Yes, there are jobs that pay cash on the spot.

This article reveals as many as 25 such jobs that really pay cash on the spot that most people can do.


Importance of Jobs That Pay Cash on the Spot

Typically, for an individual to get paid for work that is accomplished, there is a process.

The procedure entails claiming the work done through a timesheet or timecard that is kept every week.

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These timesheets are then approved by one’s immediate supervisor at the of the workweek and then submitted to the payroll department either on a weekly or biweekly basis so payroll checks or direct deposits can be processed.

Rather than getting paid daily, it is more time and cost-efficient to accumulate the hours worked and pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Despite it being more efficient for others involved in the process, if we had our choice, we would enjoy being paid daily and getting paid on the spot.

Nothing quite matches the feeling of hard cold cash in the warmth of the palm of our hand.

Let us look therefore at ways that we can be paid cash on the spot through a variety of jobs.


Personal Story

As a teenager growing up in the mid-west constant snowfall is a big part of the winter season.

Often, during the week, after attending school, doing my homework, and eating supper, I would then be required to go out and shovel snow.

The chore not only included our sidewalk and driveway but the neighbors as well.

Often the air would be bitterly cold and the work was truly a drudgery.

The only thing that kept me on task was the warmth of that $5 bill that would be given by each of the neighbors on either side of us.

It was hard-cold cash given for hard cold work but truly warmed my entrepreneurial heart.


25 Jobs That Really Pay Cash on the Spot


1. Photography 

If you have an average to good camera, you can make money as a freelance photographer.

Ways that you can earn money on the spot is to do portraits in your home studio.

You can advertise this service through your social media platforms.

Also, as part of your advertisement, you can freelance as a wedding photographer or take photographs of special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

As a payment possibility, you could require a certain percentage of the agreed-upon price for the overall project upfront, and then when completed the balance would be due.


2. Facebook

A good way to possibly get leads and promote your skills and talents would be through Facebook or other social media platforms.

For example, if you are a writer, handyman, babysitter, willing to run errands, etc. you can make this known on your social media platforms.

Your followers will be able to utilize your skills and willingness to work in certain areas as well as promote your ability to do these jobs to other people.


3. Hauling Trash 

If you have a pickup truck or van, you can utilize these vehicles to haul away people’s trash or move items that people need to have moved.

This would be a great way to utilize your vehicle.

Advertisement can occur by posting signage around the neighborhood, through Craigslist or even taking out an ad in the local newspaper advertising your services.

Click here for more ways of getting paid to get rid of litter and trash.


4. Craigslist 

Craigslist is a good online website in which individuals can search for a particular service that they need to utilize.

They can focus on their local community and search for the particular job or role that they need to have accomplished in their home or business.

You can list your services on this website by going to


5. Mystery Shopper 

A great way to get paid on the spot and have fun in the process is by registering as a mystery shopper.

There is a wide range of businesses and companies that want to ensure that their brand is being protected and that the service in their stores in the local community is of optimum quality.

Therefore, companies like Secret Shopper will hire individuals to fulfill this function on behalf of their clients.

The range of this task can be anywhere from $5 to $10.

Click here to learn more about getting paid as a mystery shopper.


6. Landscaping 

If you have a green thumb, it is not necessary to own landscaping business but you can provide this service to an individual needing to have landscaping done at their home.

The landscaping opportunities could be the removing of shrubs, pruning low hanging limbs on trees, mowing grass, doing weeding, the laying of mulch, etc.

Once the job is completed the individual will usually pay upon completion.


7. Snow Removal

If you live in the part of the country that experiences snowfall, you might be able to get a snow removal job.

The snow removal can be done with a snowblower or if you have a pickup truck you can invest in a plow for the front of your truck.

Typically, an attachable snow plow ranges around $1500.

You can work out an arrangement with the homeowner or business owner and every time it snows and snow removal needs to be done, you will be contracted with to provide that service.

Your business arrangements can be either paid by the hour or the square footage of the area of snow removal. Also, your terms can be paid each time this is accomplished.

Click here for more ways of making money shoveling snow.


8. Pet Sitting 

Individuals who own pets are sometimes called away and need someone to care for their beloved members of the family.

You can offer your services as a pet sitter and provide care for these animals.

The animals could include caring for cats, dogs, birds, etc.

You can get paid partially upfront and when the work is completed then the balance would be due upon the pet owner’s return home.


9. Dog Walking 

Doing dog walking jobs is a great way to get paid and receive health benefits in the process is to care for a dog owner’s pet by walking the animal in the morning and the evening.

This can be done on your own by offering your services within your community or you can go through such websites as


10. Uber 

If you have a vehicle, valid driver’s license, certificate of insurance, vehicle title, and a clean driving record, you can drive your vehicle for a taxiing service such as

This particular driving service allows for payout to the independent driver up to five times a day.

That payment would be per trip as well as any tips.


11. Sell Your Hair 

As strange as it may sound, some companies and associations will pay money for an individual’s cut hair.

The human hair is utilized for individuals to replace any hair loss due to medical treatments, or used for extensions, or weaves.

One such site that purchases hair can be accessed at

You can also learn more about buying and selling hair from this article.

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12. Rent Parking Spot

In some cities, parking is at a premium.

This is especially true if the parking space is covered and protects the vehicle from the outdoor elements.

If you have such a spot, you could always rent your spot out to other individuals at an agreed-upon price per day or every month.


13. Garage Sale 

A great way to earn money on the spot and de-clutter your home is to have a garage sale.

