Yes, you can really get jobs that pay the same day!

This article reveals some of these types of jobs.

It also reveals some tips and sources for finding jobs that pay the same day.


Importance of Jobs That Pay You Same Day

Who hasn’t been in a tough spot financially and has experienced the need for quick cash?

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A sudden bill, a miscalculation on one’s checking account, quick grocery money, etc. can be a small sampling of wanting cash now.

What do Americans do? They roll up their sleeves and get to work.

The importance of getting paid the same day is reflected in several ways.

One of those ways is that it is a signifier of a job or task completed.

Something needed to be done, the action was taken to satisfy the job, and the payment on the same day reflects the completion and satisfaction of all involved.

Also, same-day payment is generally a reflection of working without the added need of spending time filling out paperwork.

This is not only a time-saving measure but savings in cost.

Often same-day payment involves utilizing an independent contractor, self-employed individual, or freelancer.

Needed proper revenue reporting is the responsibility of that individual.

So, let’s get to work.


Personal Story

I needed to go to a brand-name home improvement store to pick up some needed items for repair work.

Leaving the parking lot, one couldn’t help but notice a pickup truck parked directly across from the entrance/exit location.

The signs posted on the truck indicated that the individual was looking for construction or handyman work.

Included was a contact number and a list of skilled services offered.

The community billboard was his or her truck and parked across from a home improvement store to be seen by individuals and contractors.

I thought to myself, what a perfect place to advertise for odd jobs, working at construction sites, etc.

He or she was probably looking for daily jobs.


10 Best Companies Offering Jobs That Pay Same Day Salary


1. Uber 

Uber is the main transportation service that utilizes independent drivers who are classified as independent contractors who utilize their vehicles.

The Uber driver can drive as frequently or as often as they wish.

To be a Uber driver requires a background check and the vehicle needs to be inspected.

Also, a valid driver’s license, certificate of insurance, clean driver’s record, etc. is required.

With Uber an individual can cash out their daily wage up to 5 times per day and depending upon what method of payment you choose, there may be a small fee.

Click here to check out Uber


2. Lyft 

A lift driver requires that the individual pass a background check and operate a vehicle that is included on the eligible list of vehicles that can be used.

This process will take time.

However, once the driver has been cleared to drive for this company, they are eligible for the agreed-upon hourly wage.

With this transportation company, that utilizes your vehicle, an option presented to the drivers is called Express Pay and the driver can cash out their earnings up to 5 times a day.

Click here to check out Lyft


3. Handyman 

Many homeowners need various small jobs done around their homes.

Some of those small odd jobs could include fixing a running toilet, replacing some drywall, minor plumbing work, etc.

Often these homeowners look to the use of a handyman to perform these small jobs.

Generally, before the job is taken on, the worker will give an estimate of the costs and when the work is completed the homeowner will pay the individual that agreed-upon fee.

There may be an invoice generated but, in these situations, payment is made either through cash or a check and is immediate.



4. UberEats 

UberEats is a delivery service in which a customer chooses a restaurant from which they want to have the food delivered to their home.

A driver is an independent contractor and is given a set wage to perform their duties.

Requirements to drive include a background check, clean driver’s record, valid driver’s license, Social Security number, certificate of vehicle insurance, etc.

UberEats drivers are provided the opportunity to be paid out immediately up to a certain number of times during the day.

A deposit is made directly into your checking account.

Click here to check out UberEats


5. DoorDash 

DoorDash is a food delivery service provided between the restaurant and the customer.

There are driver requirements which include a valid driver’s license, certificate of insurance, clean driving record, etc.

In addition, to the hourly wage provided to these independent contractors is the possibility of receiving tips.

DoorDash offers an instant cash payout through their DonorDash Fast Pay system.

Click here to check out DoorDash


6. Yard Work 

A good opportunity to earn payment on the same day is by doing yard work.

Yardwork entails the possibility of pulling weeds, mowing grass, raking leaves, trimming hedges, etc.

Often, an individual can work for a homeowner through a referral system in which one neighbor has utilized your skills and recommends you to other neighbors in the area.

It is important to remember that not all landscaping is the same due to the area involved, or the work that needs to be performed.

Therefore, it is important to charge an appropriate fee or hourly rate to the individual and agree upon that rate before the work begins.


7. Home Care 

As our population continues to significantly increase in age as well as the rising cost of professional home care individuals, an opportunity that may present itself to a qualified individual is to provide home care for an individual daily.

The qualified individual would be CPR trained and have experience and education as it relates to providing medical assistance to senior citizens or other medically challenged individuals.

Often, the family member providing the daily care needs a break from their daily routine and is looking for someone to come in and care for their loved ones for a few hours a day to relieve their stress.

Often, payment is made daily and is calculated through the agreed-upon hourly wage times the number of hours provided by the home care provider.

Usually, homecare providers require a minimum of 4 hours.


8. Dog Walking 

Household pets are an important part of the healthy lifestyle of any home.

However, things occur in people’s lives that may interfere with their ability to care for the physical needs of their pets.

Therefore, a pet owner may need, from time to time or regularly, someone to care for their pet by providing for the pet’s two to three times a day walking routine.

This is an employment opportunity that you can take advantage of and work out an arrangement with the pet owner to be paid daily.

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Read this for some of the best apps that help you find dog walking jobs.


9. Babysitting 

Another very important employment position that can have an immediate payout is babysitting.

It is important to remember however that a quality babysitter just doesn’t provide a presence to the household when the parents are away and only the children are remaining.

