Yes, there are certainly jobs for 9 year olds to make a bit of money.

This article reveals as many as 25 such jobs and tips to help.



Most likely if you were to ask a nine-year-old what their age was they would tell you that they would be 10 years old in so many months or they would say that they are 9 1/2 or something to that effect.

All that I have to say is that nine is pretty close to being 10 and to a nine-year-old most likely being 10 is better than being nine.

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With that mindset, a nine-year-old may then be able to perform chores and tasks at a higher maturity level than those children younger than him or her.

When looking at ways that a nine-year-old can earn money it is a good strategy to not only incorporate jobs that can be performed by those younger than the nine-year-old but the jobs older than what we would give credit for a nine-year-old to accomplish.

Let us look at money-earning jobs that a nine-year-old going on 10 can accomplish.


25 Best Money Making Jobs for 9 Year Olds


1. Paper Delivery 

A staple job beginning for several young people around the age of nine is a paper route.

This is a good way for a nine-year-old to earn money and start learning about business as it relates to delivering a product, keeping the customer satisfied, and then collecting payment for that service that was provided.

Also, it takes a method to track who has paid and who hasn’t and continually reach out to those individuals who have not paid for their service.


2. Designing T-shirts

A business opportunity for a young person is to design graphics that can be placed on a T-shirt and other products.

These graphics can be placed on the products through a print-on-demand website and sold through virtual stores.

One such online site that will affix these graphics on T-shirts and other products, print them and deliver them is

The nine-year-old can work with a parent, set up an account, start designing graphics, and then market these designs to customers.


3. Gardening 

A great way of being a service to neighbors in your community is to provide gardening work.

This gardening work can be offered to seniors or other individuals who love to have a garden but may get sidetracked or unable to care for their garden.


4. Mowing Lawns 

The classic way of earning money would be for a nine-year-old to mow the lawn of neighbors adjacent to the young person’s home.

There are many built-in safety measures with lawnmowers today that would allow for the nine-year-old to provide this paid service for others and maintain their safety.


5. Taking the Dog for a Walk 

Earning money and having fun in the process would be to walk dogs.

This paid chore could be accomplished by interacting with the neighbors who have dogs and offering your services of making sure that their pet gets their daily exercise.


6. Watering Houseplants 

A fairly easy job but one that often gets neglected is the watering of plants.

The young nine-year-old entrepreneur can begin watering the household plants in their own home and get paid for that chore.

Although this may be an option to provide to neighbors, it is most likely best that the nine-year-old not go into the home of an individual without being chaperoned.


7. Raking 

A good outdoor activity for a nine-year-old is, with a garden rake in hand, going to homes in the neighborhood and offering to rake the fallen leaves off of people’s lawns.

The leaves, if permissible by city ordinance, could be raked out onto the street or could be placed in large trash bags and given to the owner to dispose of.


8. Going to the Store 

Many individuals in the neighborhood simply require a quick trip to the local grocery or convenience store.

Rather than paying a delivery service to pick these needed few items, you could provide that service for individuals who are unable to get out of their homes for a variety of reasons.

Examples of items that need to be purchased and delivered could include a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, milk, etc.

The items could be easily transported utilizing one’s bike that may be equipped with a basket.


9. Carwash 

Nothing pulls on the heartstrings of a motorist more than a young person advertising a carwash.

This would be an opportunity for not only a nine-year-old but a group of young people to conduct carwashes for drivers who need to bring a sparkle back to their automobile’s exterior.

Often, businesses will allow young people to hook up their garden hoses to a waterspout and allow for this activity to take place.

It is good for their business as well as encouraging young people to learn about business.


10. Computer Set-Up 

Many nine-year-olds are very tech-savvy.

A great service that they could provide and get paid to do so would be to help individuals with their Internet set up.

Additionally, some senior citizens, wishing to connect with their families over great distances, could use the assistance of a nine-year-old in setting up a Zoom or Skype account.

