If you want to know the jobs that pay $50 an hour, you should definitely read this article.

It reveals some of the best jobs that really pay as much as $50 dollars per hour that many people can do.


Why 50 Dollars an Hour Jobs?

$7.25 per hour…this hourly amount is the current federal minimum wage that by federal law must be paid by an employer to an employee.

Of course, some states have enacted legislation that reflects a higher minimum wage afforded to its residents and employees of that state.

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If an employee finds themselves in a state with a higher minimum wage than what federal law requires, the higher minimum hourly state wage will prevail.

The federal minimum wage was first legislated into law in 1938. This legislation was part of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The initial federal minimum wage was set at $.25 an hour. Today that federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and hasn’t realized an increase in over 12 years.

An hourly wage paid by an employer to an employee is a critical part of an individual’s financial situation.

Therefore, it is important to earn as much as one can per hour. This is because a 40-hour workweek will provide a gross income of $2000 a week for an individual earning $50 an hour.

Additionally, securing a $50 an hour employment position requires several variables being presented by the potential employee.

Some of those variables to command a $50 an hour salary include the individual’s educational background, work experience, certificates of completion, and so forth.


11 Best Jobs That Pay $50 an Hour


1: Human Resources

It has been jokingly said by some disgruntled coworkers and managers that this would be a great place to work if it wasn’t for the people.

A human resources director is called upon to manage the company’s personnel and ensure that not only are their rights as an employee are protected but represent the company as well in following the laws as it relates to the rights of the employees.

A human resources director has to often settle disputes within the company in working relationships between fellow employees as well as managers and employees.

Additionally, this position ensures that performance reviews are accomplished according to the letter of the law and that the hiring policy and process of the company are within the legal limits of the law.

Often, they have the unenviable job of having to terminate someone’s employment due to a violation of company policy or poor performance at the worksite.


2: Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing strategies to advance the company’s image in the community.

In concert with leadership and other key members of the leadership team, a marketing plan is formulated and implemented.

The marketing plan is the driving force of the company to increase its business sales.

A marketing manager position can be high-stress employment due to the focus of elevating the company’s presence in the community, enhancing product sales, and the successful realization of the marketing plan.

The successful marketing manager will be aware of consumer trends, focus group processes and can be visionary.


3: Financial Development Director

A critical occupational role within the non-profit arena is a position known as the financial development director.

A financial development director is charged with accumulating the needed resources to fulfill the vision and mission statement of the non-for-profit.

The financial development director accomplishes this role by developing a financial development plan and budget which includes various streams of anticipated revenue.

Some examples of this revenue stream would include gifts from private donors, corporation support, grant writing, special events, etc.

The financial development director is also charged with maintaining relations with stakeholders who support the mission of the not-for-profit.

Generally, the requirements for a financial development director include a business degree or years of work-related experience.

Also, a financial development director can have various certifications such as those issued by the National Association for Fundraising Executives.


4: Public Relations Manager

It has often been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Albeit that this is true or not, a public relations manager will have the ability to place the company that they represent in a good light towards the community and its customers despite negative events.

A public relations manager can work well with the written, audio, and visual media components of their local community and nationally if need be.

They will be able to vocalize or in written correspondence articulate the company’s position, motivation, and mission statement.

Even in the event of something negative happening, they can adequately explain the company’s position and rationale for making the decision that was made.

A public relations manager is able to positively spin anything that may be on the outward appearance of a negative situation.


best jobs that pay 50 an hour


5: Physicians Assistant

The apparent shortage of medical doctors and the demand for quality healthcare has created a fairly new medical occupation known as the physician’s assistant.

Physician’s assistants can command a $50 an hour hourly rate or more based upon their attaining of a Masters’ degree coupled with previous medical work experience.

Often, a natural progression into this salaried position of physician’s assistant is a small step away from an individual who served as a paramedic.

A physician assistant takes on some of the less complicated involvement with patients such as conducting physical examinations, helping with diagnosis and minor treatment of a doctor’s patient’s caseload.

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6: Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are a significant part of the hospital healthcare system.

The nurse practitioner can generally find employment either at a hospital, various clinics, or within a private physician’s office.

A nurse practitioner is an advanced trained nurse that comes with his or her own set of unique responsibilities and roles.

For example, a nurse practitioner is trained to evaluate the needs of the patients, has the knowledge and responsibility of analyzing tests received from the medical laboratory, in some instances can provide a diagnosis, and also the ability to place the patient on a medically indicated plan of treatment.

Nurse practitioners like their other medical counterparts are a hard-working group of medical professionals who care for the needs of the patient both physically and emotionally.

In some states, nurse practitioners can provide their medical service without the supervision of a physician while in some other states they can be autonomous in their treatment.


7: Sales Manager

A sales manager fulfills the critical role of providing leadership and guidance to a team of sales representatives.

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The ultimate goal of the sales manager and his or her team is to increase revenue for the company by increasing its sales to customers.

They accomplish these established goals by creating and implementing a sales plan, reflect on data, matching regional or geographical territories to the various sales reps, and providing oversight to the sales team’s work to ensure that goals are met.

The sales manager is also involved in the hiring and firing process of sales representatives.

