If you want to know the jobs that pay $25 an hour, you should definitely read this article.

It reveals some of the best jobs that really pay as much as $25 dollars per hour that many people can do.


First things first…

If you are an average American employee, most likely you left the confines of your nice cozy bed and the safety of your home to go to work for your employer.

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This day in and day out routine is necessary for most people because it requires money to put a roof over their head, food on the table, and provide for the other needs of themselves and their families.

In essence, they are exchanging their time for money. A salary is being earned.

Speaking of salary, were you aware that the soldiers that served in the army of the Roman Empire were sometimes paid not with money but were paid in salt?

The money that they received every month was known as salarium. The root word of salarium is sal which is the Latin word meaning salt.

In that historical era, salt was known as white gold and was critical in the preservation of food and especially important in the preserving of fish and meat.


Importance of the Salt Mine

Today we have the word salary, derivative of salt, which is paid to an individual for the work that they perform at their place of employment.

Many economic pillars support the American economy. As with anything the involvement of people is paramount.

When it comes to the economy some people manufacture or provide services to other people and in turn, pay for those services rendered.

Another important human relations aspect to this economical process are the people that work hard for employers to produce the various products and services.

These people are called employees.

The whole process includes payment by the consumers, the employers pay the employees and invest or spend the profit, and employees work to provide or manufacture the product or services for the customers.

Some have kiddingly said as they trudged off to work that they are going back to the salt mine.

Generally, this expression refers to repetitive and labor-intensive work that is required to harvest salt and most likely is not a reality for the majority of the people.

However, what is important for one’s finances and the nation’s economy is that people if they are able, work for a living, whether at a salt mine or not and earn a salary.


First Job

Remember your first job?

It may have been at a fast-food restaurant, waiting tables, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, babysitting even as a 13 year old teen, etc.

The pay you received was either for the entire job or you were paid a nominal hourly rate. These first-time jobs are generally classified as level-entry jobs.

That is a nice way of saying that it doesn’t take too much initiative or thinking to satisfactorily perform the job that is required.

As we think back on our first job, we probably can recite some memorable and humorous incidents that occurred.

My first employment opportunity came as I took on the responsibility and job of delivering the hometown newspaper in central Wisconsin.

I can remember being thrilled at the prospects of earning money as my first bundle of newspapers arrived at the delivery point during the first week of January.

As one can imagine, the bitter cold and howling winds soon chilled my enthusiasm and spirit.

I can remember even to this day experiencing the numbness of frozen ears and regretting my decision to take on a paper route.

Of course, as most wise parents would insist, quitting was not an option as there were lessons to be learned.

In particular, the lessons of following through on a commitment, realizing the importance of delivering a product to the customer, and if not satisfied with a certain job improving one’s self to prepare for future job opportunities.

This was my first experience at the salt mine and my salary was substantially less than $25 an hour.

Of course, I was only 14 years old and my education was still evolving towards the earning of my high school diploma.

To have anticipated a wage of $25 per hour delivering papers would have not been profitable for the newspaper or its customers.

Let us then proceed to look at $25 an hour career opportunities that might be available if the individual has the experience and education.


16 Best Jobs that Pay $25 an Hour


1: Substance Abuse Counselors

Individuals who are empathetic and have the proper training and experience as it relates to substance abuse can command a good-paying job within the counseling profession.

These counselors will work with individuals who have addictive personalities and are struggling to regain their lives due to substance abuse.

Various forms of substance abuse could include alcoholism, drug or gambling addiction, anorexia or bulimia, or a cadre of other behavioral issues or mental challenges.

This satisfying job will help these individuals work with these disorders, understand their addictive personalities, and provide constructive measures to help them regain control of their lives.


2: HVAC Technicians

On an extremely hot or cold day, HVAC technicians are a greatly appreciated occupation.

Technicians install, service, and repair the climate control systems in both the places that we work and our residences.

This particular occupation combines not only the individual’s ability to mechanically keep these systems operational but also has the personality to work with customers.


3: Social Workers

If an individual has the desire to help others by working through issues, challenges and offering practical assistance, then a social worker may be a maybe a good match for an individual.

Not only does a social worker intervene in negative family situations but also provides a positive response to neglected children, abandoned children, or dysfunctional families.

The reward for a social worker is not only a potential $25 an hour income from their jobs but knowing that at the end of each day they have helped others through practical means.

Some of those practical means could include the use of food stamps, obtaining needed childcare, or applying for benefits offered through the government.

Social workers are also emotionally rewarded in matching children who have been abandoned with foster parents and possibly facilitating legal adoptions by loving and caring adoptive parents.


4: Event Planners

Several cities in America depend heavily on convention dollars.

These convention dollars are realized as various outside groups book the city’s convention centers.

Also, the delegates utilize the hotels and motels within the city which provides hotel occupancy taxes to the city.

To aggressively recruit and facilitate these events, some convention centers hire event planners.

These planners should be personable; detail-oriented and have good customer service skills.

This occupation helps the various visiting groups or associations from beginning to end with the details of their convention including any planning of meals, meeting spaces, working with lodging entities, etc.


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5: Lab Techs

If an individual doesn’t mind the site of a little blood, is medically inclined, and enjoys a hospital or hospital laboratory environment then a lab technician may be just what the doctor ordered.

