Kid Rock net worth

Kid Rock’s net worth is estimated to be over $120 million dollars, as of 2020.

Robert James Ritchie on the 17th of January 1971, he is the very popular singer-songwriter, rapper, musician, record producer, and actor, who has made a huge name and fortune for himself in the entertainment industry.

Rock is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a career spanning over 30 years. His style of music is unique and he alternates between hip hop, rock, and country.

It’s not surprising he has amassed such a huge net worth considering his annual income/salary was put at approximately $13 million dollars!


Source of Wealth

Kid Rock’s source of wealth is many. However, his income largely comes from his professional career as a musician, singer, and rapper.

His main source of income is from the sale of his albums and his musical ventures.

He also makes money writing songs, producing songs, and also acting.

He has invested in lots of assets and including business and also makes money from Real Estate properties.

He has various properties and assets all across the world. His properties include a three-story mansion worth $40 million.


Early Life

Kid Rock’s full names are Robert James Ritchie. He was born January 17, 1971. His birthplace is  Romeo in Michigan, United States.

He adopted the stage name Kid Rock when he started his professional music career.

His father was William Ritchie who owns many car dealerships in Michigan. He also owns a large estate of about six-acre with a 5,628-square-foot home. His mother’s name is Susan Ritchie.

Kid Rock was raised in the 5,628-square-foot home. He often helped the family to pick apples and to care for their horses.

Kid Rock started showing interest in music at a young age. In the 1980s he started to show interest in Hip Hop music as well as breakdance.

He also taught himself how to rap and DJ. He taught himself how to play every instrument. This made him become a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.


Career Highlights

1988: Kid Rock started his music career by joining The Beast Crew, a hip hop music group in 1988.

Mike E. Clark produced started working with Rock and even though he was initially a skeptic of the idea of white rapper acting.

Clark would eventually go on to produce a series of demos with Kid Rock. The acceptance of this music led to offers from major record labels including Atlantic and CBS Records.

1989: Rock invested as a shareholder in an independent record label. Later on, he would have a 25% ownership stake in this company called “Top Dog” Records.

The founder of this label was Alving Williams and Earl Bl8ng of EB-Bran Productions.

1990: Rock released his first studio album titled “Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast” (1990). This album was released after he signed up a record deal with Jive Records. The album made him a famous rapper in 1990.

He would later become one of the two biggest rap artists in Detroit. Of course, the other popular artist during this time was a local independent rapper Esham.

He also toured the country to promote his album with other rappers like Yo-Yo’s, Ice Cube, Champtown, and D-Nice.

1992:  In 1992, Rock signed another record deal with a local independent record label Continuum.

Rock met the hip hop music duo named Insane Clown Posse or ICP. He would later appear in their debut album titled “Carnival of Carnage”.

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1993: “The Polyfuze Method” was the second studio album that Rock released. Of course, the producer of this album is Mike E. Clark.

This year, Rock recorded the EP titled “Fire it Up”. This EP featured the song “I Am the Bullgod” a heavy metal song.

Another song featured in this EP is “A Country Boy Can Survive”, which was a cover of Hank Williams Jr.’s country song.

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1996: Rock released “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp”. This album sold more than 14,000 copies.

1997: Rock signed with Atlantic Records after getting rejections from other label records, especially those not interested in signing a “white rapper”.

He received a $150,000 from Atlantic as part of his recording deal.

1998: This year, Rock released “Devil without a Cause“, his fourth studio album. This album was recorded at the White Room in Detroit and mixed at the Mix Room in Los Angeles.

2000: Rock was nominated for a Grammy Award for the Best New Artist. He released a compilation album titled “The History of Rock”. This album sampled Metallica’s 1991 song “Sad But True”.

This album was a hit and was certified double platinum. A single in the album titled “American Bad Ass” was nominated for the 2001 Grammy’s Best Hard Rock Performance in 2001.

He joined Metallica in their 2000 Summer Sanitiurm Tour. He would later embark on “The History of the Rock” tour.

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2001: He made his acting debut in the comedy film “Joe Dirt”. The film also starred David Spade.

He released his fifth studio album titled “Cocky”. This album became a success.

2003 – 2017: Kid Rock released his sixth album which is self-titled called “Kid Rock”. After this album, he also released other albums titled “Rock n Roll Jesus” (2007), “Born Free” (2010), “Rebel Soul” (2012), “First Kiss” (2015), and “Sweet Southern Sugar” (2017)

2018: He released the album “Greatest Hits: You Never Saw Coming”. This was his first greatest hit album.


Personal Life

Kid Rock started dating Kelley South Russell when he was in eighth grade. Their relationship blossomed and in 1993 they gave birth to their son Robert James Rithchie Jr.

The couple split in late 1993 after he discovered that one of the three children he was raising with Russell was not his.

He had to raise his son Robert Jr. as a single father.

In 2000, Kid dated model Jaime King. In 2001, he dated Pamela Anderson. Their relationship ended in 2003. Their relationship was rekindled and they got married in 2006.

Pamela filed for divorce in November of 2006. She cited irreconcilable differences. However, Kid Rock revealed that his divorce with Anderson was due to the fact that she criticized his mother and sister in front of his son Robert Jr.

In 2006, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp sued a pornographic company named Red Light District for attempting to distribute a 1999 sex tape of Rock and Stapp partying and having oral sex with groupies.

In 2014, Kid Rock became a grandfather when his son’s girlfriend gave birth to a daughter. She is named  Skye.

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