Yes, there are many jobs that pay weekly, and you can get some of these jobs.

This article reveals as many as 25 such jobs that pay weekly and companies that really pay.



I had an old boss, a pastor, who had a great way with words.

For example, he would say don’t forget the golden rule and then would say he who has the gold rules.

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Another one of his favorites was the expression where there is a will there is a way.

He would revise that saying and say where there is a will there is a relative.

He would also talk to the staff saying that we needed to perform our jobs weekly but add on and say not weekly by spelling out the word weakly by saying W-E-A-K-L-Y.

As we look at the best jobs that pay weekly, W-E-E-K-L-Y, we most likely will agree that being paid every week is a good thing and not weak at all.

Let us, therefore, roll up our sleeves and go to work and see what best jobs are available that pay on a weekly basis.


Personal Story

In all probability, like you, inbox associated with our emails we are constantly being inundated by a number of messages.

The messages may be offers from a variety of companies offering their product or services, e-mails saying that we’ve been selected and congratulations on being part of a survey, and sometimes legitimate e-mails or correspondence from work associates, family members, etc.

In particular, there is one e-mail that just makes my heart leap for joy.

The subject line on the e-mail is “Congratulations, you got paid isn’t payday great?”

That is one of the few e-mails that I eagerly open as it is a message from a website that I am registered with that monitors my financial activities.

It probably goes without saying that, like me, you think payday is great.

Especially, when I get this email every week.


25 Best Easy Jobs That Pay Weekly & Companies That Really Pay

Yes, there are many jobs that pay daily, and you can get some of these jobs.

This article reveals as many as 25 such jobs that pay daily and how you can get them.


1. Driving for Uber 

An employment opportunity that pays daily or weekly is the driving service known as Uber.

The purpose of this service is to provide transportation for its clients from point A to point B.

It accomplishes this service by contracting with independent self-employed individuals who utilize their vehicles to provide the service.

In order to become a Uber driver, one needs to register with successful registration including the presentation of their driver’s license, certificate of insurance, vehicle registration, pass a background check and have a fairly clean driving record.

The driver is paid by Uber and is based on the number of trips the driver makes as well as the receiving of any tips.


2. Complete Offers with Toluna

Toluna is a website that bills itself as an influencer.

To be an influence on a community of consumers, they encourage individuals to register with their program to become influencers.

An influencer is an individual who provides insight and opinions on a variety of products and projects.

Additionally, an influencer, who is paid for their involvement and opinions, is invited to participate in a number of surveys and they are rewarded in kind with points.

These points can be turned in for a variety of rewards which include gift cards and cash.


3. Do Surveys with Swagbucks 

This survey site registers individuals to engage and participate in surveys but also be involved in focus groups as well as watching movies.

Their selection for these activities is based upon the individual’s personality and demographics.

Upon participation, these individuals are given reward cards as well as cash.

Also, first-time individuals registering with Swagbucks receive a five-dollar bonus.


4. Deliver with UberEats 

Affiliated with Uber is another independent driver delivery opportunity known as UberEats.

This particular delivery service follows through on a customer’s order to a restaurant by going to the restaurant, picking up the food, and delivering the food either at the individual’s home or place of business.

This is an app-driven program and the driver is an independent contractor.

Also, there is an option for customers to provide tips.


5. Do Surveys with Branded Surveys 

Another website that values the opinions of individuals is Branded Surveys.

Upon registration, the individual is selected to participate in a variety of surveys that are based upon their profile and whether their demographics is something that, at particular points in time, is needed.

When the individual successfully completes the tasks or the surveys that they are asked to participate in, they are compensated for their time and opinion with cash.


6. Drop Shipping 

A different way of selling products through technology today is known as drop shipping.

Drop-Shipping has nothing to do with an individual having an inventory of products that they are offering for sale.

The delivery of the product is accomplished through a third party and then delivered to the customer.

Once the product is purchased, then the third party delivers the goods to the customer which alleviates any stress or headaches involved with you as the provider of the goods.


7. Do Surveys with Survey Junkie 

A survey site that has been involved over a significant number of years is Survey Junkie.

The participant in surveys or other tasks assigned, receive rewards or compensation for their involvement.

