If you want to know some of the best jobs after 12th with good salary, this article will really help.

It reveals some of the best jobs and tips to help you.



Graduating from high school is no small feat.

In fact, your education, in all likelihood, has been a process of moving through the education system one stage at a time.

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First, there was elementary school, perhaps a middle school or junior high, and then on to high school.

To achieve this success there was significant amounts of homework, quizzes, writing essays, and tests.

To your credit, you succeeded and graduated with your high school diploma.

Now you are entering into a new stage of your life that was built on this educational foundation.

You are entering into the world of employment as you seek to find a good salary and employment position after achieving your success of finishing 12th grade.

To help in this process perhaps a study of potential job openings that pay a good salary may be indicated as you endeavor to walk down this new path and enter into this new stage of your life.


Personal Story

My first job out of high school required me to provide food items and packaging to the people that worked on an assembly line system.

They were putting together holiday boxes in preparation for the upcoming holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The employer was a specialty company that provided gourmet-type foods along with other unique gifts packed in gift boxes that could be sent to individuals all around the world as a tasty treat from the Midwest part of the United States.

Specifically, there were a lot of cheeses, smoked meats, miniature cakes, candy, etc.

I believe my pay was just minimum wage but there was an opportunity to work extra hours beside this was the first real paycheck that I received and I felt very independent.

The other added pay was realized with the people that I worked with.

The atmosphere of the assembly line was lighthearted, telling jokes, but people still got their work done and management didn’t seem to mind.

In addition to getting paid it was a lot of fun.


25 Best Jobs After 12th With Good Salary


1. Receptionist

Moving beyond 12th grade a decent salaried position that you may be able to attain is in the role of a receptionist.

A receptionist is the first employee or representative of the company that individuals outside of the company will encounter.

Therefore, the importance of a receptionist and being outgoing, engaging, friendly, and customer-oriented is essential to provide that first impression.

The job description for a receptionist is to greet individuals as they come into the company, answer phone calls, direct postal calls to various people within the company, possibly keep schedules and appointments, etc.

To be a quality receptionist one must have an engaging personality, is warm, friendly, and be customer service oriented.


2. Secretary

An office position that requires the individual to look sharp and be a quality representative of the company is a secretary.

A secretary is an individual that may be called upon to answer phones, engage customers, be involved with meeting the public, etc.

A secretary will keep the calendars of the managerial staff, write emails, type out correspondence, take dictation, maintain physical and electronic filing, etc.

A secretary should be personable, friendly, outgoing, efficient, etc.


3. Janitor

One of the important roles within a company is being part of the maintenance crew or being a janitor or custodian.

Having a well-kept office space is critical as it speaks loudly to customers and stakeholders within the company to have a facility that looks and is clean.

As a janitor you may be called upon to cleaning of restrooms, sweep and mop floors, vacuum, do minor maintenance work, etc.

This may seem, on the surface, a menial job, but it is critical to have a facility that is inviting and tidy.


4. Groundskeeper

Another opportunity for a good salary position just out of 12th grade is by managing a company’s or business’s outward appearance.

Specifically, the landscaping or the grounds need to be maintained so as to present a quality first impression for visitors, customers, and other individuals who need to enter the building.

Often, in the world of business, a book is judged by its cover, and to have neglected exterior grounds can give a bad impression of a company that may appear to be a reflection of their landscape which could indicate neglect, not worried about appearances, not giving attention to detail, etc.


5. Driver

A possibility of a job that may pay well is the opportunity to be a driver.

A driving position could be realized in the area of delivering products or services, driving for a transportation company, etc.

Often, a driver is paid a good base salary along with mileage as well as, in today’s day and age, incentives for signing on to be a driver.


6. Uber

Uber is a driving service that transports individuals from their point of origin to their destination.

To be a Uber driver you sign up for consideration and along with your registration provide proof of your age, driver’s license, certificate of vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and pass a background check.

If accepted, you use your own vehicle to drive individuals and you get paid a specific rate.

In addition, any tips that you earn are completely yours.