This would require that the individual go through their home and sort out items that they wish to keep, and which items can be sold.

On the day of the sale, post signs around your immediate vicinity advertising your garage sale and you will be amazed at the individuals that will flock to your sale to see what items you have available and offer you cash.

This is a good way to earn a large chunk of cash in the present moment.


14. House Sit 

Another opportunity to earn money in the present moment is by offering the service of house sitting.

This is a valuable service rendered to individuals knowing that you are in their home while they are away.

This will bring great peace of mind.

You can advertise your availability as a housesitter through your social media platforms.

The business transaction could be a percentage of the agreed-upon price in the current moment with the remainder being paid upon the homeowner’s return.


Jobs That Pay Cash on the Spot


15. Pawn Shop 

If you have some items that you have around the house that have considerable value or worth, you can always go to your local pawnshop and deal with the owner to see if they would give you money for that item.

If the offer is agreed upon, you will receive money in hand and after a set amount of time, you will return that money with interest and receive your item back that was given to the pawnbroker.

Or, if you just simply choose to sell the item then that would be the end of your business transaction for that particular item.


16. Tutor 

If you have a skill that is marketable and individuals wish to be taught this skill, you can always choose to be a tutor.

An example of a tutor would be an individual who teaches others how to play piano, guitar or give academic guidance as it relates to certain subjects that the student may be struggling with.

The business deal that would be conducted would include payment after the successful conclusion of each lesson.


17. Rent Car 

If you have a vehicle that you don’t often use and it sits idly by in your garage or parking area, you can always rent that vehicle out to another individual.

You could agree upon a set amount for the daily rental as well as charging mileage and also ensure that the level of the gas tank, upon return of the vehicle is at the same level as when the vehicle was taken.


18. Sell Vegetables 

If you have a bit of land and are growing vegetables, you can always sell those vegetables to your neighbors or others in the community or at a farmer’s market.

You may be able to gain a good price if you don’t use any pesticides and you can use that as a selling point when people wish to buy various vegetables or plants, or flowers from you.


19. Handyman 

If you have talent around the home and can fix things that need a minor repair, you can always market your service as a handyman.

This can be accomplished by advertising your service through Craigslist, putting posters up around the community, or on your social media platforms.

The value of being able to fix a small leak, repair a hole in the wall, minor painting, fixing a running toilet, etc. can prove to be a good way of earning money when the job has been completed.


20. Home Care 

As our society and baby boomers, in particular, continue to age, the need for individuals to provide home care service is growing exponentially as well.

Therefore, if you have homecare abilities and can go to an individual’s home and provide bathing services, be a companion, provide meals, etc. you can earn a good hourly wage.

Generally, payment is made after each day’s care.


21. Entertainer 

Families are always looking for entertainment venues that can be utilized at a variety of special events.

Those special events could include children’s birthday parties, anniversaries, religious celebrations, etc.

A good way to earn money is by being an entertainer such as possibly being a magician, clown, etc., or investing in a bounce house and setting that entertaining item up at various parties.

Payment can be made once your role has been fulfilled and everybody is satisfied.


22. Sell Plasma 

If you live in an area where there is a plasma collection center, this is a valuable commodity that is needed for research work as well as individuals who are in the hospital.

Plasma is something that cannot be synthetically re-created and is dependent upon individuals donating their plasma.

Currently, you can earn anywhere from $30-$50 for the donation of your plasma.


23. Washing Clothes 

A not so intrusive way of earning money is by providing clothes washing service.

There are many individuals, for a variety of reasons, who do not wash their clothes and outsource this chore to others.

This is a simple way that you can get paid when you wash someone’s clothes neatly fold them and return them to the individual.

Another option as it relates to washing individuals’ clothes is to use the barter system.

In other words, you wash somebody’s clothes in exchange for something that they can render in return that you need for that particular service.


24. Ironing 

Although ironing is not needed as much as it once was because of the manufactured fabric today, there may still be a need for this service to be provided to someone meticulous about their shirts and pants.

Therefore, you can advertise your ironing ability through social media platforms and charge a fairly good rate as providing this tedious service to someone who appreciates the creases in all the right places on their clothing.


25. Housekeeping 

Another opportunity that presents itself to an individual can be in the area of housekeeping.

Often, housekeeping is not a favorite chore of an individual, and therefore they’re looking for someone to help them with the vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of windows, etc.

You can advertise this position of providing this service of housekeeping through your social media platform as well as Craigslist and other printed advertisement possibilities.


Jobs Paying Cash on the Spot FAQS


What, if Any, Are the Issues or Challenges in Getting Paid by Cash?

Paying workers in cash is completely legal.

Any illegalities would stem from an employer paying a worker under the table with cash to avoid payroll taxes.

To avoid any issues with IRS, it is always important to report money that you earn regardless of whether it is by check or cash.


What Are the Advantages of Getting Paid on the Spot?

The advantages could be:

  • Immediate payout
  • Not pursuing people for non-payment
  • Gratification for a job well done
  • Ability to use the money right away


You Can Do It

There are many reasons why we need money on the spot or right away.

There are bills, needs, unbudgeted expenditures, etc.

Fortunately, there is a variety of on-the-spot jobs that provide on-the-spot money waiting for the motivated individual.



Patience is a virtue but when it comes to money it doesn’t hurt to be impatient once in a while.

Therefore, earning money upon the completion of an activity or a job right away or on the spot goes a long way to placating our impatience and warming and easing the itch of the palm of our hand.

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