If you want to know the jobs that pay $40 an hour, you should definitely read this article.

It reveals some of the best jobs that really pay as much as $40 dollars per hour that many people can do.


Jobs that Pay $40 an Hour = $83,200!

Yes, you read that right!

So, how does an annual salary of $83,200 sound?

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To some it may seem like that is an incredible salary. To others, it may not seem enough.

However, it is important to put this annual salary into perspective.

A powerful and meaningful way of doing this is to compare this annual salary to the average annual salary earned by an American worker.

Consequently, if your annual salary was $83,200 a year you would be earning more a year than 84% of the entire workforce of America.

Furthermore, additional arithmetic would reveal the hourly wage that this salary represents.

If you divide $83,200 by 52 weeks in a year and divide that figure by 40 hours in the workweek you would arrive at the number 40.

An $83,200 annual salary reflects a $40 per hour wage.



A high salary does not define a person or make them any more valuable than anybody else. We are all on that economic road traveling to provide for those that we love and care for.

However, earning a high salary is important as it reflects several achieved hallmarks in one’s life.

Specifically, a high salary enjoyed by an employee underscores the value of their hard work.

That hard work is reflected and rewarded through their experience, achieving their goals and objectives, sacrificing time and energy to receive the needed education, and overall is a tribute to their determination.

Additionally, a high-end salary goes a long way in building one’s self-confidence and yet keeping them humble in knowing that it was not presented to them on a silver platter but the salary was earned.

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Presidential Words

Thomas Jefferson, the second president of the United States, is credited with saying “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.

I’m sure that we can all relate to this insight provided by this great leader of early-day America.

Perhaps, you will recall a story in your life where you had a particular goal in mind or wanted something so bad that’s all you dreamed about and worked towards.

That goal may have been to save money for a dream vacation, to purchase a specific item, or to work hard and sacrifice everything that you had to attain the needed education towards the opportunity of getting that dream job.

It is important to remember that our goals are not just obtained by dreaming but also by rolling up our sleeves.


16 Best Jobs that Pay $40 an Hour that Many People Can Do


1. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is a qualified professional who works in a dentist’s office.

Their specific role and responsibilities are to help the dentist’s patients manage their dental health and teach those individuals how to properly clean, floss, and brush their teeth.

In addition to the educational component of being a dental hygienist, this career also does oral examination and cleanings as well as taking dental x-rays.

To practice as a dental hygienist requires an associate’s degree or graduation from an accredited dental hygiene school.

Also, a license needs to be obtained from the dental board of the state in which they plan on working.


2. Software Developer

The primary job function of a software developer is to use their experiential and educational training to design software programs.

Some of the main responsibilities of a software developer include working with management to evaluate the needed requirements at the worksite and developing new software programs.

Others include generating software code, testing the software program for reliability and accuracy, evaluating existing software and deterring viruses and computer bugs, and production of related software documentation.

A capable software developer should have his or her degree in computer science at a bachelor’s or master’s degree level.

Additionally, the experience of three or more years is an extreme plus.


3. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an individual who not only can write grammatically correct documents but has, depending upon the writing job, knowledge of the subject or a creative flair for painting a picture through words.

You can make money freelance writing, as you can see from the following:

The qualified freelance writer should be well-versed in his or her language and hold a bachelor of arts degree in their particular language of study.


4. Midwife

A midwife is a qualified medical professional whose role is to help pregnant women with their non-complicated delivery of their newborn child either at home or in a medical facility.

Certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses who have accreditation from a midwifery education program.

A certified midwife is a medical professional who will have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher but with non-nurse training in the child birthing process.


5. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is part of the medical team that helps the recovering patient to regain their mobility, help them in pain management, and provide preventative care.

Physical therapists are knowledgeable as it relates to anatomy and physiology and follows through on any doctor’s orders regarding a patient’s treatment to regain their mobile autonomy.

Therapy includes the development of a rehabilitation plan. The plan generally consists of stretching, increasing mobility, managing pain, etc.

To fulfill the role of a physical therapist requires a degree from a recognized educational program.

Also required is a bachelor’s degree in healthcare-related fields.

Also, it’s worth noting that a physical therapist, to practice, needs to be licensed by the National Physical Therapy Board.

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6. Speech Therapist

The speech therapist is a trained medical professional that assists others when diagnoses of communication challenges are present as well as other speech disorders.

The therapist will often find themselves involved in the care needs of a young child due to various speech impediments.

The impediment may be due to childhood trauma or actual physical illness. A speech therapist also treats adults who may have communication issues due to a stroke or injury.

A speech therapist needs to acquire training at a master’s degree level with a specific focus on language development and speech disorders.


7. Business System Analyst

A business systems analyst is a tech-savvy individual who goes into various businesses and analyzes their IT system.

They may recommend and design new systems that would closely match the goals, objectives, and mission of the business is.

They also may be called upon to develop and specifically design systems for the business through the configuration and integration of suggested hardware and software.

A business systems analyst will require at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science, IT technology, and engineering.

An added component to a successful systems analysis would be considerable experience accompanied by computer skills


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8. Tutor

A tutor can provide personalized training and attention to students in various fields of endeavor.

Some of those fields could include the teaching of mathematics, the arts, science, music lessons, etc.

