Yes, there are jobs for Matrics even with no experience.

This article reveals as many as 25 best such jobs for matric with no experience to make money.



The final year of high school can be a hallmark period for a student.

The senior year is a celebration of scholastic achievement, senior pictures, saying goodbye to old friends, and being introduced to new friends.

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It is an exciting time in life.

It is also a time to reflect on the future.

The final year or matric places the graduating student ready to move forward in their education or into the world of employment.

As a matric with no employment experience lets us look at job opportunities for the eager young person ready to fly into the future.


Personal Story

When I graduated from high school our family soon after moved to a new city in the state due to a job promotion that my father received.

The city was larger and there was a major university there and it worked out well because I had made an application to be admitted in the fall.

Consequently, it wasn’t until a year later that my first major job came when I was hired as a stock boy that supplied a variety of products and various gift items.

The employer is a holiday gift distribution company that specializes in the sending out of gourmet foods, cheeses, etc.

The job opportunity provided was more fun than work as I interacted with individuals twice my age and had twice as much experience as I brought.

I enjoyed listening to their stories, the interaction of others as they worked together, the innuendos, etc.

I was certainly glad that this was my first work experience after graduating from high school occurred because it was an enjoyable and memorable time.


25 Best Jobs for Matric Even With No Experience


1. Receptionist

As a matric an entry-level position that you could make an application for and potentially be hired for is the employment position of receptionist.

A receptionist is an individual who is the first representative of a company that provides a greeting to a customer.

The greeting can either be done in person or can be over the phone.

The qualities needed to be a receptionist is an understanding of being friendly, being pleasant in your interactions with other, having a welcoming voice on the phone, and the ability to provide directions to a customer and interact with fellow team members.


2. Call Center

A call center employee is an individual that makes outgoing calls to generate new customers by sharing with the individual on the other end of the line the product your company is offering and how it can be beneficial to the individual called.

The other aspect of the call center is to receive calls from individuals and provide customer service as an individual may have questions about a product that they purchased, trying to access the company’s webpage, troubleshooting issues, etc.

A call center individual should have a pleasant voice, be customer service oriented, and always provide an answer for the customer on the phone or find someone who can satisfy the questions being asked.


3. Cashier

A cashier is an individual who facilitates the processing of payment by the customer when they are purchasing a product.

Often, technology is now utilized and simply requires the scanning of an item which registers the product and the price and when all of the transactions are completed will provide a total cost to the customer.

To be a cashier requires a pleasant personality, good customer service skills, and the need for an understanding of math as some customers may pay in cash.


4. Customer Service Assistant

A customer service assistant is an individual that d works in a store location and interacts with customers and provides quality attention to the customer to ensure the customer’s satisfaction with their experience in the retail operation.

As a customer service assistant, you may be required to exchange items for a refund, help an individual locate a particular product in the store, answer other questions, etc.

This job requires that you are customer service oriented, friendly, and work towards complete customer satisfaction.


5. Retail Assistant

A retail assistant is an individual who works on the showroom floor of a retail operation.

As a retail assistant you may be required to bring out the inventory and place them on shelves or a clothing rack, assist customers, or work alongside other employees in the provision of their employee functions.

Stocking Shelves

A basic job in any retail store is the stocking of the shelves.

This is a level entry position, but the reality is that if you prove yourself, work hard, are shown to be reliable, etc. there are strong possibilities of working your way up through the organization.

Specifically, stocking requires the placing of additional inventory onto the shelves or on the clothing racks for customers to purchase.

There is nothing worse in the retail business that having empty shelves and clothing racks as that space when not utilized costs the company money.


6. Writer

While attending school you most likely became aware of certain talents and skills that you possessed that distinguished you from the other students.

One of those skills might have been in the area of writing.

Therefore, if you have writing skills and imagination that you can couple with that writing you can earn a living by being a writer.

One such site that you can look for as it relates to writing opportunities can be found at


7. Flight Attendant

An opportunity to be part of a good career with the possibility of advancement and travel benefits is becoming a flight attendant.

There are a variety of airlines that are always looking for flight attendants with a quality personality, good customer interpersonal skills, hard-working, and dedication.


8. Waitress

An old standby of work that is available for an individual who has just recently graduated is the job position of waitress or part of the waiting staff within a restaurant.

If looking at this position you should come with the ability to be friendly and outgoing, able to interact with customers, and work for that customer to provide good dining out experience.

Payment can come through hourly wages and can be supplemented with tips.

The tips are contingent upon the service that the customer receives and they in turn show their appreciation.


9. Data Entry

If you are hard-working and can be focused on a job and provide accurate work then the possibility of being a data entry clerk may be possible.

A data entry clerk inputs various types of data into a variety of different formats.

For example, personal information can be inputted into a spreadsheet or imported from another software package.

Also, a data entry clerk may be required to input numbers into a system to help management with real-time information to help managers with devising strategies to increase profits.

As a data entry clerk, you may be required to know how to operate a 10-key calculator, use a numeric keypad or simply use a regular keyboard to input the data.


10. Entrepreneur

Even though you are just starting in your young career no law or standard says that you cannot begin starting your own business.

Starting as an entrepreneur because of a moneymaking idea that you have is a good way to enter strongly into the business world.

