There are indeed jobs for 11 year olds to make money. This article reveals up to 25 of the best such jobs for eleven year olds to make money while still schooling.


Why Jobs for 11 Year Olds?

For an 11-year-old going on 20, they are anxious to make their mark in the world.

It may be safe to say that the 11-year-olds of today may be more connected, more tech-savvy, and possibly be more in tune with themselves and the world.

Also, because of their confidence, they are almost fearless.

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The 11-year-old today is part of Generation Z.

The characteristics of the average member of this generation include being well-behaved and risk-averse.

This generation also has a lower rate of teenage pregnancies and consumes less alcohol.

Of particular value, the average member of Generation Z is concerned about performing academically as well as having a significant interest in employment opportunities.

Finally, according to https// they are young people that can delay gratification.

Let us power up the computer that the 11-year-old- knows like the back of their hand and look at possible ways that an 11-year-old can make money.


25 Best Jobs for 11 Year Olds


1. Chores 

As they say, charity begins at home.

Therefore, for an 11-year-old to start earning money it would be best to work out a plan with the parents to do various chores around the house.

Some of those chores could include taking out the trash, vacuuming the rugs in the home, doing dusting, sharing the duties of washing the dishes, etc.


2. Sell Your Items

An option for a good job for an 11-year-old is to not only clean their room but sort out those items that can be sold.

Those items that can be considered for selling would be items that they have outgrown, are no longer using, have no interest in, etc.


3. Lemonade 

A classic business opportunity for an 11-year-old would be to set up a lemonade stand.

The stand would be set up in a high traffic area and complete with signs advertising the selling of refreshing lemonade.

The lemonade can be made from a mix of ice added that is located in an ice chest.

When handling food items it is best to use foodservice gloves and disposable cups.


4. Blogging 

If an 11-year-old has a flair for writing, an outgoing personality, a unique perspective on their lives and those around them, a potentially great way for that young person to express themselves and earn money is through blogging.

They can set up their blogging website and begin to write about things that are of interest to them and most likely would gather a following of young people who are also interested in what is being shared.

The earnings would come as individuals would support you by giving contributions.

Also, there can be the placing of ads on your website that would have a marketing appeal to other 11-year-olds, or perhaps you could gain a sponsor.


5. Tutor 

If, as an 11-year-old, you are proficient in certain subjects that are being taught in school, you could become a tutor to younger people.

The advantage of being a tutor is that you would be able to relate to those individuals of your age or younger and help them to be more engaged and learn about the subject being taught.


6. Babysit 

Most likely, an 11-year-old is responsible and could therefore be considered to provide babysitting services.

If hired by a family member or neighbor, it is important to take the role seriously and care for the children to ensure that their safety is maintained in the home.

It is important to gather the phone numbers of the parents so that they can be reached if a question arises or a potential emergency.


7. Garage Sale 

Items no longer used or wanted can be gathered together and can be set out for sale when the family hosts their garage sale.

As part of the selling process, the young person can make sure that their items are identified and arrangements with the parents can be made as to what amount of money will become the young persons when the items are sold.


8. Work for Parents 

If the parents have their own business, then a possibility would be for the 11-year-old to work within the family business.

The young person could be put to work in a variety of ways including cleaning the business, possibly answering the phone, or other duties that would be appropriate for the 11-year-old to handle.


9. Walk Dogs 

A natural employment opportunity is for the young person to interact with dogs and provide a dog walking service for friends and neighbors.

The four-legged member of the family could be taken out for their morning walk before school started and when arriving home from school, the process could be repeated.

It is important to remember to take on this service only as it pertains to handling a dog that is well trained and will not endanger you as a person.


10. Organize 

Another way that an 11-year-old can earn money is by helping people organize their homes.

This organization can be the taking on the chore of cleaning out a closet or storage space.

The homeowner would determine what they want and do not want to keep and then you would put the items back into the closet in a neat and orderly fashion.


11. Wash Cars 

As long as there are automobiles and trucks on the road, there will be a need to have these vehicles washed.

This would be a good opportunity for an 11-year-old to organize his or her friends to provide a car washing service.

You would need to find a business that would be willing to allow you and your team to utilize the outside faucet to set up the hose.

Signs can be made inviting motorists to drive in and have their vehicles washed.


12. Water Plants 

Sometimes, neglected in the household, are the plants.

Specifically, they are forgotten when it comes to providing water for their growth.

As a young person, this would be a great opportunity to earn money by providing this service to individuals who wish to have their plants watered but often forget.

Also, it would be best to learn about the various plants that you may come across in the homes and find out what the suggested watering intervals are so that they are not under our overwatered.


13. Creative 

If you have a hobby that people have indicated that you do a great job at, why not commercialize your hobby.

Examples of such hobbies could be the making of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, duct tape wallets, etc.

You could advertise these items on your social media platforms as well as send out emails and text messages, with pictures, to your friends and family members.


14. Sell T-Shirts 

Many websites provide a variety of products in which creative individuals can create a graphic design and have these companies put that design on the products.

Customers visiting the website will have an opportunity to look at your designs and if they like what they see they can choose a product to have the design printed upon.

