Looking for well paying jobs that don’t involve customer service? You are definitely not alone!

Thankfully reading this article will show you up to 25 such jobs to do which don’t involve customer service.


Are There Really Jobs That Don’t Involve Customer Service

Of course there are!

But first…

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A, B, C, D…which are you?

Perhaps, throughout your professional career, you’ve taken a personality test as part of a leadership seminar.

The questions are designed to reveal what type of personality you are.

Your personality type is revealed through your responses to a set of questions.

A type-A personality is a risk-taker, works well under stress, is driven, etc.

A type B personality is more laid-back, grounded, and peaceful in their demeanor, love being around people, being the center of attention.

A type C personality is more detailed and thrives in environments where work is stable and controllable

A type D personality wants things to remain the same as long as possible and is a supporter.

These types of tests are important and probably verify what you already know as it relates to what types of job you enjoy, are comfortable doing, and how you interact with people.

More than likely, a type-A personality would have difficulty sitting at a desk crunching numbers whereas, for a C or D personality, this would be a match given their personality.

As someone once said about their employment, this would be a great job if I didn’t have to work with all of these people.

Let us, therefore, look at positions that don’t require working with a considerable number of people or jobs that don’t involve customer service.


25 Jobs That Don’t Involve Customer Service


1. Transcriptionist 

A transcriptionist is an employee or freelancer who either works within the company or can work remotely to perform their job function.

The job function is to listen to recordings and, through word processing software, translate the audio recordings into error-free written narratives.

The interaction for a transcriptionist is usually with their typing tools and no customer involvement except their immediate supervisor and coworkers.


2. Writer

A writer does not interact significantly with others or their customers frequently, the writer is left alone with their thoughts to allow creativity to flow.

There may be possibilities of a successful writer promoting their work which would call for customer interaction.

The median salary for a transcriptionist is $13.43 per hour.


3. Data Entry Clerk 

The job function of the data entry clerk is simply to take data and electronically enter it into various computer systems, software, spreadsheets, etc.

There is no customer service interaction, and the job function is fairly straightforward as it is a matter of accurately entering the data.

The average salary for a data entry clerk is $14.14 per hour.


4. Blogger 

A blogger’s interaction with their customer is through their writing.

The writing can be focused on several subjects which can range anywhere from crafts and hobbies to occupations to simple musings on life.

A blogger has an understanding of search engine optimization and utilizes keywords so that individuals searching the web can come across their blogging site.

Also, their writing, depending upon the subject, should be engaging, informative, and possibly entertaining.

This is to make sure that the connection with their followers is made.

That connection is through the writing and there is no interpersonal involvement

A blogger can potentially earn a salary, on average, of $15.36 per hour.


5. Laboratory Technician 

A laboratory technician is a trained medical professional who either works in a hospital laboratory or privately owned lab facilities.

The laboratory technician may be called upon to draw specimens from a customer or patient but significant interaction with that individual is minimal.

Often, the technician performs a variety of tests and analyses on specimens that are provided by other medical staff to determine the health of the patient as well as reveal any potential medical issues that the patient is experiencing.

A laboratory technician aids the other medical professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The average salary for a laboratory technician is $18.93 an hour.


6. Technical Writer 

A technical writer is involved with the writing of manuals and putting together other written material as it relates to the scientific and engineering fields.

The written manuals explain to consumers how to operate the product, appliances, or other products that are purchased.

This line of work requires no customer interaction on a personal scale.

The average hourly salary for a technical writer is $20.03 an hour.


7. Truck Driver

The role of a truck driver is to deliver goods from one location to another.

The truck driver could be classified as a long-haul operator or just delivering goods within their community.

Being a truck driver requires no customer interaction and limited involvement when loading and unloading the goods from the truck and trailer.

Many long hours are spent on the road and the driver is usually the sole individual in the cab of the truck.

An average weekly salary of $1106 is indicated as pay for a truck driver.


8. Archivist 

An archivist helps to preserve valuable historical items.

Their role is to record these items and catalog them to preserve the item and their value.

They can be physically stored items or can be electronically scanned and uploaded to online storage.

The role of the archivist is in dealing with documents and information rather than involvement with people.

The average annual salary for an archivist is $51,000.


