You can indeed get a job without matric!

This article shows as many as 25 best jobs without matric, for making money.



There are many sports events and games in which a phrase emerges that can take on a corresponding meaning in real life.

For example, in the world of boxing, if an individual has been knocked down and isn’t able to answer the bell the expression is that they are down for the count.

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Or, in the game of football when you are looking at fourth-down and significant yardage to get a first down you often say that you drop back 15 and punt.

Or in the game of pool or billiards when you are looking at taking a shot and the cue ball is blocked by the black eight ball the expression is that you don’t have a shot and therefore the phrase is behind the eight ball.

One of life’s potential difficult experiences is entering the workforce without having a high school diploma or a matric.

Many of the above expressions can reflect what an individual may be feeling about trying to get a job when many jobs require a high school degree.

The reality is that there are jobs available for such an individual and therefore, it is important to move forward and look at some of these possibilities.


25 Best Jobs Without Matric


1. Landscaping

A job that may not require you to be in the possession of matric or diploma is by being part of a landscaping business.

The reality is that this type of work requires an individual who can work hard, follow instructions, and enjoy working outdoors.

This is not to minimize the educational component of a landscaper but the reality is that the work is designed to be involved manual labor.


2. Waitress

Often a job that is taken by an individual when they are going to school is by being a waiter or waitress.

The role of the waitress is to be courteous and polite and attentively wait on the customers that frequent a restaurant.

The job entails taking the food order and when the food is prepared then the role of the waitress or waiter is to deliver that food to the customer’s table.

The job is pretty straightforward and many employers understand that their waitstaff is in the process of moving on to other occupations and that waiting tables is a way to earn income while they are moving through the education process.


3. Data Entry

Data entry is a fairly straightforward job and may require some typing skills.

The job involves the entry of various types of data into a designated software program so that the data can be collected, and transformed into different reports and those reports or information provided will help the management to increase their business and profitability.

To be a data entry individual requires the correct entry of the data using a 10-key calculator or keyboard to correctly enter the needed information.


4. Entrepreneurs

An employment focus that you can move forward on and not worry about having a diploma is by becoming your own boss or an entrepreneur.

If you have an idea that you can implement and start your own business then what you may have or bring into the situation is a moot point because you will be working for yourself and on your own.

Examples of entrepreneurial opportunities could include:

  • Starting your own carwash business
  • Provide landscaping services
  • Being a graphic designer
  • And so forth

Additionally, if you are able to create handcrafted items you can go into business by accessing a site such as and set up your own virtual online store and sell your items using that platform.


5. Construction

Many construction sites need unskilled labor to do a variety of cleanup chores or assist other trades that are working at the site.

This would be a perfect opportunity not only to be employed but possibly learn a skill as you work side-by-side with an individual who has a construction trade that you can learn.


6. Coaching

What you may lack as it relates to a high school diploma you can make up with any other skills or talents that you may possess.

Specifically, if you are athletic and have quality skills as it relates to playing football, baseball, ice hockey, etc. you can utilize these skills and possibly obtain a coaching position or be involved with helping the team in other ways.


7. Show Business

Perhaps you have a talent or skill as it relates to the entertainment business.

Quite possibly school was boring for you and you wanted to move in a different direction.

If you have an entertainment skill or are familiar with stage work, lighting, creating of props, etc. you could possibly gain a job with a theatrical troupe or work for a company that sets up various stage-related items in the production of a show or provides other types of entertainment.


8. Receptionist

The position of receptionist requires that an individual have an engaging personality, warm smile, is courteous, and polite, and understands the concept of customer service.

Added to these personality traits you could be trained on how to answer phones, generate emails, direct customers and visitors to the appropriate office or individual, etc.


9. Call Center

A call center is an option for an individual that may not possess a matric or diploma in that the role of a call center operator is to engage customers.

In particular, the call center worker is to reach out to individuals to possibly obtain new business or answer phone calls as it relates to customer service.

Customer service may require helping the customer troubleshoot or find a resolution for any difficulty they may be having with their product.

