If you want to know how and where to find jobs for retired teachers, this article is going to be very helpful.

It reveals some of the best companies that help retired teachers get teaching and other related jobs.


Why Jobs for Retired Teachers?

Every occupation and every job is important. Otherwise, the individual wouldn’t get paid a wage to perform that job.

However, perhaps, certain professions rise just a little bit above others. One particular career is that of a teacher.

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This reference for educators is perhaps because they have such an impact on young impressionable lives.

Therefore, a teacher, above all, knows that it’s important to keep the mind engaged.

It has been aptly said that the day we stop learning is the day that we die.

There are many ways for us as individuals to continue our learning experiences.

Sometimes those instructional classrooms can be through our daily experiences and sometimes learning can be through formal classrooms.

Teachers are a critical part of that education.

As a retired teacher, you have influenced countless lives.

It may be advantageous to all involved to not be retired but rewired and continue to utilize one’s skills as a teacher and mentor.

With that in mind, what new classrooms can a retired teacher enter into that will pay well and supplement their retirement income and still allow them to use their gift of teaching?

It seems like once a teacher always a teacher.

The not-for-profit that I was involved with operated a child development center for low-income families.

As part of our commitment to the families, we formed an advisory committee to oversee the educational development of the children.

The panel was comprised of retired teachers from the school district.

To this one principal’s credit, he would show up faithfully every Thursday afternoon and engage the children in reading.

Once an educator committed to teaching the children always an educator committed to teaching the children.


11 Best Schools and Companies Offering Jobs for Retired Teachers


1. ACCEL Schools

The commitment is to enhance the educational learning process for children who attend grades K-12.

This commitment to providing educational opportunities is directed towards communities, the families of children, and children from a variety of backgrounds.

The focus of this educational organization is to ensure that the educational environments of its students are a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Their commitment is to not only educate the student but also to provide a forum for their full development.

As a for-profit educational management company, they currently operate 40 charter schools across the state of Ohio with schools also being managed in the states of Minnesota, Colorado, and Michigan.

In addition to having physical locations through their charter schools, ACCEL has brought a range of Internet or online opportunities for educators.

Some of these educationally focused opportunities can be accomplished remotely.

A few of those areas of full-time work and strictly on a remote basis can include working within departments such as education and training, marketing, and consulting.

Recent job postings included the need for a science and English teacher.

Click here to check out ACCEL Schools


2. American Public University System

This educational organization is devoted to providing quality higher education opportunities for a variety of individuals.

Specifically, their attention is focused on military communities as well as offering educational instruction to students who are involved with public service.

This is a for-profit education company and the courses are channeled through two specific online institutions.

Those two online institutions include the American Military University and the American Public University.

Their curriculum is completely accredited and has been recognized as providing and delivering one of the better bachelor programs through distance learning.

Employing over 900 staff members, many positions, full and part-time, are available and fulfilled remotely.

Headquartered in Charles Town, West Virginia, APUS also has subsidiaries located in Columbia, Maryland, and Manassas, Virginia.

Click here to check out American Public University System


3. Colorado Technical University

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this university was founded in 1965 and took a significant online presence in 1995.

A second actual campus is located in Aurora, Colorado.

This would be an ideal teaching position for a retired teacher. Part-time, freelance, temporary, and remote teaching opportunities present themselves.

Colorado Technical University has a special affinity for military veterans in response to their service to their country.

The individualized curriculum offered by CTU is in keeping with the students learning needs and their desire to focus on particular career choices.

CTU, due to its cutting-edge commitment to learning online, was named the best virtual campus by Computer World Magazine.

In addition, several periodicals have rated CTU as having one of the best MBA programs.

Remote teaching opportunities may be advertised. As of late, some of those instructional opportunities include teaching opportunities in the area of nursing, philosophy, and HR management.

Click here to check out Colorado Technical University


4. Edmentum

Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Edmonton has prided itself on providing solutions to meet the educational needs of not only its students but its instructors.

This commitment has been realized in over 8,000 school districts nationally.

Educational offerings include assessments based on research, offering specific courses at certain grade levels, personalized attention to students for specific learning paths, instruction that is laser focus, etc.

Recent online teaching jobs included the posting for a Spanish teacher, ASL teacher, and a special education teacher

Employees of Edmonton, depending upon the employee status, receive full benefit packages which include medical dental, 401(k), etc.

Their specific focus includes grade levels from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Click here to check out Edmentum


5. Elevate K-12

This privately-owned education company offers education instruction and provides a variety of educational products for all interested schools.

Their commitment to students transcends all geographical, background, or the family’s budgetary restraints.

Students and families involved with this company are team-taught the basic rudimentary subjects such as writing, science, reading, math, social studies, etc.

Recent online teaching jobs advertised by Elevate K–12 included the need for computer science, science, and Spanish teacher.

Created in 2017 at the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan the company is now home-based out of Chicago Illinois.

By providing impactful support for a variety of school districts, their successful boast of helping certain districts to achieve a 30% increase in overall scoring.

A variety of awards have been presented to elevate K-12 of which includes the ILIR Social Impact Award presented to K-12 by the University of Michigan’s Dare to Dream grant program.

The team of elevate K-12 has a network of more than 600 online instructors and, appears to be, always seeking additional members to add to their team.

Click here to check out Elevate K-12

Below are some helpful articles on other types of jobs for teachers:


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6. General Assembly

This educational entity offers a variety of training courses for those interested in delving into the world of entrepreneurship.

Additionally, they help individuals with their skill development and provide courses that focus on teaching specific skills for jobs that are in great demand currently.

The subjects that general assembly addresses include computer technological subjects such as data, coding, marketing on the Internet, design of websites, and further instruction to enhance the career development of students.

