This article looks at some Jobs for Pregnant Women that pay very well.

The beauty with most of these jobs is that they can be done from the comfort of your home, thanks to the Internet!

And yes, most of these jobs can be done by pregnant women who are not even expert computer or Internet users.

Most can also be done regardless of age, skills or even experience.


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Why Jobs for Pregnant Women?

A planned or unplanned pregnancy is a lot of pressure. Having a baby most often than not comes with higher costs.

But being pregnant should not be the end of the road for you.

There are many job openings out there that you can do despite being pregnant – you can still make use of the skills you already have.

Some vacancies may need training sessions or short courses. These should not stop you.

You will soon be unable to work in only a matter of months, so it is essential to do what you can while you still can.

There is a need to prepare for your family’s newest member.

While you still have time, start working on this. Look at that ray of hope! Don’t stress out.

Have a go at some of these jobs.


14 Best Paying Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women


1. Personal Shopper Jobs When Pregnant

Do you never get tired of shopping? You can earn money by being a personal shopper!

Engaging yourself in personal shopping means spending another person’s cash. You get paid for doing the errand.

The working class has very little to no time for shopping. The last resort they have is hiring a personal shopper.

Personal shoppers are dependable. They offer recommendations.

And if you know exactly where to get the best deals and purchases, you have an advantage.

There are no second thoughts in handing them the shopping tasks.

A mom who loves checking on items and shopping can have fun doing this!

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2. Wedding Consultant Work from Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

Are you excited about weddings and are you a very organized, planned out person? Being a wedding consultant can work for you!

You may probably still have fresh ideas about your wedding. Most likely, you might have experiences helping friends or family with organizing such a memorable occasion.

You might know some officiators, venues, catering services, and the like. You might have close connections with contacts for photoshoots, bands, or tokens?

If you do, then you are the right person to go to for wedding consultations.

Share your wedding ideas, concepts, and get paid for it. Take pride in offering your services to one of the most awaited life events!

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3. Be a Floral Designer

If you love flowers and you have a talent for arranging them, you can be a floral designer!

A lot of people are comforted by the sight of arranged flowers in their home. The sight of these blooms cheers them up all the time and gives out a welcoming vibe.

There might be some shops or stores in your area looking for flower arrangers.

Since you love arranging flowers, this would hardly feel like work at all!

Working as a floral designer is not only stress-free but flexible too. There are part-time schedules, and this is a good idea for moms in the family way.

Search the web for FarmGirlFlower. Click on the Location and Work Tabs to see openings in your area.


4. Be a Dog Sitter

If you are fond of dogs and you are great with them, why not sign up to be a dog sitter?

If you are well-acquainted with the neighborhood where you are at, it is easier for you to know who could be your possible clients.

Get to know some dog owners. Maybe your neighbors need someone to look after their pets when they are not around.

If you happen to know the basics of dog care, building up your image can be easy.

Do you have certificates approving of your pet care skills? You’ve got better chances.

Check out Rover. If this is your first time, sign up and be a dog sitter.

Start taking care of those furry and cute creatures. Give them some loving!


5. Be a Corporate Recruiter

If you are familiar with tasks relating to Human Resources and other office tasks, being a corporate recruiter is a good option for you.

Knowledge in human resources can get you this job. Don’t forget that recruiters should have exceptional communication skills too.

Great writing skills to draft job descriptions opens a window for corporate recruiters. Here are a few points to give you an idea about the job.

Handling pre and post-screening interviews will be part of your routine. Gathering the perfect candidates for a position is included too.

All these taken into consideration, you have to manage and schedule interviews. These seem complicated, but they go together.

If you think you are competent enough to do these tasks, give it a shot. Have the liberty to pick the cream of the crop.

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6. Be a Chat Agent

If you have good communication skills and can get along with any type of person, you can be a chat agent. This is a better option compared to working as a call center representative.

Chat agents usually provide client support. Working as a chat agent lets you work with a schedule.

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You can do this at home, and you do not have to worry about maintaining a quiet work environment because you will just be chatting. All you need is a reliable computer and company-issued software.

Read about some well-known enterprises like BestBuy. The site allows you to search according to your city, job category, level, and brand.

Another one is Apple. – this digital giant has vacancies too for home-based chat agents. Check out their site and look for updated work from home openings.