Some of those products that are available for the imprint of the design could include T-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, etc.

One such website is

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15. Pet Care 

A great service that can be provided to friends and neighbors that you would be good at is caring for the animals in the home.

These animals aren’t necessarily just limited to dogs and cats but could also include birds, hamsters, etc.

Your service would include feeding and watering the pets as well as cleaning out any litter boxes or cages.


16. Errands 

A way to get paid and provide great service is to run errands for people.

Often individuals, for a variety of reasons, are unable to get out of their home and run errands or pick up a few items from the local store.

As a responsible 11-year-old, you could pick up the money from the individual along with a shortlist of the items needed and then do that shopping for your customer.

Such items that could be needed could include a loaf of bread, dozen of eggs, gallon milk, etc.

Once you have completed the shopping you then take the receipt, change, and deliver the items to your customer.

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17. Wash Windows 

A household chore that is often overlooked is the washing of windows.

You could take advantage of this chore that is neglected and offer to wash windows inside and outside of the home.

It is important to remember, however, that you do not utilize step stools or ladders to accomplish this job.

The windows should be within your range of reach without having to worry about the dangers of doing work through a device that elevates you.


18. Paint 

Painting is another great service that you can render that is often not looking forward to by an individual.

You could be called upon to paint a fence, a storage unit, a handcrafted item such as a toolbox, etc.

The important thing to remember is to take your time and take pride in your work.

Also, it is important to clean up any spills and clean the tools that are used after completion.


19. Gardening 

If you enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands as it relates to the land, you can help out neighbors for payment by helping them with their gardening.

This would include doing any weeding, watering, and, under the supervision of the adult, providing all plant foods and nutrition.


20. Paper Route 

An old standby job that an 11-year-old can do is to deliver newspapers to the homes of customers.

You can utilize your bike in delivering these newspapers or you can be assigned a route that is easy to deliver by walking and carrying the papers.

This is not only a great way to earn money but will teach you about interacting with customers or working with clients that are unhappy because the paper was not delivered properly in their estimation.


21. Sew 

Many young people have a variety of skills and talents.

One of those skills and talents could be a love of sewing.

You could make a variety of clothes ranging anywhere from baby clothes to dresses, and other pieces of apparel.


22. Popcorn 

Another food item that is popular and can be sold at an outdoor stand is bags of popcorn.

You could make the popcorn yourself or you can buy a large bag of popcorn and repackage it in smaller units for sale.

You can also offer a variety of flavors and styles of popcorn that could range anywhere from cheese to caramel, etc.

As a suggestion, it would be appropriate to charge more for specialty popcorn rather than just plain popcorn.


23. Energy Bars 

Individuals today are very health conscious and therefore a product that you can sell would be energy bars.

You can buy a large quantity of these energy bars at a food warehouse store and then resell these individual bars at a markup so that you can gain a profit.

The energy bars could be sold in conjunction with other products at an outdoor stand or separately.

Often, individuals will buy products knowing that you are trying to earn money and they will be sympathetic to your efforts.


24. Sell Seeds

Another retail option that you can be involved with as an 11-year-old is the selling of seeds.

You can buy these package seeds through online websites or at a local home improvement store.

The seeds can be for the planting of vegetables or growing flowers, etc.


25. Sweep 

Homeowners are very proud of their major investment in their homes.

They want to ensure that their homes both inside and outside are well kept and taken care of.

An opportunity that you might have to help the homeowner with this goal is to provide an outside cleaning/sweeping service for the individual homeowner.

The sweeping would include the brushing of dirt and debris off of the sidewalk, the walkway leading into the home, and the outside porch.


Personal Story

By the time I had reached my 11th birthday, I was an experienced force to be reckoned with as it relates to the employment scene.

My two jobs, up to that point, we’re in the area of industry as I painted a for a member of our church.

My second job was in sales.

The sales job occurred when an individual approached me and a group of my friends and asked if we wanted to earn some money.

The job entailed going from house to house and selling magazine subscriptions.

We were given a binder with several sample magazines in and were dropped off at specific neighborhoods to start our door-to-door sales.

At the end of the three hours of work, I was congratulated on successfully selling seven magazine subscriptions.

My reward? $3.50 or $.50 was given for each subscription that I sold.

I learned three things.

The first thing is that I was probably taken advantage of although I didn’t know any better.

The second thing that I learned is that people have a very warm and soft spot for helping young people earn money.

The third thing I learned is that the added dimension of supposedly being successful was the fact that I was not wearing a coat and people probably took pity on me going from door to door in the lower 40° weather.


Best Money Making Jobs for 11 Year Olds FAQs


Are There Any Disadvantages Associated With an 11-year-old Trying to Earn Money?

The most significant precaution in regards to an 11-year-old working is to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with their studies.


What Are the Most Significant Learning Lessons That an 11-year-old Can Come Away With by Working?

The lessons to be learned by an 11-year-old would include the importance of scheduling, working with others, being responsible, etc.



As an 11-year-old you have a lot of things going for you.

You are young, energetic, creative, and you want to earn some money.

This is a great formula to make that happen.

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