To be a call center individual requires a pleasing voice, a positive and confident attitude, and expressing a smile through your voice.


10. Cashier

A cashier is an individual who handles the final financial transaction with a customer.

The cashier’s role is to scan the items that are being purchased and then accept the form of payment that the customer is offering.

Often these transactions are done with a debit or credit card and everything is electronically accomplished.

If the customer utilizes cash then part of the job requirement would be to ensure that you take the cash and give back the proper amount of change.

In addition, the cashier should be friendly, engaging, and attentive to the customer.


11. Driving

If you have a driver’s license and a clean driving record the possibility of driving for a company may be presented.

In addition to driving a service vehicle for a company, there are also self-employment opportunities where you can drive for a company that transports individuals and provides delivery services for their customers.


12. Warehouse Assistant

A warehouse assistant is an individual who is employed at a warehouse that stocks inventory that can be shipped out to customers when they order certain products.

Often, everything is done electronically with barcode scans.

Additionally, as a warehouse assistant, you may be called upon to package up the items for shipment in inappropriate shipping boxes and packaged accordingly to ensure the safe arrival of the shipped item to the customer.

Many forward-thinking companies understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances as to why an individual is unable to pursue their high school degree and may assist in obtaining that degree.

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13. Blogging

An employment position that does not require a matric is the opportunity to blog.

You can set up your own blogging site by accessing a hosting platform such as and begin to blog about various items that you are familiar with.

A potential blogging subject could include the fact that you are looking for a job and have not completed your high school education.

You could talk about the extenuating circumstances without going into great detail and talk about the challenges that you may be facing.

This may resonate with some of your followers and in turn, they may support you with monetary donations.

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Another way that you can earn money through your blogging site is by obtaining affiliate advertising and possibly a sponsor.


14. Customer Service Assistant

A customer service assistant can work for a retailer and provide quality customer service to a customer who needs assistance.

The work could be involving the exchange of an item that the customer was not happy with, may be broken or possibly doesn’t fit quite correctly, etc.

As a customer service representative, your job is to, within the guidelines of policies and procedures, attend to the needs of the customer and make sure that they walk away from the company happy and satisfied with the focus being on having them return again to continue shopping.

A customer service representative should be personable, polite, courteous, and always maintain the attitude of helping the customer receive satisfaction and feeling that they are a priority.


15. Retail Assistant

A retail assistant is an individual that is involved in the selling of products that are displayed throughout the store.

An example of a retail assistant would be the individual who stocks inventory in a clothing store and ensures that the clothing racks are properly displayed, categorized, and restocked so that there is sufficient inventory for the customer to purchase.

The retail assistant understands the concept of sales, properly maintaining inventory, and working hard to manage the process as it relates to their job description.


16. Stocking Shelves

An important role in retail is the stocking and restocking of shelves.

The employment position of stocking shelves is particularly evident in grocery stores as consumers during the course of the day will buy items and when a shipment comes in then those shelves need to be restocked with that particular item.

Often, the restocking of shelves is done during off-peak hours and may involve the use of equipment such as pallet jacks.


17. Writer

An opportunity in which you might be able to earn money is by writing.

A writer is an individual that can use their own imagination and creativity to formulate a story that can be engaging and in which individuals wish to read the story that is being conveyed.

Also, a writer can be involved in other writing opportunities such as:

  • Grant writer
  • Technical writer
  • Ghostwriter

As an individual without a matric, you can access websites that can teach you about writing and how to use various structures to formulate a narrative that you are engaged in.

Writing opportunities can be found at websites such as or to provide opportunities for you to move in that direction.


18. Accounts Receivable Clerk

An accounts receivable clerk is an individual that enters all of the business transactions of a company as it relates to income earned.

Typically, the entries are in the form of billings in which the company issues an invoice to the customer for the amount due and services rendered.

To be an accounts receivable clerk requires that you be detail-oriented, ensure that the proper numbers are entered correctly, and do various checks and balances to make sure that the entries were properly recorded.


