Yes, there are really good paying jobs for home-schooling moms to make money.

This article reveals as many as 25 of the very best such jobs.


Importance of Jobs for Homeschooling Moms

According to, 3% to 4% of children eligible for public schooling are provided their education at home.

Of this number of children, 51% are female while the remaining 49% are male.

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Additionally, the demographics indicate that 68% of those children that are homeschooled are Caucasian while Hispanics comprise 15%, African-American homeschooled children are at 8%, and 4% are Asians.

Added to the mix is that from 2019 to 2020 there was a significant increase in children being homeschooled that went from 3.4% to 9%.

It would appear that homeschooling is gaining in popularity and is poised to continue to do so.

Logic would then indicate that a parent would need to be with the child during the home school process.

Typically, this role falls on the shoulders of the mother.

Additionally, experts indicate that a good homeschooling experience is anywhere from 3 to 5 days out of the week with 2 to 3 hours devoted to the child’s education.

What is a parent, or a mom, to do in order to help the family’s budget and utilize the remaining hours in the day to provide an income?

To answer this question our reading assignment for the day is found on page 10, entitled “The Best Jobs For Homeschooling Moms.”


25 Best Jobs for Homeschooling Moms


1. Start a Blog 

A possible revenue-generating action that you can take is to start a blog.

The focus of your blog writing could be on homeschooling or you could bring the added dimension of your perspective as a mom to the homeschooling commitment.

It could be a daily blog indicating some of the actions that you have taken, challenges, learning opportunities, providing advice, etc.

You can earn money through your blog by having a sponsor such as a parenting magazine or through affiliate advertising,


2. Bookkeeper

A great job to perform remotely coupled with your bookkeeping skills and love for finances is an opportunity to be employed as a bookkeeper.

As a bookkeeper, you will be called upon to correctly enter the financial data, balance bank statements, prepare reports, and provide needed support to the accounting department.

Bookkeeping opportunities to be performed remotely can be found by clicking here.


3. Proofreader 

If you have a great eye for detail and an above-average to exceptional ability to review documents and look for grammatical or spelling mistakes, then the position of a proofreader may be just the perfect opportunity.

Proofreaders have exceptional skills as it relates to being detail-oriented and finding even the minutest of errors.

With this position, you will check the formatting of the documents, confirm facts, look for consistency in the document and check the author’s grammar.


4. Freelance 

For a variety of reasons, a number of businesses have outsourced normal employment positions within the company to outside individuals and agencies.

Some of those reasons include reducing employee expenses, not having to pay retirement and other benefits, and just downsizing.

Consequently, the freelance market is a vast area of opportunity in which these same companies are looking to hire freelancers.

To find freelancing opportunities it would be beneficial to search such websites as or

On their homepage, you will have the opportunity to conduct a search. Two suggested search words or phrases would be remote and then input your skill or talent.


5. Sell on Amazon 

Through Amazon, a revenue-generating program is offered.

The name of this program is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

How the program works is that you shop at an actual store and then turn around and resell them on Amazon at a markup.

The power of the program is that they do the grunt work by shipping out the products to the customers as well as handling any interaction with the customers.

There is an email course available that might be helpful and can be accessed by clicking here.


6. Transcribe 

The position of being a transcriptionist provides the perfect employment opportunity for a homeschooling parent.

Conducive to the mom is the flexibility allowed to transcribe audio recordings, the ability to work remotely, as well as being part-time or full-time positions.

A transcriptionist will transcribe audio recordings but also can rewrite written contact content, look for spelling and grammatical errors, and review reports.

The professional qualities of a transcriptionist would include an eye for detail, good command of the English language, and the ability to write 75 words per minute or more.


7. Online Writer 

Nurturing and caring for families and children is an important topic that many publications and online resources are committed to sharing.

Given your obvious commitment to providing the best for your child, being a writer for a parenting magazine may just be the perfect fit.

Also, there may be other aspects to the family life that you can write with authority on.

Some of those topics could include balancing a career and nurturing the family, budgeting, or other related powerful topics in regards to parenting.

