Yes, there are indeed specific jobs for Goths to make money from.

This article reveals up to 25 such best jobs for Goths and some tips to help.


Why Look for Specific Jobs for Goths?

William Cowper said, “Variety, is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

What a dull and uninteresting world this would be if everything and everybody were the same.

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Imagine sitting down to the same meal day in and day out or wearing the same style and color of clothes or routinely doing the same action at work over and over again with no change in the routine.

For the most part not only do we as individuals enjoy mixing it up and doing and experiencing different things but often, we ourselves are different.

This difference in people is seen in their:

  • Opinions
  • Clothes they wear
  • Actions they take
  • Etc.

One unique way of thinking and looking that some people embrace can be defined as Goth.

An individual with a Goth personality is an individual who finds beauty in things that others think are dark and mysterious.

Their appreciation for the “dark” things of life is a choice that is manifested in the clothing they wear and their outward appearance.

Contrary to the average person’s thinking, the personality defined as Goth often exhibits a keen sense of humor, they are not sad or depressed people but find enjoyment and inspiration from what others would consider dark.

It is not a reflection of the individual being unkind or evil.

It is simply an appreciation for this look.

As one can imagine, embracing and demonstrating this appreciation for Goth can be unsettling for some because of their own filters and opinion.

Let us, therefore, look at jobs or employment opportunities where a Goth can be themselves, be secluded if they wish and not have to feel that they are on display.


25 Best Jobs for Goths to Make Money


1. Data Analyst

Gathering together significant volumes of data is the employment role of the data analyst.

They utilize this data, categorize and provide reports to be utilized by management and leadership to inform the company’s decisions as it relates to interaction with customers, offering services, and monitoring finances.

The data can be presented through spreadsheets, charts, and graphs.

To be a quality data analyst requires the individual to concentrate on entering the data in an efficient and accurate manner and often can be performed in seclusion without any assistance from others.


2. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an artistic individual who utilizes fully their imagination and innovation to create imagery and designs to help their clients promote their business.

The designs are generally created through pamphlets, marketing materials, logos, etc.

Effective graphic designers often wish to be alone with their imagination which allows the free flow of creativity and for the work to be accomplished.

Often, this work is best done in seclusion.


3. Night Manager

A night manager usually provides supervision and oversight to a facility or potential customers on-site during the hours of 11 to 8 of the following morning.

Typically, a night manager would find themselves in a business such as a manufacturing company, hotel, motel, etc.

The job entails the individual being on-site to be the point of contact in the event of any emergencies or attention to customer needs.

In addition to providing oversight during the shift, their job entails the gathering of data during the course of the day and providing day-end reports for management.

The position of the night manager can be reclusive and involves minimal interaction with others.

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4. Blogger

As a blogger you will utilize your writing skills to write about subjects that are of interest to you and believe will resonate with others.

As a Goth, you may wish to focus strictly on this personality and provide insight and advice to others as they embrace fully their personality.

Monetization of your blog would possibly come from your followers through financial contributions, affiliate advertising, gaining a sponsor, etc.


5. Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist is a professional who utilizes as their canvas the bodies of their customer to provide permanent decorative tattoos according to the wishes of their client.

A tattoo artist will often learn their craft through an apprenticeship program under the tutorage of a qualified tattoo artist.

It seems that this would be a good match for a Goth given the popularity of tattooing and most likely the client’s non-judgmental perspective.

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6. Research Scientist

A research scientist works in seclusion and generally in a laboratory that is an isolated or semi-secluded restrictive area.

The role of the research scientist is to conduct a variety of experiments, collect data, analyze that data as well as possibly write scientific papers.


7. Freelancer

A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and obtains a variety of jobs offered by clients who simply need to have a job done and utilize a skilled individual either on a temporary or long-term basis without formal employment.

As a freelancer and a self-employed individual, you can work your own schedule, where you wish to work from, and simply meet the expectations and deadlines of the job required.

There are a number of freelancing websites that you can register on and indicate your skills and talents.

One of those websites is

By registering at this site and listing your skills and talents you can begin looking for job opportunities, make a bid for those positions, and indicate what wage you wish to be paid.


