Yes, there are certainly jobs for 15 year old teenagers to make money without it affecting school.

This article reveals as many as 24 such jobs and tips to help.



When a young person reaches that magical age of 15, a whole new world opens up.

In all but eight states, a young person at the age of 15, or in some cases 15 and a few months, the teenager can start to learn how to drive a car.

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They can start the process of getting their driver’s license.

For many individuals, a driver’s license equates with independence and becoming of age.

In addition to reaching the wonderful age of 15 to start gaining one’s independence by learning how to drive, are other hallmark options available when reaching this age.

Specifically, for the 15-year-old several states allow a teenager to gain employment through many job opportunities.

Let us look therefore at the broader range of employment opportunities that become available for that young person who reaches that milestone of being 15 years of age.


Laws on 15 Year Olds Working

There are a variety of labor laws that vary from state to state as they relate to what age a young person can begin to work.

Some of those laws indicate that a young adult that reaches the age of 14 can work in certain job markets in the community.

While some states indicate that the individual needs to be 15 years of age or older, some states require that the young person be 16.

Therefore, it is important to research your state to see what laws govern your work, in what employment areas, and what the age requirements are.


25 Money Making Best Jobs for 15 Year Olds


1. Mowing lawns 

Another old standby as it relates to earning money is by mowing lawns.

The industrious young person could take their mower on the road into the neighborhood knock on doors and leave flyers providing information about their lawn mowing services.

They could bring an added dimension to the service by offering to edge the lawn as well as picking up the trimmings.


2. Lifeguard 

If you enjoy being around the water and are a good swimmer and one for enforcing the rules, a good employment opportunity is to be a lifeguard.

A lifeguard can work at a municipal pool, a pool that is operated by a not-for-profit, a camp pool, etc.

Certification can be received through the American Red Cross and will teach you about CPR/First Aid as well as the rules to follow and enforce for those who are near or around the pool.


3. Ice Cream Scooper

A sweet job that may be a possibility for a 15-year-old is by becoming an ice cream scooper.

The role involves courteously greeting the customers, providing samples of a variety of flavors, and scooping and serving ice cream products.

Also involved may be the taking of customer payments and maintaining an ice cream inventory.

The average hourly salary for this employment position is less than $12 an hour.


4. Tutor 

If you excel in certain school subjects, you may be able to offer your services to individuals that are younger than you and help with their academics.

A tutor will provide one on one interaction with the student and help them to understand the basic concepts as it relates to mathematics, studying of language, English, etc.

For this important role in helping others educationally, you may be paid around $25 an hour.


5. Amusement Park 

Various amusement parks are always looking for young people who are willing to help entertain the guests that come to their park.

Potential opportunities may include escorting mascots around the park or donning the mascot costume.

Also, if you are artistically talented you may be able to be involved with any dance groups in the park complex or act out any little stories that are portrayed.


6. Pet Sitting 

Especially during the summer and possibly after school hours, you may be able to be employed as a pet sitter.

This role entails being in an individual’s home and caring for the pets which could include feeding, watering, and taking the pets outside as needed.

A great way to advertise your services is through social media, letting church members know about advertising to friends and family, etc.

Added to your role is that some not-for-profits offer pet sitting classes to help the individual in providing this service to pet owners.


7. House Painting 

Under the supervision of a qualified painter, you may be able to get a job assisting them with painting homes.

Possible roles or responsibilities would include laying down the tarp to protect the floors, learning how to mask off certain areas, preparing the paint for application, etc.


8. Remote Tutor 

An added caveat to being a tutor would be utilizing technology and becoming a remote tutor.

Through virtual classroom sites such as Skype or Zoom, you can interact with the student and help them to learn remotely using this method of teaching.


9. Concession Worker 

An exciting opportunity that can be afforded to a 15-year-old is by being a concession worker.

If there is a major sporting venue in your community or other various special events, there is often the offering of snacks and drinks.

As a concession worker, you may be called upon to go out into the area where the event is being held or work out the snack bar itself.


10. Babysitter 

As a 15-year-old you are reaching a more extensive level of responsibility and often parents of young children will entrust their children to the care of a mature babysitter.

You can offer your services in this way by caring for the children that are in your care.

Also, to add to your value of babysitting, you could take a babysitting course that would include the teaching of children’s first aid and CPR often offered by a not-for-profit such as the American Red Cross.


11. Surveys 

There are many sites available through the Internet in which individuals are invited to take surveys.

For their time and their answers, many of these survey sites will pay an individual.

Sometimes this payment is in gift cards or cash.

One such survey site is Survey Junkie which allows young adults 13 years of age and older to participate in these surveys.



12. Host 

When you first walk into a restaurant, you are usually greeted by an individual who welcomes you, asks you how many will be served, and will escort you to the particular dining area.

This person is known as a host.

This is a critical position because it involves the first impression, and a friendly smiling host goes a long way for the customers to begin their enjoyable dining out experience.

Therefore, if you have a good personality, an award-winning smile, and are customer service-oriented, then being a host may be a good fit for you.


13. Referee 

Many sporting events require the use of a referee.

A referee is familiar with the rules of the game and is nonpartisan and his or her decisions as it relates to the competitive teams.

Some of those sports that would utilize a 15-year-old to referee the game would include hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, and football.

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The pay for a referee can be on the average of a little less than $17 per hour.


14. Theater Usher 

There are many jobs available at movies theaters that 15-year-olds can be employed at.

When the customers enter the movie theater, one of the jobs is to be a ticket taker and help direct the customers to the various studios within the entire movie theater.

