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Why Look for KOHO Referral Code?

Everyone is looking for a way to make that extra cash legitimately without stressing or hindering their major source of income.

This opportunity isn’t hard to come by in this digitalized age. All you need is the correct information.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Congratulations in advance, because in this article, we will give you the secret to earning up to $1,000 with KOHO, at no cost or stress.

I suppose you just hear about the fintech company.

In that case, you must read this through with rapt attention, as we will share all there is to know about the alternative solution to conventional banking — including KOHO Pros, cons, services, and how to get KOHO referral codes.

With KOHO, you have the liberty to spend less, save more, and cultivate the most beneficial financial discipline you can ever dream of.

The fintech company is more concerned with helping you make smart financial decisions while rewarding you abundantly for the smart choices you make.

Learn more about the Fintech initiative below.


What is KOHO?

KOHO is one of the leading Fintech companies in Canada.

It provides users with a reloadable prepaid Visa card that’s attached to an app, both of which make it easier to streamline and optimize your spending in the best way possible while enjoying various offers.

It’s an efficient way of spending and saving simultaneously, growing your savings, earning interests, and getting cash back on purchases.

Your funds are held securely, as KOHO is partnered by People’s Trust and CDIC (Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation).

This gives you a slight relief and assurance that your funds are secure and you have no worries trusting KOHO.

The KOHO Visa card is directly linked to the app, which helps track your spending and insights into your spending habits.

You can have a personal KOHO account or a joint one with your partner, siblings, or anybody you feel safe and secure sharing an account with.

KOHO has established itself as a prominent and efficient option to conventional banking.

It has attracted and retained more users due to its impeccable services and the implementation of remarkable promotional strategies.

All these don’t make it flawless and certifies it as a foolproof fintech company. This is why we’ve highlighted some of the Pros and Cons of the initiative, based on our research, experience, and users review.


KOHO Referral Code & How to Earn

The KOHO referral code is a unique set of codes that indicates that a referral is coming from you.

It is essential because you get a $20 bonus for every referral you make, while the person you refer to also gets the same.

Referring someone to KOHO and ensuring they make a transaction within 30 days is an avenue to make extra cash.

KOHO allows up to 50 referrals per account, which means you can earn up to $1000 with your unique referral code.

This makes the KOHO referral code essential. To qualify for a KOHO referral code, you must be a registered user and must have completed at least one transaction with your credit card.


Best Ways to Get KOHO Referral Code


1. From The KOHO App

If you’re looking to generate a referral code for yourself, the following the proceeding steps on the KOHO App

  • Login to your account with the necessary details
  • Click on the ‘Gift icon’ on the top right side of the app
  • Generate your unique referral code and share it for friends to use.
  • Alternatively, you can also click on perks at the bottom right side of the app to reveal the unique code.


2. From A friend

Getting a KOHO referral code from a friend implies that you’re joining the platform via your friend.

The code won’t be yours, and subsequent referral bonuses after your signup bonus will keep going to him/her if others keep using the referral code to join.


3. From the Web

Various blogs and websites online like Koho provide helpful information on where and how to get a KOHO referral code.

By surfing the internet and checking blogs with KOHO-related news, you’ll indeed find help and helpful tips on getting KOHO referral codes.


Steps to use your KOHO Referral Code

Using the KOHO referral code is as easy as using any other promotion or referral code. It requires no special knowledge or tools.

For easier understanding, we’ve highlighted the various steps below:

Get Your Code

Using any of the highlighted means of getting the KOHO referral codes above, generate your unique code, most preferably from the app provided you’re the one willing to refer someone.

Share Your Code

Keeping the code doesn’t have any benefit to you. It is when you share with friends, they’d be able to use it to sign up.

You both (you and any friend) get a $20 bonus after a successful transaction by the referred friend within a month, using the KOHO card.

Monitor Code Usage

Yes, you should ensure that you follow up the shared link or code to ensure that your friends did the needful of entering the code and purchasing successful registration.

Signing up with KOHO allows you to enjoy their beneficial and efficient products.

More details on the products are discovered in the subsequent section of this article.

Check out the following for more coupon or promo codes:


KOHO Products

This refers to the services KOHO offers its users. These services are highly beneficial, and they form the USP (unique selling point) of the brand. They include:

Spending and Savings Account

This is an essential service that all KOHO users enjoy. It requires no minimum balance, monthly charge and also has unlimited e-transfers.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Your KOHO card is made available within a few days of successful registration, and you can use the card to make purchases and save on KOHO.

KOHO Premium

The premium package of this excellent Fintech initiative comes at $9/month or $84 annually.