Their involvement could be participating in focus groups, the time provided to be involved in a survey, or even the watching of movies.



8. Do Activities and Get Paid with InboxDollars 

If you enjoy watching TV, playing games, or taking surveys or other events requiring your involvement or opinion, then InboxDollars is a possibility for your weekly earnings.

This particular website has been around since the year 2000 and it is estimated that close to $80 million has been provided to participants through cash rewards. These participants have been involved in activities such as reading e-mail and other actions.


9. Prize Rebel 

An important component that companies rely on is market research.

Another website that gathers data as it relates to consumers’ opinions is Prize Rebel.

This particular website was started in California in 2007.

Its mission is to gather data to empower market researchers to provide needed data for companies.

The site encourages individuals to register.

This registration is provided at no charge.

The individual will be called upon to complete certain tasks and asked to be involved in various activities.

For their time and effort, Prize Rebel will provide points, and eventually, the points can be turned in for cash or for gift cards.


10. Fiverr 

Freelancing has taken on a whole new meaning and dimension and one such website that facilitates the linking of freelancers up with jobs that need to be done is Fiverr.

To participate in this weekly paying website the individual registers and completes a profile and indicates their skills and talents.

To obtain a paying job, the freelancer searches for open positions and applies for the job, submits their bid, and, if accepted, begins work.

Payment for the successful completion of the task is made to Fiverr who then pays the freelancer minus fees.


11. Website Tester 

If you enjoy the Internet and have a talent for proofing various types of narratives, you can apply to be a Website Tester.

Through this website, you will be asked to review various sites and test the site for user-friendliness as well as critiquing the site and pointing out any errors.


12. Blogging 

If you enjoy writing and have a specific passion, talent, or skill you can write an interesting blog about your activity.

For example, you can write about your unique weight loss journey, your personal financial journey in decreasing your indebtedness, how to create costume jewelry, etc.

Interested individuals will find your blog and begin to read your entries and thoughts.

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Ways of earning revenue include your followers supporting you through such sites as, through affiliate advertising, or possibly gaining a sponsor.

You can set up your blog through Bluehost.


13. Data Entry 

A fairly easy job but can be mundane is the input of data entry.

Many of these types of positions can be done remotely and can be found through such websites as or

Simply access these sites create an account and then begin your search for data entry positions done remotely.

Most likely, your screen will be populated with a number of items with this work being able to be done from home.

Data entry can be the actual inputting of data, possible annotation, transcribing, and more.


14. Offline Tutor 

If you have a skill and talent that is marketable, a good way to market the skill and talent is to provide tutoring services.

Many parents wish for their children to excel and when the child is experiencing some challenges in their schoolwork or possibly in learning a musical instrument such as a piano or guitar, a parent will turn to a private tutor.

The tutor can either do the service through technology and remotely or can actually visit the child’s home and provide the service.

Often, the terms can be arranged by the tutor which can include weekly payments based on hours of tutoring service rendered.


15. DoorDash 

Another food delivery service is DoorDash.

Through DoorDash, the individual driver, who works on an independent contract basis, utilizes their vehicle and delivers food for DoorDash clients.

In addition to getting paid weekly, there is the possibility of earning tips as well to add to one’s weekly salary.

The process of being a DoorDash driver includes the submission of different types of paperwork as it pertains to an individual’s ability to drive as well as the vehicle’s registration and insurance.

Click here to check out how to earn money on DoorDash


16. Upwork 

Another great freelancing website is

Once the individual registers for the site and creates their professional bio, they then can search online and look for job opportunities that match their skills and talents.

Some of the freelance opportunities that are available through this website run the entire gamut which can include data entry, being a virtual assistant, creative writing, grant writing, technical writing, graphic designer, etc.

Basically, any job that you can think about that can be accomplished in an employment worksite can also be done remotely and be available through this freelancing opportunity.

Often, there are deadlines that need to be met and when those milestones or deadlines are met, payment is released and then after a five-day period, Upwork releases the payment to the individual.

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17. Home Care 

As our population of citizens gets older and increases in size, the need for quality home care is becoming a significant service need.

If an individual has home care experience, nursing experience, licensed vocational nurse experience, etc. they can look for opportunities to be a home care worker.