Also, an usher will help direct individuals to the right area for the particular movie that they have purchased and are wishing to see.

After the end of each show and employed 15-year-old with the movie theater may have the duty of going into the seating area picking up popcorn boxes, trash, and sweeping the floor of the viewing area for the next group of customers.


15. Restaurant Cleanup 

Having a restaurant that is presentable and clean is a critical factor for a quality dining experience for customers.

Also, a clean restaurant may help that customer to return to the restaurant because it was a good experience.

As part of the staff that is needed to ensure the cleanliness of the restaurant is a restaurant cleanup person.

They may be charged with sweeping up food from the floor, dusting off food crumbs from the eating booth, helping with the kitchen cleanliness, etc.


16. Grocery Bagger 

An important employee position as it relates to a customer shopping for groceries is the grocery bagger.

This individual bags the items separately as it relates to meat and chicken, fragile products such as eggs and bread, and separating canned foods.

A bagger interacts with the customer, is friendly, and often will help the shopper take their groceries to their vehicle and help unload the groceries from the grocery basket into the car.


17. Dishwasher 

Although dishwashing is pretty well automated, any food that is left over will need to be scraped off into a separate area within the kitchen and the utensils and plates rinsed off and then placed into the dishwasher.

This is not a very glamorous job but is certainly an important one as it relates to providing clean utensils and plates for the customer’s dining experience.


18. Walking Dogs 

Families enjoy their pets.

Often, however, walking the four-legged member of the family takes time that often the pet owner does not have.

An employment position to provide service to a family with a dog is to work with the family in regards to providing this daily routine for the animal’s health and getting out into the outdoors.


19. Camp Counselor 

During the summer many camps are run by a variety of not-for-profit organizations.

The purpose of these camps is to help inner-city kids have an outdoor experience by spending a week or so at a safe camp that provides a variety of outdoor experiences as well as interaction with other kids their age.

These camps often utilize 15-year-olds as counselors to intermingle with the kids and be role models.

One such organization that provides camping experience for children is The Salvation Army.


20. Busser 

A busser is a role that requires the clearing of the tables after the customers have eaten and have left.

The job also involves the cleaning of the table and seating area, possibly helping keep the beverages of the customers refilled as well as being called upon occasionally to help carry the food to the customer’s table.

The average hourly salary for a busser is around $11 per hour.


21. Barista 

A barista is an individual that prepares the customer’s beverage at a coffee shop.

The beverage can either be coffee or tea.

Other added responsibilities would be to help the customers in choosing items, making any recommendations as to what beverage they should order, and possibly working the cash register and taking individuals’ cash or processing their credit or debit cards.

Also, the barista would be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the work area as well as the equipment that is used.


22. Caddy 

A caddy will accompany a golfer and carry the golf bag around for that individual that is out on the golf links.

Even if an individual uses a golf cart, the Caddy will accompany the golfer and assist them with their golf game by providing the right club or iron as well as cleaning the golf balls as needed.

In addition to being paid, it is a possibility that the caddy would receive a generous tip as well.


23. Stock Shelves 

Grocery stores during nonpeak hours or after hours are looking for individuals that can restock the shelves of packaged and canned foods, etc.

This would be a good job for the weekends as well as after hours when school is out for the day.


24. Cashier

A cashier is an individual that will receive the money from the paying customer.

This payment can be made through cash, credit, or debit cards.

Often, the registers are pre-programmed and often just require the pressing of buttons as it equates to the meal that was ordered and served.

Also, the automation of today’s cash register machines will help with any math issues as far as providing any change back to the customer if it was a cash purchase.


Personal Story

I recall vividly my day of firsts as it relates to my learning how to drive.

It was May of 1965, and I was 15 and 1/2 years old.

I had just gotten my learner’s permit and that evening my dad took me out for my first driving lesson.

Everything was going fine until, while traveling in a residential area, I made a right turn and I held on to the steering wheel too long.

I crashed into a parked car.

The police were summoned to the scene, and I subsequently received my first traffic ticket.

After all the paperwork had been filled out the officer offered a ride for my dad and me back to our home which resulted in my first ride in a police squad car.

Subsequently, I had my first court date a few weeks later and stood trembling before the judge as he pronounced his sentence to my plea of guilty and ordered me to attend driver’s education class.

When it was all said and done, I would imagine I’m close to holding the record for a significant number of firsts as it relates to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to learn how to drive.

Many firsts I have no desire to repeat.

Long story short, it wasn’t till five years later that I received my driver’s license.


Money Earning Jobs for Fifteen Year Olds FAQs


Does 15-year-old Need Permission From Their Parents or Legal Guardian to Work?

To ensure the protection of an under-age young adult the vast majority of states require that a permit to work is issued to the young person.

This permit to work is usually signed by the legal guardian or a parent.


What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed to establish working hours, wages, and safety requirements for young people under the age of 18.

The act allows young people at the age of 14 to work in a nonagricultural job.

Also, it restricts the hours that individuals under the age of 16 may work as well as prohibits any minor, under the age of 18, to be employed in hazardous occupations.

The working-age of an individual under 18 may vary from state to state.


You Can Do It

If 15-year-old wishes to earn money, there are a variety of employment opportunities.

Some of these opportunities are employment opportunities or for the innovative young person to get out and hustle looking for work.



It would seem that being 15 years old provides a significant gateway into adulthood.

In addition, the opportunity to learn how to drive their age allows them the opportunity to be employed in a majority of states.

The help wanted sign is out and it is up to the energetic young person to get out there and knock on the door of opportunity.

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