This article reveals some of the best jobs for homemakers to make money – as many as 25 of the best such jobs.



As the old saying goes “A man works from dawn to setting sun, but a woman’s work is never done.

This may or may not be true but is certainly not too much of a stretch when you consider all of the household activities and care of any children in the family that may be shared responsibilities in the household.

The modern family is not restricted to specific duties within the household that once were segregated as to what the husband was to do and what the wife was to do.

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Today, the roles of the man going to work and the woman staying home may be completely reversed.

In either case, typically both the husband and wife want to be fully contributing members to the household as it relates to caring for the family, doing chores around the home, and maximizing financial income.

If that is the case let us look at employment opportunities for a woman who has decided to stay home to work within the home environment.


25 Best Jobs for Homemakers to Make Money


1. Daycare 

As a homemaker, there may be children in the home that led to your decision about staying home and caring for the children as well as the rising costs associated with daycare.

With that in mind, a possibility of a job as a stay at homemaker is to open a daycare.

This doesn’t just happen overnight as there are certain standards, certifications, qualifications, and more that need to be met but it can be done.

To learn more about this possibility you can check out this instructional guide found by clicking here and searching the words home daycare.


2. Selling on Etsy

If you have a hobby that is very creative and individuals have always complimented you on these handcrafted items, you can think about listing them on

This website will allow you to set up a virtual store and display pictures of your items so that individuals shopping in your store can purchase them if they so desire.

Examples of craft items that could be sold include the knitting of sweaters, the creation of earrings, necklaces, rings, embroidered items, etc.


3. Amazon FBA

If you to sell various products, without the hassle of associated cost with having inventory, then Amazon (FBA) may be your answer.

By utilizing this service within Amazon, you do not have to hold or store your inventory until it sells.

When you purchase items or resell you can ship them to Amazon immediately and Amazon will pay you for those items.

You do not have to worry about a large inventory or having your money tied up in that inventory but will receive payment.

Profit will be less but will be made quickly.

The items that you find locally that you think will sell can be part of this Fulfillment by Amazon.

To learn more click here.


4. Dropshipping 

Drop Shipping is another possibility as it relates to not carrying any inventory.

This process not only does not require the inventory of items that are available for sale at a physical location but also removes the actual process of physically handling the product or going out to local stores and buying the items.

Several websites will list the items that you wish to sell on their platform and will sell the product from start to finish.

One such website is

Of course, there is a trade-off for this convenience and your profit will be realized once all of the costs associated with the handling, selling, and shipping of the product have been accomplished.

You as the retailer will earn the difference.


5. Laundry 

There are many individuals, both male, and female who are averse to doing their laundry.

This may be simply something they don’t wish to do or their schedules may be so saturated that they find it difficult to take the time to do this basic household chore.

A fairly easy way to earn an income as a homemaker is by utilizing your washer and dryer and providing this service to others.

You could charge the individual by the pound to ensure that you maximize the wages earned by providing this service.

Or you could charge per load within the washing machine.

The average cost per load of laundry can range up to $4.00.


6. Baby Equipment Rental 

A side hustle that a homemaker can be involved with especially if she has had children and still owns baby equipment is the possibility of renting out this equipment to others in need temporarily.

Through a website called Baby Quip, you can provide a baby equipment rental service to individuals who may be visiting your area or for other reasons and need to rent equipment for infants that they are traveling with.


7. Search Engine Evaluation 

A search engine evaluator is an individual who is employed by a company and asked to conduct searches on the Internet using specific keywords.

The job entails the evaluation of the various returns on these keywords and is usually per the guidelines for completing the jobs as provided by the company.

One such site that utilizes this method of searching keywords is


8. Graphic Designer 

If you have the slightest hint of creativity, then a possibility of being employed from home during your homemaker responsibilities is to be a graphic designer.

The job title may sound a little bit overwhelming, but the reality is, that there are software programs available online that provide templates and help you with any graphic design ideas that you may have.

One such graphic design website can be found at


9. Virtual Travel Agent 

If you have a personality that is detailed oriented and likes to plan out activities the possibility of being a virtual travel agent may be a good opportunity to work from home.

