Thinking of moving and wondering if there are jobs that pay for relocation and housing?

In that case you will be glad to be reading this article.

It shows 25 legit companies offering jobs that that will really pay for relocation and housing, as well as tips to help you!


Why Look for Jobs That Pay for Relocation and Housing?

Why not, right?

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Especially as there are indeed such jobs to get your hands on!

In days gone by it wasn’t unusual for generations of families to live in one location and for future generations to follow that pattern.

If a move occurred it was generally due to a job-related opportunity, going to school, involvement with the military, and other possible reasons.

Typically, we were not a mobile society.

Today things are different.

It is estimated that the average individual in America will move at least 11.4 times in their lifetime.

It may be a move to a different home within the same community or it may be outside of the community.

Also, there are a variety of reasons that help facilitate an individual in moving today.

Some of those reasons include the expansive window of technology and the opportunities provided regionally, nationally, and globally.

Other speculative reasons could include the ongoing migration to larger urban areas and the moving away of traditional family thinking and families living in proximity to one another.

In any event, moving, on average, over 11 times in one’s lifetime will give us pause and think about the potential of working for companies that have great relocation packages.


What Can Be Included with Jobs That Pay for Relocation & Housing

When a company asks an employee to move to a different city, state, or nation, they understand that moving is an expensive venture.

Therefore, a quality company will offer the individual certain terms as it relates to covering the relocation expenses.

Some of the expenses associated with relocating that a company may pay can include:

  • Packing and moving the household goods
  • Providing temporary housing at the new location
  • Covering travel costs for the employee and family
  • Possible reimbursement of any fees associated with the move
  • An expense account during the transition process


25 Legit Companies with Jobs That Pay for Relocation and Housing


1. Cisco 

Cisco offers software that is categorized as networking which enhances their client’s business activities.

It is cloud-based and provides not only the convenience of cloud involvement but provides security solutions to the company as well.

If they ask an employee to relocate, the relocation expenses are covered plus 6 months of temporary housing provided as a relocation benefit to an individual to get settled into their new community.

Also, provided by Cisco in their relocation package is six weeks of salary as a miscellaneous allowance which covers expenses associated for the employee with their move.


2. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn, on average, moves 10% of its team annually to different locations globally.

It appears that LinkedIn utilizes an outside firm to work with relocating employees as part of the relocation process.

The name of that outside firm is Global Mobility Solutions.

The benefits of using an outside firm leave the process to the experts and reduce the potential of relocations being used as leverage by the company and employees for added benefits.

The benefit to the employee is the power of adjusting quickly to their newly relocated home and employment position.


3. Centurylink 

When requests are made to employees by Centurylink to relocate, some costs are covered with the relocation process.

The extent of the relocation package offered to the employee is tied to the needs of the company and the individual’s position.

At the time that the relocation opportunity is discussed with the employee, the benefits associated with the move are also disclosed.

Also, Centurylink takes into consideration any transfer requests made by employees due to a variety of reasons.


4. BP 

BP has a relocation policy that provides not only for the moving needs of the employees but their immediate families as well.

In addition to providing for the basic relocation costs, BP provides a “settling in” assistance package as well as assisting the spouse in seeking employment.

As part of their employee commitment, BP assigns a dedicated relocation coordinator to help facilitate the moving process for each employee.


5. Oak Street Health 

Oak Street Health, headquartered in Chicago Illinois, is a medical network of primary care centers.

Their commitment to their medical business model is providing quality medical patient care focused on improving health outcomes and managing skyrocketing medical costs, particularly for older populations.

Relocation packages are available.


6. Sales Force 

The service that Salesforce provides is cloud-based software.

The software helps companies to focus on customer service, automate marketing strategies, provide analytics, and application development.

As an innovative company, they pride themselves on a variety of benefits including relocation assistance.

One other significant feature is they encourage their employees to volunteer. The top 100 volunteers are granted $10,000 that can be donated to the not-for-profit of their choice.


7. Amazon 

Amazon, of course, is synonymous with a forwarding thinking and significant expansive growth.

As such, they have relocation packages available for employees that are quite involved and help to minimize the financial and emotional strain placed upon the employee and their family members.