Once set up, they could help the seniors to learn about connecting to their families through this virtual and video interaction.


11. Vacuuming 

A fairly easy chore that a nine-year-old can earn money through is vacuuming a home.

If there are stairs involved that are carpeted this could require a little bit of extra work, but an arrangement can be made for an extra payment to be received.

Also, when it comes to vacuuming, some areas of the houses are neglected.

Some of those areas include the area where the rug meets the baseboard or underneath furniture.

As an added amount of money paid, you could offer to vacuum these sometimes-neglected areas of the home.


12. Outdated Toys and Games 

Perhaps, the nine-year-old has accumulated a lot of toys or games or technology devices that they are no longer using.

Ways that they can earn money is to sell these items through sites such as eBay or technology devices can be possibly sold through an app called De-clutter.


13. Shoveling Sidewalks 

A great way to earn money during the wintertime is by shoveling sidewalks and driveways.

You could have in place an arrangement with a neighbor so that when the first snowfall hits, you are out there right away clearing a path on the sidewalk and removing snow from the driveway so the owner can get their vehicle out of the garage.


14. Spring Cleaning the Garage 

For many, a garage is a catchall for a variety of items in the house that can’t be stored elsewhere.

An energetic nine-year-old could offer to clean an individual’s garage.

The cleaning would involve sweeping the floor, dusting off the boxes, and cleaning away any cobwebs in the various corners of the garage.

Also, as a bonus, the nine-year-old could offer to straighten up the boxes and make them look more organized.


15. Taking out Trash 

On trash day in the neighborhood, you could make arrangements with the various neighbors to put out the trash can for the day.

This is a service that the nine-year-old could get paid for and can be done before they go to school and when they get home from school, they can put the trashcan back in the proper place.


16. Selling Lemonade 

An old standby is a refreshing service provided through a lemonade stand.

The lemonade can be made from a powdered mix or the juice of freshly squeezed lemons.

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The costs would include the ingredients needed to make the lemonade as well as the purchasing of disposable cups.


17. Sell Hobby 

If the nine-year-old enjoys a hobby, perhaps that hobby can be marketed and made available for sale.

Hobbies such as making jewelry, bracelets, or framing artwork, can be advertised in a virtual store set up on


18. Duct Tape Wallet 

A creative way of earning money for a nine-year-old is the creation of duct tape wallets.

Duct tape comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and a variety of wallets can be made.

In addition, the nine-year-old could also take orders and create a specifically designed wallet for customers.

If considering this option, it is important to consider the cost of the duct tape to make a wallet and then mark the wallet up in price to allow the nine-year-old to earn a profit.

The wallet can be marketed on social media platforms.

To learn how to create a duct tape wallet one can click here.


19. Recycling 

Many individuals today are concerned about the environment.

As part of that concern, they want to recycle their items to preserve natural resources.

You could offer a recycling service in which you pick up aluminum cans or plastic containers and take them to be recycled.

You could work out an arrangement with your customers where they pay you to do this and then anything that you receive for the items recycled could be yours as well.


20. Reading to the Elderly 

A great service that you could provide to neighbors in your community who may be elderly is to provide a reading service.

You would interact with the seniors, who often have failing eyesight, and read to them from a book of their choosing.

In addition, to sharing a story, you would also be interacting with them.

That interaction would most likely be one of their highlights of the day and one for which they or family members would be willing to pay.


21. Stage Show 

A fun activity that can earn you some money is to create a puppet show or other entertainment activity for the children in your neighborhood.

You could reenact a fairytale story with the puppets and entertain your audience that has paid a small admission fee.

A puppet stage could be created from discarded large pieces of cardboard or use a curtain rod and an old fabric curtain.


22. Cleaning Garbage Cans

It is always a good thing to periodically clean the trash cans that are placed out at the curbside for weekly pickup.

You could offer your services to neighbors to clean these trash cans regularly.