Because the sales of the company are driven by goals and monetary expectations, being a sales manager is a highly stressful employment position.


8: Optometrist

An optometrist, not to be confused with an ophthalmologist, does not require a medical degree.

However, a four-year college degree is required plus an additional four years in a specialized professional program in which the graduate receives their Doctor of Optometry degree.

Optometrists are legally licensed to perform eye exams and conduct vision tests.

They also fit their patient with eyeglasses or, if preferred, the fitting of contact lenses.

Optometrists also can provide medical treatment and oversight to some of their patients who are experiencing medical conditions such as dry eye or glaucoma or eye conditions that are affiliated with the disease of diabetes.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists generally work together to provide a full range of optical-related medical services to the patient.


9: Pharmacist

The pharmacist is a critical member of the medical team that cares for an individual’s health and well-being.

The pharmacist’s role is to help implement the pharmaceutical or prescription regimen that is ordered by the doctor in his or her care of the patient.

A critical component of being a pharmacist is an understanding of pharmacology or the study of medicines and medication.

Specifically, they should be well acquainted with the effect of the prescribed medication on the human body, any possible side effects, the standardized and accepted dosage of the medication being prescribed, and identification of the majority of medications available in the pharmacy.

The pharmacist’s role is also to provide personal consultation when medications are being prescribed for the patient.

They should be able to systematically and indicate to the patient what may be the possible side effects and how the medicine will react with certain individuals.

They should also be able to explain the doctor’s orders as to times when the medicine should be taken or applied and other pertinent needs to know information about the medication.


10: Non-Profit CEO

A CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the lead executive in a business entity.

A non-profit CEO has the same roles and responsibilities as a for-profit CEO.

However, given the nature of the not-for-profit and their limited revenue, a CEO operating within a small to midsize non-for-profit can command a $50 an hour salary or more.

The role of the CEO is generally multifaceted. Specifically, they are the combination of all other managerial positions rolled into one.

The non-for-profit CEO is the spokesperson for the charity, the public relations director, the marketing director, the finance director, the development director, etc., etc.

The role of the not-for-profit CEO is a very demanding position. This is due to the heavy workload and stress placed upon them because of limited financial resources.

However, if the not-for-profit CEO finds themselves in the enviable position of fully believing in the charity’s work, then the multiple rewards of being fulfilled at day’s end for the good that has been accomplished and the lives that are touched is extremely beneficial.


11: IT Manager

The IT manager or information technology manager is the qualified individual that oversees the management of a company’s network and server.

Their primary role is to ensure that protocols are in place to protect the IT system and the valuable data that is stored.

The individual duties and responsibilities of the IT manager job include the supervision of any staff, training of current and new employees as it relates to IT equipment, reporting to leadership IT concerns or recommendations for replacing outdated equipment.

Other duties and responsibilities include oversight of the backing up of critical data, ensuring that the technology is in keeping with current laws and regulations, troubleshooting any systems not performing up to expectations, etc.

An IT manager, to be successful, needs to be able to interact and educate employees as it relates to IT needs, have extensive knowledge of informational technology and its important role within the company setting.

He or she also needs to understand computer code, ability to stay current on newly developed software and formulate and carry out an IT policy for all employees.

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Personal Story

A somewhat humorous story was experienced upon leaving my place of employment and moving into being an independent contractor.

I had presented my resume and was invited to interview. I was questioned by many key leaders along with certain staff members of the organization.

I was satisfied with the process and seemed like I had presented myself well.

At the end of the interview, I was offered the position and was invited to enter into a contract with them.

They also shared what the hourly rate was going to be. I was so ecstatic and relieved about finding a position and going back to work that I wasn’t quite fully engaged when they shared the hourly rate.

This occurred on a Friday, and I began working on Monday.

Over the weekend I tried to rewind the conversation in my mind and remember what the hourly rate was going to be.

All I recall was that there were a couple of nines involved and I was not sure of what the actual offer was.

Thinking minimally, I settled on the hourly rate of $19.99 an hour or $9.99 an hour or something to that effect with the variables being the number nine.

As Monday arrived and I signed the contract the full extent of what had occurred was there in black and white for me.

They were offering, for me, an astounding amount of $99 per hour!

Of course, trying to maintain my professionalism I subdued my enthusiasm and elation.

The lesson learned was not to minimize what I or you can bring to the employee table. Don’t sell yourself short on what your possible hourly rate could be.

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Your 50 Dollar an Hour Dream Job Awaits

As an aggressive and talented individual, you are probably not focused on $7.25 per hour.

You want to continue to shine in all aspects of your life including your finances.

If interested in commanding a $50 per hour employment position or higher you know that it is within your grasp.

This can be accomplished by continuing to work hard and focus on an occupation or field that matches your gifts, personality, talents, and what fulfills you.

By researching the needed educational and experiential qualifications you can achieve your goal.



The federal minimum wage has come a long way since 1938. Depending upon your viewpoint, it may still have a long way to go.

Of course, you like many others are not focused on the minimum. You want to excel.

Determine your need of what milestones need to be accomplished to fulfill that occupational role and then be determined.

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