Yes, some jobs suck and others don’t! If you want to know the very best jobs that don’t suck, this article will help.

It reveals the very best such jobs, where/how to find them and exactly why they absolutely do not suck!


Why Look for Jobs That Don’t Suck?

Why not, right?

Especially as no one wants to waste time and energy on jobs that do suck!

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When someone asks for the best jobs that don’t suck, the first job that comes to most of our minds is customer service.

But not everyone wants to work in customer service.

While some of us love our colleagues and employer at work, some find it difficult to relate.

You might be working a very hectic job and want a change, or your current job is not paying so well, and you need a side hustle to earn more.

You came to this article because you want to know the best jobs that don’t suck. We will do that, and even more; we will be sharing the top 20 or more best jobs that don’t suck and where/how to find them.

However, to enjoy the most out of a job that doesn’t suck, they have to be freelance jobs or work from home.


23 Best Jobs that Don’t Suck & Where/How to Find Them


You want out of a tedious job, and you are looking for an alternative to jobs that don’t suck. So how are you going to go about that?

Simple! Below is our list of the top 20 best jobs that don’t suck.


1. Freelance Digital Marketer

As a freelance digital marketer, your duty is to help businesses and brands manage and grow their online presence.

Here, you will have to utilize the internet and other online platforms to reach out to the target audience.

This will mostly be done via computers, tablets, and the likes.

That is not all digital marketing is about; it is not that narrow. There are other roles of a digital marketer, or as a freelance professional will call it, niches.

So, if you would like to take up freelance digital marketing, you will have to select a niche you can do best.

A popular niche of digital marketing is affiliate marketing, content marketing, analytics, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and others.

Digital marketing requires you to have the social charisma and ability to appeal to society and serve out contents that will promote the brand you are working for.

Your other duties will constitute an advertisement on social media, project management, keyword research etc.

If you have the skill to be a freelance marketer, hop on platforms like:


2. Programming and Coding

Programming and coding are some of the most lucrative jobs at the moment. It doesn’t require much, and it gives so much.

Firstly, it is in high demand, and its demand will not decline. So far, there is still technology.

Programming and coding is a kind of skill that doesn’t require social charisma, unlike digital marketing.

What is programming and coding all about?

Take a break, look at your phone or computer, its software operation, programmers, and coders are the ones responsible.

Not for the phone or computer, but the software and applications in them, how they work, what they allow you to do, et cetera.

Another example is the apps on your phone.

Let’s take Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger, for example.

Programmers and coders are the ones that made it possible for us to utilize such apps and platforms. They create them.

As a programmer, your job includes developing websites, creating mobile apps, designing user interfaces, developing games and many more.

You can connect with potential clients on freelance platforms like:


3. Online Coach 

Talking about something that doesn’t suck, try doing what you love doing most.

If you have a skill that you love to practice and it is lucrative, why not teach more people and even earn more in the process.

You can become an online coach and teach people life skills.

You can be a business coach, fitness coach, financial coach, and anything at all. You have to have the skill and be able to transmit knowledge to people.

Your work as an online coach is dependent on a niche. For instance, if you are a financial coach, you can teach your students better investment plans and other related topics.

There are no particular platforms for you to find your students or coach.

Though there is one, and that is through referral, if you are looking for more students, you can take it to your social media, advertise there and on websites.

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4. Freelance Writing

With your computer and an active internet connection, you are good to go. You don’t need any skill or prior experience.

Just English language proficiency, and these days, with a tool like Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about grammatical errors.

Writing is one of the easiest and fastest skills to acquire, you don’t have to have an office as you can work from home, and it pays well.

Writing is a skill with an extensive niche; you can also be an editor as a writer.

Other writing niches are content writing, copywriting, fictional writing and many others.

You can also be a ghost-writer if you don’t want the public to know you are the one that published a particular content.

Platforms like Problogger, Blogger Pro and SteadyContent allow writers to connect with their potential clients.


5. Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing by the day. Your work as a virtual assistant is basically the same as an administrative assistant.

But the only difference is that virtual assistants can work from home and have more flexibility.

In contrast, the administrative assistant has to be present at a physical location and have a rigid schedule.

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Your job as a virtual assistant includes assisting with purchase, creating content, planning calendars, replying to emails, data entry, scheduling meetings and others depending on who hires you.