9. Copywriter 

The writing profession of a copywriter does not interact with customers but should be able to communicate with clarity between project managers and editors.

This will produce quality content provided by the copywriter and needed by management.

This position does not require the individual to be in the office and can be done remotely if policies and procedures of the business allow that to occur.

A copywriter provides written content representing different types of narrative as needed by the business or company.

The average annual salary for a copywriter is $51,700.


10. Bookkeeper 

A bookkeeper is charged with the various activities surrounding the financial records of a business.

Some of those financial transactions that need to be captured include income received, expenditures, invoicing, keeping track of accounts receivable, generating a variety of reports, etc.

Their involvement with customers is minimal and any questions from customers or vendors are usually handled by the managers within the finance department.

Also, through technology, a bookkeeper’s role can be fulfilled either at the workplace or remotely.

A bookkeeper’s salary is dependent upon the community in which they live but can range anywhere from $15-$25 per hour.


11. Accountant 

The average annual salary for an accountant is $54,588.

The job function of an accountant is to be involved in more of the analyzing or analytical aspects of the financial picture of the company.

Often, the accountant is charged with oversight of payroll information, analyzing data and graphs produced from spreadsheets, working with other members of the accounting team, etc.

Although an accountant does not deal with the general public, they may be called upon to interact with various leaders within the company.


12. Auditor 

A financial auditor is an individual that can be part of the company or be an independent observer who will review the financial processes involved with a company.

The purpose of the auditor is to check policies and procedures that are in place as it relates to the company’s finances, to ensure that the proper protocol is followed and that the integrity of the financial accounting system is intact.

An auditor will do a sampling of various transactions done on a random basis, look for any anomalies as it relates to the budget or out-of-the-ordinary transactions, and ensure that the company is adhering to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

Upon the conclusion of the audit, the auditor will issue a “findings” letter indicating their observation.

The auditing process is part of the financial checks and balances of a company.

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An auditor’s salary is in the median range of $63,668.


13. Zookeeper 

The primary purpose of a zookeeper is to maintain the safety, quality environment, and health of those animals that are on exhibit in a zoo.

Their primary role of working with animals in this setting excludes them from involvement with customers.

The average salary for a zookeeper is $14.81 per hour.


14. Mail Handler 

Within larger companies and organizations there is often the employment position of mail handler in the mailroom.

As a mail clerk or mail handler within a business, you will not interact with the customer base but will be called upon to interact with various departments and department employees as it relates to processing the mail for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Check out the following for other interesting job considerations:


15. Medical Transcriptionist 

A medical transcriptionist is an individual who is familiar with medical terminology and transcribes the notes from various doctors.

Doctors can be general practitioners as well as those who specialize in certain medical fields.

A prime example would be a medical transcriptionist who transcribes the dictated notes from a radiologist who reads various x-rays and tests that may have been conducted on a patient.

Often, medical transcriptionists are part of the pool and the various work that needs to be accomplished is delegated to the various members of that transcriptionist pool.


16. Delivery Driver 

A delivery driver has similar roles and responsibilities that a trucker would have but more on a smaller delivery of payload and distribution of the product to local retailers.

As a delivery driver, you would not deal with customers, but your customer base would be the vendors that the deliveries are made.


17. Video Editor 

The role of the video editor is to edit video content that has been provided to them.

Often, the video editor will splice out various parts of the video presentation to keep within the time constraints of the video, edit out any non-important video content, enhancing the video content as it relates to contrast, brightness, etc.

The role of the video editor does not require interaction with customers, but they concentrate on the inanimate object of the digital video content.


18. Paralegal 

A paralegal is a member of the legal team that works alongside the lawyers within a firm.

Their role is not to deal with the customer or the client but to support the lawyer by researching various legal cases, identifying any precedents, and providing legal support through their knowledge of the law as it relates to being an advocate for the client.

The average annual salary of a paralegal is $37,462 per year.


19. Electrician 

An electrician is a tradesman that does a variety of work as it relates to handling electricity.

The role of the electrician could include changing electrical outlets, troubleshooting any broken wires or short circuitry, wiring homes, etc.

Electricians’ interaction with a customer is minimal as often it just requires brief conversation or communication as to what the challenge is related to the availability of electricity.

Any interaction or concerns raised by the customer is limited and communication is accomplished by the staff at the business office.

