Yes, there are jobs for people with back problems!

This article reveals as many as 25 of the very best jobs people with back problems can do and still make money comfortably.



The human body is a wonderful and complex system of a variety of intricate systems that work in unison.

For example, there is the circulatory system that comprises the heart and blood vessels, the nervous system which is made up of the brain, spinal column, and nerves, or the skeletal system that supports the entire body and provides a solid structure for the body to move.

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When each of these systems works without issues, we don’t give all that we do a second thought because everything is functioning well.

On the other hand, if there is pain experienced in one part of the body the reality is that the whole body can suffer as well.

Another important system within the body is the muscular system which is attached to the skeletal system and allows for the body to have mobility.

If either one of these systems experiences an injury, chronic disease, or another issue, movement can be excruciating whether it is located within the muscles or the bones of the individual.

When this pain occurs, the slightest bit of movement can create discomfort, and therefore, the movement needs to be minimized.

As it relates to earning a living movement is required to perform the job function.

With this in mind let us look at 25 of the best jobs that will help to minimize an individual’s movement or provide flexibility as it relates to having back problems.


Personal Story

When working with a not-for-profit several years ago, we often would get a call from an employer who asked if we could utilize a volunteer at our charity to help us with our ongoing work.

These companies would have employees who were released from the doctor’s medical care but because of their injury, most often back problems or injuries, they only could return to limited duty, and often the jobs they normally performed didn’t allow for the full release to perform those jobs.

They therefore would call us and let us know that they had volunteers who they would pay to work for us but that their mobility due to their injury was limited.

Often we would assign them office work, answering phones, etc.

Of course, we appreciated them thinking of us and we always had opportunities for individuals to be involved and yet still not aggravate their condition.


25 Best Jobs for People With Back Problems to Make Money Comfortably


1. Photographer

An employment opportunity that would not be too demanding for an individual who has a back problem would be a photographer.

The job would entail having a keen eye for capturing unique angles and quality photographs as it relates to being involved with special events.

Those special events would include photography at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

The only equipment that may be required to carry would be the camera and accessories.

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2. Virtual Assistant

The job role of a virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative support to individuals in leadership or office duties within the company.

The specific job duties often included answering the phone, keeping appointments scheduling calendar events and responding to emails, and more.

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3. Medical Coder

A medical coder is an individual whose primary role is to be involved with medical documents, review those documents and convert the medical history of the patient into medical code.

This important job is about the care of the patient as well as addressing insurance coverage and possible reimbursement.

The job often entails being seated and utilizing the computer to perform the coding that is needed.

No heavy lifting is required, and the individual can move about as needed to relieve any stress or pain in the back.


4. Spa Manager

A spa manager is charged with the role and responsibilities of the operation as it pertains to operating a spa.

Their job description requires the management of staff schedules, reviewing reports, oversight of the finances, and ensuring that the spa is operating within the rules and regulations of this health facility.


5. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is an individual who takes on the responsibility from start to finish as it relates to organizing, planning, and working out all of the details of a wedding.

The wedding planner seldom is required to lift any heavy items or move equipment around.

Their role is to ensure that the wedding goes according to plan and that a memorable event is realized.


6. Social Media Specialist

The job function of a social media specialist usually finds this individual in the communications or marketing department.

Their job description entails leading teams and partnering with others to ensure that the social media platforms are maximized as it relates to marketing the products of the company.

The social media specialist seldom does any manual labor or lifting of heavy items and their work can be done remotely and therefore provides flexibility to accommodate their back pain.


7. Copywriter

The heavy lifting of a copywriter usually entails the use of a keyboard attached to a computer to provide for the writing needs of a company.

The copywriter produces written content that can be informative or inspirational and generally the purpose of the writing is to obtain the appropriate response from the customer.

The workplace of a copywriter usually finds them seated at a desk and therefore, do not require significant physical labor.


8. Business Analyst

A business analyst has a keen eye and the experience to match to observe the processes of an organization or business and offer suggestions on how to improve the various processes.

Sometimes a business analyst is in a consultant role or can be an employee of the company.

Being a business analyst provides great flexibility and therefore, the needed work to be accomplished can be in keeping with their schedule as well as being able to manage their chronic pain.


9. Remote Mortgage Underwriter

A remote mortgage underwriter is an individual who has the financial acumen to work for a financial institution that as part of their service underwrites or provides mortgage assistance.

The remote mortgage underwriter is charged with reviewing the financial documents, assessing any risk as it relates to defaulting by the customer, and making recommendations for approval or denial of the mortgage.

A remote mortgage underwriter can work from home due to the availability of Technology to obtain all of the needed documents to make informed recommendations and decisions.


10. Recruiter

A recruiter is an individual who works on behalf of businesses or corporations to assess the pool of candidates available for various job vacancies within or outside the company.

Their role is to interact with potential candidates, review resumes, and more.

A recruiter utilizes technology tools such as email, phone, video communication, social media, etc., and as such can be done remotely.


11. UX Designer

A UX designer or a user experience designer is an individual who provides innovation and creativity as it relates to interacting with technological devices to ensure that these devices are user-friendly for customers.

The work setting for a UX designer works from an office and therefore strain is mitigated as it relates to stresses on the back due to the job requirements.


12. Java Developer

The position of java developer involves the skills of a professional who is called upon to create, design, and manage Java-based technology.

This individual should be well versed in the understanding of web technologies and speak the Java computer programming language.

These developers typically work in a company or home offices and their duties do not require heavy lifting or significant manual labor.


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13. Software Engineer

The employment position of a software engineer is a person who not only creates software programs but maintains them to ensure their effective operation.

