There are large scale business ideas to get involved in, to make money.

This helpful article highlights as many as 25 such large business ideas for you to consider.


Why Large Scale Business Ideas?

Many professionals that serve us are often called upon to provide a future assessment of their interaction with us.

For example, our financial advisor will suggest an investment strategy for our hard-earned money.

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They will assess our personal financial needs, our tolerance for risk, take into account the historical performance of the investment, look at trends, and with other considerations offer suggestions.

They do not have a financial investment crystal ball but offer advice based on numerous streams of information.

The same can be said about business.

If wishing to start a business or increase your business activity there is no sure thing and no business start-up crystal ball that can be gazed into to foresee any success.

However, we can learn from past business actions, be absorbed in the present moment, and make informed business decisions about the future.

With that in mind, let us put away our crystal balls, look long and deep into the reality of trends and get an idea of where business is headed and possibly large-scale business ideas.


25 Best Money Making Large Scale Business Ideas


1. Real Estate 

With the current housing prices skyrocketing in a number of states and local communities, the push for more affordable housing coupled with population increases, especially in China, will require new home construction.

Therefore, a significant expanding business as it relates to greater needs is anything to do with the real estate business.


2. Agribusiness

In the light of the expanding global population, one of the life maintaining services is in the area of agriculture,

To address expanding population will be an expanding growth needed in agriculture and anything related to this business.


3. Communications 

As part of the need for quality communications, any business that is currently in operation or starting will need to incorporate good communication systems.

Communication is and will continue to be critical for businesses in order to provide sales, interact with customers, provide good customer service, etc.

Also, communication will be paramount as it relates to the increase in employment opportunities being done remotely.

Advances in technology, the use of smartphones, etc should all be considered as part of a growing scalable trend.

Whether it is people interacting with people or people interacting with businesses, the extreme need for quality communication options through technology is a significant forecasted area of growth.


4. Electric Cars 

It would appear that the current direction of the traditional automobile with its combustible engine seems to be a focus of legislative actions to restrict its use more and more.

Consequently, the push toward the use of electric cars seems to be the future being observed through the front windshield.

Therefore, anything related to electrical vehicles, power stations, etc. will be a profitable business that will scale exponentially as the push for electrical vehicles on the road grows greater.


5. Legal Services 

The rule of law as it relates to individuals and businesses is the standard for solving legal issues and complaints that we may have with others or with businesses.

At this point in time, there doesn’t seem to be any decrease in court proceedings and other associated items as it pertains to providing legal services.

Some of those other legal services could include the filing of titles, deeds, use of notaries, settlement officers, etc.

This commitment and use of legal processes and staff make this a continual need with the possibility of increased expansion as a business idea to earn revenue.


6. Automotive Rental and Leasing 

An emerging and profitable business that came out of the global pandemic was the various rideshare companies.

There does not seem to be any shifting of the gear into reverse for this established service and in fact, may only increase as the cost to own and utilize a vehicle increases.

This then is a strong possibility of a large-scale business idea that can be fully embraced and continue to be a profitable venture.


7. Press Release/Copywriter Service 

A critical component of the market action plan for businesses is the provision of copywriting as well as the dissemination of press releases.

A company that can specialize in these two areas of service will be able to increase the visibility of a company by providing quality writing services as well as helping the company to utilize and implement its marketing plan.

A good marketing strategy can translate into dollars or revenue for the company and for the company that provides press release and copywriting services.


8. Exporting and Importing

Emphasizing once again the reality that the marketplace goes beyond local, state, and national boundaries and extends internationally raises the importance of an importing and exporting business.

An exporting and importing company can capitalize on the global economy but would need to be keenly aware of international regulations and the inner workings of the global market

The products available for sale and importing with this business would run the gamut from vehicles to clothing and beyond.


9. eCommerce Website 

Shopping is no longer restricted to the local shop at the corner or a mall with over 100 stores.

Today, the purchase of goods is only a click away with the marketplace being a global mall.

A business that seemingly will do well as it relates to e-commerce will be a website or combination of websites that provide the opportunity for shoppers to access retailers that have a presence on the line.


10. Eco-friendly Business 

As the natural resources of the earth continue to be depleted and the efforts of the world’s population intensify to conserve those resources and take on an attitude of being eco-friendly, a business that will thrive in this scenario is an eco-friendly business.

The eco-friendly business can be a resource for businesses to allow a consultant to review the operations within the business in an effort to identify areas where the carbon footprint can be reduced.

In addition, the forward-thinking eco-friendly company can provide consultation as it relates to going into the company and identifying ways that energy-efficient products can be utilized, and savings provided to the company.


11. Cybersecurity 

The reality is that the Internet is comprised of quality material and individuals who are responsible and caring people that respect the involvement of other people.

Unfortunately, there are bad actors on the website who lie in wait to wreak havoc and take what is not theirs.

Therefore, a quality scalable business idea to make significant amounts of money is to help current companies with their business cyber security plan and provide the needed tools so that sites cannot be breached, and employees and users will be educated to be the first line of defense against cyber-attacks.

Security software will also be an integral part of cyber-security.


12. Mobile App Developer 

There used to be a running joke in that whenever you mentioned a particular subject or service, the response was “there is an app for that.”

That statement is no longer a joke but is a reality and the use of apps for gameplaying, conducting financial transactions, companies better serving their customers, etc. is a significant part of our daily technology experience

It stands to reason that the development of apps and the restructuring of current apps will be an ongoing service.

A company that can utilize this as a large-scale business idea to make money would be wise to not only have their own app developed but help in the facilitating of others in the creation and updating of their apps.


