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The glamour industry is big business. Both men and women are always looking for ways and new methods to make themselves attractive to others.

Men and women will sometimes dye their hair to wash away the tell-tale signs of age, have their hair styled to reflect good grooming, join health clubs for health reasons as well as looking fit, etc.

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Specific to men is the wearing of toupes or hair transplants to cover balding. For women, the wearing of cosmetic products such as make-up, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. to enhance their natural beauty.

Also, to underscore the allurement of a woman’s eyes is the use of faux eyelashes. This is not a new phenomenon but certainly has taken on a whole new dynamic as women are discovering anew the beauty of lush eyelashes.

Consequently, a new business opportunity that has become a thriving enterprise is a lash extension business.


Importance of Eyelash

The way one looks and feels about themselves can have a significant impact on the individual both outwardly and inwardly.

Obviously, beauty is only skin deep, but making a few changes to one’s outward appearance can go a long way to make one feel more confident.

Often people equate caring of oneself as vanity or vain pursuits.

It could be in some instances, but most likely it is simply a matter of a woman or man loving themselves and caring for their bodies.

It could be compared to eating properly and exercising so that the individual serves their body and their body, in turn, serves them.

Like all things overindulgence is unhealthy, but modest care is necessary for all things. We live in a physical world where inward beauty is what matters most.

However, this inward beauty is strengthened and revealed outwardly through the love of ourselves and care for our bodies.

Consequently, to enhance the inward and outward beauty, of particularly women, a business opportunity that presents itself is the lash business.


What is a Lash Business?

Women, for the most part, have always had an interest in beautifying their eyes.

Men, not so much, but certainly are attracted to women who have utilized a variety of eye beauty products to make their eyes more striking.

Some of those products include eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, etc. Another popular beauty enhancement was false eyelashes.

Today, eyelashes have taken on a whole new dynamic through the applying of eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic process that is applied to the existing eyelashes. The extensions can be made from a variety of substances.

Some of those materials include silk, mink, human or horsehair, or synthetics. When applied by a professional, using a specially made adhesive, the eyelashes become full and lush.

This then allows for the eyelashes to be curled adding to the allurement of the women’s eyes.


Before the Lashes are Applied

The cosmetic industry, including the application of eyelash extensions, is big business.

It is estimated that by the year 2025 that the lash business who realize revenues to the eye batting level of $1.6 billion.


How to Start a Lash Business (Tips to Help You)


Tip #1: Know the Lash Laws

The lash business is still in its infant stages. As a new enterprise, state requirements, certifications, and laws have not quite caught up to standardize the industry.

Consequently, in America and across the fifty states, the requirements for operation and the operator vary.

For example, some states may require that the business operates under a cosmetology license.

Obtaining this license allows the certified operators to provide the barbering and beauty needs of their customers.

The licensing board is mandated to protect the consumer and regulate the industry in the various states.

While other states require that the lashing business and professionals operate under the oversight of licensing as an esthetician.

This license is obtained by attending a formal esthetician training curriculum or, in some states, on-the-job training (OJT) is acceptable, present training documentation, complete any required examinations, and secure, at cost, a license.

Therefore, before one decides to pursue a career in enhancing the beauty and self-confidence of others, it would be prudent to research the state lashing law of your residence.

A good place to begin would be by talking with others in the industry or researching on your own. This can be accomplished by conducting a word search on various search engines.

Also, it is important to remember that the laws, at this point, vary from state to state.

It may be a good idea to be aware of the various requirements of neighboring states or potential a new state of residence.

Additionally, with the industry being in a static state, it may be wise to be aware of any potential legislation being considered as it relates to the lash business.

Any potential changes to the current law should be considered and how it may or may not affect you.

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How to Start a Lash Business


Tip #2: Lash out the Budget

Before quitting your day job, the potential lash business owner should endeavor to gain an idea regarding the market for the lash business and customer expectations.

To obtain an idea of the need for this service, the potential business owner could:

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  • Ask family and friends for their candid response
  • Visit various beauty shops to gather an idea about customers who have asked or would benefit from this beauty service
  • Talk to providers of this service both locally and regionally and gain insight operationally and financially
  • Possibly obtain a treatment to know the competition and the fee

Part of the decision-making process as to whether to proceed in starting a lash business is to count the cost.

In other words, what will your lash business budget look like?

