This article reveals some of the very best jobs that involve working with plants and some of the best sources for finding such jobs.


Importance of Jobs Working With Plants

Photosynthesis, deciduous, perennial, all represent a whole unique vocabulary and reflection of different aspects of the world that we live in.

It is the plant world, and it is an important aspect of our ecological balance.

The importance of plant life is seen in the ability of plants to absorb carbon dioxide, provide food, material for clothing, and a vast array of other benefits.

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The animal world and the plant world need to coexist together with each dependent upon the other for their survival.

Therefore, an individual who works with plants is pursuing a career that is vital to the survival of our world.


Personal Story

I am not gifted with a green thumb.

The only color that my thumb reflects is the color of the soil as I endeavor to distinguish between what is a weed and what is a plant.

However, 2 years ago, I was blessed with the gift of a plant/flower that, when blossoms, provides a beautiful full and colorful flower.

I was given a dahlia.

The flower bloomed well the 1st year of receiving it, but the 2nd year all I enjoyed was a full green plant but no blossoms.

This year, I decided to read up on tending and caring for the Dahlia.

Come to find out that this gorgeous plant needed a certain nitrogen-based plant food.

To be more specific the nitrogen needed to be less than a 5 rating (whatever that means).

Anyway, a trip to the local home improvement store proved to be successful as I found the needed plant food and began to feed my Dahlia in hopes that she would reward me with beautiful blossoms once again.

Success was achieved this year even now as I write this, she still is blossoming.

I am not a plant or Dahlia expert by any means.

It does amaze me that a certain food or diet was required for this plant to thrive and blossom for the enjoyment of all.


10 Best Jobs Working With Plants 


1. Conservation Science 

The important role of conservation science professionals is their dedication to taking care of the earth’s natural resources.

Those natural resources include land water and the environment.

Often, a conservation scientist will be called upon to work with federal, city, and county governments in partnership with landowners to make the best decisions possible to conserve the precious resources of the earth.

Also, the job includes the important role of helping to manage parks, forests, and other lands that are the responsibility of these governments and individuals.


2. Botanical Science 

Botany is defined as the study of plant life.

A botanist is an individual or scientist that specializes in the study of the biology of plants.

The focus of a botanist is on the biological makeup of plants.

Their expertise is in the area of different grasses, algae, cacti, grass, and a variety of edible plant life which includes fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The study of botany and being a botanical science professional involves the study of the nutritional value of food but possibly using plants as sources of medicines.

A scientist in the field of botany will not only hold a bachelor’s degree but also have achieved his or her Master’s degree.


3. Landscaping Business 

A landscaper or being involved in the landscaping business is a perfect opportunity for an individual to work with plants.

The work is practical and can be very meaningful in providing the right landscaping as far as it relates to utilizing the right plants, shrubbery, etc.

This proper planting is in relationship to the geographical area and the plant’s need for water and nutrients.

Therefore, to be a quality landscaper requires extensive knowledge of plant life and what the needed requirements are physically for the plants to thrive as well as being ecologically minded.


4. Organic Farming 

Organic farming pertains to providing food for human and animal consumption that is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the production of the plant food supply.

A career in this specialized aspect of providing nutritional food is gaining in popularity as individuals have become more health-conscious as to what they are placing in their bodies.

An individual involved with organic farming could play a critical role in improving food production not only in America but throughout the world.


5. Plant Biologist 

A plant biologist is a specialist and knowledgeable individual as it relates to different types of vegetation as well as edible plants such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The primary focus of the plant biologist is the study and research of the biology of a variety of plants and the way that they impact and provide balance to the ecosystem.

A plant biologist’s work is generally performed in a laboratory.

Their work surrounds the study of various specimens that have been collected and performs several tests with the results of the testing provided to various agencies.


6. Floral Shop 

A delightful career opportunity that involves being around plants and flowers is working or owning a floral shop.

A florist is not only very creative as it comes to beautifully arranged flowers and plants but has a keen and deep understanding of plant life and flowers.

Their experience and education are utilized in the care of these beautiful flowers and plants.

Although a degree is not generally required to be a florist, a pursuit in the study of floriculture or horticulture is an added plus in pursuing a career of being a highly qualified florist.

Also, a quality florist will know what flowers are appropriate and to be given on what occasion as each of the flowers have a special meaning.

This knowledge coupled with how the flowers are named is extremely beneficial to the florist in interacting with customers.

For example, take the Daffodil.

The Latin name for daffodil is Narcissus.

So the Daffodil is named for the handsome Greek God Narcissus who saw his image in a pond and fell in love with himself.


7. Plant Videographer

The tools of this career are a camera and video recording equipment.

Their focus is on capturing the beauty and wonderment of the natural resources around us and includes concentration on plants and flowers.

Generally, the films are created to bring the attention of others to environmental challenges and issues that our planet is facing.

Often, their work and efforts are showcased on nature channels such as National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.

The involved work is the video production and editing processes to create an entertaining, educational and thought-provoking work to showcase plant life and the importance of this world and maintaining the delicate balance between the animal and plant world.


8. Ecologist 

Although a branch of biology, ecology focuses on the relationship between all of the living organisms on the planet.

There are many subset careers and career fields identified with ecology.

One of those subsets is terrestrial ecology which focuses primarily on plant life.

To be an ecologist would require an advanced degree.

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9. Forestry 

A career in forestry would specifically see the individual working with trees and the related wood products that are derived from trees.

