If you want to know the jobs that pay $100 an hour, you should definitely read this article.

It reveals some of the best jobs that really pay as much as 100 dollars per hour that some people can do, if they really want to earn this much.


First things first…

Humor me for a moment and take out your wallet or your purse.

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Now peek into the area where you keep your cash.

Perhaps, like me, you may have some one-dollar bills, possibly a $5, or $2 bill, or perhaps a $10 or $20 bill or various combinations of printed American currency.

What may be missing is the highest currently printed bill which is the $100 bill.

On each of these bills, you will see the likenesses of presidents except for 2 instances.

On the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton is portrayed and rightly so because he was the 1st Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

The other exception is the image of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill.


Importance of $100 Per Hour Jobs

The reasons for Benjamin Franklin being portrayed are twofold.

His contribution to America’s independence was critical as he convinced the French government to sign the Treaty of Alliance.

Consequently, the French became our allies in our fight for independence from Britain.

Franklin also brokered various financial deals with European countries in convincing them to loan us money.

Finally, he was one of the significant signers of the Constitution.

In addition, to Franklin’s achievements and accomplishments and subsequently being honored on the $100 bill, the $100 bill is a significant amount of money.

Equally significant is if you have one or two of these large bills in your wallet and even more significant in the lives of certain people who can command a $100 per hour wage.


Would You Accept a $100 Per Hour Wage?

Suppose just for a moment, someone came up to you and said would you be interested in working at a job that pays $100 per hour?

Most likely, you would say sure!! However, it would quickly dawn on you that this seems like quite an offer and you would ask what’s the catch?

The individual who made the offer would then say oh not much.

All you have to do is enter a training and educational program that requires 4 years of college and then commit to additional time devoted to even further education.

Then they would say and oh yes, by the way, the job can be pretty demanding and sometimes the job can mean life or death for an individual that you serve.

Furthermore, they would add, one additional thing. The job that you will be paid $100 an hour for is pretty high stress and time-consuming.

It may take its toll on your health if you’re not careful and consume your time devoted to yourself and your family.

After hearing this further explanation based on the offer, I wonder what our response would be.


11 High Salary Jobs that Pay $100 an Hour


1. Underwater Welder 

A welder is a hard-working individual who fuses various metals together in the course of constructing a variety of projects.

The process involves using a high heat device to meld those pieces of metals together.

An underwater welder works on oil rigs, ships, pipelines, etc.

Qualifications to be an underwater welder include having a high school diploma, being able to swim, welding training, and appropriate certification including a diver’s certification.

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This particular occupation in which the salary can be $100 or more is classified as dangerous.

Dangerous because of the potential of changing underwater conditions, decompression sickness, having the diver’s oxygen equipment getting snagged on a jagged rock or piece of metal, equipment failure, etc.


2. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is a trained medical doctor who specializes in providing anesthesia to patients who are undergoing surgery.

Their critical role is to provide anesthesia to the patient safely and effectively so that during the surgical procedure, the patient is desensitized to the pain and is unaware of what is taking place around them.

During the operation, the anesthesiologist continues to monitor the patient’s vital signs and to ensure that the anesthesia is remaining effective.

To be an anesthesiologist takes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, one year of internship, followed by 3 years in an anesthesia residency program.


3. Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dentist by occupation and further trained to diagnose and treat irregularities of the jaw and teeth.

Another critical component of the role and responsibility of an orthodontist is preventative care especially in children as their teeth are forming in their mouth.

This highly skilled professional addresses issues in his or her patient’s mouth by addressing crooked teeth, significant gaps in the teeth arrangement, an overbite or under-bite irregularities.

Also, an orthodontist will address any issues related to any alignment issues with the jaw.

To become an orthodontist, college attendance followed by attending dental school and furthering their education by graduating from an orthodontic school is required.

Following their graduation, an orthodontist is mandated to practice in a residency program for 2 or 3 years as an orthodontist.

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4. Pilot

A respected occupation in which the lives of literally 100 or more individuals are placed into the hands of this salaried position is that of an airline pilot.

Individuals who choose this profession should have the ability to work well under pressure, be quick thinkers, be able to maintain their “cool” during potential crises, and yet have a personable and friendly personality.

The road or rather the flight plan to becoming a qualified commercial airline pilot requires training which begins with the earning of a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on studying subjects such as math, science, and aviation.

Additionally, 2 years of flight training is the minimum requirement in earning a private pilot certificate.

This pilot certificate is earned upon passing a medical exam, written exam, and logging in 40 hours of flight time.

After completing a minimum of 250 hours of flight time the individual will be on the “runway” to earning their commercial pilot license.


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5. Life Coach

A life coach is a motivational, instructional, educational, and personal advisor to individuals.