A lab technician is medically qualified by attending a lab technician school and perhaps as part of the curriculum learns through an on-the-job training experience.

A lab technician not only collects specimens but is knowledgeable about running various medical tests on that specimen to aid in the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

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6: Heavy Machinery Mechanics

Often, we are mesmerized by those individuals who have the skill and knowledge to operate big construction machines.

Accordingly, like most things, we don’t often think about what goes on behind the scene.

Therefore, an occupation that may pay $25 an hour or more are those that do preventative maintenance on these machines and provide needed repairs.

These mechanics may be in great demand due to an increased focus on infrastructure repairs and an increase in building construction.


7: Operating Room Technicians

These critical members of the operating room team assist the doctors and nurses during the performance of various medical surgeries.

Assistance by these medical professionals also includes preparing the operating room for the surgical procedure, pre-and post-inventory of equipment and supplies used during and after the surgical procedure.

Personal qualifications, in addition to the medical training required, demand that the person work well under pressure, be able to follow exact instructions, being comfortable in a surgical operation room, and commit to being precise.

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8: Culinary Chefs

This profession not only requires that the individual have a love for food but a dedication to preparing, presenting delicious food and culinary surprises.

They have to be keenly aware that the food that is presented in the restaurant in which they work is a direct representation of their skill as a chef.

In addition to the preparation of food, the culinary chefs may also be called upon to supervise and direct the entire kitchen operation.

This includes not only the preparation of the food but also managing the other food preparation staff as well as the selection and ordering of food ingredients for the meals offered.

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9: Legal Secretaries

The qualifications for this important profession include the ability to support attorneys at law through a variety of responsibilities.

Some of those responsibilities include managing the attorney’s schedule, working with current or potential clients, organizational skills as it relates to record-keeping and files, assist the lawyer with research, and the generation of error-free legal documents.


Best Jobs that Pay $25 an Hour


10: Childcare Administrators

A critical service provided to families and their preschool children are preschool administrators.

In addition to the administrator themselves being able to provide a quality preschool experience for the child, they are called upon to provide oversight and administer the various functions of the preschool.

Those functions include the overall managing of paperwork, oversight of preschool staff and ensuring that proper credentialing of the teaching staff is attained and maintained, prepare budgets, work with satisfied and unsatisfied parents, creating and managing a safe environment for the preschool, etc.

Another critical component of the function of this occupation is to ensure that any state requirements for operation are satisfied.


11: Medical Repair Technicians

Given the importance of medical equipment as it relates to the quality of a patient’s care, being a medical repair technician is a critical occupation.

Specifically, the medical repair technician provides preventative maintenance and repair of medical equipment that is used both in hospital settings as well as clinics and in the home.

Some of that medical equipment could include ventilators, EKG machines, electroencephalogram machines, x-ray machines, etc.


12: Firefighters

Another noble and courageous profession is the occupation of a firefighter. These individuals are in high demand due to the nature of the hazardous role that they perform.

Being a firefighter requires that the individual not only have the needed mental capacity as it relates to firefighting and prevention but also physical stamina that requires the individual to be equal to the Herculean task of firefighting.

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13: Athletic Physical Therapists

Sporting in America is extremely big business.

As young children, parents encourage their children to be involved athletically in hopes of developing their character and sportsmanship.

Also, tucked away in the back of the parent’s mind is possibly the hope that the child will make it big in the sports world.

So, where sports are being played there is a strong possibility of injuries. Also, where there are injuries there is the need for athletic physical therapists.

An athletic physical therapist has a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, good customer service skills, and quality training in various exercises that can be part of an athlete’s road to recovery.


14: AV Technicians

If an individual enjoys working with sound and visual technology, being an audiovisual technician may be just the right match.

In addition to actually operating audio and video equipment, the technician is called upon to ensure that the equipment works properly.

This is accomplished by having a clear understanding of how technology equipment such as high-definition cameras, sound mixers, microphones, and other AV technology functions.

Also required is the ability to properly have each of these pieces of equipment talk to each other either through wireless technology or physical wires and cables.


15: Credit Repair Counselors

Credit repair counselors are those individuals that are trained financially to help others in analyzing their financial situation.

Not only does a credit repair counselor help an individual with practical advice on repairing one’s credit and doing better with knowing importance and purpose of budgets, but also help to formulate and work a plan to continue strengthening an individual’s financial condition.

A quality credit repair counselor will also help an individual to work through any negative relationship that they may have with their view of money and debt.

This occupation requires the individual to have a working knowledge of working with creditors, partnering with individuals and their challenges regarding the handling of their finances, and a skill set of planning and strategizing to decrease and control one’s indebtedness.

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16: Sheet Metal Fabricators

If an individual enjoys the satisfaction of utilizing tools and working with their hands, then perhaps a sheet metal fabricator is a suitable occupation.

By following specifically laid out plans, a sheet metal worker will create and possibly install products that are made from thinly manufactured sheets of metal.

Examples of their creations would be air ducts used in ventilation systems for both heating and air conditioning.



Each of us has a unique personality and pursuit of what is meaningful for our lives.

When looking for an occupation that will satisfy us as individuals, the importance of a wage pales in comparison to whether the job that we pursue and obtain satisfies and fulfills us as unique individuals.

$25 an hour jobs are plentiful. However, a $25 an hour job or more that matches our skillset and mission in life is priceless.

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