There are definitely jobs for 13 year olds to make money, without it affecting their studies.

This article reveals 25 best such jobs and some tips to help.



A 13-year-old is the first double-digit age that has the extension of a teen attached to it.

In many cultures, this age is more than a number.

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It heralds the beginning of adulthood and is the age that is associated with a rite of passage.

For example, in the Jewish religion, the age of 13 is associated with the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for the young man and young lady respectfully.

Also, for the 13-year-old several changes are going on inside their body and mind as well as on the outside.

The age of 13 can be transformational as it relates to the growth of the young person.

The age of 13 is important also as it relates to being involved with certain opportunities that the young person can do to earn money.

Let us explore some of those opportunities and the best jobs for 13-year-olds to be involved with.


25 Best Jobs for 13-Year-Olds


1. Paper Route 

One of the classic and proven jobs for a 13-year-old is the taking on of a paper route.

A paper route is a perfect job for a 13-year-old in that it teaches a variety of lessons associated with operating a business.

Some of those business lessons include the delivery of service promptly, interaction with customers, handling complaints from customers, collection of monies, dealing with delinquencies, etc.


2. Swagbucks

The age of 13 allows a young person to be involved with a website called

Swagbucks is an online presence that allows for the registered user to get paid for being involved in many actions.

Some of those actions include involvement in surveys, watching movies, playing games, etc.


3. Pet Sitting 

The area of responsibility that can be accomplished by a 13-year-old in the care of pets.

By providing pet sitting services, the 13-year-old can care for friends, neighbors, and family pets.

The responsible position would include providing water and food for the animals, cleaning out the cat litter, etc.

Potential pets in the household could include a dog, cat, birds, fish, hamsters, etc.


4. Baby Sitting 

Another responsible position that a 13-year-old could provide and make money is that of babysitting.

Often parents and guardians of children need a break from the children to cultivate their relationship.

The adults look to the sitting services of the babysitter with the care of the children, making sure that meals are provided, snacks given, and bedtimes enforced.

Your reliability can be enhanced by enrolling in a babysitting training class.

One such organization that offers babysitting classes is the American Red Cross.

In addition to offering the ins and outs of being a good babysitter, this not-for-profit organization teaches a young person how to do child CPR and provide first aid.

By taking this course it would certainly increase your asking price per hour.


5. Walking Dogs 

A perfect working opportunity would be to walk a pet dog.

You could walk the pet before school and then once getting out of school provide that same service in the late afternoon hours.


6. Blogging 

A blogging website can be set up in a matter of minutes and write about your areas of interest as a 13-year-old.

Eventually, you would gain several followers by advertising through your other social media platforms.

Money can be earned through the support of your followers, affiliated ads and possibly gaining a sponsor,

To learn more about starting a blog site click here.


7. House Chores 

A way of making money is by doing your household chores.

Often, parents will assign chores to various members of the household.

The thinking of the parents is to teach the family members about being responsible for work, everyone sharing the workload and earning money for quality work performed.

Examples of chores could include vacuuming, dusting, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, etc.

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8. Wash Cars 

As the organizer of the car washing services, you could approach a business about using their outside water faucet

You could explain to the business owner that it would be good for business by possibly attracting new customers for the business.

Additionally, the business owner would be applauded for demonstrating the support of youth entrepreneurial ship in the community.

Once the preliminary setup has been accomplished you can start recruiting your friends and together you can wash the vehicles and share in the profits.


9. Lemonade Stand 

Speak to refreshment as does a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

You can set up a lemonade stand using fresh lemons or Utes using a powder mix to make the delicious drink.

The ice can be poured into the disposable cups with the ice being stored in an ice chest in the packaged plastic bag.


10. Parents Business

If your parents own a business a possibility of earning money would be to work in the family business.

Your jobs could include cleaning the storefront, being involved in inventory, responding to inquiries through the webpage, or receiving money through the cash register system.

An agreed-upon wage could be established, and this would be a perfect opportunity to not only learn about business but learn about the family business.


11. Coaching 

Perhaps, as a 13-year-old, you have a talent or skill that you can put to good use by teaching kids that are younger than you

If you have advanced baseball skills, you could open a “clinic” and teach beginners and intermediaries about the finer points of baseball.


12. Survey Junkie 

Another survey website that allows for the 13-year-old participant is

By registering on the site, you can be invited to participate in surveys, watch movies, play games, etc.

If selected Survey Junkie will pay you for your time and your opinion.


13. Fiverr 

A job opportunity database can be accessed by logging onto

This site encourages individuals who need to have jobs done to work with individuals who have the skills and talents to perform that job and needed.

Some of the jobs that are listed on this website could include being a writer, graphic designer, or other related jobs appropriate to your age and talent.


14. Crafts 

If you have a hobby such as making duct tape wallets, keychains, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. you can list these crafts on a website such as

You could enlist the assistance of one of your parents or guardians and register an account. Once the account has been registered, you take pictures of your item and post them in your virtual store.


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15. Garage Sale 

A garage sale is a great opportunity for a young person to sell items that they no longer need to use.

After sorting through your belongings, you can gather the items that you wish to sell and be part of a joint garage sale with the rest of your family.

On the day of the sale, you can help your parents by promoting the sale and working with the customers.

The customers will most likely offer you a lower price than what you’re asking.