The employment position would involve planning the itinerary and making travel arrangements for customers domestically and internationally.

The work can be done through various websites and phone calls.

One such company that is on the lookout for virtual travel agents is Avoya.


10. Scopist 

A Scopist is an individual that takes the written documents and audio recordings from court proceedings and proofs the documents and writes the narrative from the audio portion of the court proceedings.

A Scopist has typing skills that are above average, has an eye for detail, and can provide error-free documents as it relates to grammar and spelling.

To learn more about this career provided from home you can click here.


11. Virtual Receptionist 

An office-type job that can be performed by using the home as the office is a virtual receptionist.

The primary job description of a receptionist is to use the computer and answer phone calls.

One such website that hires virtual receptionists is Smith AI.


12. Test Scoring 

An important aspect of measuring a student’s understanding of what is being taught is through the taking of a test.

Many public school systems are now outsourcing the grading of these tests to freelancers who can provide this service.

One such website that is looking for individuals to grade tests is Literably.


13. Social Media Manager 

A social media manager is charged with monitoring and addressing any posts that individuals have made on a company’s social media platforms.

This would be a great opportunity for an individual who is well versed in the area of social media and can respond either through a script that is provided or be able to respond to the various posts within the limitations as set forth by the company.


14. Blogging 

A meaningful and productive possibility of working from home is through the writing of a blog.

As a stay-at-home homemaker, the possibilities of topics for your blog could include your journey to find employment, the day-to-day events that happened to you (both challenging and inspirational), solutions for issues that may arise during the day, etc. could be written about.

Your blog could not only be an inspiration and motivation for other parents in the same situation but also can be therapeutic for you as you can vent or release any stresses that come with being a homemaker.

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Money could be realized through the possibility of your followers providing support, affiliate ads, sponsorships possibly from a parenting magazine, etc.

You can begin your blogging journey by creating a website through a hosting service such as


15. Teaching English 

Through modern technology, it is possible to teach virtually the language of English to students who are halfway around the world.

The earnings to be a teacher of English range anywhere from $25-$150 per hour.

Some sites require certification in teaching English as a second language, but some websites do not require this training as reflected in the issuing of documentation.

However, a bachelor’s degree is required and can be earned in any field.

The only equipment that is needed is a microphone and a WebCam and a good Internet connection.

One such website is VIPKid.


16. Proofreading 

A proofreader is an individual that will read various documents and particularly pay attention to the flow of the thoughts, identifying any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

In essence, a proofreader reads the document to ensure that it reflects the professionalism of the writer and representative company as it pertains to written correspondence and released documents.

Proofreaders are in great demand and can be found on a variety of freelance websites of which one is Flexjobs.


17. Freelance writing 

A freelance writer is an individual that has good to excellent writing skills and can provide writing service for a client.

The writing that the freelancer does can be the writing of a grant for a business or nonprofit, providing creative writing for various other websites, writing technical manuals, and even ghost writing an individual’s biography or story idea that needs the touch of a quality writer.

There are many freelancing writing opportunities available and can be researched using freelance websites.

One such website in which writing opportunities may be afforded is


18. Flip Items 

An additional way to earn money in a fairly easy manner is to utilize a website such as

Through this website, after completing the registration process, you can list items for sale on this platform.

Several popular products that you can sell include books, items within your household that are in good condition, and you have no further use of or you can buy items and flip them by utilizing this website.

The flipping process is defined as buying products that you find that are unique or of value when you shop at garage sales or flea markets.

You can buy these items at a very reasonable amount and then mark them up and sell them accordingly.


19. Customer Service Representative

Many large chain companies outsource their customer service representatives.

If you have the time and availability, this may be a good match for a job as a stay-at-home homemaker.

Examples of such companies that outsource their customer representative service include big names such as Amazon, Hilton, and Apple.

By logging on to you can search for a particular position that you may be interested in.


20. Chat Agent 

A chat agent is an opportunity for customers to interact through websites on the chat room that is provided to their customers.

