPress Blog online.

      I’m very glad you found this very valuable. Your feedback is very useful to me. It teaches me more about the audience I want to help! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Keep up the great work man!

      Have a fantastic weekend! πŸ˜€
      Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…EPISODE 4: This is the Best Way to Build a Blog and Accomplish Your Dreams in Life! [Podcast]My Profile

  16. Hi Freddy,

    So where the heck were you when I was struggling to learn WP about a year ago? πŸ˜‰

    Honestly, this tutorial is user friendly, even for neophytes, and clear. And despite its length, it’s concise… couldn’t have been an easy feat to pull off.

    I’m thinking this post could make a great Kindle book that would be a big improvement over an alarming number ‘how-tos’ I’ve read.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…10 Top Causes Of Death In AmericaMy Profile

    • Hi Edward!

      haha I was probably just blogging away … and still learning the amazing art of blogging! πŸ˜‰ lol

      I did my best to deliver the best here. That is for sure!

      I agree with ya, this could be a great valuable ebook!

      You can actually download the ebook version at my blog. I knew people would like an ebook version, so I made it happen! πŸ™‚

      My goal with this post, was to deliver as much as possible – because I did not see a very complete tutorial anywhere online. I did some research end did not see anyone else sharing a complete guide.

      So, I capitalized on the opportunity! haha

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment brother!

      Keep up the great work yourself!

      Have a great weekend! πŸ˜€
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  17. Wow wow wow, this is more than an book.

    I’m new to blogging and to this site. I can see why kingged.com recommended me to follow and learn from the featured members first. This is so much that you’re giving for free. If only I can download this. Anyway, I’m saving this on my hard drive to read more.

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    James Lucas recently posted…Is Making Money Online Real?My Profile

  18. Hello Freddy,

    I just breezed through this monster of a post today and have to say this is simply AMAZING.

    This is really an epical post, worthy of being sold as a book! It must have taken you several weeks or months to put this together, right?

    I can now see why this post is still on Kingged frontpage even though from the dates on the comments here it looks like this was posted some months ago.

    Great job.