There are certainly jobs that pay over $300k!

This article reveals up to 25 of such jobs that you can earn $300,000 from and some tips to help you.



When looking for a new job there are several components to the job being offered and should be considered by the potential employee.

Some of those components include:

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  • The climate and culture of the company
  • Benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Opportunities for training
  • Whether the company matches your philosophy of life

The other added component of whether one wishes to accept an employment offer is the salary that is being offered.

If you have the needed qualifications, experience, education, etc. to command a $300,000 a year salary then that is a good thing.

The salary is important, but the other factors should be considered as well.

With all of this in mind let us go on a job hunt and see what positions or employment opportunities are available that offer a $300,000 salary per year.


25 Best Jobs that Pay Over $300,000


1. Surgeon

There are many types of surgeons that can command a $300,000 annual salary within the medical field.

Some of those surgical fields include:

  • Cardiothoracic surgeon
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Brain surgeon
  • And so forth

To be a surgeon requires extensive knowledge of a particular area of human anatomy as well as being skilled with a variety of surgical instruments required for the success of the surgery.


2. Psychiatrist

The medical discipline of a psychiatrist involves the care of patients as it relates to their mental health.

A psychiatrist works with individuals in diagnosing, and treating a variety of mental disorders as well as helping an individual work towards good mental health.

A psychiatrist can also work with an individual who is challenged with substance abuse disorders.

As a medical professional a psychiatrist is able to prescribe medications to treat mental illnesses.


3. Lawyer

A lawyer is an individual who has a college degree as well as has attended law school and passed a bar exam to practice in their state of residency.

A lawyer’s role is to defend their clients in legal matters by representing them and advocating for them through compliance and adherence to the law.

There are a variety of separate disciplines within the broad category of practicing law.

Some of those disciplines can include:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Tax law
  • And more

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4. Urologist

A urologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the treatment of the patient’s urinary tract and the associated organs.

A urologist will see individuals that are experiencing conditions such as:

  • Kidney stones
  • Infections of the urinary tract
  • Possible cancer of the urinary bladder
  • And so forth

A urologist may also, as part of their treatment, perform surgeries as well as other procedures utilizing specialized equipment.


5. CEO

A chief executive officer is charged with the overall management of a business or corporation.

Specifically, they make informed business decisions, lead the executive team, and have the responsibility for the ultimate success of the company.

Profitability also lies on the shoulders of this top leadership position within the company.


6. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a knowledgeable investment professional who offers investment advice to their clients.

The process involves the financial advisor assessing the client’s financial condition, taking into account their goals, and aversion to risk, and making recommendations to help the client decide on investment vehicles.

Those investment vehicles can include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETFs
  • Etc.

A financial advisor can earn upwards of $300,000 based on the fees and commissions that they receive.

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7. CFO

The Chief Financial Officer is charged with oversight of the financial actions and reporting of a company’s finances.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the CFO include the generation and interpretation of financial reports, tracking cash flow, analyzing the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company or Corporation, and making appropriate financial recommendations to leadership.


8. Radiologist

A radiologist is a medical professional whose specialty is in the area of reading or interpreting medical imaging techniques.

The radiological techniques include x-rays, tomography, MRIs, ultrasound, etc.

A radiologist will analyze these images and interpret them medically so that a proper treatment plan can be implemented by the individual’s attending physician.


9. Dentist

A dentist or a Doctor of Dental Surgery is a medical professional that specializes in the dental care of their patients.

Types of treatment can include extractions, fillings of cavities, placement of prosthetics, etc.


10. Copywriter

A direct response copywriter is an individual who has the expertise and exceptional talent in writing copy that is persuasive and moves people to action.

Because of the persuasive influence of the writing, many companies pay significant dollars for an individual who has this talent.

The main role or function of a direct response copywriter is to write a letter to donors or potential donors that will not only reach the individual’s heart but their pocketbook as well and move them to support or give to an organization.


11. Blogging

A combination of writing and marketing skills may prove financially beneficial to an individual through the employment position of blogging.

The blogger can earn a significant salary with this position if they are able to address a particular and meaningful niche.

With this interesting blog, an individual blogger can find a significant following.

Appreciation of the content that is shared by the blogger can be financial donations from followers, affiliate advertisers, and sponsors.


12. Social Media Marketing Manager

A powerful way for a business or individual to promote their service or product today is through social media.

An individual who can fulfill the role of social media as a social media marketing manager can earn a healthy annual salary by utilizing these platforms to promote their customer’s service or product.

To be a quality social media marketing manager would require an understanding of marketing, and the various techniques that can be utilized as well as a thorough understanding of how to connect utilizing social media platforms.


13. Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dentist with specialized training in managing medical/dental conditions that involve the proper and healthy growth of the teeth, jaw, and facial area of an individual.

Their role is to diagnose and provide an appropriate treatment plan and implementation of that plan for any jaw misalignments, overbites in eating, as well as teeth that are growing in misalignment within the patient’s mouth.


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14. Stock Trader

A stock trader is an individual who has a thorough knowledge of the stock market and the trading processes involved to maximize the investments of the individual.

A stock trader will be able to identify significant movements within the market and use those movements for buying and selling various stocks.

A day trader for a big business or client could prove to be a quality financial earning opportunity.


15. Consultant

A consultant is an individual who can be classified as an expert as it relates to their involvement in analyzing processes and procedures within a company.