Potential websites or publications that look for articles can include Parent magazine and their writing guidelines can be reviewed.


8. YouTube 

A great and entertaining way of generating revenue is to create your own YouTube channel.

You could carve out your own niche by talking about homeschooling or combining your role as a parent and looking for work while homeschooling.

The channel could be very informative and helpful to others.

A way of generating income would be through affiliate marketing, having people subscribe for premium content, or just having viewers donate to your channel through such websites as


9. Upwork 

There are many freelancing websites that successfully link together individuals needing a job done with those who have the skill and talent to match those opportunities.

One such website is Upwork which requires an individual to register to start their job search.

There is no cost to be a member of this platform.

Once the profile has been created, you can search their vast database on various keywords in which you have a skill or talent.

Upon finding a position, you indicate your desire to be considered by submitting a cover letter, answering any needed questions posed by the potential employer, setting your rate, attaching any sample work, and waiting to see if you are interviewed or chosen.

There is a fee of 20% charged by Upwork for completed projects but if you continue working for that individual then that 20% is reduced to 10% once the threshold of a total of $500 has been made.


10. Graphic Design 

A rewarding career that couples your graphic design flair with your creativity the position of a graphic designer.

A graphic designer will be called upon to create eye-catching ads, generate powerful logos, help in the design of websites, create brochures, and other graphically designed items.

Even if an individual does not have a background in graphic design, there is a website known as Canva that can help the individual by utilizing templates that can be part of creating the products needed for potential customers.


11. Recruiting Coordinator 

When looking for a job, perhaps an employment opportunity is helping others gain employment.

The position of recruiting coordinator is an individual who is part of the human resources department and helps in the employment of an individual by looking over a variety of resumes, conducting background checks, helping to set up interviews, and providing orientation for new employees invited to join the team.


12. Data Entry 

Working at a job, even at home, requires flexibility as it relates to caring for the children and their schooling.

A great employment position that provides flexibility is being a data entry specialist.

The requirements for this employment position would be an individual who has strong keyboarding or data input skills, an eye for detail, and inputting of accurate information.

Companies that are hiring for data entry positions include CVS healthData DimensionsKelly, and more.


13. Virtual Receptionist 

As the name implies a virtual receptionist is an individual who is usually the first person that customers or clients come in contact with as it relates to interacting with the business.

The added dimension is that this receptionist position is done virtually.

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The job entails answering calls and engaging in web chats with a number of businesses and individuals.

There are a number of websites on which an individual can search for virtual receptionist opportunities. One such website is


14. Life Coach 

Given the fact that you are homeschooling your child and looking for possible employment opportunities, speak loudly about your life, focus, and drive to successfully handle your life.

Therefore, a good possibility of employment to match your outlook and focus on life is to be a life coach.

A life coach is an individual who helps others with their own personal achievement of goals and dreams.

A strong personality characteristic should be an individual who enjoys helping others.

A certification course that may be of interest can be found by accessing this site.


15. Tutor

If you have teaching experience and are familiar with instructing a class in a certain subject, then the opportunity for online tutoring may be a good match for you.

There are a number of online tutoring jobs that an individual can apply for.

They may or may not require certification of Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) if you choose to teach English to children and adults in a different country.

Each of the online sites has its own different credentialing requirements as well as commitments that need to be agreed upon by the individual who will be tutoring.

Two of those online tutoring websites are and


16. Online Store – Drop Shipping 

This employment opportunity entails the selling of third-party merchandise from a dropshipping company in which you never see the product, nor are you actually involved with shipping.

It involves the making of a sale but when the item is ready to be shipped it bypasses you and is sent directly to the customer from the drop shipper.

A profit is generated between what the customer pays for the product and what the shipping company charges you.

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17. Etsy 

While at home and even in between teaching your child/student, you can be working on a craft or a hobby that you love.

In turn, this creation of yours can be listed on retail online market sites such as Etsy.

You create your account, choose the genre in which you wish to list your craft, and then allow for customers to view your products and ultimately make a sale.

For more information about this process, you can access the Etsy website by clicking here.


18. Customer Service 

The position of customer service representative entails the providing of information or enhancing service to a customer or potential customer for the business.

