Yes, you can look for jobs with tips to get extra money coming your way more than just the wages you get paid.

This article reveals some of such jobs that come with a lot of tips and where to find them.


Importance of Jobs With Tips 

You’ve just enjoyed a delicious meal and you’re being presented with the bill.

Now the question arises to tip or not to tip? Also, if a tip is provided, how much?

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10%, 15%, or 20% of the bill? What is the correct amount? Some would argue it depends upon the service whether a tip should be given or at what amount or percentage.

Tipping has its roots in 17th century England.

Some historians indicate that TIP stands for “To Insure Promptitude.”

This was a phrase printed on British bowls in coffeehouses.

Today, many wait staff and other occupations depend on tips to supplement a low hourly wage.

Some would argue that tipping for quality service should not be necessary as quality service should be a given expectation.

On the other hand, some would argue that tipping is important to reward service that is attentive and friendly.

Let us look at some of the best jobs that are associated with tips.


Personal Story

I worked for a nonprofit that had a significant presence during Christmas.

We would provide food for the needy and toys for the children.

To raise money, I would stand out in front of stores and play Christmas carols on my baritone.

One time a gentleman came up to me and after completion of a joyous Christmas carol, he handed me $20.

He said, “$10 was for the organization, a $5.00 tip and $5.00 towards music lessons.

Merry Christmas!

Needless to say, the entire $20 went to help others.


10 Best Jobs With Tips That Let You “Keep The Change”


1. Taxi Driver

One of the basic services that are provided for an individual is taxiing them from one location to another.

Being a taxi driver, who is friendly and service-oriented, will go a long way in having their customer provide a tip and to hear the welcome words about keeping the change.


2. Bartender

A great occupation to receive the appreciation of your patrons is to work as a bartender.

Normally a good bartender is very attentive and generally provides a service that helps the customer unwind and enjoy their time away from the stresses and strains of life.


3. Blackjack Dealer

Gambling is a significant industry in the United States of America.

If you attend a casino and sit at a blackjack table, often it is appropriate that when a bet is made, and you win that you show your appreciation to the card dealer by offering a tip.

Generally, these tips are pooled together, and the table game staff, during that shift, and the table gaming staff share those tips provided by the customer.

Giving money and appreciation for getting money is always a good thing.


4. Doorman

The hospitality industry consists of restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc. are there for one purpose and that purpose is to meet the guest’s needs by providing quality guest services.

Generally, in a more upscale hotel, or high-rise building, there is the presence of a doorman. The doorman’s job is to assist the individual coming and going into the facility.

Often, for the small courtesies that are extended a tip is provided.

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5. Golf Caddy

A golf caddy is an individual who accompanies a golfer and provides a variety of services for the golfing enthusiast.

Some of those duties of a caddy include the giving of the appropriate golf club so that the golfer can make their perfect swing in driving the ball to the green, washing the golf balls of the golfer, carrying the golf equipment, etc.

Golfing can be an expensive sport to participate in and often the individuals who participate have the resources to provide a good tip in appreciation of the quality services offered by an experienced Caddy.


6. Pizza Delivery

Just about everyone loves pizza and having pizza delivered on a special night or in preparation for a special event is something that is provided by a pizza delivery service.

Often these individuals go out in all sorts of inclement weather and at odd times during the day.

The other added dimension is that they deliver the pizza as quickly as possible to provide a fresh and hot pizza to the customer.

Therefore, a good tip to a pizza delivery person is greatly appreciated by them for their efforts.


7. Barber/Beautician

An important service that is personal and accommodating is a hairstylist or barber.

Often these individuals style the hair the way that the individual requests and often perform other unanticipated personal touches such as placing a product in the hair, providing a razor or scissor cut, etc.

Often, a good stylist will engage the customer in a conversation or may stay quiet depending upon the customer’s wishes.

This is a personal service in which a quality stylist can receive good tips.


8. Wait Staff

When an individual or family dines away from their home, they anticipate not only a good meal but a good experience.

A critical component of that good experience is the quality wait staff.

In appreciation, of attentive service and being engaging and friendly, often the waiter or waitress will receive a tip that can range anywhere from 10% of the total bill on up to 20% or more.


9. Driver

Many delivery services are available to individuals who either want to be transported somewhere, have food from a restaurant delivered to their home, or the picking up groceries.

To meet that service opportunity, several individuals utilize their vehicles and drive as independent contractors for these delivery companies.

Some of those companies include Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, etc.

In addition, to the wage that these independent workers receive, is always the opportunity of obtaining a tip from a customer.

The customer can include that tip on their charge or debit card equaling an amount of a certain percentage of their bill.


10. Babysitter

The services provided by babysitters are priceless.

A quality babysitter is one that just doesn’t sit in the home and is there if the child being babysat needs them.

A quality babysitter engages the children provides for their needs, interacts with them, is not constantly on their small smartphone with others, etc.

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Therefore, a quality babysitter in providing a good service to our beautiful children is tipped for being attentive and involved with the children.


jobs with tips


10 Tips to Increase Your Tips


1. Expensive Restaurants

One of the best tips, as it relates to increasing the possibilities of receiving a gratuity, is to work at a high-end restaurant.

