There are indeed lazy ways moms can make money, online and offline. This article reveals 25 of the best ones to get started with right away!



When it comes to working, there are a variety of philosophies.

Those philosophies include an honest day’s work for an honest day’s dollar.

Another philosophy is that knowledge is power, and you should earn money for what you know, not necessarily for what you do.

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There is neither a right nor wrong answer as it relates to working and depends upon the person’s personality, philosophy of life, and what works for them regarding their skills and talents.

Another philosophy is that you don’t have to work hard for money, and if there are people that are willing to pay you and the work is not hard, then why not?

This particular philosophy has certainly gained traction, especially as it relates to the use of technology and finding online opportunities as well as in other areas to participate in a non-strenuous activity and get paid in the process.

With these different types of making money, let us sit back on our favorite chairs and look at opportunities that can be classified as a lazy way of making money for moms.


Personal Story

On one occasion, I was writing an article for the benefit of others about ways to realize money without going through a lot of difficulties.

This was for a different company.

While I was conducting my research, one of the suggestions was to go to state and national websites to see if there was free unclaimed money that might be listed under my name.

Unfortunately, my name was not listed as being owed any money from the various sites that I researched.

However, when conducting a search using my friend’s maiden name, as she requested, there was a possibility that her name was associated with a life insurance policy where she was possibly the beneficiary of her grandmother.

Well, sure enough, after laying claim to the money and filing the appropriate paperwork and identification needed, she became a quick beneficiary of over $1,000.

Not bad for doing a little bit of research, submitting paperwork, and following through.


25 Lazy Ways Moms Can Make Money


1. Sell Pictures

If you have a digital camera or even a smartphone, you can make money by taking and selling pictures.

Those pictures taken may have a unique subject that you have photographed or a wonderful angle that you captured which makes the picture stunning and quite impactful.

You can upload these images to various platforms on the web that may pay you for your images.

One of those websites is Another is for feet pictures.

If you are game you can even make money taking and selling your body pictures online.


2. Watch Videos

A fairly passive and lazy way of earning money is watching videos.

You can go to YouTube and watch particular videos and be paid for your time while you are entertained.

There are a variety of online platforms that will assign you this task and pay you in the process.

One of those sites is

Check out the following articles for more on earning money while watching TV shows, movies, videos, etc:


3. Scan Shopping Receipts  

We all need to go shopping, and often when we go through the checkout line, we are asked whether we want our receipt or not.

Your answer would be yes because you can scan those shopping receipts and translate them into extra money.

One of the apps that you can download on your smartphone is Ibotta, and when you purchase certain items, you will receive cash back for those purchases.


4. Take Surveys

Just about everybody has an opinion on a variety of subjects.

Why not voice your opinion and get paid in the process?

There are a variety of sites that you can sign up for, and even a first-time user receives a reward for just registering.

One of those sites that will pay you in cash or through reward cards is


5. Typing  

Although typing requires a little bit of work, if you are a good typist with a good to excellent words per minute rate, you can get paid for your service.

Often, individuals need to read captions, and sometimes the typing is used to provide the captioning needed for some of the videos.

A site that utilizes typists to type out the captions can be accessed at

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6. Sell Breast Milk

As a mom, perhaps you are still lactating, and this would provide you an easy opportunity to get paid and earn money by selling your breast milk.

Not only will you earn money, but you will help make the connection between a mother and her infant by providing this nutrition.

A site that you can go to inquire about selling your breast milk can be found by clicking here.


7. Voiceovers

A fairly easy way to make money is by utilizing your voice.

There are many marketing companies, written books that need an individual to read the books aloud, and so forth, which simply requires the reading of a script or, in the case of the book reading, the narrative is recorded in the appropriate format.

One of the significant websites that you can look for voiceover job opportunities even for beginners can be found at


8. Teaching

Teaching a child to read may require a little work and effort, but if you enjoy kids and reading and teaching the child to read, this can be a fairly passive and nonintrusive way of earning money.

The process involves a platform called Out School and does not require a teaching certification.

All that is needed is a passion by the teacher for helping kids to learn.

To check out any opportunities for teaching children to read, you can go to Outschool.


9. Mystery Shopper

Who doesn’t like to shop?

If you include yourself in that favorite activity, why not get paid to shop by being part of a mystery shopping network?

The process involves registering, being selected, and accepting a task to either go to a store, eat at a restaurant or shop online.

Modest work involves keeping track of your receipts, giving a review, and, if asked, responding to a survey based on your experience.

You can go to Mystery Shopping and register to be part of this program.


10. Browsing Online

If you enjoy being on your computer and browsing the Internet, why not get paid in the process?

There are search engines that will pay individuals to conduct searches.

Those search engines would include:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Etc.

One of the ways that you can be involved in browsing the Internet is through Nielsen.


11. Sell Books

A way to earn money with a little bit of effort is to sell used books online.

You may have your own used books, and by registering at eBay, you can register those books for sale.

Another way to obtain used books would be to go to various thrift stores and look for unique books that may resonate with potential buyers.

Also, perhaps within your community, there is a used bookstore in which you can browse and purchase books to list on eBay.

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12. Paid To Sleep

The pinnacle way of getting paid to be lazy would be to receive money for sleeping.

There are a number of mattress firms and so forth that will pay individuals to participate in sleep trials.

Some of the trials are designed to analyze how people sleep and how individuals who have trouble getting to sleep or are insomniacs.

Typically, to participate in such a program, you have to meet a certain demographic, but it can be possible.