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13. Pet Services 

Ownership has grown exponentially as people and families make their pets a part of their family.

The family care for pets includes grooming services, ordering of supplies, dog walking services, boarding the animal when families are away, etc.

The pet industry is big business and most likely will escalate in revenue generated as pet owners are committed to the care of their pets and spend money as part of their dedication to these extended family members.


14. Mobile Restaurant/Food Delivery 

Another valuable and popular service that emerged out of the recent pandemic was the use of food delivery services.

After a number of years, individuals have grown accustomed to the convenience of this service and therefore, it seems that this will be a viable moneymaking option for businesses in the future.


15. Financial Services 

The provision of financial services will be constant in the foreseeable future.

These financial services include tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and more.

With this in mind, a large scalable business that will only continue to grow to meet the needs of its customers will be offering financial services.


16. Education and Training Service 

A business sector that is growing exponentially is in the area of education and training.

This business category includes everything regarding education which can be teaching school subjects privately as a tutor, starting a school of instruction such as teaching people to dance or to drive a vehicle, and also involves the use of technology in teaching people of all ages a new language.


17. Investment Firm 

It seems today that more individuals are involved in wanting to make their money work for them.

Therefore, a significantly large scale business is in the area of investments.

Investments can range anywhere from stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrency, etc.


18. Franchise Ownership 

As part of the American dream, Americans often think about starting their own business.

A great way to make this dream a reality is by investing in a franchise.

There is a multitude of franchise opportunities available to the individual who wishes to pursue an investment in a franchise and then grow that franchise into additional purchases and surely have a significant chain of franchises that are bringing in good revenue.

Examples of franchises can involve services such as food, vehicle servicing franchises, specialty stores, etc.


19. Insurance 

It would appear that insurance is on the cusp of going through a significant metamorphosis.

The change that appears to be coming is fueled by insurance company customers who often don’t see the value of paying their monthly premiums and are left scratching their heads about how insurance rates are determined.

Consequently, the change in the insurance company is becoming more transparent and more engaging for the customer.

With these changes in the works, based on disgruntled customers, it opens up the possibility of involvement in insurance becoming an opportunity to reengage current customers and expand the growth of the insurance industry.


20. Eldercare 

By definition, a business that is scalable has the potential for growth and increasing the opportunity for revenue.

This opportunity for growth and demand for senior care services is expanding as well as the current generation of Baby Boomers continuing to advance in age and so, as well, their need for more medical care involvement.

Generations following will also age and therefore there seems to be a possibility of a continual need for growth in eldercare.


21. Solar 

Globally, nations and their citizens are scrambling for new opportunities to engage in the use of renewable energy to provide more economical and efficient energy sources to preserve the earth’s natural earth’s resources.

A seeming solution now and in the foreseeable future will be the growth of solar energy and the need for solar paneling and improved technology.

A viable business opportunity to make money as the combination of the two needs increase may likely prove solar energy to be a good company business expanding opportunity.


22. Cleaning 

Even if the home has two adults, the reality is that those two individuals are working full time.

This makes the time a premium when the individuals get home in order to prepare for the nightly chores as well as the potential of caring for any other family members within the home.

Often neglected is the cleanliness of the home and therefore, a scalable job opportunity company opportunity would be the area of cleaning services.


23. Construction 

Construction, it seems, has always been a growing segment of the economy and, although there are occasional lapses, it seems that this will be an ongoing robust growing segment of the nation’s focus.

In addition, there is extreme interest in improving infrastructure within the United States.

All of these factors will combine together to create a quality business opportunity that will grow proportionately and earn the business owner significant amounts of money.


24. Web Design 

One of the critical factors leading to the success of a business is no longer an option but a necessity as it relates to web design and a company’s webpage.

With advancing technology and the addition of quality functionality, the web designs of tomorrow and into the future have a strong possibility for growth.

To answer this growth a company whose purpose is to design websites will be in great demand as the need continues to grow as well as the technology side of the creation of webpages.


25. YouTube 

Social media is no longer just a pleasant way of sharing with your friends and family, it has now become significantly commercialized and is being explored more and more for revenue-generating by individuals and businesses alike.

Therefore, a company that specializes in YouTube presentations and promoting and maximizing a company’s involvement with this social media platform and others will be in great demand for customers who need to expand.


Personal Story

There is a great scene in one of the Star Trek movies in which the crew of the Enterprise, aboard a Klingon vessel, are traveling back in time to save the future.

Spock, the logical and emotionless Vulcan, is asked how he is calculating the coordinates to have them return to the setpoint from when they left in the future.

Spock tells McCoy how he has calculated their return, but that acceleration is no longer a constant.

McCoy advises Spock to take his best guess which is of course against the very grain of a Vulcan.

I guess one of the takeaways from this entertaining and fictional scene of the movie is that we can have all of our ducks lined up in a row and have calculated everything out to the nth detail but there are still variables in life that provide no guarantees.


Money Earning Large Scale Business Ideas FAQs


What Are Some Significant Business Trends?

Some of those business trends include:

  • Remote is not going away
  • Digital transformation
  • Energy sector
  • Global business will expand
  • Healthcare
  • Senior care


What Makes a Business Highly Scalable?

The ability of the business to handle increased market demands would make a business highly scalable.


You Can Do It

Got an idea for a future business service?

Or perhaps an expansion of a current service that has proven successful and seems to be an ongoing trend?

You are on the right track and your continual pursuit and business instinct will serve you better than any crystal ball.



We don’t know what the future business climate or success will be of any business endeavor.

It is in the future and there is no business crystal ball.

However, based on past business practices, the present business climate, and potential business trends, we can make informed decisions with an added touch of a little bit of guessing.

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