When becoming an entrepreneur, it is important to seek the advice of others, as it relates to starting a business, coming up with a plan of action, formulating a business plan, and making sure that you go through all of the legal hoops to register as a legal business.

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11. Construction

Many construction sites look for general laborers.

A general laborer can be called upon to do a variety of tasks such as cleaning up the work site, transferring materials off of a delivery truck, assisting other trades on the construction site, etc.

The value of this opportunity is that you could talk to the contractor to see if you could shadow an individual or a trade that you’re interested in and be part of a learning process in which your basic skills can be developed.

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12. Coaching

If you enjoy sports a possible employment position could be in the area of coaching.

Most likely you would not be given the primary coaching job but certainly, you could take on an employment opportunity as an equipment coach, assistant coach, helping out in the locker room, etc.

This would be a good way to make your entry into the professional sports world and work your way up through the various positions and learn the coaching profession.



13. Show Business

If you have a flair and a love for being on the stage, it is never too late to get your feet wet as it relates to showing business.

You could find various jobs that can get your foot into the door and be involved in the entertainment world.

Some of those positions could include being a backstage worker, helping with costumes, working lights, etc.

Potential entertainment jobs can be researched by going to job posting sites such as or


14. Drive

Several companies will hire you and utilize your services as a self-employed individual when you reach the age of 18 or older.

With companies such as UberEats or Uber, you can drive for these companies get paid per trip, and pocket any tips that you may receive.

Requirements to register as a driver include having a driver’s license, certificate of insurance, vehicle registration, and passing a background check.


15. Warehouse Assistant

A good opportunity to learn about warehousing and the supply chain is to make an application to be a warehouse assistant.

Through this employment opportunity, you will learn about inventory, supply, demand, fulfilling orders, etc.

Qualifications would include having a good work ethic and being willing to learn the job.


16. Blogging

A good opportunity to be employed just out of school is to take on the role of blogging.

You can use your imagination and your love for a particular subject and begin to blog about that area of your life.

By making it interesting and enjoyable you can create a following and your followers may appreciate what you have to share and support you monetarily.

Other potential income from your blogging site could include affiliate advertising and possibly a sponsor.


17. Accounts Receivable Clerk

If you enjoy working with numbers and sitting at a computer a job possibility is being an accounts receivable clerk.

The job function of this employment position is to enter into the accounting system payments or reports of money received based on invoicing to customers.

The job requires accuracy as it relates to data entry and making sure that you adhere to a system that double-checks your work.


18. Accounts Payable Clerk

Another component of the accounting department in the business is accounts payable.

Being an account payable clerk, you will be called upon to correctly enter the financial data as it relates to invoices presented by the company’s vendors.


19. Firefighter

If you are in good health and can meet the physical requirements to be enrolled in firefighting school, you could look at a beginning career in being a firefighter.

It begins with making an application to the city to enroll at the firefighter academy.

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20. Working at a Trade

Many companies will hire young people and help them to learn a particular trade.

This process is known as being an apprentice and is sometimes offered through a variety of trade businesses.

Some of those trade businesses could include

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic


21. Freelance

If you want to go to work but do not want to be confined by a daily schedule or work in an office space, you can always look to the world of freelancing.

By being a freelancer, you set your own time and schedule and work when and as often as you wish.

A freelancer is an opportunity for an individual to work jobs that closely match their skills and talents.

Freelancing jobs can be researched on a site such as


22. Police

A police officer is a public servant that is called upon to protect and serve the community that their work.

If you enjoy helping others, can pass a background check, and wish to be of service to others in your community you could make an application for the police academy in your community.


23. Not-for-Profit

An important business segment of any community is the not-for-profit sector.

Being a young person just graduating from high school could provide an opportunity for you to be involved in a not-for-profit.

One of the services that some youth-oriented not-for-profits offer is opportunities for families and children to take advantage of a pool or gymnasium.

A potential employment position could be a lifeguard or conduct classes as it relates to physical fitness training.


24. Computer & Gaming

A possibility of a job opportunity that may resonate with something that you enjoy doing is finding employment with a computer company or a gaming center.

At a computer retail store such as Apple or Best Buy, you could work on the retail floor and help customers learn more about potential technology devices that they wish to purchase.

A fun job would be to work at a family pizza restaurant and be part of the games that the young family members participate in and help make the family’s experience enjoyable.


25. Online Surveys

You can always earn money doing surveys online.

While these may not be traditional jobs you can still make money doing these even as a matric.


Matric Jobs With No Experience FAQs


What Are the Top Pieces of Advice When Looking for a Job Out of High School?

The best advice to take to heart when looking for a job out of high school includes:

Don’t get stressed out

Not landing a job is part of the process

Don’t focus on money



What Are the Best Ways to Find a Job?

Some of the best ways to find a job include

  • Knowing someone in the company that can provide a recommendation
  • Look online
  • Be on the lookout for stores with help wanted signs
  • Going to employers you are interested in working for and submitting an application.


You Can Do It

You have just graduated from high school, and it was an exciting year.

However, even more, exciting is the new adventure that you are about to travel towards, and that is the world of employment.



When looking for employment opportunities it is always a good strategy to try to find something that will pay well and is the type of work that you will appreciate and enjoy.

The opportunities are limitless, but you have time so, therefore, enjoy the experience.

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