To be an engaged and qualified babysitter may require interacting with the children and being certified in child CPR and first aid.

Of course, this investment will allow you to command a greater hourly salary in watching the children.

Read this for how to find high paying babysitting opportunities for teenagers.


10. Roadie

This company is a delivery service that offers to its customers same-day delivery.

The eligible driver for Roadie needs to pass all of the driver qualifications and provide documentation.

Roadie also offers instant pay for its drivers.

There are few initial requirements to be eligible for fast pay.

Some of those requirements for fast pay include having completed a total of at least 5 delivery services and having a debit card associated with the driver’s bank that is reflected in their initial driver profile.

  • Click here to check out Roadie
  • Click here for companies that pay you to deliver cars
  • Click here for companies that pay you to drive cars across the country


10 Best Tips to Help With Jobs Paying Same Day


1. No Background Checks 

In looking for a job that pays the same day, it is important to find employment that does not require a background check.

This is not due to an individual wishing to keep their past or background a secret but is simply a matter of timing.

If a job requires a background check, it may require a significant amount of time for that process to take place which would delay the individual from getting paid quickly.


2. Entry Level

Another tip to keep in mind when looking to get paid on the same day when work has been provided is to take an entry-level job.

An entry-level job is defined as an employment opportunity that does not require significant education or experience.

The individual can simply go to work based on what they already bring to the position.


3. Match Your Skills 

To secure a job that pays on the same day, it would be advantageous to have the skills, dedication, or attitude needed to fulfill the employment requirements.

This means that the individual already has the needed skills to perform the job and that no additional training or teaching is needed for the job to be completed by the applicant.


4. Work Hard 

Whether it is a job that one is paid on the same day or whether it is a long-term employment position, it is always important to give the work at hand your utmost attention and work hard at completing the task.

This will not only demonstrate to the individual who is paying you that you are a quality worker but may lead to other employment opportunities or referrals from that individual.

Additionally, doing one’s best and working hard should be a reflection of the pride that one has or exhibits concerning their work ethic in doing the job to the best of their ability.


5. Hotspots 

Another tip to find jobs that pay on the same day can be likened to going fishing.

To be a good fisherman, you need to know where the fish are.

An individual looking for an employment position that pays daily, need to know where those “hotspots” are.

Therefore, if an individual has construction abilities, then a good hotspot would be to go to construction sites or home improvement stores.


6. Don’t Sell Yourself Short 

When it comes to setting your fee, you mustn’t just set a token amount but maximize your employment value in relationship to the job that is to be accomplished.

Therefore, if setting an hourly fee, do your research to see what the going rate is for the job that you are about to be paid for.

Also, if you are just going to utilize a total fee structure, make sure that you consider everything as to what will go in that cost to complete the job.

For example, if doing landscaping, will the owner be providing the receptacle or the trimmings or will bags be used?

If you are required or if the owner asks you to bring bags, make sure that that is part of your hourly wage or fee.

Remember, just because you are getting paid that day to do a job does not minimize your worth or the value that is placed upon the successful completion of that job.


7. Positive Feedback 

On the successful completion of any job, it is important to ask that individual if they would be so kind as to refer your services to others or allow their name or even their first name to be used as a positive feedback reference to find other opportunities.


8. Check the Internet 

Another tool or tip that the individual can make use of is the Internet.

By conducting a word search using keywords like “jobs that pay the same day”, an individual may find opportunities in their local community.

Another website that may be helpful is the use of Craigslist.


9. Community Bulletin Boards 

Many organizations offer an area known as a community billboard.

On this forum, individuals can place their business cards, flyers, etc. to those who frequent these facilities.

Examples of those locations that may provide a service to others through a billboard could include community centers, senior centers, home improvement stores, educational services, and more.


10. Flyers 

One old-school method of trying to find jobs that pay on the same day is by posting flyers.

By creating a flyer and posting it to your community you can advertise to others of your availability.

The flyer should be eye-catching and indicate what sort of skills that others may be in the market for.

Some of those skills could include landscaping, walking animals, doing handy work, etc.

Often individuals will perforate or allow for easy detachment of their personal information on the bottom of their flyer.


Jobs That Pay Wages Same Day FAQs


What About Taxes on These Side Jobs That Pay Same Day?

Once the threshold of $400 is reached any monies earned on the side or “gigs” is most likely taxable.

This includes driving for app-driven delivery services or selling goods online.

Don’t forget to take any authorized deductions associated with these money-earning opportunities.

Therefore, saving receipts, art supplies, mileage as a delivery driver, etc.

Always consult with a tax professional if you have any questions about taxes on money earned on the side.


What Are the Major Categories of Jobs That Payout the Same Day?

The major categories would be temp, delivery, labor, and job agencies.

The reason is that these areas of work payout for work completed in the day are that they are employment opportunities that are not long-term.

In others, once the task is completed that is all that is required and pay can be immediate.


You Can Do It

There are many ways that an energetic and committed individual can work extra jobs and receive pay for work performed on the same day.

The only imitations are on the individuals as it relates to the time available to take on extra jobs.

Many convenient services offered to customers provide convenient payout options to the independent contractor as well.



We live in a fast-paced world.

We want our food fast, we want to lose weight fast, we want to see results fast and we want to be paid fast.

Many companies can accommodate the individual who is looking to earn money and receive payment on the same day.

Being paid rapidly does not equate to a job being done quickly.

However, a job well done deserves to be paid to an individual performing a job completed and to be paid and rewarded as quickly as possible. 

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