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7. Police Academy

If you have a desire to be of service to your community and admire the work of the police or sheriff’s department then perhaps you can enroll as a law enforcement officer.

Of course, this is dangerous work and so you would have to have a particular personality that would be conducive to this line of service and involvement in your community.

You can check with your local law enforcement officers to see what the criteria are to be considered to be a cadet and move forward if this resonates with you.


8. Flight Attendant

An exciting and quality employment position that you may obtain is being a flight attendant.

Many airlines are looking for individuals that meet the criteria and the personality needed to be a quality flight attendant.

Often, these airlines will select individuals and provide for their training.

To be a flight attendant the basic requirements include being at least 18 years of age, having a high school diploma as a minimum, completing of orientation training program, obtaining a certificate issued by the FAA demonstrating your proficiency, etc.


9. Waitress

Although the work of a waitress can be grueling, the benefits that can be experienced are not only in receiving a wage but if you are personable and attentive and good at being a waitress the possibility of earning good tips makes the position of waitress appealing.

If looking at this position you should come with the ability to be friendly and outgoing, able to interact with customers, and work for that customer to provide good dining out experience.


10. Data Entry

An important employee function within a business is the position of data entry.

Data entry is critical in a number of areas including the input of data in the finance department, keeping track of statistics, information received from customers, etc.

The position of data entry requires an individual who is efficient as well as detail-oriented in correctly entering the data in a variety of software packages.

The data is generally used to create reports which are then analyzed by management to assist the company in its product sales and marketing as well as in keeping track of its financial situation.

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11. Entrepreneurs

If you have a great idea for a business, you can be inspired by many young people who have gone into business on their own and have been successful in creating a profitable businesses.

Examples of being an entrepreneur can include the creation of software, development of apps, seeing a need in a community or marketplace that is being unmet, etc.

An entrepreneur is an imaginative but practical individual who sees the potential of operating a business, meeting needs, and moving forward by taking risks and following their dream.


12. Construction

An employment opportunity would be to get a job with a construction company and work at a construction site.

Many sites have a need for general laborers that can clean up the area, throw away the trash, etc.

In addition, the possibility of shadowing an individual who utilizes their expertise in a trade at the site could perhaps be shadowed and you could begin to learn how to perform that job.


13. Coaching

An opportunity that might present itself is if you have an athletic talent you could make an application to be part of a professional or semi-professional sports team.

Some of the possible employment opportunities could be involved as an equipment manager, helping with the coaching responsibilities in training the athletes, and so forth.


14. Fire Fighter

Another service-oriented employment position within a community is the important role of the firefighter.

If you are in good physical condition, have a desire to serve your community, and can manage the stress and danger of being employed in this position you could make an application for the firefighter’s academy.

You can check with the local station to find out what the requirements are and even if some of those requirements cannot be met you could also volunteer which would help you to get your “foot in the door” to the possibilities of becoming a firefighter in the future.

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15. Online Retailer

If you have a particular hobby that you enjoy and it can be monetized then you can sell your items on various online websites.

For example, if you make handcrafted jewelry, leather goods, or other hobbies you can create an account with a website such as www.etsy.com and have an online virtual retail store set up for you so that you can take pictures of your items and display them for potential customers.


16. Warehouse Assistant

Many larger companies operate distribution centers and are always looking for hard-working, dedicated, and committed individuals to be part of the team as it relates to working in the distribution center or the warehouse.

You could make an application for a position, utilize any benefits that the company may have as it relates to providing for higher education, and work your way up the corporate ladder in that particular company.


17. Blogging

You may have a flair for writing and have a particular interest in which you can combine the two and create a blog.

You can register with a website such as Bluehost.com and begin writing on any particular subject that you are passionate about.

If the subject is interesting and resonates with individuals you can create a following that may provide you with financial support.

Also, on your blog site you can take advantage of affiliate advertising where if an individual clicks on a banner within your website and makes a purchase, that company will pay you a commission based upon the purchase of your followers and the code that you are provided.

Another opportunity to monetize your blog site would be to gain a sponsor.