Relocation packages are dependent upon your position within the company and can include moving expenses for the entire family with an added perk of covering any associated fees for a child to be enrolled in a new school.


8. Google 

The global reach of Google requires that relocation packages often be provided and offered to employees.

Being global therefore implies that an employee can be asked to relocate anywhere around the world.

Employees of Google receive an allowance to manage the relocation costs and oftentimes will be offered a pre-arranged package in which the relocation costs and expenses are covered including any temporary housing needed when looking for a new residence in the relocating city.


9. Microsoft 

As one would imagine, the relocation packages offered by Microsoft are top-notch.

The company, because of its expansiveness and relocation experience, has learned from all of the relocation experiences to provide a complete and robust relocation package.


10. Tesla 

Another major company that offers significant relocating employees a robust package is Tesla.

Their understanding of the importance of covering the expenses with added perks to relocating employees has strengthened their ability to recruit top talent and retain employees that are moved per the needs of the company.


11. Facebook 

Facebook understands the importance of the relocating process.

They fully realize that it is more than just covering the financial needs of the relocating employee but also helping with the stresses associated with relocating to a new area.

Facebook not only provides relocation assistance that one would expect from a company of this size and influence but also as part of the package help the individual manage the associated pressures of a relocating experience.

For many employees that assistance helps to remove the unknowns from the move and with the ongoing assimilation to a new community.


12. Adobe 

When a current or newly hired employee is brought on to the Adobe team, their relocation expenses are completely covered.

Adobe’s dedication to making the transition smooth both financially and emotionally is due to its understanding of recruiting and retention of employees.

There are significant relocation opportunities associated with Adobe which could include living in America, Paris, France, or other well-known cities and countries.


13. Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric is a global company that prides itself on adapting to the ongoing change in the business environment as well as within its own company.

This forward-thinking company understands the importance of employees and that any requests made to relocate can have a significant impact on an employee’s life.

Therefore, as part of their relocation commitment, they want to ensure that the employee is fully engaged so that no second-guessing or regrets are experienced with the decision or minimized as much as possible.

Therefore, as part of the relocation package, they engage the employee with the intent of providing for the employee’s overall well-being during and after the relocation.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Schneider Electric has been in the business for an extended period and subsequently has great experience in relocating employees to global cities such as Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague.

Check out the following for other interesting job considerations:


14. Netflix 

The entertainment giant Netflix is fully committed to an international hiring process that is completely engaging as it relates to compliance and taking into consideration any opportunities for an employee to be relocated.

As such, Netflix does not want to leave any stone unturned or cause undue stress for the employee or disrupt as much as possible in the employee’s life.

Consequently, Netflix has a sophisticated and committed team that is engaged with the employee’s relocation move and supports the entire family as well.

Relocation has become even more robust with Netflix as they plan on their expansive moves into Europe and in the process relocating employees.


15. Revolut 

Revolut is very forward-thinking as it relates to the relocation process.

The corporate mentality understands that moving and relocating to a new community can be a significant stress creator.

Consequently, to minimize this negative component of moving they offer significant relocation benefits to address the anxiety associated with a relocation move and even have a relocation checklist that they are guided by on their website.


16. Ark Pet Hospital 

Ark Pet Hospital, located in Denver, Colorado, was advertising for the open position of associate veterinarian.

A relocation package was being offered and the pay started with the offering of $125,000 per year.


17. MCDC 

The position of a dentist was advertised as an open employment opportunity with this company.

MCDC is the company of My Community Dental Centers.

The dentist would serve families in Michigan and provide their professionalism and dentistry acumen to those in need in Manistee, MI.

In addition to a robust relocation package being offered, the salary range was between 150,000 and 300,000 per year with a $20,000 sign-on bonus.


18. 1Starr Enterprises 

The golden opportunity offered by 1Starr Enterprises located in Austin, Texas was the employment position of an office manager.

The salary range was from $73,799-$79,899 per annum.

Also, relocation assistance was offered.

1Starr Enterprises is a multimedia company that has as their clientele several significant brands that they represent.


19. Harbor Freight 

Harbor freight tools have been in business since 1977 and have grown significantly from a small family-owned business.

