Surprise surprise, there are indeed jobs for highly sensitive people and this article reveals as many as 25 of the best such jobs.



In many two-parent homes, there are different ways that discipline is handled as it relates to inappropriate behavior by the children.

Sometimes, one parent is the disciplinarian while the parent may try to talk things through or indicate to the child the reality of waiting until your “mother or father gets home.”

In addition, there are those movies that involve detectives, and the scenario or the acting role is their interaction with the bad person and the playing of “good cop, bad cop.”

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Fortunately, we are all not the same,

Each of us has different personalities based on our upbringing, the environment we were subjected to, our own personality, etc.

Some of us can be very sensitive and engaging, while some of us are no-nonsense, in-your-face, and tell like it is.

It is important that these two types of personalities are in our world and as such, their personality matches their career paths and employment opportunities.

Let us look at some of those jobs that are a good match for individuals who are classified as highly sensitive people.


25 Best Jobs for Highly Sensitive People


1. Family Medicine Physician

When an individual is not feeling well or a member of the family is experiencing a medical issue, the need for a family medicine physician is paramount.

In addition, they don’t want just a doctor who goes through the routine of asking the obvious questions but wants a practitioner who will show empathy and concern.

And not just empathy but also ask probing questions about what is going on as well as soothing the fears and potential stresses of patients to help them through various medical symptoms and diagnoses.


2. Psychologist

A profession that uses the power of its highly sensitive nature is the medical occupation of a psychologist.

Often individuals are struggling with issues in their lives and want to have someone to not only talk to but help guide them to various solutions that can address the various issues that they are experiencing in their life.

A psychologist is a highly sensitive individual who has good listening skills, pays attention to what the patient is saying and not saying, and provides practical assistance.


3. Online Media Writer

An online media writer uses their talent and skill set to write quality content to be posted on various media outlets including through online platforms.

In addition to providing quality writing that is grammatically correct but will use their elevated sensitivity to personalize the stories and use language that resonates with the reader to bring inspiration and motivation.


4. Therapist

A therapist is a medical professional that requires a high degree of sensitivity in their interaction with their patients.

A therapist is not only a highly sensitive individual but has acute communication skills which include listening to the individual about the challenges that they are facing.

Often a therapist is in touch with the client and is able to ask probing and enlightening questions so that the patient or the customer is able to see for themselves what some of the challenges are that they are facing and even come to their own resolution.


5. Social Worker

A quality social worker or case manager is a highly sensitive person who is able to interact on a personal and professional level with an individual who is experiencing a variety of challenging situations in their lives.

Some of those challenges could be dysfunctional relationships, substance abuse, marital difficulties, etc.

A quality social worker can sort through all of the noise in the individual’s life and help the individual to see more clearly and realize what needs to be done and with their sensitive nature be part of the solution as well.


6. Graphic Designer

When one thinks of individuals are occupations that require an individual to be highly sensitive, being a graphic designer is most likely not an employment position that comes to mind.

However, a quality graphic designer should be highly sensitive as it relates to the use of visual effects, sounds, etc. to bring about the imaginative creation.

Often these individuals are in touch with their inner selves and their creativity and are able to demonstrate those gifts in a practical nature through graphic design.


7. Teacher 

A gifted teacher is a highly sensitive individual that is able to do more than just instruct from a textbook and follow a lesson plan.

A highly sensitive teacher is able to connect with their students, understand struggles that the students may be experiencing and be able to break through those challenges so that the student will learn and not be frustrated by not capturing the learning experience.


8. Tutor

Another highly sensitive educational and instructional position is that of being a tutor.

The reality is your involvement as a tutor indicates that the individual may be struggling with certain concepts or aspects of a subject that is being taught.

Therefore, a highly sensitive tutor will understand that, look for ways to make inroads to allow the student to have an illuminating moment and use their sensitivity to connect with the student and not create further frustration but provide resolution.


9. Counselor

The employment role of a counselor in a school setting is to connect with students and provide guidance and advice as it relates to the student’s career path that they may wish to follow.

The sensitive aspect of a counselor comes into play as they engage the student and find out what the interests, strengths, challenges, and dreams are of the student.

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10. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist draws upon their education and experience as it relates to understanding the depth of the human mind and the many complex intricacies involved with the human psyche.

In addition, to the required educational acumen, the role of a psychiatrist requires a deep understanding of human nature and a highly sensitive persona.


11. Nurse

Often, nurses are thought to be the compassionate heart of the medical profession.