18. Accounts Receivable Clerk

If you enjoy finances and working with numbers an entry-level position that you can apply for at a business or other company is the position of accounts receivable clerk.

An accounts receivable clerk is charged with efficiently and correctly entering all of the income that a company generates into a software accounting package to accurately keep track of the company’s finances.

This position would require an interest in numbers, being detail-oriented, efficient, and properly recording the numbers without any errors or transposing of any numbers.


19. Accounts Payable Clerk

On the other side of the ledger is an employment position of accounts payable clerk.

An accounts payable clerk takes the invoices submitted by vendors for products sold to the company or services rendered.

This is also an important accounting action as the amounts of the invoices are entered, when they are due so that checks can be generated within the allotted timeframe to pay off the individuals or companies that money is owed to.

Ultimately, reports are generated from these numbers and provided documentation for the company to analyze their spending and to ensure that the budget is adhered to.


20. Athlete

If you have an above after average athletic skill you could always request a tryout for any local baseball teams that are possibly semi-professional.

If you can distinguish yourself as an athlete you may be able to take advantage of any offers or contracts offered to you.


21. Working at a Trade

Many companies are looking for individuals who have a basic skill set that can be developed and ultimately transformed into a trade skill.

Often, there are, offered by these companies, apprenticeship programs where they will help train a young person in a particular trade and help them jumpstart their career and eventually, through that same company, become a skilled asset for the company.

Some of those trade businesses could include:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic


22. Freelance

A great way to earn money and be autonomous is to take up the role of a freelancer.

Each of us has a talent or a skill that is marketable and by logging onto a freelance website you can create a profile and begin looking for jobs that match what you can bring to the employment table.

Opportunities of employment could include:

  • Graphic designer
  • Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Etc.

On websites such as www.upwork.com or www.freelancer.com.

You register on these sites and then begin looking for employment opportunities, submit a proposal along with your asking rate, and wait to hear whether your bid has been accepted to accomplish the job.


23. Fitness Trainer

Being a young person the assumption is you are full of energy and enthusiasm and if you are in good shape you could apply for a job at a physical fitness training center.

By going into one of these training facilities you can make an application, indicate your ability to provide personalized training on specific pieces of equipment, and help some of the customers in the facility with their workouts.


24. Not-for-Profit

As an individual just finishing 12th grade it’s important not to neglect a certain sector of the job market.

That particular sector is the not-for-profit world in which there are positions available for an individual who has a compassionate spirit and is willing to help others with various issues and challenges that they are facing.

Some of the employment positions could be training as a social services worker, helping individuals with their addiction, working in a youth center, etc.


25. Computer & Gaming

A possibility of a job opportunity that may resonate with something that you enjoy doing is finding employment with a computer company or a gaming center.

Your love and understanding of technology would make you a perfect candidate to be a sales representative of a technology store and assist customers with their questions and help to sell the products that are available.

Another opportunity would be to work at a retail technology store such as Best Buy and be available to customers to answer any questions that they might have about the products in the store or technology in general.




What Should I Do if I Land an Interview?

The best advice to follow if you land an interview is to:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Anticipate interview questions
  • Be on time
  • Answer interview questions truthfully
  • Be yourself


How Do You Find a Job Opening?

The best ways to find a job opening include:

  • Being involved in your social video platforms
  • Search online using websites such as simplyhired.comor www.indeed.com
  • Referrals from friends
  • Going to employers you are interested in working for and submitting an application


You Can Do It

You have just graduated from high school and now you’re excited about entering into the world of job employment.

Your youth, vigor, excitement, and energy will carry you far as you rely on your skills and talents and develop your own strengths to be an asset in the workforce.



When looking for employment opportunities it is important to be confident and aggressive and yet not overbearing when interviewing for an employment position.

Also, when making an application for an employment position it is important to dream and have a large vision of what you can do and offer to a company

Coupled with this robust excitement of looking for a job it is also important to manage expectations and to realize that finding a job does involve a process and therefore it is important to be patient.

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