Jobs for Pregnant Women


7. Be a Moderator

Do you like engaging other community members towards a common goal?

You may be a first-time mom or probably a mother of two. Maybe your experience molded you into the great parent that you are now.

Why not share your ideas and experiences with other mothers-to-be out there?

The internet provides so many avenues through forums for timely discussions. Be a moderator in one or two online platforms and get paid for it.

As a moderator, you respond to queries. You reply, relay, and clarify information.

You are going to be in charge of leading online conversations. Discussions can range from pregnancy, childbirth to motherhood.

Try checking out ModSquad. This is an online moderation service, and they may have career opportunities for you.


8. Online Transcription Stress-free Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you can transcribe audio files into texts, then you can make money online as a transcriptionist. Whether you are pregnant or not, this job is flexible and you can do it on your own time.

It is a stress-free way of making money online especially if you are very good with transcription. Many pregnant women are making good money online transcribing medical, legal, or general documents for clients.

You can find regular transcription jobs at websites like:


9. Data Entry Online Jobs for Pregnant Women

Data entry jobs may be suitable for you. As a pregnant woman, you can become a data entry clerk and help clients do a lot of things related to data.

You might have to create and edit a huge database, you might fill in numbers to a given spreadsheet, and you also might fill in a correct Captcha on a given web page.

You will regularly find data entry jobs and can make money online from places like:

  • SmartCrown
  • Clickwork
  • Dion Data Solutions
  • 2Captcha


10. Editing and Proofreading Online Jobs Pregnant Women Can Do

If you have what it takes to find errors and make corrections, then you can make money as a proofreader online. This can be a stress-free way for a pregnant woman to make money online.

You will be provided with written documents and you will be expected to find and correct the spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

If you are a writer, then being an online editor and proofreader will be part of your job.


11. Create Websites for Others

You can make money online stress-free even if you are pregnant by creating websites for others. You don’t really need to be a programmer to do this.

You can use free programs like WordPress to design and sell websites for others. You get to do this on your own time.

You can also use online job websites like Upwork and to list and sell websites you have created.


12. Create Plugins for Others

Just as you can create websites using WordPress, you can also create and sell useful plugins that are used to run these sites. Perhaps you have some coding knowledge?

If you do then take advantage of that skill and start making money online. Plugins for WordPress sites can be monetized with premium versions that have extra features.

So, embrace this stress-free way of making money online.


13. Create and Sell Photographs Online

Do you love photography? I am sure you do! You can turn that passion into profit by taking pictures and selling them online. You can use your camera or your smartphone to take quality pictures and sell to those who need them.

Yes, many bloggers, webmasters, and social media managers do need quality images from time to time for their posts.

You can also make money with photos by installing and using Foap app on your smartphone.

Sign up with stock photography websites to list and sell your photographs, including niche pictures like those of feet. These include:


14. Tutoring Jobs Online for Work at Home Pregnant Women

If you have a knack for teaching then you can start making money online even if you are pregnant.

You can work on your own schedule and earn from $20-$100 per hour depending on the subject and your qualifications.

If you have teaching qualifications and some years of experience in tutoring students, then making money this way will be lucrative for you.

You can sign up with online tutorial websites to teach students in various subjects. Some include:


15. Become a Social Media Manager

You can become a social media manager for individuals and companies from the comfort of your home.

You will help run posts, campaigns, make comments and reply to posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You will be rewarded based on the exposure you get, the leads you generate, or the traffic you deliver. This way of making money could be result-based and you have the flexibility to manage the social media campaigns on your own time.

This is a stress-free job that pregnant women can do and can be done from home.


Why Pregnancy Should Not Stop You

When you have a baby on the way, finding a job can be pretty tough. You would want something less physically demanding, stress-free, and manageable.

Since we live in the digital era, there is a growing number of online jobs for you. That means you can work from home!

Look for something that fits your experience and something that allows you adjustments considering your pregnancy.

Make sure that the working hours are adaptable. The job should compensate well too.

Don’t forget that it should be a job that has to give you room to learn and grow.

Being pregnant is never easy, but it should not mean you can’t succeed in bringing home cash.

Be confident and be a proud mommy. Cheers to all pregnant moms out there trying to earn a decent living!



As this article has shown, there are indeed jobs for pregnant women that pay pretty well.

This article proceeded to list and explain some of these jobs, especially those the jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home, thanks to the Internet.

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