If you want to know how to get paid doing jingle writing, this is the perfect article to read.

It explains how the concept works and the very best companies that can pay you to write jingles.


Why Get Paid to Write Jingles?

One of the writing jobs you can do and get paid is jingle writing.

A lot of talented writers create jingles for individuals or businesses and make good money.

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They can work as independent contractors and work at their flexible time.

You don’t need to be a degree holder before you will get this job.

Your creative mind and the ability to put compelling words together will ensure you can write jingles that will appeal to many readers and listeners.

If you are interested in making money with jingle writing then you should read the rest of this article.

It reveals how to get paid doing jingle writing jobs.

Also, you will get to know of some of the best companies that pay you to write jingles for them.

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What is a jingle?

If you listen to radio or TV adverts a lot of time then you will be familiar with some specific tunes and wordings associated with a particular advert.

These tunes could be seen or described as “jingles”.

The online dictionary describes a jingle as “a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially as used in advertising.”

So, jingles are those tunes you hear in a video or audio ad for a company’s product or service.

They are created to make people think of the product or service when they hear them.

They can also be described as custom-written works for specific companies that have both words and music.

Jingles have memorable taglines that become the hook.

Often, the hook becomes the slogan associated with the company whose product or service is advertised.

When writing a jingle, you have to keep in mind that it must be short, sweet, memorable, and musically cool.

The wordings must also resonate with the message that is being passed.

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6 Qualities And Skills Needed To Make Money Writing Jingles

If you want your jingle to stand out so you make money with it, here are the qualities or skills you should have:


1. Develop Wording Composition And  Writing Skill

If you have a knack for writing and coming up with clever words and phrases then you can write jingles.

You need to be able to write music and jingles in the style that is required.

Your wording and knowledge of proper phrasing and rhyming of words can stand out in your jingles.

So, make sure you can combine vocabulary well to appeal to readers and listeners of jingles.


2. Develop Musical Composition Skill

When you listen to memorable jingles, they are all about wordings and musicals.

So, you need musical abilities to create jingles.

You must know music well even as you must have musical composing skills.

You should be able to produce the beats and tunes that can easily be paired with the words composed for the jingle.

If you can compose music with instruments like pianos, guitar, drums, violin, and so on, then it would be great to use your skill in creating jingles.

Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to use these instruments, then you can utilize music or sounds produced and recorded by others to compose your jingles.


3. Be Creative With Jingle Ideas And Compositions

You need to be creative when it comes to making jingles.

It is your job to compose jingles that will suit the message clients want to convey.

Most times, the clients’ instructions to you may be vague, and you have to dig deep to come up with the right blend of words and sounds that will give meaning to the vague instruction.

So, to become a successful jingle composer, you need to be creative with ideas, executions, and deliveries of the jingles.


4. Develop An Extensive Knowledge Of Jingle Culture

You should have extensive knowledge of what makes the best jingles successful.

Yes, jingles comprise words and sounds blended rightly, but don’t forget that the best jingles bring out emotions from listeners.

So, when creating jingles for clients, the focus should arouse different emotions in people.

Listeners may laugh, cry, reminisce their childhood memories, or get into a bunch of emotions.

In summary, jingles are intended to make an impact on people. They make people take action when it comes to marketing presentations.

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5. Have Pop Culture And Knowledge of Trends

You need some pop culture knowledge when creating jingles.

This means you should be acquainted with trending topics and events.

Leverage on the trends and you can make jingles that are acceptable by many.

People have a way of relating to trending topics, events, fashion, and so on.


Get Paid Jingle Writing


6. Have A Great Jingle Marketing Mentality

You need to develop a marketing mindset when making jingles.

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This will also help create jingles that will promote client’s products.


3 Tips to Help You Land Jingle Writing Jobs

If you want to launch your jingle writing career, there are tips you need to apply. The following tips should help you get jingle writing jobs with ease.


1. Be Realistic With Your Expectations

You should be realistic about your expectations when you seek jingle writing jobs.

You may face lots of disappointments before you can truly get the job you apply for.

Remember, jingle writing jobs or gigs are on the decline because many potential clients or companies now use remix existing tracks instead of using jingle writers to compose their jingles.

So, be realistic with your expectations. Be patient and your breakthrough moment will come.


2. Always Have Your Jingle Sample Or Demo Reel Ready.

Another important tip that can help you get a jingle writing job fast is to have a sample of your jingle ready at all times.

You can put together your best compositions and edit each snippet in one audio file.

It is good to do this because you never know when a client can ask for it.

It is best to put your jingle samples in the form of a demo reel. You can save the copies in a flashback or your smartphone memory.

Make sure they are hands-on when you meet with potential clients.

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3. Understand Your Strengths And Diversify Your Style.

You should be diverse when it comes to jingle writing.

Of course, you must have a strength in a specific writing style or musical genre.

Tap into your strength and write through your comfort zone.

However, it is still best to be diversified with your style and genre.

This is important because if your stronghold in music is pop, a client may need a jingle composed with country tunes.

You will lose a client if you are not vast with country tunes.

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4 Ways To Get Paid Doing Jingle Writing Jobs

There are different ways of making money with jingle writing. These include:


1. Get Connected With  Advertising Agency For Freelance Jingle Writing Gig

You can make money writing jingles when you work with advertising agencies as a freelancer.

If you have connections with these agencies then you will always be provided with jingle writing jobs.

Of course, your jingle writing reputation must be stellar and you need to always prove your composition skill to build connections and make money.

So, work for advert agencies online or locally to make money with writing these jingles.

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2. Get Jingle Writing Jobs From Based Job Boards

You can make money writing jingles when you find freelance jobs with online-based companies.

There are lots of these websites and they offer different kinds of freelance jobs.

You can sign up with them to find the right job for you.

These online job boards may also offer tips on how you can become successful working as a freelance jingle writer.


3. Become A Blogger And Get Paid To Write And Promote Jingles

You can make money writing jingles if you set up a blog and promote your skill.

You can use that blog to find clients and display your portfolio.

Embed videos of your work and share interesting tips to attract clients and visitors.

Blogging will also provide you with multiple streams of income.

You can make money by having members subscribe to your blog, you can sell advert space, you can promote affiliate products, and you can post sponsored content relating to jingles and get paid.

Writing jingles and promoting them through your blog is a good way of earning passive income.

Just make sure your blog has good and targeted traffic.

Of course, this will be a function of the quality of content you post on the blog.


4. Become A Social Media Influencer And Promote Your Jingles

You can make money writing jingles through social media.

If you are an influencer in any of the popular social media platforms, then you can leverage it to make money as a jingle writer.

An influencer that has many followers on social media like Instagram can get sponsored financially just to post.

You can mention your jingle writing skill or business on social media.

Promote samples, content, and products about jingle writing and get paid by other companies.

So, leverage your social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and so on to promote your jingle writing.

Also, get paid by sponsors whom you mention in your posts and feed.


Promote Your Jingle Writing Skills Locally

You can promote your jingle writing skill and business locally.

All you need is to present your work to local small businesses, public relations firms, and political campaigns.

You can also present your work to local advertising firms, local radio and television stations, and other firms that advertise your brands.


Best Companies to find Jingle Writing Gigs

Here is a quick list of the best websites you can check out to find Jingle Writing jobs that pay:



As this article has shown, it’s not only possible but quite easy to make money writing jingles.

It also revealed some of the very best publications and companies that will pay you to write jingles.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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