This is an extremely protected industry and the individual involved with forestry would need to be well acquainted with regulations and policies concerning the protection of this natural resource and as it relates to environmental concerns.

If you choose this career path, you would have to have a fair amount of scientific or technical knowledge as well as business acumen.

This is because the job of a Forrester includes managing inventory, overseeing reforestation efforts, and acting as a consultant as it relates to significant decisions that need to be made in regards to forest land.


10. Nursery 

An exciting opportunity and involvement as it relates to plant life is a job in a nursery or owning a nursery.

This is an important retail business in the community and one in which you would need to have a broad knowledge of a variety of plant life that is not only conducive to survival in a specific geographical location but on a broader basis.

A nursery owner or employee would need to know about xeriscaping, environmental issues, what plant life benefits from direct or indirect sunlight, the needed nourishment for that plant life to survive, etc.,


10 Tips to Help You In Jobs Working With Plans


1. Schooling 

The first tip in finding the best jobs that work with plants is to pursue one’s schooling to work educationally on being an authority on plant life.

Several quality higher educational schools can help with this process.

Specifically, one should search for a school that has a quality Botany Department.

It is important to research one’s options and attend the best school so that you can learn how to be a horticulturist, botanist, plant biologist, or other specific individualized career fields about plant life.

A quality higher education school offering a botany program should include lab facilities, access to the latest technologies, the location of the school, any working relationships with federal or state agricultural departments, arboretums, nurseries, etc.


2. Work With Landscaper

A great tip as a part of the process of defining a good job working with plants is to obtain experience.

This can be obtained by working with a landscaper.

Either the individual can work as an employee for a landscaper or even offer to volunteer just to gain the experience.


3. Work in Floral Shop 

Another excellent venue that you can gain experience towards a top job working with plants is to work in a floral shop.

Working within a floral shop will provide an educational experience with a variety of plants and flowers, the process of how they are grown, how they thrive, and associated care.


4. Forestry Intern 

Often, especially during the summer, many internships are provided for individuals interested in caring for and preserving outdoor plant life.

These internships can be obtained either at the state or federal level through the various forestry departments.

An intern, who may be placed by their school, will be afforded a rich experience and may be provided a stipend which although maybe a small hourly amount, will certainly be the richer for it if they can take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Sometimes these opportunities can be posted on or at the website for forestry internship positions by clicking here.


5. Gardening Club 

The next opportunity to gain some insight on learning about plant life and helping one’s community is by joining forces with a gardening club.

A gardening club is a group of local citizens who have banded together to beautify and enrich their community through landscaping and enhancing the appearance of the city through plants and flowers.

By joining such a club, you would be enriched by the practical experience as well as learning from individuals who have a great talent and vast experience in gardening.


6. Part-time Job Home Improvement 

A great place to learn about a variety of plants and flowers is an opportunity to work at a home improvement store.

Specifically, within the garden department.

By being an employee, you would be in a practical classroom that would allow you to learn about a variety of trees, plants, flowers, shrubbery, etc.

This experience would add to your resume and help you in your career path in wanting to find a great job to work with plants.



7. Grocery Store 

Another retail outlet that has a variety of plants and flowers is the garden shop in a grocery store.

Although, not quite as extensive as a nursery or home improvement store, this would still allow you to work with plants and start building your experiential resume in working towards that dream job involved with plant life.


8. Intern With City Parks & Recreation 

Many cities have a department within the city government known as the Parks and Recreation Department.

The mission of Parks and Recreation is to care for the plant life of the city.

If you can obtain an internship as part of the staff of this department, your experience would be heightened by learning about the various plant life as well as landscaping.

Additionally, you would learn about the care of trees and your experience would grow as it relates to making a city more engaging and welcoming to not only its residents but for future businesses that may choose to relocate.


9. Tree Service 

Another important business within a community is a tree service company.

These companies are called upon by private citizens or home associations to care for the trees that have been planted on their grounds.

This would be an added dimension of working towards a career dealing with plants due to the uniqueness of caring for trees.

A tree service prunes trees cut down old or diseased trees, clears tree limbs when they interfere with power lines, and helps to replant trees or shrubs to other areas that are more conducive for their growth.


10. Associations 

Another tip towards finding the best jobs working with plants is to stay current on what is happening in the environment and specifically as it relates to plants.

This can be accomplished by joining several associations that are dedicated to preserving the environment and caring for plant life.

One association is the John Muir Association and more information can be found by clicking here.


Jobs Working With Plants FAQs


How Do I Become an Intern Working With Plants?

If you are attending school, often a career counselor can help with this.

They often are aware of internship possibilities and if your interest or major is affiliated with plants, they may be able to connect and place you into a position that is looking for an intern.

An intern will not only provide practical help and assistance but also will be afforded a great opportunity to learn while they are working.

Often, internships are either given a stipend or are provided an hourly wage that is not at the high end of the spectrum, but the enrichment also comes from the experience they will gain.

Also, an outdoor internship can be applied for through the National Park Service through their youth programs.

An interested individual can click here.


What Is the Highest Paying Job Associated With Working With Plants? 

One of the highest paying jobs is classified as a horticultural job with the career title being plant pathologist.

The annual salary for this career could be $81,700.



If you have a fascination and appreciation of plant life which includes their importance in the delicate balance of our eco-system, the nutritional value to animals, their possible healing qualities, beauty, etc. there are several related rewarding career fields.

Working with plants does not require a green thumb.

It only requires a green appreciation and respect.

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