An electrician can earn $39,000 to $68,000 per year.


20. Surveyor 

At an average annual salary of $63,000 a year, a surveyor deals in the area of conducting physical assessments or surveys of property areas, buildings, and legally identifying borders.

Their role includes taking measurements, drawing sketches, and other significant data while out in the field.

The data is then compiled and analyzed and provided to other building professionals such as architects, civil engineers, cartographers, etc.

Their work does not require them to interact with the general public or customers.


21. IT Technician 

An IT technician can earn a salary of roughly $75,000 per year.

Their primary role and function are to provide technical support not only for the company’s computer network but also to help individual employees with any technical glitches that they are experiencing.

Interaction with others is minimal and generally just to the point of the problem being described by the employee and then the IT tech will take it from there.


22. Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer is an individual within the graphic design and arts industry who creatively blends various images, typography, utilization of motion graphics, etc. to create a design piece.

Generally, the graphic designer will work from a drawing board, and also, they can utilize various graphic design software to make the imaginative idea come to life.

The average hourly rate for a graphic designer can be $22.55.


23. Software Developer 

The function of the software developer is to create new software programs to enhance the business productivity of the company.

Their job does not entail working with customers but working with computer code to ensure that the software functions well and is designed to operate as intended.

The software developer may also be called upon to troubleshoot any software glitches in which the software is not functioning properly,


24. Market Research Analyst 

To collect data and properly analyze that data to further the business’s marketing strategy, the use of a market research analyst is employed.

The methods of collecting the data can include surveys, data obtained from focus groups, questionnaires, and other polls that provide statistical information.

The market research analyst does not deal directly with customers but simply analyzes and interprets the data that has been collected and presents that critical information to the marketing department.

The average annual salary for a data market research analyst is $65,800.


25. Computer Programmer 

A computer programmer does not work with individuals or customers but works with computers.

Their primary function and role are to design, test software, develop and ensure that the programs affiliated with the computer perform reliably and optimally.

Also, a computer programmer can be involved with developing apps, videogame coding, and programming websites.

A computer programmer can earn anywhere from 43,002 $100,000 per year.


Personal Story

I was desperate for a job and had been without a steady paycheck for almost 2 months.

The bills were coming due, and I was desperate.

My wife’s daughter advocated for me for a position with the County.

The position advertised was for a correctional guard.

Again, I was desperate and decided to interview for the position.

Not fully understanding what the job entails, I was asked a series of questions and one of the questions was what would you do if a prisoner spits on you?

I naïvely responded that I would call one of the guards over and have them deal with it.

These seasoned individuals interviewing me must have been laughing inwardly because the very person that I was suggesting being called upon to deal with the situation was in fact what I would be called upon to do in the event of that happening.

After leaving the interview and rethinking the job opportunity through and the way that I responded, I realized that to be a correctional guard I called, thanked him for the interview, and declined to go any further in the pre-employment process.

I was desperate for a job, any job, but I realized that this job would not serve you with all upon whom the job would interact with.


Working in Jobs That Don’t Involve Customer Service FAQs


Are There Other Personality Tests?


There is four widely recognized personality test that has been proven to be effective in discovering your personality.

They are:

  • Myers- Brigg Personality Test
  • Enneagram Tests
  • Big Five Personality Tests
  • DISC Assessments


Even Though I May Not Have the Proper Personality, Does That Prevent Me From Working in Customer Service Jobs?

Even though you may not have the right personality to work with customers, it may still be possible for you to work in that type of position and even excel.

The difficulty, however, may be that if it is not natural for you or part of your style then it may be a forced effort on your part which may eventually cause undue stress based upon the reality that it is not “natural” for you given your personality.

It may take its toll upon you mentally and physically and with the possibility that something would eventually have to give.

It would be like a round peg into a square hole.


You Can Do It

It is good to have a fair assessment of your personality so that your career choices are in alignment with your character.

This will make you more effective in that position as well as enjoy that employee position.

Just because we don’t enjoy interacting with people does not make us any better or any worse than anyone else.

It is simply just who we are.



Each of us is unique and different.

We are not individuals that are exactly alike or are created from the same cookie-cutter.

Fortunately, there are different and unique employment positions of which some require considerably limited interaction with others, and for some of us, that is just fine.


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