The premium package comes with a free 30-days trial and other additional benefits, which includes:

  • New card design
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Price matching
  • 2% cash back on spending involving groceries, eating & drinking, and logistics.
  • Higher velocity limits.

All these and more make the KOHO premium package desirable.


KOHO is partnered by different top brands, including Pizza Pizza, Altitude sports, Frank & Oak, and Rakuten Kobo.

When you purchase from any of these partners, you get a 10% cash back on your purchase.

This extra cash back is automatically added to your account within 1-2 business days, and it helps you reduce purchase costs.

Early Payroll

KOHO also offers an early payroll option that allows you access to $100 of your paycheck three days earlier.

However, if you want immediate access to your funds earlier in your cycle, probably due to an, a $5 is charged.

Credit Building

You sure know how essential building your credit score is, and KOHO helps you achieve this in the easiest way possible.

Either you just want to start building your credit score, or you’re rebuilding it; KOHO offers this service impeccably, and you’d notice an improvement in your credit score within 6months.

This service comes at a meager fee of $7/month.


You can also get to lock away your savings that you’re not willing to spend any time soon.

Besides making it easier to secure, KOHO also offers competitive interest on your locked funds, thereby increasing its value.

This implies that you can earn from using this service.


KOHO helps you save by automatically rounding up your purchase cost to the nearest dollars.

The extra fee is saved in your account and can be withdrawn anytime you want.


KOHO Referral Code



Using KOHO might be the wisest financial decision you make this year. Well, it might not.

After considering the merits and demerits associated with the Fintech initiative, it’s left to you to decide that.

No Annual Fees

When it comes to KOHO, you’re not obliged to pay any monthly or annual charges for using the service.

Unless you opt for the premium package, it is free, which comes at an affordable monthly fee. KOHO transparent pricing makes them a good option.

The Fintech initiative is streamlined in such a way that you know for what you’re being charged for exactly, and there are no hidden charges.

Automated Saving Goals

With KOHO, you don’t have difficulty saving. The platform allows you to set a particular amount to save at a speculated time.

Provided the available fund in your account is up to that amount, it automatically gets saved for you during the speculated savings period.

This helps you reach your saving goals quicker, easier, and with less stress. Your savings might be to get a house, car, trip ticket, or anything you desire.

Financial Insights

KOHO credit card comes with an app linked to it. One of the primary functions of this app is to provide you an insight into your finances.

It shows how much you’ve spent, what you spend on the most, how much you’ve saved personally, and how much you’ve saved due to KOHO rewards.

The benefit of this is that it helps you control your spending, enhances savings, and confers financial discipline in you.


With a direct deposit set up, KOHO gives you up to 1.2% interest on your spendings and savings.

This is quite a plus if you view it from the angle that you don’t have to give anything in return to receive this interest, just save and spend with KOHO.

The interest rate is one of the best compared to other Fintech companies around.

Cash Back On Purchase

Another benefit you stand to gain by Choosing KOHO is that you get cashback on every purchase you make.

KOHO gives you a 0.5% cash back on every purchase price when you pay with your KOHO credit card.

This implies that you earn as you spend. The more you spend, the more you earn.

Free Financial Coaching

Not only does KOHO provide financial Insights, but they also provide you with free financial coaching, with direct deposit set up.

This implies that by merely using KOHO, you stand a chance of gaining some financial literacy knowledge that would’ve cost you more to acquire.

Sign Up Bonus

You get to enjoy a reward of about $20 when you sign up for KOHO and make a transaction within 30 days.

This signup bonus provides an avenue to earn with KOHO using your referral codes, further details about it are discussed as you continue reading this article.



Finding something without its setbacks or cons is difficult, but KOHO is close to being such a thing.

This is because the platform’s cons are very negligible. Below are the cons associated with KOHO:

Limited Free International Withdrawal Per month

For KOHO, you can only make one free international withdrawal within a month, at no cost.

Rather than stopping other international withdrawals after the first free one within the month, the platform charges about $5 on subsequent international withdrawals after using the free one.

No Insurance Benefit

KOHO offers no insurance benefits for travel, purchase, or mobile phone.

However, CDIC ensures that your funds are secured under their standard insurance code of conduct.

Optimum Benefits comes at a price

This isn’t a con per se, and it is familiar to every online service except a few. KOHO offers more benefits with its premium package, and that comes at a price.

The implication is that if you’re unable to pay the price, you can’t enjoy the benefits.



The idea of earning $1000 from referring friends and family to KOHO makes its referral code essential.

Also, lots of benefits are associated with using the Fintech initiative. Based on reports, you spend 15% less and save up to $500 on purchases using KOHO.

This makes it highly beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE