Yes, there are easy jobs that pay daily, and you can get some of these jobs.

This article reveals as many as 25 such jobs that pay daily and companies that really pay.



Certain special events in our lives brighten up our days and somehow make the world a little more bit rosier and more engaging.

Some of those special events include birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, holidays, etc.

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Often, individuals get so absorbed in the beauty of the day that they often lament and pose the question why can’t every day be like this?

Another occurrence in our lives that is extremely enjoyable is payday and getting a salary or wage for the work that we do.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we live from paycheck to paycheck but when payday arrives, we are happy.

Daily paydays would be wonderful, and some jobs pay this frequently.

Let us look at 25 opportunities that pay daily.


Personal Story

My first job, as a 16-year-old was working in a motor factory where my uncle had gotten me the job.

My first check must’ve been roughly $50 after taxes were taken out.

Subsequently, like clockwork, after graduation from school, I would get paid thereafter every two weeks and it seemed, fortunately, that the paychecks increased in size.

Also, while serving in the Navy and overseas, on the paydays which fell on a Friday, we were paid in cash because we were overseas and the difficulty in cashing checks.

As of late, all that is received now is a payroll stub indicating that the money was deposited into the checking account electronically.

All that to say is whether the checks were small or larger, whether we were paid in cash or electronically, it was always a great day when we got paid.


25 Best Easy Jobs That Pay Daily & Companies That Really Pay


1. Uber  

A job that pays every day is a driving service known as Uber.

Uber contracts with self-employed individuals who own their vehicle and use that vehicle to transport clients from point A to point B.

The connection, payment, tip, and all of the processes involved are accomplished through an app.

To drive for Uber requires the individual to make an application, submit a copy of their driver’s license, provide a certificate of insurance, car registration, and then permit Uber to pull their driving record as well as run a background check.

Uber pays daily, in fact, through their Instapay system you can draw out your salary up to five times during the day.

Click here to check out Uber Driver Requirements and Wages


2. UberEats

UberEats is affiliated with Uber.

This is also a delivery service provided by self-employed individuals who utilize their vehicles.

Rather than transporting individuals, the customer makes an order to a restaurant through the UberEats app, and the driver will then go to that restaurant and pick up the food order for the individual and deliver it to their home or place of business.

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3. Toluna 

Toluna is a website that gathers people together to offer them the opportunity to be influencers.

An influencer is an individual whose opinion is gathered together with others to provide insight and opinions on a variety of projects and products.

This online committee platform allows the individual to participate in several surveys and when they do, they are rewarded for their participation through the giving of points.

The points can in turn be redeemed for several things including gift cards and cash.

Click here to check out Toluna


4. Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys invites individuals to register on their website and begin to participate by taking many surveys.

When the surveys are completed the individual is compensated with cash.

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5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another survey site that allows individuals to not only participate in surveys but watch movies and potentially be involved in focus groups.

Individuals, if their profile and demographics match the individuals needed to participate, they are rewarded with money or reward cards.

Additionally, as a reward, when you sign up as a first-time participant, you receive a five-dollar incentive.

The surveys may take 20 minutes of your time.

Click here to check out Swagbucks


6. InboxDollars 

InboxDollars is an opportunity for an individual to earn cash by playing games, watching TV, taking surveys, and other participatory events.

It has been estimated that since its inception in 2000 that they have paid out over $80 million to participants in cash rewards who perform tasks like reading e-mail and other actions.

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7. Prize Rebel 

PrizeRebel was started in California in 2007.

Its primary goal is connecting market research with the average, everyday individual.

Consequently, this site is available to individuals at no charge.

The participant will complete certain tasks and various activities.

Each of these tasks and opportunities is completed in exchange for points.

The points eventually can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

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8. Drop Shipping 

Drop Shipping is a unique way of selling products by using the Internet but does not involve any inventory of the items that are being sold.

The business model for Drop Shipping is that the products are directly sold from a third party and then delivered to the customer.

This is proven to be a good way of making money daily by setting up an online store and marketing your product throughout all of your social media platforms.

A great way to set up a virtual store is through


9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an additional survey site that offers rewards for an individual who participates in a variety of surveys.

The surveys could include watching movies, being involved in a focus group, or participating in a questionnaire.

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10. Website Tester

If you enjoy being on the Internet and looking at a variety of websites and also have a keen eye as far as what a good website should look like, then being a website tester maybe just your opportunity.

The positions usually pay per test or every week and are great opportunities to earn extra income in addition to your normal job.

To learn more about a website tester click here.



11. Data Entry 

If you don’t mind the routine and mundane of inputting numbers and other pieces of information, then a good daily job that pays would be data entry.

This work can be done from home and although it can be pretty repetitious, it can be a fairly easy job that requires the sorting out of data, possible annotation, transcription, and more.


12. Blogging 

If you like to write and have a particular passion or interest or narrative to share with others that will resonate with them, a good way to do this is through blogging.

The individual can set up their blogging site by using a service such as Bluehost and then began to blog away.

To be successful it is important to have a particular and unique writing subject.

For example, you can blog about your weight loss program that you are on, your pursuit of a certain career, juggling an employment position with the responsibilities of being a parent, etc.

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The idea is for blogging to be entertaining, practical, inspirational, and motivational so that individuals will be engaged in reading about their inner adventures and learn from what they are learning.

Therefore, you might get paid by those that follow your journey, through affiliate advertising or even gaining a sponsor for your blog site.


13. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a freelance website that connects freelancers with job opportunities.

Examples of freelance opportunities could include the fulfillment of being a graphic designer, writer, grant writer, virtual assistant, etc.