These highly sensitive medical professionals provide medical care in their assistance with physicians as well as, in their own right, provide medical treatment to patients as allowed for by their licensing.

In addition, to providing this sensitive treatment for the patient, they are also called upon to comfort and encourage the patient on a personal and professional level as well as provide comfort to loved ones who are concerned about their family members in the hospital.


12. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a medical professional that provides treatment methods to help an individual who has experienced trauma.

This trauma can be in the form of an injury through an accident, a physical mishap, or following surgery.

A physical therapist needs the quality of being highly sensitive because often the individual meeting the physical therapist is still experiencing pain.

The reality for the physical therapist is to help the individual work through that pain, put them on the road to recovery and yet be sensitive to the pain and physical needs of the individual as well.


13. Pastor

The role of a pastor or member of the clergy requires a significant level of sensitivity to individuals whom they interact with.

Often, when people interact with other people, there is the possibility of pain, treating others unkindly or disrespectfully, abuse, etc.

A pastor is called upon to interact with bold individuals involved whether they have been the recipient of this abuse or whether the individual has caused this abuse.

Often, feelings of guilt and remorse well up inside and a pastor needs to be highly sensitive as it relates to human nature and those feelings that human beings contend with that cannot only create spiritual problems but can spill over into the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of others.

A pastor is charged with the ministry of reconciliation as a highly sensitive individual.

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14. Life Coach

A life coach is a highly sensitive individual who understands the overall challenges that humanity faces as it relates to settling for less when their lives can be so much more.

In addition to having an overall understanding of human nature, a life coach understands their individual client and customer and endeavors to understand what sort of obstacles and challenges that individual may be facing as it relates to meeting the goals in their lives.

A life coach is involved with helping others with personal relationships, achieving goals, embracing good habits as well as breaking the habits that are destructive.

A life coach understands their client and realizes what motivates the individual and listens intently as to what the client is saying and not saying as it relates to achieving the goals and dreams that they have in life.


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15. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is much more than an individual who just simply dispenses medication.

A quality pharmacist is an individual who is highly sensitive to not only the medical needs of the individuals but the potential apprehension and fear that the customer may be experiencing.

A pharmacist is called upon to demonstrate their high sensitivity to enter their interaction with patients by explaining calmly and confidently the effect of the medicine that may be experienced on the individual, potential side effects, etc.

In addition, the pharmacist should be patient with the customer to answer their questions and listen to questions that are not being addressed.

Often, a pharmacist is also called upon to display their high sensitivity by answering questions as it relates to medical products posed by the customer on what are the best over-the-counter options that are available.


16. Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is a highly sensitive individual due to the reality of what they are teaching others.

The teaching of a yoga instructor is an exercise program that draws upon the inner power of an individual’s mind through meditative processes.

Therefore, by definition, a yoga instructor is a highly sensitive individual because they are utilizing their own sensitivity personally with their own involvement in yoga as well as teaching others how to connect to their inner strength and power.


17. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer individual who helps their customer or client meet their personal and physical training goals.

The client or the customer may wish to lose weight, gain weight, learn how to exercise better, eat better, rid themselves of nonproductive habits, etc.

As a personal trainer, the highly sensitive aspect of this occupation needs to be engaged in listening to the client as to what they wish to accomplish and why they wish to accomplish it.

Often, it is the why or the motivation that needs to be tuned into so that that power and its motivation can be utilized for the individual to attain their goals.


18. Caregiver

As the population of America continues to age so do the devastating effects of a variety of physical illnesses.

Some of those physical challenges could include respiratory issues, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.

A caregiver is worth their weight in gold if they are highly sensitive and are there to meet the needs of their client.

Often, this sensitivity comes into play as interaction with the client, who sometimes is unable to express themselves as to any pain or medical issues that they are experiencing, a quality caregiver will endeavor to understand what is occurring and be empathetic as well as compassionate towards the individual.

Also, a caregiver has the critical role of interacting with the patient’s family and helping the entire family through a very difficult process.

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19. Writer

A creative writer is a highly sensitive individual who draws upon their own experience to connect with others through the art of writing.

A highly sensitive writer is able to express in words what others are feeling and in turn, this resonates with the reader which can be not only informational but inspirational and motivational as well.

A highly sensitive creative writer understands human nature, the raw emotions that one experiences due to a number of circumstances, and is able to convey that reality through words to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way.


20. Chef

One would not think that a chef requires a high level of sensitivity.