16. Sell Online 

One of those ways is through eBay and after setting up an account, you can list as a 13-year-old you are well acquainted with the owner a number graph


17. Decluttr 

If one of your devices has recently been upgraded, then the question is what to do with the old device?

You can check with a website site such as to see if there is a market for that device.

Downloading the app, you can determine if they will offer you a price for that dated but still workable device.

They will offer you a bid on purchasing the device and if you accept, they will send you the packaging material needed to send the device to them.

Once they look at the device and are satisfied, they will then issue a check as agreed upon.


18. Listen to Music 

Slice The Pie will pay you to listen to music, for your opinion and written review.

Payment is made through PayPal and your honest opinion helps musical artists and various brands to help market the music that you are listening to

The process works when you sign up to listen, choose a musical category, listen to a track of music and then take a survey and write a detailed review about what you liked or didn’t like about the song.

The more reviews that you are involved with the more money you will be paid.

The rate of payment for review is dependent upon your quality of review and the star rating that you receive.

Also, a bonus is given when you refer a friend and up for the paid program as well.


19. InboxDollars 

Inbox is an opportunity to watch movies and get paid to do so.

As a 13-year-old you can sign up for a free account, and after your email address has been confirmed you will receive five dollars.

Subsequent money can be made by watching upcoming movies, taking a poll, and completing a survey

Also, there are a variety of other ways to earn money which include clipping coupons and even reading your email.


20. Slidejoy 

If you have a smartphone, you can get paid to use your smartphone by watching advertisements.

One such app is and the process works in that you rent out your phone’s block screen.

Every time you unlock your android phone screen and watch an ad they will pay you.

There is a possibility of watching up to 60 ads per day.


21. Photos 

If you own a phone and have access to a phone you can take pictures and get paid for those pictures taken.

One of those websites that offer payments for quality pictures is Shutterstock.


22. Reading 

If you enjoy reading what better way than read books and review them for a reward.

You are not paid in cash but are allowed to keep the books that you read as part of their way of saying thank you for helping to get the book reviewed.


23. Mowing Lawns 

If you enjoy the outdoors a great way of earning money is by mowing lawns.

You can go door-to-door with your lawnmower and talk to neighbors about performing this task for payment.

As a quality mower is important that the grass trimmings are picked up as well as the surrounding area of the sidewalk.


24. Errands

There are many individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to run simple errands.

It may be a matter of time, perhaps an injury that they have experienced or because of their age.

In any case, they need help getting items delivered from a grocery store or convenience store.

Those items may be as simple as a loaf of bread, container of milk, eggs, etc.

As part of your way to earning money, you could provide this errand running business and get paid for helping to provide a great service for others.


25. Chores for Neighbors 

Another great way of helping others in the community and getting paid in the process is providing a service that does chores for people.

Some of the chores could include sweeping the outside area, washing windows inside and out, doing dishes, sweeping floors, vacuuming, etc.

You could charge a flat fee or itemize each of the chores, depending upon their difficulty, and charge separate amounts.


Personal Story

The age of thirteen can be the apex of two worlds colliding.

The one realm is still the adolescent world in which the 13-year-old still enjoys being a kid.

The fun time, playing games, not being serious, etc.

The other world facing the 13-year-old is the increasing world of responsibility.

The focus on this world is responsibility, the expectation of acting differently, nearing high school, and the questions of their future start to swirl.

My experience was no different due to my love of certain television shows watched at the age of 13.

One of those television shows was the TV adventure known as the Avengers.

Highlighting this show were the characters known as John Steed and Emma Peel.

Being 13 years old, Emma Peel was certainly a fascination for me.

However, I often found my two worlds, entertainment, and responsibility colliding, as the television show would air during the most inopportune times.

Those inopportune times were when it snowed required my being responsible and going out to the neighbors and shoveling the sidewalk.

Rather trivial as I look back at those instances now but certainly a conundrum for an immature/becoming mature 13-year-old.


Money Making Jobs for 13 Year Olds FAQs


What Would Be Good Recommendations for the Use of the Money I Earn?

Although it is your money and you earned it, perhaps a good suggestion on how to utilize this money would be to first have a conversation with your parents.

The purpose of this conservation would be to honor their experience and insight and perhaps they would share something or offer an idea that you hadn’t thought about.

Another great idea would be to set some of the money aside into a savings account of some sort which will not only provide more money through its investment, but you would start learning how to save and demonstrating good money management habits.


What, if Any, Would Be Any Concerns for Me as a 13-year-old Working at a Job?

The one specific major concern about a 13-year-old working at a job is to make sure that your priorities and the priorities of the parents are met.

In particular, the one overruling priority of a 13-year-old is to make sure they maximize their educational opportunity.

The job mustn’t interview interfere with your schooling.


You Can Do It

You are 13 years old and for an American, a significant rite of passage is entry into the workplace.

Although, because of legalities, you are not able to enter into full employment.

However, the age of 13 brings you one step and one year closer to achieving your career and employment goals even though they may not be clearly defined at this point in your life.



As a 13-year-old, you may be entering a new stage in your life.

One of the great things about being a 13-year-old is now that you can get paid for doing things that you couldn’t do when you were 12 years old.

As you are growing older so is the expansion of possibilities for you as it relates to work and opportunities.

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