8. Animal Care

Pet animals are special creatures and cast no judgments on humanity.

Therefore, being involved in animal care would be a good match for your personality in that there would be no judgments and also you could work in seclusion with the animal in providing for their care.

The types of care for an animal would include dog walking, providing kennel services, training, being involved with a veterinarian, etc.


9. Truck Driver

If your personality is such that you enjoy the seclusion and be on your own a perfect employment opportunity would be to be a truck driver.

Often truck drivers are called upon to do long hauls which require extensive time on the road making deliveries from one location to another.

To be a truck driver requires that you be trained in the operation of an 18-wheeler, obtain a commercial driver’s license, and then find employment with a trucking company.


10. Social Media

The role of social media manager requires you to interact with several companies to enhance and invigorate their social media presence.

The specifics of the position would be to incorporate quality marketing ideas.

The purpose is to attain new social media followers, provide fresh content on the various social media platforms, interact with others through emails, conduct marketing campaigns, and monitor the response of individuals.

To be a quality social media manager would require a complete understanding of social media platforms, how to engage individuals, understanding of the dynamics, quality writing skills, and significantly above-average marketing knowledge.

Often this work is done remotely and so interaction with others is fairly infrequent.


11. Archivist

An archivist has the important employment position of preserving various catalogs and files that are deemed significant and need to be archived according to a set system so that they can be easily found.

The archivist will work alone and often their work requires hours upon hours of solitude in performing their job.

The job may entail actually storing the hard copies of the documents as well as scanning the documents into a readable electronic format.


12. Online Reviewer

An online reviewer provides a service to others by engaging in a product and then providing a candid review on how the product performs as well as any other subjective and objective feedback.

The value of being an online reviewer is that the information is utilized by others who are considering the use or purchase of the product and helps them to make the appropriate decision based upon your understanding of the product and your review.

The role of an online reviewer is minimal as it relates to contact with others and can be done from one’s own home or another choice of the environment due to the reality that the position can be accomplished remotely.


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13. Writer

An individual who does not wish to interact with others on an ongoing basis or enjoys being secluded in their work is to be a writer.

Of course, this takes a special skill set and understanding of written words and their impact on people.

Writing opportunities would include the writing of grants for a not-for-profit agency, writing emails, creative writing, etc.


14. Translator

If you have the skill of knowing another language an employment opportunity that can be done in seclusion is being a translator.

A translator is an individual who takes one language listens effectively to what is being said along with the various nuances and then translates that language into another language so that the client or customer can understand what is being conveyed verbally.

One particular website that might be helpful in obtaining a translating employment position can be found at


15. Software Tester

The job role of a software tester is an employment position in which the individual utilizes the software and provides analysis and reports on its ease of use and functionality.

Reports are issued but interaction is minimal as written reports can be provided.

Potential jobs can be found at


16. Accountant

The work of an accountant is about monitoring and ensuring that the business’s financial data is correctly entered and that financial policies and procedures pertaining to the handling of the finances are adhered to.

Also, the role of an accountant may include the producing of invoices, receipt of income, formulating and presenting budgets, tax preparation, and so forth.

Typically, the role of an accountant is done remotely within an office space or because the software may be cloud-based the possibility of working from home may be an option.

Therefore, little interaction with others is part of the working role of the accountant.


17. Artist

Being an artist is a broad category for a variety of skills and talents that an individual may possess.

Specifically, some of those artistic talents could include musical ability, painting, sculpting, etc.

If an individual wishes to be alone and allow creativity to flow from their imagination this would be a quality position to earn a living.

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18. Proofreader

Review written narrative is the role of a proofreader.

The purpose of the proofreader is to review the document and look for any grammatical or spelling errors, sentence structuring, the flow of thoughts, etc.

A quality proofreader is an individual who understands the importance of not only what is being written but how it is conveyed.

Therefore, a proofreader will have the above grammatical knowledge to ensure that the writing does not detract from what is being provided to the reader.

With the Goth personality, this would be a great opportunity to work in seclusion and not have to worry about interacting with others as it relates to your chosen or demonstrated personality.


19. Editor

The occupational role of an editor is to review a written narrative that is submitted for publication.