Speaking of who to hire you, you can check platforms like Boldy, Zirtual and VA Networking for businesses or organizations hiring Virtual Assistants.


6. Online Teacher

Teaching these days have gone virtual, and due to the pandemic, the demand is high and keeps increasing.

So, if you are an expert in a particular field, get your computer, start your online course and sell it.

You can also choose to teach via conference video call apps like zoom. You have the freedom to choose here. You are the boss of yourself.

As an online teacher, you have a couple of responsibilities, and your priority is delivering to your students at the scheduled time.

Compared to a regular teacher at a local school, you will be responsible for setting your own timetable, giving you all the flexibility you need.

Platforms for online teachers to meet and find students include:


7. Social Media Manager

This is the total opposite of a job that sucks. Social media managers are the ones handling the social media pages of brands and businesses.

If you are a social media manager, you are the online representative of the brand or business that hired you.

You must always be active online; you must engage in contents and post related to what the brand or the business you work for does or the services they render.

You must reply to as many online customers as you can. Your job as a social media manager includes all these and many others.

Most importantly, you must be able to utilize the tools and services of every social media platform to promote the brand.

There are many companies out there looking for people to hire to manage their social media pages.

If you know you can do this, go to Upwork, Fiver or LinkedIn to connect with brands hiring social media managers.


Jobs that Don't Suck


8. Virtual Gym Instructor

Are you surprised seeing this? No, you shouldn’t.

The list is long. Yes, you can be a virtual gym instructor.

The lockdown made us realize we could do almost anything virtually.

Aside from gym instructions, you can teach fitness lessons and basic home workouts too.

Some people work late hours in the office and don’t have enough time for the gym, but a virtual gym instructor can do their exercises and work out when they want.

Do you need clients? You can find them on:


9. Virtual Makeover Artist 

No, you are not going to do the makeover via the internet. There are two ways to do this.

You can either host makeover tutorials or be a freelance makeover artist, and you can do both.

No rule of law is against that. Hosting makeover tutorials is similar to what an online tutor does.

And if you are choosing the latter, you will have to advertise your brands on social media platforms and freelance networks.

However, you should know that the demand for this job is not stable.

You may be booked every day of the week. In the same vein, you might not get customers for a week. In essence, this should be a part-time job.

As a virtual makeover artist, you can also host DIY tips and hack for makeovers.

You can find your clients and potential customers on:


10. Online Translator

Are you fluent in more than one language? Then this is the job for you.

If you take up this job, you must be proficient in every language you will be dealing in.

Your work as an online translator is to teach and help your students translate languages.

When you are not translating, you can create videos that will aid your students; you can also develop innovative methods that will help them learn and translate easier.

There are a lot of foreigners that need help translating one language to another. You can find these people on platforms like:

You have just seen some of the best jobs that don’t suck.

You can choose any of them, and if you’d like to practice a particular job that you don’t have its skill yet, there are platforms like Coursera and Udemy where you can learn any skill you desire.


In case you are yet to find the job that suits you, we still have more cool jobs on our list. Below are more cool jobs you can do.

11. Bookkeeper

12. Travel Agent

13. Pinterest VA

14. Blogger

15. Proofreader

16. Email Marketer

17. Photography

18. Event planner

19. Etsy Seller

20. Youtuber


The activities of each job vary, and this affects the amount of effort you have to put into them. Some of these jobs are simple; some are complicated.


Some Easiest Jobs that Pay Well

Not everyone can go through the physical and mental stress most jobs pose. There are some jobs, I call these jobs “the lazy jobs.”

These jobs require little or no effort, no skills at all, no start-up fund, and they pay well. Below are the easiest jobs that pay well.

21. Product tester

22. Get paid to chat

23. Food and groceries delivery


How to Find Jobs that don’t Suck

After deciding the job you are going for, the next step is to scout for opportunities or clients.

Though some people may classify this as a challenging task, it is not. In fact, we have done most of the tasks already.

Apart from those mentioned beneath each of the above jobs, below are more platforms to find jobs that don’t suck.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Truelancer
  • Amazon
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn

Now you know how to find jobs that don’t suck. You know what’s next. Make use of every opportunity and chance that comes by.

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Most of us are working jobs we don’t like or have any interests in, but we don’t have to do them if we don’t want them.

There are many other jobs you can work that are very lucrative and high paying.

Reading this now, we hope you have found that job that doesn’t suck and pays well.

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