Below are some helpful articles on making money tutoring:

The tutor should be both personable and knowledgeable and have the appropriate educational acumen in their tutoring field.

For example, if teaching music and music theory, their degree earned should be a bachelor of arts degree in music.




9. Accountant

An accountant is a highly trained individual as it relates to providing oversight on financial matters.

Specifically, a qualified accountant is responsible for the proper entering of financial data for a company or private individual and helps those entities in interpreting the various reports that are generated from the raw data.

An accountant is also well acquainted with tax laws and often will help their customers to set up various investments and tax savings strategies.

The skills an accountant should possess are an eye for detail, understanding basic business functions, be proficient as it relates to computers, have strong analytical skills, and a mastery of mathematics.

An accountant will most likely have a master’s degree in accounting and may choose to become a certified public accountant which requires the passing of the CPA exam.


10. Fitness Instructor

The occupational role of a fitness instructor is to inspire and demonstrate to individuals and groups critical exercises to improve the cardiovascular system.

In addition to working on the cardiovascular components of the body, they may present stretching exercises as well as promoting weight training.

Fitness instructions can show individuals apps that pay them to lose weight and even apps that pay them to walk.

Fitness instructors should be physical and mental representations of their teaching.

Specific roles of the fitness instructor include demonstrating the proper way of exercising, providing personal attention to their customers, and having deep knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.

The educational requirements of a fitness instructor should build on a high school diploma by earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree related to the health and fitness field.

There should be a strong emphasis on educational learning on exercise science, kinesiology, or physical education.


11. Veterinarian

Veterinarians are qualified doctors that provide for an animal’s health.

These animals can be the pets of personal families, ranchers, or farmer’s livestock, animals within a zoo setting, as well as other animals.

In addition to treating sick or injured animals, a veterinarian also does preventative care by immunizing animals to prevent diseases.

The occupation of a veterinarian requires love and appreciation of all animals in the animal kingdom.

The prerequisites to becoming a veterinarian include the successful completion of a veterinarian medicine curriculum. Special interest in biology and zoology is extremely helpful to becoming a veterinarian.

Each state has its unique requirements for a veterinarian to practice and they must be licensed through the American Veterinarian Licensing Exam program.

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12. Plumber

A plumber’s main role and function revolve around water and natural gas that flows through the various pipes and systems within a business or a residence.

This flow of water includes both freshwater and water being drained from the various sewage systems.

Plumbers also install and repair peripheral fixtures related to the flow of water into and away from the home or business.

For example, as part of a plumber’s role, major fixtures such as showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, dishwashing, and washing machines all fall under the installation expertise of a quality plumber.

To be a licensed plumber requirements include obtaining a plumbing license.

Training for a plumber is a combination of classroom experience as well as an apprenticeship program.


13. Web Designer

The critical role that a web designer fulfills is by creating a pleasing, informative customer drawing website for businesses.

Web designers achieve their occupational goal by planning out the website and implementing various created codes on the actual site and webpage.

Through a combination of sounds, graphics, pictures, and information, the landing page or webpage of the business should be an attention-grabbing and positive first impression of the business.

To become a web designer takes a combination of academic learning as well as gaining practical experience through actual designing.

Learning the craft can be accomplished through online courses or by taking physical courses.

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14. Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is a professional who understands the value of massaging the various muscles of the body with a specific medical treatment purpose in mind.

The medical benefits derived from a massage therapist treatment include the easing of accumulated stress that is built up in the muscles, help to improve blood flow to the muscle area, and helping to ease pain by massaging the affected area.

A massage therapist can be a critical component of the medical treatment team.

The educational requirements to be a licensed massage therapist include academic study and the attainment of an associates’ degree.

That education should reflect a heavy emphasis on anatomy and physiology, pathology, ethics, and inter-connectivity of the human body.

Each state requires a certificate of course completion and a license needs to be obtained to practice.

Generally, a prescribed number of hours need to be attained before a license is issued.


15. Financial Manager

A financial manager is employed and becomes responsible for the wellness of the overall financial condition of the company.

Their primary role is the generation of various reports that reflect the condition of the company’s finances, manage investment opportunities and strategize and submit short-term and long-term goals to the company’s leadership for approval.

A qualified financial manager should have earned a bachelor’s degree with majors being in finance, statistics economics, or business.


16. Bartender

Being a bartender or mixologist requires not only a deep understanding of alcohol but how various alcoholic beverages can be mixed with other ingredients to formulate standardized drinks served in a licensed facility.

A bartender must be personable and have an understanding of social behavior as it relates to people drinking and in some cases over-imbibing.

Although a bartender’s hourly salary is modest, it is increased due to the patrons tipping the bartender for services provided.

A bartender can either attend bartending or mixologist school or learn the craft through practical experience.


You Can Do It

The ladder of success is fully extended up against that wall known as your career.

If each of the rungs represented a salary level, $40 an hour would be somewhere near the upper 1/3 of the height of that ladder.

The ladder is designed to be scaled by stepping on one rung at a time.

It is not recommended nor is it safe to jump from the base level of the ladder to the middle rung.

Safely climbing a ladder is a progression. You will get to the top but you need to take one step at a time.



You can climb that ladder of success and be rewarded with the appropriate hourly wage.

Your $40 an hour career awaits.

Your needed luck to earn over $83,000 a year will require a plan, sacrifice, and determination.

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