Yes, there are jobs for people with Chronic illnesses to make money from.

If you are one with a chronic illness or know someone who has, you will find this article really helpful.

It shows up to 20 such jobs to consider and some awesome tips to help you.


Are There Really Jobs for People With Chronic Illnesses?

Of course there are!

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An individual living with arthritis, asthma, COPD, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, doesn’t need to be told about living and working through a physical condition that causes extreme discomfort.

Individuals who have these chronic illnesses know about pain but somehow find the inner strength and determination to move on with their lives.

What they don’t need on top of this pain that they are experiencing is the pain or inability to find jobs or employment to earn a living.

It is likely that an individual with a chronic illness is determined and wants to move on with their life and live a lifestyle that is as normal as possible.

They do not want to be ruled by their illness and as with most people; part of getting on with life is being gainfully employed.

There may be jobs that may be more conducive to an individual who is suffering but there is no job out of reach for a person who is strong inwardly and is an overcomer.

Let us then look at employment opportunities for individuals with a chronic illness that may meet their needs.


5 Tips for People With Chronic Illnesses Looking for the Right Jobs


1. Know all About Your Chronic Illness

A chronic illness is defined as a condition experienced by an individual that requires continuous medical attention, can last a year or more, and limits the daily activities of people.

Some of the more common chronic diseases that may cause premature death include heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Other chronic illnesses that are not life-threatening but are painful and create limitations on an individual due to the condition’s physical impact and include the medical conditions of fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, migraines, etc.


2. Flexible Schedule

There may be physical limitations, but those limitations can be met by securing a job that allows you flexibility.

Most jobs that require you to be on-site will provide accommodation that will help to lessen the pain that you are experiencing.

For example, individuals suffering from chronic back pain may be able to sit more frequently to perform the duties of their job.


3. Work Remotely 

It would appear that the most ideal employment position that one can realize is one that can be done from home or remotely.

This will allow for the individual to complete their job and to take needed breaks.

They can perform certain functions to alleviate their pain and mitigate the symptoms of their illness.


4. Health Benefits 

In addition, for the sake of your health and your pocketbook, it is important to try to secure a position that will provide health benefits.

The other added benefit to acquiring comprehensive health care coverage would be offered through the plan of medical treatments, physical therapy, etc.


5. Follow Medical Advice 

It is also important that you adhere to doctor’s orders or follow medical advice.

This means obviously that if the doctor says no prolonged standing.

That is exactly the advice that you should heed.

Also, when considering a job and are not sure as to whether the requirements of the job are something that you should be able to do, it’s always good to seek medical counsel to make sure that the job description and requirements to fulfill the job are within your realm of physical mobility.


20 Easy Money Making Jobs for People With Chronic Illnesses


1. Spa Manager 

The manager of a spa provides managerial direction to all aspects of a spa’s operation.

Some of those duties would include oversight and scheduling of staff, managing the finances, providing needed reports, and ensuring that health standards are maintained at the highest level.

In addition to this position requiring limited physical involvement, there may be the added benefits of utilizing the spa’s services at a discount.


2. Photographer 

A photographer captures narrative in visual form.

Through images, they capture the important events in our lives.

Some of those events include births, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

A photographer, freelancer, or working for a business, would blend nicely with the working requirements of an individual with a chronic illness.

They would be able to set their schedule, work within any physical limitations, etc.

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3. Wedding Planner 

If you have a talent for planning down to the smallest of details, a wedding planner may be an employment consideration.

A wedding planner works with other vendors to provide an optimum wedding experience for the bride and groom.

Staying within the budget of their customer they make the venue arrangements, book entertainers, arrange for the equipment and furnishings needed, etc.

The physical demands are limited as it relates to this position and scheduling can be within your time frame.


4. Virtual Assistant 

From a remote location, a virtual assistant provides the needed administration duties for an office.

Some of those admin functions include scheduling appointments, keeping working calendars up to date, phone duties, computer work as assigned, etc.

Being virtual would be conducive to meeting any potential restraints due to chronic illness.


5. Medical Coder 

This important employment position deals with medical records reflecting the treatment of individuals.

A medical coder will review the documents and information and transcribe the information to medical code.