A site to start your research on this lazy way of earning money can be found at Sleep Junkie.


13. Picoworker

A website that provides opportunities for small tasks to be done fairly quickly and get paid in the process is the Picoworker.

After registering online, you may have the opportunity to take on a few tasks that don’t require much involvement.

The tasks include:

  • Data entry
  • Online research
  • Filling out questionnaires
  • And so forth


14. Walking

One of the really legit apps that will pay you for just simply walking is Sweat Coin.

By downloading this app on your smartphone, you can begin walking and earning money.

The data that is obtained through your walking is provided to health providers who utilize this information for the various studies that they’re involved with.


15. Walk Dogs

Another way to gain exercise and interact with lovable pets is to walk other family pets.

You can do this by reaching out on your own to various neighbors in the community and offering to walk their dogs, or you can work through an app known as Rover.


16. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a webpage, a YouTube channel, or a blog, you can utilize affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you work with companies that will place a link on your site, and when clicked by your followers and they purchase an item, you will receive a percentage of that purchase.

To access an affiliate marketing partner, you can go to the website known as Clickbank and see what affiliate marketing opportunities would match your particular presence on the web and reflect your involvement.


17. Deliver Groceries

Another opportunity that you can earn money without too much effort is by shopping for individuals who make a request for grocery delivery.

Through Instacart, you can register on the site by providing copies of various documents associated with the use of your vehicle, your driver’s license, and DMV history, and through the app, take on jobs in which you not only shop for the person but deliver the food as well.


18. Review Hotels

There are many hotel chains that pay and hire individuals to stay at their hotel and invite those individuals to review their night’s lodging.

Another reason why hotel chains utilize mystery guests to stay at their hotels is to ensure that the standard and quality of this hotel chain and the brand represented by staff provide optimum service to the guests.

This is an easy way of earning up to $100 to stay a night at a quality hotel, and the only effort on your part would be to write a review.

You could check out a website such as and see if there are any postings for hotel reviewers.


19. Play Games

A fun way to get paid by various companies is to play and test out games.

These games are being tested through the beta testing process, and the purpose of the testing is to identify any glitches, whether the game functions well, if there was any freezing or crashing of the games, etc.

A website where you may be able to find an opportunity to test games can be found


20. Binge Watcher

An opportunity to earn money by watching the streaming entertainment site Netflix is by becoming a professional binge watcher or also known as an editorial analyst.

The job of the editorial analyst is to watch all types of movies, including TV shows and documentaries, and arrange them in the proper categories.

Another opportunity to be involved that allows you to get paid by watching videos is through a site such as Branded Surveys.


21. Book Reviews

If you enjoy reading, there are many opportunities where you are assigned the reading of a book or two over a certain period of time and write a review.

The review is posted to the Amazon site or also on Goodreads.

The involvement of conducting the review requires that you read a chapter or two and then provide a basic overview and your opinion of the way that the book is written and how it connects with the reader.

Potential book reading and review jobs can be found at


22. Sell Gift Cards

An opportunity that presents itself and ways that you can earn money is by selling gift cards.

You may have received a gift card, but it might possibly be to a retail store that you don’t often shop at or frequent.

You can sell this type of card that you don’t use on a variety of sites.

One of those sites is Clip Kard.


23. Unclaimed Money

There are websites, usually at the state level, in which unclaimed money is held by the controller’s office because the money is unclaimed by the owner.

Money could be insurance claims, retirement benefits, money left in checking accounts, etc.

You can go to this site or others.


24. Listen to Music

Another site that offers a variety of tasks to be completed by an individual and getting paid in the process including listening to music is


25. Budget

An easy way to earn money is to go through your budget and identify line items that reflect expenses that can be “trimmed back.”

Examples include your auto insurance.

Quite possibly you took a driver safety course which might qualify you for a discount.

Additionally, you’re driving habits may have changed, or you wish to reduce your deductible, etc.

Quite possibly, through these actions, you might be able to reduce your premiums.

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Lazy Money Making Ways for Moms FAQs


What is the Best Way to Find Lazy Ways to Make Money?

The best way to find money is by searching on the Internet.

You can use keywords such as lazy ways for a mom to make money, easy ways to make money for a stay-at-home mother, and so forth.

Your return on utilizing search engines will populate your screen with a number of articles as well as specific ways that you can earn money the lazy way.

Also, it is important to read particular blogs in which individuals write about these specific types of jobs and can provide quality information, as well as websites that are linked to the articles that you can research as well.


Are There Any Precautions as It Relates to Taking Easy Jobs Specifically Designed for Stay-at-home Moms?

Two specific precautions come to mind when looking at taking on an easy or lazy way of earning money as a mom.

Specifically, the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally applies in this situation.

If a site offers you an unbelievable amount of money for doing a specific type of job, it is important to read the red flags and investigate this opportunity yourself.

Also, there are some sites that require that you invest or purchase something in order to be involved with the opportunity.

This could possibly be a scam, and therefore it is important to do your research and read any reviews on this company and the opportunities that they are advertising as available to ensure that they are credible.


You Can Do It

For a mom, it is often difficult to take a job outside of the home due to your commitment to providing for and nurturing your children.

Fortunately, you can not only earn income but earn this income through fairly little effort and still provide attentive care to your family.



Often, when we think of earning a wage, we use the term labor.

Through the ease of the Internet and paid opportunities available, the term of labor can now be transformed into lazy or easy money that doesn’t require a lot of effort or exertion on your part.

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