19. Accounts Payable Clerk

An accounts payable clerk is similar to an accounts receivable clerk with the exception being that the invoices received by vendors that provided a service or a product to the company are recorded.

The entries need to be recorded accurately to ensure that there is no transposition of numbers and the work should be done methodically and accurately.

Also, it would be critical to incorporate any checks and balances as it relates to the invoices received and are totaled versus the input of the invoices into the software program equaling.


20. Truck Helper

A truck helper is an individual who rides along with a delivery driver and provides assistance as it relates to the picking up of goods or the transporting of sold goods by the company.

Examples could be the delivery of furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc.

Often this work involves manual labor and when opportunities for customer interaction occur that you properly represent the company and are polite and courteous.


21. Working at a Trade

Some blue-collar trades will hire an individual who has no experience in order to train them properly without any preconceived ways of doing things.

In essence, it is learning a trade with a clean slate.

Many blue-collar workers are educated as it relates to learning their trade and understand the difficulty of getting a start in the employment world and therefore are willing to extend an employment opportunity to a young person who wants to learn, is eager, and has the basic skills of knowing how to work with their hands and the use of various tools.


22. Freelancing

A freelancer is a person who has a skill or a talent and desires to work for themselves and earn their own way without being employed by a company or individual.

A freelancer can find work based on their talents with job opportunities being found through sites such as or

Some of the freelancing opportunities can include:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • And so forth


23. Babysitting

A standard way that an individual can earn money is by babysitting.

By advertising your babysitting services through your social media platforms you can build up a customer base and provide engaging babysitting services for families who wish to leave their children in the capable care of an individual who is mature and conscientious.


24. Not-for-Profit

There are many not-for-profits that will hire individuals that do not have matric or a high school diploma.

Often these organizations are compassionate and understand that circumstances occur in which an individual who wishes to obtain their high school diploma was unable to do so for a variety of reasons.

In addition to offering a job, they might also be able to help you towards the achievement of your high school diploma.


25. Computer & Gaming

Another way that you can earn an income is if you have good gaming skills.

There are a number of gaming platforms in which you can compete not only online but be involved in tournaments that offer cash prizes.

Some of those platforms include Twitch, Swagbucks, and PlayerUp.


Personal Story

When I graduated from high school, due to my dad being relocated with his job, we moved to a different city.

I made an application to be admitted to the University in that city and was accepted.

However, I squandered the opportunity and didn’t apply myself, and was asked to leave.

A few months later I found a seasonal job that gave me employment from September to the following February and in February I took to the local newspaper to find work.

I ended up taking on the position of being a door-to-door salesman for a well-known brush company but was certainly an experience that I didn’t want to do the rest of my life.

In the interim, I received my draft notice from the government and decided to join the United States Navy.

I was behind the eight ball on a number of occasions but fortunately, there was a way or a provision made for me to find employment, and looking back would not have changed any of the circumstances that unfolded as it all seems to have worked out.


Best Money Earning Jobs Without Matric FAQs


What is the Most Important Action to Take When Looking for Employment With No Matric?

The most important action that you can take when looking for employment is not to get discouraged.

Therefore, the important positive response is to be upbeat and maintain a positive attitude.


What Are Some Practical Steps to Take When Looking for a Job?

Some of the practical steps to take when looking for a job would include:

  • Asking for referrals from someone who knows you
  • Look online
  • Be on the lookout for stores with help wanted signs
  • Going to employers you are interested in working for and submitting an application
  • Utilizing your social media platforms and asking for help


You Can Do It

There are a variety of reasons why an individual is not able to complete their matric.

However, there are just as many if not more opportunities to work at an employment position that will work with you as it relates to not having this degree as well as possibly helping you to achieve that degree.

It is just a matter of accepting where you are at and persevering through the situation to find that particular job that you want to be involved with and trusting the circumstances of life to provide for you and reward you for your perseverance.



There are many sports circumstances that can be utilized to describe the possible situation that you find yourself in.

The reality is, in sports and in life, that another opportunity will always present itself and you can move forward and in the process find that the realities of sports and life will help to build your personality and character.

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