In addition to having the medical history of the patient secured and stored, the coder, through this process, helps to facilitate the filing of insurance claims and reimbursement.

The position doesn’t require physical exertion and can be accomplished either remotely or at a place of business.

Potential medical coder employment positions can be found at


6. Special Media Specialist 

If you have an interest or know your way around the various social media platforms being a Special Media Specialist may be a strong employment consideration.

Many businesses see the powerful impact that the presence of these platforms can have on business.

To capitalize on this dynamic, businesses look to hire someone to manage, monitor, and engage their presence across all social media platforms.


7. Copywriter 

Copywriters use their creativity in writing a narrative for companies to interact with their customers and potential customers.

The written content that they provide should be engaging and convey the message in an informative way or capture the tone that the company wishes to convey.

This would be an ideal position for an individual who is diagnosed with a chronic illness as the writing can be accomplished remotely or in an office setting that does not require any physical exertion.

Check out the following high paying jobs for more ideas:


8. Business Analyst 

A business analyst is a company position of a sort in that they go into a business, observe the processes and make recommendations to leadership on potential operational improvements.

Sometimes, a business analyst is part of the company employment team but often are independent freelancers who provide their consulting expertise when engaged by a business.

In either case, a business analyst would be able to have the flexibility of scheduling as well as limited physical involvement.


9. Mortgage Underwriter 

As a representative of a bank or other lending financial institution, a remote mortgage underwriter will review all of the various financial documents submitted by a customer to obtain a mortgage.

These financial documents will reveal any potential risk associated with the writing of the mortgage and be part of the process of either approving or denying a loan.

This job can be done from home and requires an extensive understanding of financial information, scanning documents, as well as submitting written reports.


10. Recruiter 

A recruiter works on a company’s behalf in identifying, evaluating, interviewing, and suggesting strong candidates for employment positions within the company.

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A recruiter depends heavily upon technology as well as analyzing resumes and applications.

This work also can be accomplished from home or accomplished in an office setting within the company.


11. UX Designer 

This employment position demonstrates a significant understanding of technology as it relates to creating friendly interactions of the user with the technology.

To ascertain the ease of user interface, the UX Designer relies heavily upon their experience, education, and the practical use of working with focus groups to determine the ease of access in a practical demonstration with technology.

The dynamics of this job do not require physical exertion or other roles and responsibilities that may exacerbate your physical condition.


12. Java Developer 

This technology-driven employment position has a full understanding of how a Java-based computer operates, its design, and the various applications associated with mobile devices.

A Java developer would be in high demand and often can work remotely or in a company office setting.

Manual labor would not be a factor in the securing of this employment position.


13. Software Engineer 

The role of this employment position would be to maintain and create the software needed by a company.

With significant knowledge about computer programming and utilizing the “languages” needed to develop software, this employment position is in great demand.

Being a software engineer is more of a mental occupation and therefore physical involvement would be limited and conducive to an individual afflicted with a chronic illness.


14. Medical Writer 

A medical writer would not only have a good command of the English language but a unique understanding of medical terminology.

A medical writer would be called upon to summarize and analyze information that is presented to them to write reports that summarize outcomes and medical results.

A medical writer is also called upon to succinctly capture important findings in clinical trials and research conducted and offers these written documents to agencies that regulate medical trials as well as to medical journals.

The nature of this work would not require physical exertion and therefore may be a good match for you with a chronic illness.

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15. Writer 

Society is still in need of good writers.

These writers can produce both non-fiction and fictional works with the intent of not only entertaining people but informing and inspiring the reader as well.

There are several options available to an individual who has writing proficiency.

Such sites as Upwork advertise freelance writers in a variety of genres.

The employment position of a writer can be a great freelancing opportunity in which you can set your own time, schedule, pace, and place of writing.

All of these factors are conducive to an individual who is suffering from a chronic illness.


16. Blogger 

Blogging is that activity in which an individual creates a blogging website and begins to write.

The writing can be on a variety of subjects that will interest a broad spectrum of people or be focused on a specific niche.

Potential subjects could include the chronic illness that you are experiencing and coming from a writing perspective of being positive and taking strides to combat the illness.