If the truth is known, a chef creates their menu items in a way that is imaginative, requires creativity, and is in essence a gift that they provide to the individual who enjoys the experience.

Therefore, a high degree of sensitivity is required to be a chef because it is not just about cooking but it is about pleasing others and creating a dish that is pleasant to the eyes, the palate, and the taste buds.


21. Photographer

A photographer just doesn’t point their camera, click the button, and process a photograph.

A quality photographer connects with their highly sensitive side to capture a moment in time or a memory that is meaningful to all involved.

A photographer who is highly sensitive considers themselves an artist with the canvas being the resulting photograph.

Therefore, a photograph, to a photographer, is a picture taken in time that reflects memory and captures the broad spectrum of human emotions ranging anywhere from joy, sadness, celebration, anger, etc.


22. Virtual Assistant

The professional fiber of a virtual assistant is to provide meaningful support to those individuals they are called upon to provide administrative assistance.

A virtual assistant with a high sensitivity perceives their job as more than just performing a variety of functions.

A highly functioning virtual assistant sees their role as supporting leadership, making their professional life easier, interacting with customers, and seeing everyone within the company that they work for as a customer.


23. Video Editor

A video editor gets in touch with their highly sensitive side to create a video masterpiece from raw footage that highlights those involved with the actual video in the best light and capturing of the video possible.

The role of the video editor is to edit out those mistakes or capture video that is not conducive to the individual or presents the video in the most powerful manner.

Therefore, a video editor needs to have high sensitivity to put themselves in the other person’s shoes to ensure that the best angle and coverage are obtained.


24. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s sole purpose is to provide a memorable wedding experience for all involved especially the couple being married.

Therefore, the highly sensitive side of the wedding planner comes into play as with every action and strategy that is created and follow-through has that sole purpose in mind which is to create a wedding that reflects the love of the couple being married.


25. Paramedic

When there is an emergency, generally the first emergency responder is a paramedic if it is a medical emergency.

A paramedic needs to be highly sensitive because often, the condition of the individual requiring medical assistance is unable to respond or maybe in a situation or circumstance that is not necessarily pleasant.

Also, when we are in pain, interacting with a paramedic is not necessarily an opportunity to be on our best behavior or mind our manners.

Often, the pain can be excruciating and reactions to that suffering may be taken out on the paramedic.

Also, if there is family involved, their stress and worry over the situation may also adversely be affected and directed towards the paramedic.

Therefore, if paramedic needs to be highly sensitive to the pain and the emotions of the moment and act accordingly.


Personal Story

When growing up in our household, Christmas was always a great time of celebration, family get-togethers, and the visit from the white-bearded individual from the North Pole who would inevitably give us the gifts that we have listed on our Christmas wish list.

Just before hitting my teen years, I had asked for a bicycle for Christmas and went to bed that Christmas eve in eager anticipation of my Christmas wishes come true.

That Christmas morning, I came to the party late and was awakened by my older sister crying.

Rushing downstairs, come to find out that I had gotten my Christmas wish and a beautiful shiny red bike was near the area of my stocking.

Come to find out, my sister was crying because she did not get a blank and I was crying because I received a bike.

Go figure as I have always been one to wear my feelings on my sleeve or be classified as a highly sensitive individual.

And so I consoled my sister and offered her the bike in a moment of temporary insanity.


Money Making Jobs for Sensitive People FAQs


What Do Highly Sensitive People Struggle With?

Highly sensitive people can struggle with personal involvement in the lives of people.

That is why it is important to have boundaries and maintain those boundaries so that they are not crossed and your sensitivity doesn’t obscure your being rational.

Also, highly sensitive people can struggle with negative emotions such as shame, fear, and guilt.


Is Being Highly Sensitive a Mental Disorder or Mental Illness?

Being highly sensitive can be better defined as a personality trait in which an individual is extremely empathetic or sensitive to the needs and meaningful interactions with other individuals.


You Can Do It

If you are a highly sensitive individual that is not a negative thing but a very positive thing as often highly sensitive individuals are required to fill a number of professional employment roles.

If you are highly sensitive, you can use that sensitivity to care and be significantly involved in the lives of others.



Good cop bad cop.

The reality is we need both attitudes and personalities in our lives.

In addition, being told in a straightforward manner what we need to do is required in certain circumstances.

On the other hand, we need individuals who will empathize with our circumstances, listen to us, come alongside us, and be sensitive and helpful as it relates to our needs to meet those challenges in our lives.

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