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After 6+ years of running, we have seen it all and know for a fact that at least 90% of bloggers are not making money online. That’s why most quit after some months or years, as is evident from the 90% of posts previously shared here, which eventually led back to expired/abandoned blogs, forcing us to delete MOST of them.

We are tired of seeing members waste their time and money, without making the money they hope to make. That’s why we have decided to get ACTIVELY involved in actually helping our members make money, beyond just helping them get traffic.

Starting from 2018, will be implementing our super unique system where every member makes money and profits every single month, from the EFFORTS of all other members, and from the HUNDREDS of other high quality 100% unique articles created by, whether they wrote the articles or not.

Now, when you join and submit your articles on, you make money and profit every single month, whether your individually submitted articles make money on their own or not.

Even if you don’t submit any articles, you still make money from the actions you take in sharing or promoting other articles you find on, whether your individual actions make money on their own or not.

This is the REVAMPED KINGGED.COM, from 2018 and beyond.

Now every single member makes a profit each month, whether their individually submitted articles or actions make money or not.

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It’s no longer about joining just to submit links to your articles, with the hope of getting some traffic and making money, without spending a dime in return. That, on its own, hasn’t work for 90% of bloggers who joined in the last 6+ years.  That’s why 90% of the past articles previously shared on Kingged eventually led back to expired blogs.

We decided to do something about it and spent the whole of 2017 and $150,000+ putting together our own team of professional researchers, writers, editors, graphic designers and others who have since prepared 300+ money making articles for all members to PROFIT from, now and into the future.

Now every single member should be making money and making a profit every single month, no matter whether their own personal activities yield any results or not. If you join from reading this, you can start making money while learning and/or while getting traffic to your own blog/site.

You learn and get high quality traffic not just from, but from some of our 100+ partner blogs and some of our 1,000+ partner sites, thanks to our own proprietary Google adsense type program running on these blogs/sites.

Now you can’t just join, submit a few articles and “hope” to make money.

Instead, now you join and whether you submit articles or not, you MUST make money every single month, from the efforts of all other members and from the HUNDREDS of other articles written by and even from the other articles written by other member.

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