The trend in the business world is to outsource their customer service representatives and utilize individuals who are at home and can work remotely.

The job can be a full-time position or a part-time position.

Companies that utilize customer service representatives include Hilton, Apple, and Amazon.


19. Social Media Marketer 

Many companies are looking to hire individuals to “step up their game” as it relates to social media.

If you understand the importance of social media platforms and have the ability to write content, then perhaps this would be a good employee match for you.

The benefit to the business would be an increased presence on social media as well as earning an income for you.


20. Online Surveys 

A fairly easy way of earning some income is by taking online surveys.

Some of those online survey websites include SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and PrizeRebel.

Obviously, the more involved with the survey websites, the greater your earnings will be.

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21. Health Coach 

Similar to a life coach, a consideration of venturing out on your own and creating your own company is by becoming a health coach.

A health coach will help an individual focus on that specific area of their lives as it pertains to health.

As part of your service, you could provide healthy recipes for the customer to consider, ingredients for healthy smoothies, other drinks, exercise regimens, etc.

As a health coach, you would be available to interact with an individual or customer through communication means of your choosing.

Most likely, it would be best not to utilize any personal telephone numbers but go through an app that keeps your identity confidential.


22. eBay 

eBay is another large online retail opportunity for individuals to list items that they wish to sell to the online community.

One of the big sellers for eBay is the selling of books.


23. Medical Billing

The medical billing employment position requires that the individual review the electronic documents that are sent to you and look for any errors or miscodings.

Medical billing is in essence, the sending out of medical statements to individuals who have received medical care.


24. Live Chat 

Often, when a visitor logs onto a website a chat box opens up with the picture of a virtual assistant asking how they can help you.

This customer service option to assist visitors on the webpage is an opportunity to provide good quality customer service by the company and for you an opportunity of employment.

The benefits of the company are that they do not have to pay people to answer phones but utilize someone, such as yourself, who is in the market of looking for remote employment.

Additionally, this virtual position does not require a considerable amount of your time or an exceptional knowledge of the company or the question asked.

Often a script is provided and if the customer goes beyond the boundaries of the script, you have the option to transfer that call to someone else to ensure customer satisfaction.


25. Travel Consultant

This exciting employment option makes travel arrangements for individuals virtually.

The travel arrangements would include bookings on cruise lines, scheduling airline passage, making reservations for resorts, and other excursion bookings.

One such travel consultant position can be found at


Personal Story

My brother’s daughter was homeschooled.

It was a choice that her mother made, and he indicated that he had no issues or concerns about the school system or any negative reaction to having their daughter homeschooled.

The only gray area of my concern was it appeared that the primary reason for her being homeschooled was to shelter her from potentially negative influences while attending school.

My concern was that perhaps endeavoring to shelter her from those potential interactions would be more detrimental

My thinking was that it might hinder the process of her making her way through life and not allow her the opportunity to learn from those interactions and grow from them.

Anyway, it appears that my concerns were unfounded as she appears to be well-grounded and has a good emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual outlook on life.


Money Making Jobs for Home Schooling Moms FAQs


What Are the Pros Associated With Home-schooling?

The pros of homeschooling include the flexibility that is presented, the freedom of the family to choose the curriculum, providing a personal education, building a strong stronger relationship between the parent and the child, and possibly minimizing or avoiding illnesses.


What Are the Cons Associated With Homeschooling?

The disadvantages of homeschooling include additional work for the parent, limited personal time, not being able to go to work, and missed opportunities socially for the child.


You Can Do It

There is an abundance of opportunities to earn money from home due to the advancements in technology.

A number of paid positions are being done remotely and the potential of that increase is significant.

If wishing to homeschool your child, it would appear that finding a job to assist with the family’s budget is a challenge that can be met.



The popularity of homeschooling seems to be escalating.

The argument that this is an upward trend in educating our children can be underscored by the recent pandemic and the children learning remotely.

Homeschooling a child is a personal family decision that is allowable by law.

For the parent, especially the mom, there are a variety of employment opportunities.

It is just a matter of doing your homework.

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