The specifics of being an editor are to evaluate the content, ensure accuracy, determine that there is an audience for the narrative, promote journalistic integrity, and review the written piece to ensure the proper use of sentence structuring, and the flow of ideas, etc.

The role of an editor is often best accomplished in solitude without any interruptions and therefore may be a good position for an individual with the personality of a Goth.


20. Data Entry

Data entry is a job role in which an individual takes all types of data and enters that information, financial or personal, into a designated software package or format.

The data is then compiled together to generate a statistical report and submit it to management so that they can make an informed decision on how the company is functioning, whether they are reaching the intended customer base, are sales increasing, and help to make additional managerial decisions.

The job is fairly secluded, and the work needs to be done in an efficient and accurate manner and therefore often requires limited intrusions or disruptions.


21. Librarian

A librarian works in a secluded environment and often only interacts with individuals who frequent the library and have questions about books or where to find certain periodicals.

The role of a librarian involves the categorization of books, understanding book filing systems, labeling books, updating catalogs, etc.

Also, a librarian can work in a public library or often is employed in the area of academia where solitude and quietness is part of the ongoing environment.


22. Lab Technician

The technician has a major in either biology or chemistry.

The primary role of a laboratory technician is to collect specimens, correctly label those specimens, and perform a variety of standardized tests on the different types of fluids or samples that are collected.

The technician generally works in a secluded area due to the need to have limited interruptions to ensure the correct processing of the samples.


23. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is an individual who has good listening skills as well as is able to type accurately what is being heard.

Typically, a transcriptionist will take an audiovisual file and take what is being said and type out the narrative.

Often, a transcriptionist is utilized to type these narratives so that they can be used for subtitles for individuals to read if they have a hearing impairment while watching a video.

Being a transcriptionist does not require significant interaction with customers, but can all be done through technology.


24. Paralegal

A paralegal is a qualified individual who works within a law firm or with a judge and does significant detailed research as it relates to previous cases that involve precedents.

The job requires significant research skills and a depth of knowledge as it relates to previous court cases.

Often, the paralegal will work alone due to the concentration required to find the specific references through the research that is conducted.


25. Auditor

An auditor is an intense financial knowledgeable individual who is hired by a company to determine whether the company’s financial policies and procedures are being adhered to and follow generally accepted accounting policies and procedures.

Often, an auditor will arrive on-site to set up their secluded work area and their limited interaction with others will be when asking for documentation or needing to look at other financial information.

An auditor can perform their duties best without interruptions and therefore seclusion or isolation is a quality work environment.

An auditor will have a degree in accounting or finance.


Personal Story

Growing up in the middle of Wisconsin the basic enjoyments of most people could be categorized into two areas.

Those two areas include sports and outdoor life.

My dad and mom enjoyed neither one of these areas and so when an opportunity came to purchase a package of six entertainment shows to be held at a local cultural theater, they purchased the set of tickets that included admission for three individuals.

They decided to attend each of the venues and take one of the three oldest kids with them.

One of the shows that I was able to attend was seeing Liberace in concert.

I was enthralled with not only the way that he played the piano and the way that he talked and presented himself, but I enjoyed his flashy attire.

I know he was a showman but it would seem that even during his shows what he wore was an extension of who he was.

Each of us is different and we need to honor our differences and be who we are and try not to be judgmental of others.


Money Earning Jobs for Goths FAQs


What Does a Goth Believe in?

An individual defined as a Goth is a person who believes in being yourself, having a strong emphasis on being creative, anti-conservative, and a tendency towards being a cynic.


Who Was the First Goth?

The music of Jim Morrison and The Doors was described as Gothic Rock.

Therefore, it could be argued that the first Goth was Jim Morrison.


You Can Do It

If you are a self-described Goth, then you have embraced the reality of your individualism and being yourself.

Your belief and personality have nothing to do with what you can and cannot do as an employee or individual looking for a job.

Like everyone else you can do what you set your mind to do and don’t need anyone’s approval.



Variety is truly the spice of life, and we need that variety not only to enjoy our own personal life but we need the variety brought to our lives by others to make us a better society.

An embraced variety makes us better people both individually and collectively.

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