The home care worker will go to the individual’s place of residence and provide for the care of that individual by providing bathing, preparing meals, interacting with the individual, etc.

Often, the payment for this valuable service can be done on a daily basis or paid weekly.


18. Transcription Services 

If an individual is proficient at typing and has a penchant for proper grammar and is free of spelling errors, then perhaps a good opportunity to earn money weekly would be through a transcription service.

One such website can be accessed by clicking here.

With this position, the potential of earning $30 an hour is a strong possibility.


19. Instacart 

Instacart is another food delivery service but with a different twist or caveat to it.

By being an Instacart driver, you actually accept the order through the app and travel to the grocery store or food retailer, and do the shopping for the individual.

In addition, if there are changes that need to be made on the order or if a particular product is not in stock, you as the Instacart driver will correspond with the customer to see if they want to substitute any items.

Once the shopping has been completed, the driver will check out and then deliver the food to the customer.

This is a great value service for individuals who are homebound for a variety of reasons.


20. Call Center 

If an individual doesn’t mind the rude customer now and then an opportunity that presents itself for an individual is to be involved with a call center.

A call center worker will make phone calls to individuals on a list that has been provided.

Pay can be as much as $12 an hour and generally, there is a script provided to the worker in order to interact with the individual being called.

The value of being involved in the call center is that today, this job can be performed remotely by the individual from their home.


21. Side Hustles

There are many odd jobs that can be done in your community.

Typically, these odd jobs utilize assets, talents, or skills that you have in the performance of these tasks.

These tasks are also known as “side hustles.”

Examples could include utilizing your truck to move items for individuals, taking trash to the local landfill, or also if you have handyman skills you can provide various odd jobs around an individual’s home.

These side hustles are usually paid on the completion of the activity by the customer.


22. Day Trading

A more intense way of getting paid on a frequent basis is through the action of day trading. A day trader is an individual who follows the stock market and buys and sells stocks as they endeavor to time the market.

Their strategy is to buy low and sell high to earn a profit.

This type of job is not without its risk as it is difficult to time the market and subsequently, if not done close to perfection, the possibilities of losing money are increased.


23. Online Store

If you have a talent for making handcrafted items or are able to knit or sew, you can sell your products in a variety of ways.

Two such ways are through or

These websites allow for you to open a virtual store and display your items so that if individuals wish to purchase your creations, they can do so by making the purchase and these two sites will do the rest as far as getting the item to the customer.


24. Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is not as intense as it sounds.

This is due to the reality that there are websites that can provide templates and will empower your creativity as you utilize the templates to produce your designs.

The designs can then be sold online through a variety of websites or can be placed on various products such as T-shirts, caps, wallets, purses, etc.

One such website that facilitates the graphic designs of an individual on various products is Shopify.


25. Online Tutoring

There are a variety of websites that teach children and adults.

Some of the subjects that are taught include mathematics, science, and learning English.

One such site is where an individual can use online technology to interact with children whose parents wish for them to learn the English language.

Some of the websites require that the individual have a degree and also a certification in teaching English as a second language.

Some sites allow the tutor to set their own schedule while other sites require that the tutor commits to a certain amount of hours and in accordance with a schedule that is provided.

Another tutoring website to consider is is Palfish.


Best Ways to Get Paid Weekly FAQs


Is It Good to Be Paid Weekly?

Most likely, employees would like to get paid weekly.

Weekly payroll best matches the needs of hourly employees and their cash flow needs.

However, there may be cash flow issues for the company and perhaps, the payroll schedule is as such where it is set to be paid every two weeks


Can I Ask to Get Paid Weekly?

Answer You certainly can ask to get paid weekly.

However, it may prove to be a bit of a challenge for the payroll clerk to accommodate one individual’s payroll needs when the majority of the company’s employees are being paid every two weeks.


You Can Do It

Variety is the spice of life and certainly, if looking for a job that pays weekly, the spices are very flavorful and aromatic.

Opportunities abound and certainly one can find something that meets their interest and talents.



If you want to work weekly there is ample opportunity.

Through the internet, utilizing your skills and talents and the physical assets that you have been paid weekly is a strong possibility and not a weak one.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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