Its revenue is currently $5 billion and part of its success has been the hiring of qualified individuals.

As part of this process to hire the best, they provide a significant relocation package for individuals who are qualified for the positions that are advertised and may require a move.

One recent position advertised a salary in the range of $100,000-$140,000.


20. Jiffy Lube 

Jiffy Lube a national company that offers convenient and quick oil changes for vehicles has a significant relocation package depending upon the available employment opportunities.

For example, recently a district operations manager position was posted.

The relocation requirement was a move to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

The salary offer was in the range of $70,000-$100,000 per year.


21. The Neiders Company  

A real estate investment firm headquartered in Seattle Washington was advertising for the position of a director of property management operations.

The salary range was 160,000 to $175,000 per year.

A relocation package was offered for the individual to make the move to Seattle, Washington.


22. Native Sun Holdings

The position of the chief operating officer was advertised by Native Sun Holdings located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The salary range was $200,000-$250,000 a year and a relocation package was offered.

This company is a licensed cannabis business operating in the state and was looking for an individual to help accelerate that growth.


23. Doucet & Associates 

The employment position of survey project manager was advertised by Doucet and Associates.

The salary range was $100,000-$120,000 per year, a relocation package was offered with the move being to Austin, Texas.

The service provided by Doucet and Associates is that of civil engineering, design services, geospatial services, etc.


24. Amedisys

Amedisys is a company that provides hospice care for those who are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

The company was advertising for an RN to fulfill the role of director of operations.

A $10,000 sign-on bonus was offered with the salary range being $80,000-$95,000 a year.

Relocation assistance was offered and a move to Butler, Georgia was required.


25. WestRock 

Through the company Westrock, the position of director of operations was offered with the salary range being $150,000-$225,000 per year.

A relocation package was offered by this company with the individual needing to relocate to Orlando, Florida.

Westrock is the second-largest American packaging company.


Personal Story

In 1972 on one uneventful afternoon, I received a call from the personnel department.

The caller indicated that they needed an x-ray tech in Pearl Harbor and asked whether I would be willing to transfer.

Of course, I said yes and found myself in the city of Honolulu two months later.

The U.S. Navy has a great relocation package.

For me, they utilized professional movers, made arrangements to transport our vehicle, provided airfare, assigned a sponsor to meet us at the airport and helped us to settle in, and also made temporary living arrangements for us in a hotel in Waikiki Beach for 30 days.

Additionally, because of the expense of living in Hawaii, they gave us additional pay which was known as a temporary living allowance.

The United States Navy has a great relocation package but on the other hand, expects a lot back in return.


Jobs Paying for Relocation and Housing FAQs


What Benefits Are Usually Included in a Relocation Package?

A relocation package offered by a company can vary and may be dependent upon a variety of factors.

The basics of a relocation package generally include:

  • The cost of the use of a professional moving company
  • Travel costs from point A to point B.
  • Any lodging associated with the move

Other benefits that may be offered beyond the normal could include:

  • Temporary living arrangements filling new home is secured
  • Storage costs
  • Utility deposits
  • Any possible cancellation fees associated with schooling


Why is a Job Relocation Package Important?

A job relocation package is important because the move involves added expense for the new hire or employee that is being transferred.

This added expense can accumulate into the thousands of dollars and would likely have a severe impact on an employee’s household budget.

By providing a relocation package, the company is sending a strong signal about its commitment to its employees and the important role that they play in the success of the company.


You Can Do It

A work-related move, although the expenses are generally covered by the company, is not without a downside.

Involved could be the possibility of stress, being uprooted from one’s home and being comfortable, then moving to a new community and the unknown, etc.

As much as you are able, it is important to focus on the positive and dwell on the investment and confidence that the company has in you in making this move and supporting you as much as they are able.



Companies are more in tune with their employees today and as such realize the significance of moving and the chaos that it can cause in the life of their employees.

Consequently, to help ease the financial burden and the assimilation into a new community, many forward-thinking companies offer relocation assistance.

They also offer this type of assistance to “sweeten the pot” to entice the individual to transfer and take on the relocated employment position.

Also, it is the mark of a good company when they are willing to invest in their employees this way and help make the transition into the company and the physical location of the job as smooth as possible.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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