Any job that is done in a typical workplace is something that can be freelanced and people perform that job as independent contractors rather than employees of the company.


14. Upwork 

Upwork is a freelance website that is hosted by the company Upwork and posts jobs needed to be accomplished and this freelancing website registers freelancers so that the connection can be made.

To be a freelancer on this website is at no charge.

The individual registers complete their bio and then selects what areas of freelancing opportunity that they wish to work within.

Payment can be daily, or it may take longer for the job to be accomplished.

Payment is made by the contractor and goes through the Upwork process, Upwork takes a 20% share of the payment, and the remainder of the money is then transmitted to the individual’s checking account.

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15. Home Care 

A great way to provide a wonderful service and get paid in doing so and daily is to be a home care provider.

A home care provider cares for an individual within their family setting when this individual is unable to tend to their basic or daily needs.

A home care provider can work for a home care agency or be an independent individual who provides the service independently and has the needed experience and qualifications.


16. Tutor

There are many opportunities available for an individual who can tutor another individual on a one-to-one basis.

One such website is Wyzant.

Tutoring opportunities could include academic study such as helping an individual learn English skills, mathematics skills, foreign language, etc.

Also, a tutor can help another individual with artistic talents such as playing the piano, learning how to play the guitar, singing lessons, etc.


17. DoorDash 

DoorDash is another opportunity that is provided for an individual to be self-employed and use their vehicle.

The DoorDash process is similar to UberEats in which the customer orders food from the restaurant and DoorDash then picks up that food at the restaurant and delivers that food to the individual.

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In addition to getting paid for each trip that is made, the DoorDash driver may receive a tip. All tips received are provided to the driver.

Click here to check out DoorDash


18. Instacart 

Instacart is another food delivery service.

The difference in this foodservice delivery company is that the individual order’s food from a participating grocer.

The Instacart driver then accepts that service opportunity and drives to the grocery store and does the shopping on behalf of the individual according to their submitted grocery list.

Payment is made through the website or app and the Instacart driver will then place the food in their vehicle and drive the grocery order to the individual’s home.


19. Side Hustles 

There are many “side hustles” that an individual can be involved with that will pay daily.

Examples of side hustles could be the utilization of one’s truck to haul away trash for a customer, move furniture or boxes from one place to another, or a multitude of other possibilities.

As the process is fairly non-involved, payment is usually made right away to the individual who performs the side hustle.


20. Call Center 

Call-center work is an opportunity for an individual to earn money daily by making phone calls to individuals on a list that has been provided to the worker.

Pay is by the hour and can be as much as $12.

Additionally, many call-center opportunities allow for the individual to work from home.


21. Transcription Services 

A great opportunity for an individual who has quality typing abilities is to be a transcriptionist for several websites.

One of those websites is GoTranscript.

With this position, you can earn up to $30 per hour.

Also, there are courses that one can take through online opportunities. One of those courses that can be found at


22. Online Tutoring

Another tutoring opportunity that can be taken advantage of can be a virtual experience.

If you have the needed qualifications, you can teach English as a second language to individuals.

One of those websites is or you can use the virtual method of tutoring by setting up your own business and providing the tutoring through technology such as Zoom or Skype.


23. Online Store

If you have a hobby that you think will resonate with individuals as far as buying what you are creating, you can always set up a virtual store either at or at

You can register on these sites and the sites will help you set up your virtual retail store where individuals can browse and shop for items that find appealing.

They can purchase these items and consequently, you will receive money for your handcrafted items.

Examples of creative work could include the making of jewelry, leatherwork, sewing, knitted items, etc.


24. Graphic Designer

Another opportunity that presents itself to be paid daily is by being a graphic designer.

There are a variety of websites in which you can create a graphic design and then through these websites put these designs on a variety of products.

Some of those products could include coffee mugs, T-shirts, most pads, etc.

Also, it is important not to be intimidated by graphic designs as there are websites that can help you with this process.

One such website is

Often these websites will provide you templates and is just a matter of filling in the template with the various words or content that you desire.


25. Day Trading

Daytrading is the process in which individuals follow the stock market and buy a stock that is low and timing the market and selling at a high price for a profit.

This is a great way of making money daily.

However, there are drawbacks and some significant risks that may be associated with utilizing this possibility. These risks can be the significant swings of the market in one direction or the other.


Jobs That Pay Daily FAQs


Are There Special Financial Days?

The obvious special financial day would be April 15.

That day in America holds a special financial significance in that it is the deadline for Americans to file their tax return.

Another important financial day could be an individual’s employment anniversary.

Typically, an annual review needs to be conducted on or before that date and often is associated with a cost-of-living increase and/or pay increase in their salary.


Is There an Estimation of How Many Americans Have Side Jobs or Side “Hustles?”

Answer It is estimated that one-third of Americans or 34% currently have a side hustle.

Also, a website entitled Smarts indicates that 24% of those surveyed talked about starting a side hustle.


You Can Do It

In addition to your regular paycheck, you have the opportunity to take advantage of other jobs that will pay you daily for work.

The jobs that require you to physically provide some service or computer-type jobs that can be accomplished from the convenience of one’s home.

In either case, being paid daily adds to the enjoyment of your day.



Every day is special.

It is just that some days are more special in that we celebrate memorable events that occurred on that particular day of the year.

Those special days are not necessarily because we live for money but because we need money to live.

In addition, when we earn money, we are another step closer to becoming more financially independent and secure in our financial future.

As part of that process is the additional daily money that we can earn through a variety of other jobs.

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