Are you a bigger person?

I prefer using that word, rather than “fat”, but everyone to what they prefer to use.

If you prefer to refer to yourself as “fat”, it’s really up to you.

Regardless of what term we want to use, it can be hard to find a good job as a bigger or fat person.

It can be a challenge, and it can sometimes feel like nobody wants to hire you.

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There are great jobs for fat people out there, and we’ll go over some of the best ones to try.


25 Best Jobs for Fat People 

If you’re fat and want a job that fits your lifestyle, here are some good ones.

1. Secretary

If you’re good with handling people as they come in, taking calls, and making appointments, being a secretary is a good option.

Secretary jobs are pretty easy to find, and you can help people man the front desk.

Plus, as long as you’re friendly, being a little on the bigger side isn’t a big problem.

Indeed has good secretary jobs to consider.


2. Administrative Assistant

Similar to a secretary, this may involve more administrative tasks, and less of the people front.

Managing a business, making sure that all of the calls that are needed go out, and ensuring that the business can run is a good job for fat people.

It’s easy, and it is pretty sedentary, so you don’t have to worry as much about people getting upset that you’re “just sitting around.”


3. Legal Secretary

Have some experience in the legal field? Then being a legal secretary may be a great option.

You can create different workloads and tasks, and also help attorneys as well with problems.

Many times, this also doesn’t require a degree either, or it starts out pretty high-paying too, which is neat as well.


4. Graphic Designer

If you’re good at making graphics and making them for people, then being a graphic design may be a good fat person job to consider.

You’re sitting at your desk, and it can be a fun one.

Plus, it lets you get creative, allowing you to build some fun graphics that people will love.

You don’t have to be on your feet, but instead you get to work at your desk, and it’s also a good job for people not interested in running around the office.


5. Bus Driver

If you can get a CDL, then you can be a bus driver.

The job is simple: you sit and drive, make sure people pay fares, and get them to where they need to be.

Sure, you may have to sit in traffic, but it’s a good job, and many fat people enjoy this one.

That’s because it doesn’t involve them going out and moving around too much.


6.  Truck Driver

This is similar to a bus driver, except instead of driving people, you’re driving goods.

Truck driving does involve long hours sitting around, but a lot of fat people like this because it doesn’t involve being too much on your feet.

Plus, it pays well too.

If you don’t have too many obligations that you have to manage, this can be a great option, and one that pays really well.


7. Factory Jobs

While some factory jobs may require you to be on your feet, lots of times, you’re not moving around as much as you think you are.

Some fat people like this one too since the lifting and legwork is usually few and far between.

Plus, it pays well too, and some people really do benefit from this, and they can do it despite being a little on the bigger end.

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8. Construction

Construction does involve hard work, but fat people are good at this.

This is one that can make you a lot bigger, as it doesn’t involve a ton of moving around.

Plus, you’re usually working long hours and take lots of breaks.

Those who are a little overweight can lose weight on this type of job too.

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9.  A Manager or Executive

If you’re someone who sits at the top of the company food chain, chances are you may gain a few peoples.

Managers and executives oversee, so if the job is physically demanding, you’re not spending as much time on the floor.

For bigger people, this puts less stress on your joints, and it can be a lot easier for those who don’t want a physically demanding job.

Of course, you’re making money too.

You may spend more time in meetings than down on the floor with people.

If you have good people skills, this can be the perfect job for fat people.



10.  Fishing

Fishing industries are usually a great job for bigger individuals.

Most of the time, you’re sitting on a boat and not doing much.

When you’re fishing, it does involve some labor, but it’s much less than other types of jobs, and ultimately, you’re spending more time waiting for the haul to come in.

There’s less time on your feet, and more sitting down, which falls into the sedentary jobs area that a lot of bigger people are located in.

Fishing is also fun too, and it can be relaxing and make you some serious money.

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11. Installations

Installations are a field that requires you to be ready to install it, but otherwise you’re sitting around waiting for the job to come in.

If you install couches and beds, you might not be constantly doing that, instead waiting for the order to come in.

That time sitting around adds up, and for bigger people it can be good, as you’re not on your feet as much as you would be otherwise, which is one to consider as well.


12. Repairs

In the same vein as the previous one, repair workers tend to not be on your feet all that much.

Sure, you’re moving around when doing the job, but otherwise, you’re usually waiting for parts, or driving to locations.

Many bigger people do well with repairs.