This would require the use of the garden hose, some dishwashing soap and a long-handled scrub brush.

The receptacles could be scrubbed out and rinsed and would be a welcome service.

After accomplishing this task, it is important to clean up any papers or other trash that is cleaned out.

The trashcan could then be turned upside to dry out and then you would return within a few hours to turn the garbage can right side up for further use.


23. Caring for the Pets 

A way to demonstrate responsibility to earn money is by caring for animals.

You could work out an arrangement with a neighbor and provide the service of not only walking the dog, but if there are other animals, such as a bird, cat, fish, etc., you can care for these animals as well.

Responsibilities would include cleaning out of the birdcage, emptying the cat litter, and making sure that each of the animals was fed and watered.


24. Yardwork

For a variety of reasons, people are sometimes unable to tend to their yard as they would like.

Some of the tasks associated with yard work could include picking up trash, weeding, watering, straightening up lawn ornaments, laying down mulch, etc.

An energetic nine-year-old would provide a quality service for an individual who wishes to keep their yard clean but is unable to do so.


25. YouTube Presentations

Working with a sports coach or a parent, a nine-year-old can help produce YouTube videos to talk about the basic techniques of playing a particular sport.

If baseball, for example, was selected the nine-year-old could demonstrate the proper batting swing, fielding of ground balls or flies in the outfield, taking the proper batting stance, etc.

These videos could be posted to YouTube with the creation of a baseball orientation channel.

Financial support could be through individuals watching the YouTube channel and supporting the presentation or by offering subscription services where if a parent subscribes to the channel they get more detailed information about baseball techniques and developing young players.


Personal Story

Thinking back umpteen years ago is hard to imagine that one time you or I were nine years old.

Most likely we were in fourth grade and our major concerns were schoolwork and perhaps showing a little interest in others around us.

For myself, I would need to go back to 1959 to remember being nine years old,

My world was all about my family, going to school, doing homework, and playing with the other nine-year-olds in the neighborhood.

I do recall however that this was the timeframe when the possibilities of a nuclear attack overwhelmed the nation.

So much so that the focus of public service announcements was to prepare the nation on how to respond to a nuclear attack.

Additionally, there was a great surge of individuals building bomb shelters.

I was aware of this and always devised my little method or action steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

Naïvely I always thought that the bathtub could be filled with water and the sink so that a supply of water for myself and my family would be available.

Being nine years old is like straddling a line.

One foot is on the side of childhood while the other foot comes down on the side of being aware of happenings in the world and awareness increasing with age.


Money Earning Jobs for 9 Year Olds FAQs


What Are Some Significant Milestones for a Nine-year-old?

According to, the 9 to 11-year-old starts to form stronger and deeper friendships amongst his or her peers.

Also, it is indicated that it is important for this age group to have friends, especially of the same sex.

This age group experiences significant peer pressure and, as they approach puberty, become more aware of their bodies.


What is an Important Consideration When Thinking About a Nine-year-old?

The consideration that should be taken into account with a nine-year-old is that this age is considered as part of the “tween” years.

It is that age group in which they will be soon entering into their puberty years.

In other words, it is that transitional phase of moving from the comfort of childhood to the potentially turbulent waters of adolescence.


You Can Do It

Perhaps being nine years old and going on 10 provides a little bit more of an opportunity for responsibility.

Responsibility equates to showing more involvement and following through.

Remember, your nine-year-old will be turning 10 and is ever-increasing on their journey to becoming more mature and responsible.



There are many opportunities for a nine-year-old to earn money.

It would appear or so it seems that the nine-year-olds of today are not the same nine-year-olds of days gone by.

Maybe it’s the influence of technology, it’s that the world has grown smaller or a variety of other reasons.

A nine-year-old is on the cusp of moving into a different level of growth.

Therefore, it is a wise parent that knows their child and allows experiences to come their way to fully develop their personality and abilities.

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