Often, a customer, rather than go through the involved process of reaching out to a representative will use the chat feature to ask a question or try to get a resolution on a particular issue.

The role of the chat agent will be to provide interaction to the customer initially and attempt to resolve the issue at that point.

Generally, a script is followed and if the conversation goes beyond the boundaries anticipated, then the chat agent can involve another individual to try to get a resolution on the customer’s reason for calling or chatting.


21. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping is a critical function in a company’s business department

Although critical today, a lot of companies have chosen to outsource this financial function and now look to engage bookkeepers that can provide the proper data entry, generate invoices, maintain the budget, print out various reports, etc.

This may be a job possibility for you if you are good with numbers, detail-oriented, double-check your work, and are familiar with accounting software.

Online freelance bookkeeping jobs can be found on a variety of websites such as or through a freelancing website known as


22. Transcription 

A transcriptionist is an individual who will type out on the word processor the video or audio recording of a conversation or monologue.

To be a good to excellent transcriptionist requires a good command of the English language, the ability to properly proof the typed material so that it is free of grammar or spelling mistakes, being able to type at a set amount of words per minute, etc.

A website that you can search for transcription opportunities includes


23. Virtual Assistant 

The performance of a capable assistant to the management team is still a top priority.

An assistant will keep the calendars for leadership, provide customer service, necessary typing, etc.

The reality today is that this too can be outsourced and the possibilities of a virtual assistant can be found through freelancing websites such as


24. Writer

There are a variety of different types of writers that are needed in this general category.

Some of those specific writing freelance opportunities could include grant writing, creative writing, technical manual writing, etc.

One such freelance website in which an individual can search for writing opportunities can be found at


25. Data Entry 

The need for an individual to accomplish data entry by taking data from a variety of documents and placing them into spreadsheets, tables in Word documents, etc. is still a much-needed function.

A person wishing to provide data entry from home and on a remote basis should be fairly flexible with their availability and be detail-oriented and have a good command of data entry tools such as the use of a 10 key calculator or keyboard.

A good website to locate any remote data entry positions available would be to log onto

Other Interesting Money Making Articles To Consider:



While visiting my brother in the mid-1970s, he worked for a newspaper outlet and the job entailed early hours.

When he came home, we knew he would need to rest and as everybody settled in for the day looking forward to visiting later on in the afternoon, his wife announced that it was time for her to go to work.

We were surprised and quite frankly a little bit disappointed because we thought we would have the day together for a variety of outings and interactions.

Upon her announcement she sat down at the dining room table brought the phone over to where she was sitting pulled out a file and begin to make phone calls.

Come to find out she was working with a local not-for-profit trying to increase their donations so that they could sell them in their thrift store and support charitable work amongst disabled veterans.

That was my first introduction to people working from home with the benefits of being around the children, family, and their lives not being too disrupted.


Money Making Jobs for Homemakers FAQs


What is the Greatest Advantage for a Homemaker in Working at Home?

The greatest advantage in working from home is the opportunity to significantly interact and influence your children daily.


What is the Greatest Disadvantage of Working From Home as a Homemaker?

Although not a disadvantage, a potentially negative aspect of working from home as a homemaker is that in addition to the home being your place of residence and caring for the children and family, it is also your workplace.

Consequently, your whole world can be wrapped up in your home.

Therefore, it is important to have a strategy and a plan to take a respite every once in a while from the confines of your home by planning a night or day away either by yourself or with a loved one.


You Can Do It

Together with your partner, you realize that additional income is needed for the household budget.

However, from the beginning, your commitment was to be there for your children.

Therefore a great solution that can be incorporated is to stay home and find jobs in which you can work from home.

This is a strong possibility because many companies today have downsized and are looking for individuals who can work remotely to fulfill the job roles required.



Motherhood is probably the most difficult position there is as it relates to tasks and responsibilities.

The payment is the appreciation of your spouse and the commitment to being with your children throughout the day.

Making this possible is the reality that many jobs can be performed remotely and the jobs that will pay well.

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