As long as they can get into the area, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Most people who are obese are in the repairs field.

My Certified Service offers great places to start for technicians who are interested in getting into this field today.


13.  Driving for Uber

Yes, uber is a great one because you just have to drive around.

You can make some good profits, spend time resting, and the schedule is pretty much up to you.

The best part, is that the most that you have to do, is help them move luggage into the car in some cases.

But, if you want to make some quick, easy cash, Uber is a great opportunity.


14.  Pet sitter

If you love animals, then being a pet sitter is a good one.

It also offers some activity, without making you stay on your feet all day.

Plus, you can play with all kinds of animals, in a way that someone who is on the bigger end can benefit from.

You can be a pet sitter today by joining Rover and for a bigger person, this can be a great job to start out with.


15.  Call Center

While not the most glamorous job, being in a call center is a great job for bigger individuals since it requires them to sit and take calls.

You don’t usually have to move around, and the work is super simple.

If you can follow a script, then you’ll definitely do well with this one.

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16.  Food Critic

This is the best job for bigger people, since you won’t be stigmatized for your size.

The job is simple, you sample, research and interview the people who make it, and oftentimes write about what they’ve done, how they’re renovating the industry, and a review of the place.

This can be super fun, and you can work with a variety of different shops. Taking Survey

If you’re someone who doesn’t feel like leaving your house or computer too much, you can get paid to take surveys to offer opinions for various things.

It’s one that’s great because you don’t have to worry about being judged for your size, and is super fun for you to work in.

You can try out SurveyJunkie today, and start taking surveys and make some cash!


17.  Being A Guidance Counselor

Do you like to guide others, and want to help the younger generation be better?

Then you should consider being a guidance counselor.

If you’re bigger, you already can be relatable, since you’re different from the norm.

Plus, you can help provide invaluable information to the future generations, and many students will approach their world with a more compassionate, open mind, and it can be great for everyone.


18.  Forklift Operator

Are you good with operating heavy machinery?

Then being a forklift operator is the perfect job.

You can move items around, and it’s a job that doesn’t require you to be on your feet all that much, hence why it’s a sedentary job for the most part.

But not just that, it’s not a hard type of job to learn either.

You do need to be certified however, since it is a complex piece of machinery, and it can go from a normal job to dangerous if you’re not careful.

You can become forklift certified today, and start moving around the forklift, getting it to all the places it needs to be, in a quick, easy fashion.


19.  Virtual Assistant Jobs for Fat People

Being a virtual assistant is a great job for bigger people, as it can be easy to do.

It’s similar to being an administrative assistant, except it’s all online.

But you can do it all from your computer, and you can provide the assistance that you want to provide, and it’s not too much for your body.

Ajilion is always hiring for remote positions, and being one of the best recruitment firms, there are always opportunities out there.

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20.  Medical Billing and Coding

Billing and coding to insurance companies can be quite boring, but for bigger people, it’s a job they can do.

You won’t be judged for your size, just with ow accurate your billing is.

This does take a bit of time to learn, but it can be a worthwhile field.

You can go to Devry and get certified to try this today!


21.  Sales Jobs for Obese People

Sales is simple.

You don’t have to be the smallest person, but you just have to be good at the ob.

Plus, sales focus on how well you can sell to others, and t’s one that definitely is good for a lot of people to try.

Plus, you can sell just about anything both online and offline.


22.  Teaching Online Courses

Good at a subject but don’t want to teach in an institution?

You can teach online courses.

This is a great job for bigger people, as it involves just teaching.

You don’t have to be small to do this one.

You can find different places to teach courses or if you have your own courses, you can actually upload them to Udemy.


23.  Customer Service Rep

Similar to how you’d work in a call center, being a customer service rep is definitely a great job for fat people.

You handle queries and aid with their issues.

It can be a great one for newbies to work with, as it’s pretty simple, and bigger people do well in this.


24.  Plus Size Modeling

Finally, we have plus-sized modeling.

Agencies do  require bigger people to model different products that they have.

From swimsuits to hot dresses, there are jobs out there.

You can check out Front Management, which is a Miami-based website to learn more if this opportunity is right for you.


25.  Mystery Shopping

You can also do mystery shopping and can paid as a part time job.



As this article has revealed, just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have a bunch of opportunities.

There are tons of great jobs out there for you to check out, and a lot that can be worthwhile careers.

Try any of these today, and may you have great success in whatever field you choose to work in.


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