Various expense line items regarding cost would be:

  • Rental space (own business or renting space in an existing beauty salon)
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Salary
  • Supplies
  • Licensing and Fees
  • Training & Seminars

Of course, it is important to take into consideration the income side of the ledger. After all, this is a business and one in which there will be anticipated revenue.

  • Customer Sales
  • Seminars (Possibly income from conducting information events about lashes)
  • Sales of products
  • Tips

You are the service expert when it comes to applying lashes. However, your business success as a female or even male doing this business needs to have a full understanding of the business side of the entrepreneurship enterprise.

Of extreme importance, it is important to remember that we live in a litigious society. Therefore, make sure that you have adequate insurance to protect you from liability.

Make sure that your lashes are wide open!


Tip #3: Lash Learning

This writing assumes that wanting to start your own lash business is built on a current career in cosmetology.

Therefore, assuming that one has the basic knowledge, skills, and experience in the beauty industry they are now looking to extend their skill level by providing a lash component to their current operation or venture out on a specific lash business for clientele.

To learn how to properly apply eyelash extensions it is important that you conduct your homework and research to determine what reputable classes are available in your community.

This can be simply done by conducting an online search for training in eyelash extensions or talking to a current individual and find out what school or courses they took to learn this skill.

It is also important to remember that there are various styles of applying eyelash extensions. You may want to learn all of the different methods or you may want to just focus on one particular application process.

It would be the decision of the potential business owner as to what style they wish to specialize in.

Therefore, your research should include investigating those various styles and what they seem to be the most popular and one that you are most comfortable in learning.

Some critical aspects to consider when searching for a curriculum that specializes in applying eyelash extensions include:

  • It is important to be aware of their certification
  • How the courses are structured (how many days a week and over how many weeks)
  • Talk to any graduates of the program to be aware of their evaluation of the courses and their comfort level with the instructors

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eyelash business


Tip #4: Lash Central

Once all of the initial steps have been taken and you are trained ready to begin, it is important to remember that you only get one crack at a first impression.

Consequently, attention should be given to your eyelash extension studio. Your studio can either be set up in your home, a separate building, or a rented space within a beauty salon business.

It should be a combination of both professionalism and yet one that is personally in fighting.

Most likely, besides the actual eyelash extensions, will be the needed purchase of an eyelash bed to accommodate the customer as they recline for their eyelash extension treatment.

This is a critical piece of your inventory and one that is not only budgeted but should be a quality item to enhance the comfort of your customer.

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Tip #5: Don’t Be Lash Lethargic

Like most businesses, there is a constant flow of new information for staff and owners, business requirements, and regulations.

It would seem that the lash extension business would be no different as to new methods and materials that lashes can be created.

Therefore, as in your budget, it is important to keep up-to-date with the innovations and processes that are being unveiled.

Attending seminars and receiving additional training on at least a yearly basis would certainly enhance your business and keep you up-to-date on the more recent innovations in your lash business.


Want to Start your Own Lash Business? You Can Do It!

America is known as the land of opportunity. Our heritage proclaims that we can pursue life liberty and happiness.

By law, everyone is to be treated equally and can go as far in life as their initiative and drive will take them.

There are many dreams that Americans embrace. Often those dreams include owning a home, earning a decent wage, raising a family in a safe environment, etc.

Additionally, there are some Americans who enjoy the economic form of American capitalism. They choose to strike out on their own through the formation of their own business.

Entrepreneurship is very important and very alive and well in America.

It is not an exclusive club but its membership is open to individuals who have the drive, the dream, the resources, and the needed expertise to start their entrepreneurial enterprise.

If you as an individual wish to start your own lash business the opportunity is there.

There are hurdles to jump over and hoops to go through, but the protection of the new business owner and their customers is paramount.

Importantly, the American economic structure facilitates such a dream of owning one’s business.


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The lash business is a cutting-edge beauty process that enhances the alluring eyes of an individual.

However, it is more than just a superficial beauty product to make one even more attractive.

As the individual invests in their outward beauty, they are also investing in their inward beauty.

Feeling good about one’s self externally deepens internally the individual’s self-awareness, self-respect, confidence, and love for themselves.

By addressing the inward and the outward person together the wholeness translates into a powerful process.

The lash business owner plays a significant part in that process.

If considering starting a business by applying lash extensions, you are doing others a great service. This great service is not only reflected in their outward appearance but their inward authenticity.

Wanting to start your own lash business? The ayes have it.

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