The software engineer position normally does not require the use of heavy lifting which could cause undue stress on an already difficult back issue.


14. Medical Writer

A medical writer is an individual who is well versed in the medical field and is comfortable and familiar with medical terminology.

Their role requires them to review various documents, read notes that have been captured that pertain to medical research and clinical trials as well as capture the outcomes of these trials.

A medical writer often submits their documents to agencies that provide oversight on these trials as well as the possibility of submitting their work for inclusion in medical journals.


15. Telemedicine Physician

Telemedicine physician interacts with their patients through telecommunication means.

A telemedicine physician cannot be informed of the patient’s condition through physical means but can, make a potential diagnosis by listening to the symptoms and ordering the needed exams to provide a diagnosis.

A telemedicine physician can write reports, treat illnesses, and prescribe appropriate medications based on the patient’s symptoms.


16. Content Writer

A content writer is an individual that utilizes their writing skills in a variety of ways and for several purposes.

A content writer could include being a grant writer, creative writer, technical writer, etc.

Their job function is to write a quality narrative that is understandable, free of grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and to communicate with others through the means of writing.

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17. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative usually interacts with customers of companies and businesses through a variety of technological means.

Some of those technology tools could include the use of a phone, email, chatbox, etc.

The role of the customer service representative is to provide solutions and answers for the customer to ensure that the customer/business relationship is enhanced, and the customer is satisfied with the customer service care.


18. Tech Worker

A tech worker is a broad category of individuals who have significant education and work experience as it relates to technology.

One of those positions would be a website developer which would require the individual to help build websites for various businesses and companies.

The value of having an engaging website for customers and potential customers to research these companies cannot be underestimated.

By being a web developer, the physical involvement is limited for the individual and therefore would be a good position to be employed with due to the reality of being able to work remotely and having access to the company’s website for development.


19. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is an individual that takes the financial data of a company and enters the data into accounting software.

The purpose of this process is to provide accountability and integrity to the company’s financial operation, satisfy auditors, provide meaningful reports for leadership to manage the company, pay invoices as well as generate invoices to customers to ensure that financial payments are made.

Due to the ease of technology, the data can be made available to the bookkeeper on a remote basis with the generation of reports being conducted in the same manner.

Being a bookkeeper is more about data entry and using one’s cognitive ability rather than physical means.

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20. Tutor

A tutor is an individual who utilizes their education and experience to teach others as it relates to a variety of subjects and skills.

For example, a tutor can teach their student about various school subjects such as English, math, history, and so forth.

Also, a tutor can provide artistic teaching such as in the area of music instruction, voice lessons, instrument lessons, dance, etc.

Being a tutor does not require significant physical involvement but is more of an educational process and the exchange of ideas from the instructor to the student.

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21. Non-Profit

Often, not for profits are very accommodating when it comes to an individual who has any physical limitations.

Therefore, if an individual has social services experience and education, they can work with a not-for-profit that will accommodate their chronic back pain and provide an opportunity that will be meaningful to the customers that they serve as well as to the social services worker who is assisting.


22. Grant Writer

Being a grant writer is an important job function, especially in the not-for-profit world where these agencies depend significantly upon the financial support of companies, corporations, foundations, etc.

If you have good writing skills and can succinctly capture the mission and vision of the not-for-profit and express in writing the challenges that the community is facing then being a grant writer would be a great employment opportunity.

The role of grant writer requires good writing skills, and the ability to do one’s research on grant opportunities and then write the narrative.

All of this can be done without any physical labor or extensive physical involvement.


23. Artist

If you have a creative flair, then the opportunity to develop that creativity as an artist is an employment opportunity.

With this position, there is seldom any heavy lifting, and the artistic work can be done remotely in one’s art studio or even through the internet if an individual creates graphic designs and utilizes the website to promote their creations and potential sales.

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24. Blogger

Many individuals can earn a quality salary by blogging about certain items or their passion in life.

As a blogger, perhaps your topic of expression could be chronic back pain that you are experiencing and your journey of overcoming that challenge and getting on with your life.

Followers may be able to relate to what you are saying and be inspired by what you have to say as well as how you are addressing that challenge, strides being made in the medical world to address that challenge, etc.

In addition to possibly gaining financial support from your followers the possibility of affiliate advertising and a sponsor is a possibility for your blog site.


25. Translator

With our global community shrinking in size, the need for translators is becoming more and more evident.

If you can speak a second language, you can utilize this skill to be a translator for a variety of companies as they work with other business leaders who may be unable to communicate in a specific needed language.

As a translator, you can provide that needed service and capture the words being spoken verbatim as well as translate the very tones and inflections of the voice that can add to the communication.


Money Making Jobs for People with Back Problems FAQs


How Many Americans Are Affected by Back Pain?

It is estimated that over 65 million Americans have reported a recent episode of back pain.

Of those 65 million Americans, 8%, or 16 million, adults have persistent or ongoing back pain which can limit their day-to-day activities.


How Many People Are Unable to Work Because of Back Pain?

Answer  According to the NCBI website, roughly 10% to 15% of adults have some back-related disability and are unable to work.


You Can Do It

Nobody knows the pain you are experiencing but the reality is that you have a bad back and sometimes the slightest movement can send the pain levels off of the charts.

You are a fighter though and you want to work.

You want a job that utilizes your skills and talents but will not require effort that will aggravate your back problems.



Our bodies are amazing with each separate system designed to depend on and support each other to promote our health.

Sometimes circumstances occur and a particular part of the body is affected.

Those who suffer from back problems know all too well that chronic back pain can affect their ability to function normally.

However, back pain can be managed, and life can go on including in the area of employment if the right job can be found that minimizes the involvement of the back.

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