Recent online opportunities advertised by General Assembly included UXDI instructor, data science immersive instructor, and advanced analytics immersive instructor.

Founded in 2011, General Assembly has expanded its reach to a global learning market. They are physically located in 20 cities locally.

The focus of General Assembly is that individuals can better learn by doing.

General Assembly taps into teachers who are willing to share their enriching experiences. These entrepreneurs have a proven track record and are willing to share their expertise and knowledge.

Click here to check out General Assembly


Jobs for Retired Teachers


7. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code, as the name implies, is a gender-specific educational opportunity to break the glass ceiling as it relates to women and their involvement with IT and technology.

The stereotypical thinking that women cannot be successful as it relates to technology is dispelled as Girls Who Code are encouraged to make their presence known in the world of computer science.

Recently advertised job openings for online instructors included a program instructor and a program teaching assistant.

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As a national nonprofit organization that is headquartered in New York City, New York they were founded in 2011.

As of this writing, over 185,000 young women spanning all 50 states have been involved in this program.

Specifically, the program consists of a summer immersion program that spans seven weeks as well as a campus program and afterschool clubs that are offered over two weeks.

The vision and mission of Girls Who Code is to increase the number of female engineers in America

Added to the powerful team of teaching young women about computer science are such technology giants including Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc.

Click here to check out Girls who Code


8. Kaplan

The educational outreach of Kaplan is on a global scale which includes serving the educational needs of over 30 countries.

Founded in 1937 they currently operate in scores of locations. Each of these individualized areas are devoted to the one mission of providing an excellent academic experience for its students.

Their areas of concentration are towards students in grades K-12, providing online educational opportunities, training entrepreneurs for the professional world, and offering test preparation.

A few recent job postings for an online teacher included a physiology teacher, a data science teacher’s assistant, and an internal medicine instructor.

Kaplan offers employment opportunities for certified teachers that can provide instruction inside and outside of the classroom.

Many of their jobs offer a schedule that can be in keeping with the individual teacher’s schedule as well as freelance and remote jobs.

Depending upon an employee’s status, there is a comprehensive benefits package and appropriate pay structure offered.

Forbes magazine highlighted Kaplan and indicated that many of the employers listed Kaplan as one of the best teaching opportunities to obtain when remotely teaching.

Click here to check out Kaplan

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9. Lambda School

Offered as an “out-of-the-box” educational opportunity to students, this completely virtual school specializes in online computer science instruction.

There are no upfront costs associated with this instruction.

Student payment for instructional classes is not a strict tuition fee. The students are assessed for the classes that they take based on their income.

Specifically, once a Lambda graduate is employed they are required to pay a percentage of their annual income.

Added to the spectacular tuition model is those tuition payments are only required by the graduate if they work at a job that pays more than $50,000 a year.

Additionally, there is a ceiling on what is owed by the graduate. That ceiling is at $30,000. The student is guaranteed never to have to pay more than that amount.

The focus of Lambda is to prepare its students through education for careers that are classified as high-technology. The curriculums can range anywhere from six months to one year.

Lambda also advertises for online teachers. A sampling of recent job postings included a computer science instructor, job instructor, and associate instructor in the field of data science.

The teachers recruited by Lambda are offered a variety of employment status positions. Those positions could include part-time, freelance, working remotely, and full-time positions.

A plus for a teacher who wishes to work for Lambda would have experience in using platforms such as Slack or Zoom.

Click here to check out Lambda School

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10. Pearson

Pearson has been in the educational business since 1844. Its services include the provision of educational content, associated tools, various products, and teaching services for not only the learners but the educators.

Recent online opportunities included the need for a social studies teacher, special education teacher, and a teacher in economics.

This global company has more than 22,500 employees that are located in 70 countries around the world.

Pearson offers comprehensive employment packages to its employees and a broad range of specific perks that are laser-focused on the employees of the company.

Click here to check out Pearson

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11. Stride

The advertised need for a social studies teacher, special education compliance coordinator, and an elementary reading interventionist are just some of the online teaching jobs recently offered by stride.

This personalized learning center has helped students to achieve their full potential since 2000. Specifically, over 1 million students in K-12 schools have been influenced by stride.

Their employee compliment is comprised of several different employment status opportunities.

Those opportunities range from being a freelancer, full-time positions to temporary, and part-time positions.

Due to the remote educational platform, instructors can teach virtually from anywhere within the United States.

Benefit packages could include several resources available to their teachers to enhance their own educational goals and objectives as well as a robust employee benefits package.

Stride believes that teaching and education should not take the cookie-cutter approach but should be individualized.

In addition to its online presence, Stride also educationally supports public and private schools. Their curriculum is flexible and can be an online experience.

In addition, their classes offered to their students are on preparation instruction for higher education learning as well as services aimed to develop careers and further development in the professional corporate world.

Click here to check out Stride

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Jobs for Retired Teachers FAQs


At What Age Do Most Teachers Retire?

The average age for a teacher to retire ranges anywhere from 55 to 60 years old. This age usually reflects 30 years of teaching.

Additionally, in some states, teachers are eligible to retire at the age of 60 and do not incur any penalty if they have taught for less than 30 years.


Can a Teacher Still Draw on Their Pension and Still Decide to Work as a Teacher?

Yes, in instances where the teacher has taken phased retirement or actuarially have had their benefits reduced, their pension will not be affected.



As this article has shown, there are indeed legit schools and educational companies hiring retired teachers.

You can definitely get jobs even when retired. As the popular saying goes – once a teacher, always a teacher!

And now, you can still keep getting paid as a teacher, even when retired!

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