A consultant draws on their education and experience and participates in observing and analyzing a company in one or all of their departments.

Upon analyzing the various flows of business procedures, the consultant then makes recommendations to the leadership and involves themselves in implementing any changes or modifications.

A quality consultant will bring a fresh vision and perspective to the operation and can help to streamline a business, empower other processes, and help the company to improve its bottom line, which is worth considerable dollars, and earn a consultant good money for their work.


16. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is an individual that facilitates the selling and purchasing of property between two individuals or entities.

A real estate agent must be knowledgeable about all things pertaining to the selling of property and represent both buyers and sellers to ensure that all of the legal documentation is properly addressed and filed and that the optimum selling price is agreed upon.

A real estate agent generally works on commission and therefore can be a lucrative employment opportunity when large property transactions are conducted.

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17. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an individual who works with their client/customer in helping them obtain their physical, mental, and social goals and objectives.

A personal trainer is a combination of being an authority on various lifestyle changes, setting goals, working with the individual and achieving those goals, being a motivator, and inspiration, as well as exhibiting a tough love to their client in order for the client to be successful.

Some of the goals that a personal trainer can be involved with in helping others can be developing relationships, losing weight, gaining weight, becoming more physically fit, helping with career advancement, being more self-confident, etc.


18. Hair Stylist

Although a typical hair stylist would not earn a $300,000 a year salary a hair stylist that is able to obtain a job with a celebrity or other image-conscious individual could earn that type of salary.

The reality is that people that are celebrities or when their appearance is critical will frequently pay good money to a hair stylist to ensure that they look their best.


19. Truck Drivers

Being a truck driver may not appear to be a glamorous position but its importance in the transportation of goods from one location to another cannot be underestimated.

The position of being an owner-operator truck driver is increasingly in great demand and the opportunity to earn a good salary, enjoy sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses, etc. can quickly add up to achieving $300,000 per year.


20. Oil Rig Worker

An extremely hazardous and secluded job from others would be the employment position of an oil rig worker.

Offshore drilling is a significant business for companies and often finding qualified individuals who are willing to work long hours along with the hazards of this job is difficult.

That is why compensation for this employment position pays so well.

Remuneration for this job includes a base salary along with a variety of bonuses and additional pay for hazardous duty and commissions.


21. Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a medical doctor with a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin disorders.

The duty of the dermatologist is to interact with a patient that has been referred to them, evaluate any skin conditions, and prescribe a variety of treatment plans to cure or treat the skin condition and prevent its return.

Some of the diseases that dermatologists will see that have skins disorders could include:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin cancer
  • Severe cases of acne


22. Obstetrics

Obstetrics is the medical discipline that focuses on the reproductive health of a female.

A doctor of obstetrics devotes their practice to caring for women who are pregnant, assisting in the delivery of babies, managing and treatment of a women’s reproductive organs, etc.


23. Oncologist

An oncologist is a specialized physician within the medical industry that focuses on and treats cancer that has been diagnosed in an individual.

The specific actions of an oncologist are in the medical treatment for the disease of cancer which can include targeted therapy, radiation treatment, immunotherapy, etc.

Further specialization of an oncologist can include a surgical oncologist who actually performs surgery to remove any cancerous growths that are found within the body.


24. Cardiologist

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in the treatment and maintaining the health of an individual’s heart.

Their care of a patient includes preventative measures to keep the heart healthy as well as treatment of any cardio issues.

The treatment usually involves the prescribing of various medicines to ensure that the heart is operating properly and that blood flow is unobstructed.


25. Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon utilizes their medical licensing and experience to conduct surgical procedures designed to reconstruct an individual’s appearance as well as provide cosmetic surgery.


Personal Story

As you get older there’s a certain amount of freedom that can come your way because of your age and maturity.

At the age of 55, you may need to negotiate an employment opportunity along with the wage being offered.

I was working within this company in a different position that required me to travel.

Based on that need I invested in a new vehicle and one of the perks of the job was that I would be paid mileage.

I counted on the mileage to pay for my car payment.

When this other opportunity came along within the same company but to take on a different position the subject of salary came up and they offered a salary at a lower amount than what I was currently receiving.

Of course, I indicated that wouldn’t work and countered with the salary that I needed.

In addition, I indicated that I needed an additional amount to cover the cost of the annual payment for the vehicle based on the mileage that I was receiving.

I’m not sure if in my earlier years I would have been so bold but being 50 and seemingly being in the “driver seat” I made my demands and to my surprise, they were met.

The total salary package was not $300,000 but the point is that if you are qualified, and confident in your abilities you can be bold enough to ask for the salary that you believe is the value that you can bring to the company.


Jobs Paying Over $300k Yearly FAQs


What Percentage of American Employees Earn Over $300,000 a Year?

According to, 2% of those employed earn $300,000 per year or more.


What Business Sectors Reflect the Most Individuals Making Over $300,000 Per Year?

The professions or industries that have the most $300,000 or over annual salaries are:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Real estate


You Can Do It

Your salary or earnings is in direct proportion to the value of what you bring to the company or to another individual.

Your salary is not based on who you are but on what you can do and the greater your expertise the higher your salary.



There are a variety of occupations and professions in which an individual can earn and command a salary of $300,000 annually.

The various occupations that pay these salaries range from the medical profession to the business world to independent services that are offered to individuals.

The ability to obtain this salary is based on the value that your involvement and service provided to the individual.

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