The life coach will observe and challenge those who have employed their service with the ultimate goal being of enriching and enhancing the lives of those who benefit from employing a life coach.

It is anticipated that the life coach will delve into all areas of individual’s lives including, their careers, relationships, and mental and physical health.

As part of the process, agreed-upon goals and outcomes will be established as the life coach builds upon the strengths of the individual and together with the one being coached to develop a strategy and plan to shore up potential weaknesses in the individual’s life.

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jobs that pay 100 an hour


6. Freelance Photographer

A freelance photographer is an individual who is self-employed and utilizes their skill in the art of photography.

A freelance photographer should have an artistic eye for capturing photos that express human emotion, unique angles, pictures that express 1000 words, etc.

A freelance photographer making money taking pictures should be willing to invest considerable financial resources in their photography equipment.

Additionally, they should compile a quality and diversified portfolio that will resonate with customers as to the photographic work that they can perform.

There is no specific training or accreditation needed to be a freelance photographer other than the possibility of obtaining a business license.


7. Arbitrator

An arbitrator is an individual who stands in the gap between dissenting parties to endeavor to come to some sort of agreement.

An arbitrator is something like a judge but without the courtroom setting and the black robes.

An arbitrator is trained to look at both sides of the argument, apply his or her knowledge of the laws and then make a liability decision as to whom may be at fault.

The arbitration process is generally much quicker than going through the court system and is not as costly.

To become an arbitrator one needs to earn a bachelor’s degree and, in some states, an additional graduate degree.

The laws regarding the ability as an arbitrator to hear cases vary from state to state. Also, some states require further certifications.

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8. Tattoo Artist

One may be surprised to find this profession of a tattoo artist listed amongst doctors and pilots and other professionals.

However, the tattoo industry and quality tattoo artists are in great demand. To become a tattoo artist there are 3 significant roads that the individual can take.

One is by learning the art through an on-the-job training experience and being an apprentice to someone who excels in this occupation.

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Another way to become a tattoo artist is to be self-taught. This would require basic knowledge and may not be the optimum way of learning the craft.

The final way to become a professional tattoo artist is to attend a state-licensed school.

A state-licensed school can vary in the length of the course to be certified ranging upwards to 12 weeks.

The individual considering becoming a tattoo artist should have a flair for drawing and have a personality that resonates with potential customers.


9. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a doctor of medicine that operates in the specialized medical treatment field of the mind.

Specifically, a psychiatrist is versed in treating mental health issues and mental illnesses

A variety of acceptable treatment methods include the use of medication, analyzing the individual, and counseling.

For an individual to practice the medical discipline of psychiatry they need to first earn their bachelor’s degree and then take a medical college admission test.

The career path also includes pursuing a medical degree and completing a residency program.

Following these steps, a medical license needs to be obtained by passing various tests and acquiring certifications.

One board from which a psychiatrist can earn their certification is through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

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10. Dentist

The dentist is part of the medical profession in which their training and experience specialize in providing care for their patient’s teeth, gums, and other anatomical aspects of the mouth.

Their practice includes the use of various types of medical precision instruments such as scalpels, lasers, drills, brushes, x-ray machines, etc.

To become a dentist the individual follows a medical path similar to that of their counterpart or medical doctor.

With an earned Bachelor of Science degree, a dental admission test is taken. This is followed by a minimum of 2 years of science studies and additional 2 years of actual dental practice.

To practice the science of dentistry, a doctor needs to earn the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Once this degree is earned they then can go into practice when a written practical test is passed. Additional certification may be obtained by taking the National Board Dental Examination.

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11. CEO

A CEO or Chief Executive Officer is an individual who holds the chief management position within a company or corporation.

The requirements to be a CEO include a degree in business administration or another aspect of business acumen and possibly a master’s degree in business as well.

Additionally, a successful CEO, can build on their success to attain a higher level of CEO responsibility and therefore command a greater salary.

A quality CEO knows how to be an effective leader and can interact with others. They should empower other managers and staff.

A CEO should be a good communicator and lead the business to realize successful profits. These efforts will not only please the Board of Directors and investors but all stakeholders.

Being a CEO is a highly competitive employment position and involves great levels of stress associated with the drive to realize profits within the company.


You Can Do It

You can wear that doctor’s lab coat or pick up the camera or that tattoo needle. It can be attained.

All you need to do to pursue your dream is devote time, energy, and invest financial resources in gaining your education.

Make no bones about it, it is hard work, but can be accomplished as attested to those who are already successful in these various careers.



$100 an hour. Most likely that’s a lot of money in anybody’s estimation.

Benjamin Franklin would be thrilled today on the investment return of those dollars received by foreign investors.

Make him proud by gathering more of his printed pictures on those $100 bills by pursuing that $100 an hour occupation.

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