You can discuss potential new treatment methods that seem to show promise, or you can talk about your daily activities and how this illness affects you, etc.

Often, you will attract readers and followers who are interested in what you have to say, and what you say resonates with their own experience and life.

The way to earn revenue off of a blogging website is to gain a sponsor that will support you monetarily and your blogging site as you continue to write.

Other options can include having companies embed advertisement links in your blogging site and when an individual clicks on that site and makes a purchase you will receive a percentage of that purchase back.

Another way to realize money off of blogging is just to simply have your supporters provide financial contributions.


17. Bookkeeping 

Because of the nature of bookkeeping, this is an easily accomplished important function of a business outsourcing this important position to be done remotely.

They would provide you with the accounting software and most likely help you, if you are employed, with financial resources to upgrade your technology as needed.

Bookkeeping is an important function for a business to operate financially as it reflects the health of the company and as the bookkeeper, you will be called upon to accurately input the data.

Also, you will generate many reports and, depending upon the size of the operation, may just take one segment of the bookkeeping department.

For example, you may just be involved with accounts payable or accounts receivable.

The flexibility of this job makes it an optimum employment opportunity as you can set your own time and schedule.


18. Freelancer 

A freelance writer is an individual that takes on writing roles and responsibilities which require a good command of the English language and the ability to convey concisely the thought that is being conveyed.

Particular venues in which a writer can be involved include:

A great website to find writing opportunities is

Also, this would be an optimum employment opportunity as you can pace yourself accordingly and write when you can complete the job.

Of course, there would be deadlines, but you can pace yourself to meet those deadlines.


19. Life Coach

What better individual to listen to and take advice from than an individual whose life reflects the overcoming of challenges?

As a coach, you can provide sound advice, practical insight, motivation, and inspiration to others because of your experience.

This would be an ideal employment opportunity based on your experience and the ability to set your schedule that meets your physical needs.

There are online options to provide teaching and certification.

One such course can be found here.


20. Graphic Designer 

If you enjoy getting in touch with your creative side then perhaps being a graphic designer would be a good employment match.

Businesses and individuals are looking for individuals to create that “wow” factor to reach their customer base.

A graphic designer creates logos, brochures, presentations, newsletters, artistic work surrounding photos, and other advertising collateral.

Additionally, you don’t need to create the basic template as there are websites such as Canva that, for a subscription cost, provide templates and tools to make the graphic design come to life.

Check out the following high paying jobs for more ideas:


Personal Story

Often as a non-profit, we were asked if we had temporary working opportunities for an individual who was limited in what they could do.

The individuals may have had back sprains or strains or were in a cast or experienced other limitations physically that didn’t allow them to go back to full duty.

We were always happy to accommodate these requests because we found the individuals, most of the time, to be hard-working and anxious to back to their regular duties.

They were a great asset to us in aiding our cause and their physical limitations were never an excuse for them to not work hard at what they were able to accomplish.


Money Earning Jobs for People With Chronic Illnesses FAQs


Can an Individual Be Released From Their Employment Position Due to a Chronic Illness?

There are employment laws in place to protect all employees.

If an employer releases an individual due to a chronic illness, this may fall under the disability discrimination law which prevents this type of employment action from happening.

It is not legal for an employer to negate an employee’s position by passing them over for promotion, demoting them, dismissing them, or any other treatment due to their illness.


If I Have a Chronic Illness Do I Need to Tell My Boss?

No law prevents an employer from asking their employee as to why they are sick.

It is permissible for an employer to ask when they might expect the employee to be able to return to work.

Proof of being out sick can also be required or asked for by the employer and generally a note from a physician will satisfy that request.

Additionally, if asked as to why you are sick, if you wish to keep that information personal, you can simply indicate that desire by saying the okay as such to your employer.


You Can Do It

Nobody needs to tell you about the pain you may be experiencing with your chronic illness.

For you, it is not an excuse to shirk from work.

More likely it motivates you to excel and use your challenge to motivate you even further.



There are folks, millions of them, who suffer from a chronic illness.

The bottom line is their illness strengthens them and there are employment opportunities that abound for these courageous individuals.

They do not want to be restricted by their challenges but challenge their restrictions.

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