Generally, a high-end restaurant offers a wonderful dining experience as well as the serving of well-prepared and exquisite food.

Often, individuals dine at these types of restaurants to not only enjoy a delicious meal but to absorb the ambiance of the restaurant.

Typically, a more expensive meal equates to a larger bill being received by the customer and if a minimum to maximum tip is provided in appreciation of your service, one can anticipate a higher amount of gratuity.


2. High Traffic

A mathematical formula that equates to more money is either receiving more money per item delivered or selling more items and receiving the appropriate payment for that service or product.

So, it is with gratuities.

Even though you may not work at a higher-end restaurant, which could equate to higher tips, you may be able to work at a restaurant that serves a significant number of customers through the course of the day.

Therefore, serving more people who understand the importance of a tip will equate to higher tip earnings.


3. Location (State)

Another important factor in receiving extra money for services rendered is where, geographically, that service is provided.

If an individual works at a position in which tipping is frequent, it stands to reason that living in a city or area that has a higher cost of living, would net you a greater amount of tips due to the customer’s ability to being able to afford that appreciation for your service.


4. Gain Experience

Regardless of what industry you are in, and if tipping is an important part of one’s earning a wage, experience is always a plus.

For example, if you are an employee at a restaurant and your level entry position is clearing tables, your role, although important, may not necessarily be as appreciated as much as the actual waitstaff that tends to the customer’s needs.

Therefore, it is important to observe and learn how certain waitstaff earns more tips because of mannerisms or behaviors.

Therefore, to earn bigger tips, it is important to gain experience and learn from others.


5. Work Busy Hours

There are certain hours of the day and certain days of the week that are busier than others as it relates to being tipped when providing a service.

Therefore, it is important to work towards being in those “sweet spots” of tipping opportunities that present themselves.

For example, following church on Sunday, many individuals head over to a restaurant to talk about the morning’s message and take time to be with family.

These are often busy times and prove to be beneficial to those who supplement their income with tips.

Along the same line, working holidays can be especially productive for certain industries especially in the restaurant business.

Some of those special days would include Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.


6. Engage the Customer

An important consideration in maximizing the opportunity to receive a gratuity is to be engaging.

It should not be forced or over engaging, but warm, sincere, and interactive with the customers.

Of special note is to engage with any children that may be part of the dining out experience for the family.

Genuinely commenting about how pretty or handsome they may look, providing diversions before the meal comes, etc. are all part of good customer service and may result in appreciation by the family through a tip.


7. Personalize the Receipt

Another clever way of showing special treatment and providing good service is to follow through on the personal interaction with the customer from the beginning of their experience till the end when they receive their bill.

When receiving the bill, a good way to personalize that interaction is to write a quick personal note such as think you for your service, thank you for being a delight, or something to that effect to finish the entire personalized interaction with an individual and family.


8. Remember Names

Generally, an individual who is there to serve their customers will introduce themselves by saying what their first name is.

If the customers respond by mentioning their names, it is important to remember those names.

During the service provided, make it a point to mention their names once or twice to show your quality care of meeting their needs and making them feel good about the whole experience.


9. Provide a Mint

Many hospitality venues offer a little sweetness to the customer’s life by providing a little bit of chocolate or a mint to add to the delight of being in a hotel, restaurant, or other places of service.

For example, if a waiter or waitress was to provide a mint or a bit of chocolate at the end of the meal, that would certainly be a welcome little gift by the customer.

Also, many hotels provide a piece of chocolate to their guest and place it on their pillow before their retiring for the night.

These are just nice touches that may add to an individual’s realizing an increased gratuity.

Whether a gratuity is forthcoming or not, it certainly is a nice gesture and makes the entire process more meaningful to the individual.


10. Be Friendly

Above all, it is important to be friendly.

No one wants to be served by someone whose bad day or challenges that they are facing in their life spill over into a customer’s enjoyment of a time out or doing something that they take pleasure in.

Therefore, it is important to be friendly and outgoing and as much as possible, keep one’s own emotions and problems from spilling over into the lives of others who are there to get away from their problems or challenges.


Jobs With Tips FAQs


Are Tips Taxable in Your Job?

It is important to know that tips are taxable.

Also, as an added dimension, keep track of your tips whether they are given to you in cash or through a debit or credit card.

Also, if the policy of where you work requires that tips be shared keep track of the total tip and then what amounts were given to other staff.


What Is the Highest Tip Ever Recorded as Given?

A customer in Toronto left a lottery ticket to a waitress as a tip.

He stated if they won, they would split.

The winning ticket paid out $184,700 which netted the waitress a $92,350 tip.


You Can Do It

There are a significant number of jobs in the employment sector that can be classified as providing a service.

Often these individuals are paid a lower salary and are dependent upon tips to supplement their income.

Therefore, if an individual provides fair to exceptional service, they should be rewarded for that measure of their involvement to make our lives better and create memories.



A tip or a gratuity is not a requirement to be paid to an individual who meets the service needs of others.

There is a variety of occupations that can be defined as part of the service industry.

However, it is important to remember that a number of these individuals are hard-working and industrious and perhaps utilize this service employment position as a way to earn extra income or simply make ends meet.

A tip is simply a monetary thank you to an individual for making your day brighter.

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